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nekoman Have a good day 1 Month ago
LuckyLady Random ploosh!! Hope you have a great day. <3 1 Month ago
Thresh boo 1 Month ago
Hemp 1 Month ago
Grey59 1 Month ago
~MysteryMew~ ^^ 2 Months ago
~MysteryMew~ ^^ 2 Months ago
~MysteryMew~ Missing plushies, have a good one ^^ 2 Months ago
Kazyaquin 🌸 5 Months ago
LuckyLady Courtesy of PEG. <3 8 Months ago
RoyalGecko 9 Months ago
hinayanachan Gonna be honest: I'm a weirdo and most people don't understand why I'm so weird so this is what I always tell them:
"It's normal to be weird but it's weird to be normal"
sadly no one ever gets it's meaning. It means everyone is weird in their own way and that's ok but to say you're "normal" is what's weird because your definition of "normal" won't be the same as someone else's
Courtesy of PEG
9 Months ago
Vixie 9 Months ago
RainRipple ^^ 9 Months ago
greenowl~ PEG :D 9 Months ago
Gosth Gengar Gengar 9 Months ago
anotherarticuno have a nice day 9 Months ago
Ravenswing Kids & I went to visit a friend who has reptiles & keeps their own crickets. We were chatting when we noticed it had gotten really quiet so went to investigate. Opened the door to find they had freed ALL the crickets - HUNDREDS of them. I slammed the door and went to sit in the car with the doors locked - NOPE NOPE - Kids were brought out half hour later after rounding them up and getting them back in their containers *shiver* ~ peg 9 Months ago
Senbonzakura Enjoy! <3 9 Months ago
~Mewism~ 9 Months ago
LuckyLady As it turns out, when I was a kid me and a friend were messing around with an old radio and happened to send a message to outer space! It took them so long to find us because the technology is now obsolete. They wanted to let us know: No, the moon is not made of cheese. XD

Hope you have a great day! (PEG) <3
10 Months ago
LuckyLady Congratulations on winning the shiny plushie of the month! (PEG) <3 10 Months ago
~Vie~ [PEG] 10 Months ago
orcaa~ 👤⌚💀
(Something along the lines of 'I'm so late, I'm dead')
10 Months ago
BoomBoy 10 Months ago
BoomBoy 10 Months ago
BoomBoy 10 Months ago
BoomBoy 10 Months ago
BoomBoy ty so much!! i dont have enough dp to reciprocate it so have some other missing ones :D 10 Months ago
-Peace- Have a great day!

10 Months ago
Waltz ε(´•᎑•) 10 Months ago
Gojirath 10 Months ago
L7wenny 11 Months ago
kytten ♡Have a great day!♡ ♡Remember to drink lots of liquid, do some stretches, have some snacks here and there, enjoy what you can of life, and keep being the best you that only you can be!♡ ♡[PEG]♡ 11 Months ago
NeoMetalSonicRocks 11 Months ago
ItsWillow ~ don’t be afraid to spread your wings and fly ~
~ random, copy and pasted from my phone

finally, plz, have a great day, wherever you are. focus on what is in front of you and the goals you have for the future. go drink some water and remember to stay hydrated ! 💦
11 Months ago
letus 11 Months ago
shadow4998 Thank you so much!(=´∀`)人(´∀`=) 11 Months ago
MotherNature 11 Months ago
MotherNature 11 Months ago
SmolBeanRey Happy crisis 11 Months ago
Riodise 11 Months ago
~Arceus~ 11 Months ago
KD6-37 11 Months ago
greenowl~ the first shiny i got was a tentacruel i bought at the AH :D also congrats on the shiny dreepy! PEG 11 Months ago
Komainu 11 Months ago
CrazyCastform Hello :D 11 Months ago
Alpharr 11 Months ago
Kakashi_Sensei 11 Months ago
RainRipple <3 11 Months ago
Alysrazar 11 Months ago
cat-rose Peg, I really like the citrusy, minty, woody, and ocean smells, majority of mens perfume too 🙈🙈 11 Months ago
~Venus~ Emera Fountain 11 Months ago
hinayanachan sorry i can't think of anything for this week's challenge so I'm just gonna wish you an amazing and stress-free week

Courtesy of PEG
11 Months ago
SuperDucky100 :D 1 Year ago
Ribbonbee 1 Year ago
Maniac ☀️🌊🐚 1 Year ago
Timewolf619 Random shiny plush! Enjoy~ 1 Year ago
~Venus~ Event Distribution 1 Year ago