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Trainerlevel: 53

Trainerpoints: 5,256/8,479


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
The Chespinking
1,330928,480 / 6,333,014
Poliwhirl36940 / 3,801
Cheeky (2os)
(Shaymin (Sky))
650956,050 / 1,503,926
542331,453 / 1,043,328
Poliwhirl3925 / 4,533

notes to self

Use this BB Code guide. all links and info in there.
Use this Hangman Helper. (basically a 2.0 to the 2.0 of the other one, as of the extra 300 words :D )
Use this Price Check. remember about inflation...
Use this Map. some of the thingymabobs have the same location on the site, so pay attention.
Use this Tool Thingy to figure out what is worth selling.
Use this Royal Tunnel Helper to cheat to be assissted :P
Use this Help Subforum to see the FAQs and search help threads
Use this Royal Tunnel Simulator to practise the noobtrap.
The Wiki is here and also under the community tab

[RE work]

About me

Roger - Awesome - Jedi knight - Chespin lover

I like Pokémon (well, duh), Star Wars, Lego, Chespin, Art (a bit), Trains (Choo-Choo!), music and NOT sport. (and any combination of the above :P)

My dad was also called Roger, and so was his dad, and my middle name is also Roger, so next time I tell you to do something, reply, 'Roger Roger Roger Roger Roger-Rogerson'

You wont have a clue what you are talking about.

But I will.

And it'll be funny.

DISCLAIMER: I am not called roger - my RL name im afraid is confidential
DISCLAIMER DISCLAIMER: I am a fully trained Jedi Knight

send a plushie :D
i will return if you ask, named plushies are appreciated (i name all plushies i send)

missing ones also appreciated for my dex

Avatar credits: ME! For Pocket Penguin (scarf penguin guy) original and halloween :)

(If you are gonna contact me, make it worth my time or i will end you
Please note i am likely to use too many ASCII smileys
Also, if you friend me, it is highly likely i will not friend you back - unless you bribe me with Chespin Plushies)

Shiny Hunt

BoomBoy is currently hunting Goomy.
Hunt started: 11/01/2021

Chain: 385


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Newest gifts
Anonymai-312*** 2 Days ago
Anonymai-312*** 3 Days ago
Anonymai-312*** 3 Days ago
Anonymai-312*** 3 Days ago

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #762650682
Registration: 10/02/2019 (1 Year ago)
Premium member until 16/Jul/2021
Game Time: 1108:02 Hours
Total interactions: 3,306,597
Money: 14,183
Starter Pokémon: Dewott


TO EVERYONE DOING THE TREASURE HUNT - the next word is "than"
sorry it took so long lol i was doing it to shake off the people who thought it wasnt worth their time
so yeah that was a test and no im not making that up as an excuse
Yesterday, 21:06
aww winter mareeps adorable :D and sm winter ampharos is pretty cool as well. people that have done SM event hunts, around how many passes did you do and how was the breeding?
Yesterday, 13:22
interaction exchange?
Yesterday, 11:29
how do i use stonks with shiny mons? usually its pokeheroes.com/stonks?p=<pokemon name> but i tried putting shiny after it and i cant figure it out....
Yesterday, 10:57
VS seeker open, please put a battle request :)
Yesterday, 10:20
thanks so much to Technoking for these lovely birbs:
needs a name and needs a name lol
can you please level the second one up?
Yesterday, 09:55
Yesterday, 08:43
#22: im kinda tired so its gonna be a short one lol. remember that time i said car horns beep in the key of F? well most standard toilets flush in the key of E flat, presumably because of the size of the bowl and stuff...
1 Day ago
0.0 new legends???
1 Day ago
guys if theres ever a beauty contest only allowing grass, lemme know!! chespinking needs a win lol
1 Day ago
By PokéRadar - 1 Minute and 56 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Goomy hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #341)!
i didnt even notice!! yay :D only 1 more before i can end this hunt xD
1 Day ago
there goes my money-
interaction exchange?
1 Day ago
aand my 3rd perfect berry :)

we neeeed a use for these lol
1 Day ago
interaction exchange?
1 Day ago
ignore the fact i dont have a car and my boots dont fit me
star pieces
bottled messages
galar fossils
other fossils
uxie voucher
retro mew voucher
mega stones
dynamax crystals
some gems (pp me)
basically every forme change item xD
super honey
moomoo milk, lemonade, soda pop and 101 burn heals (dont ask why lol)
lots and lots and lots of mystery items
nebula stones, frozen lavas, enigma stones, volcano cave maps
rare candies and vitamins
these shinies
retros and legends
shinies, emera mons and MAs
slots at my shiny shop and sprite shop

mons for my dexes
dragon gems
1 Day ago
is there by any chance a place i could see who sprited all the different event mons?
1 Day ago
#21: Bob the Builder has more number one hits in the UK than Nirvana, Radiohead, the Who, Guns 'n' Roses and Metallica combined. it first aired in 1998 and aired regularly until 2011 and the legendary theme song was composed by the one and only Paul K Joyce. Over the years, in the original series, there were 250 episodes plus 10 more bonus ones. and for all of those that want to waste their time on nostalgia, there is a Bob the Builder Fandom Wiki xD now THAT is crazy.
2 Days ago
i never thought id say this, but im running out of eggs xD
2 Days ago
By PokéRadar - 2 Minutes and 59 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Goomy hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #313)!
another one??? well its my lucky day!!
2 Days ago



[X] #1 - 1 year premium paid for without RL money
[X] #2 - Kalos Certificate to get that Mega Diancie :)
[..] #3 - 1OS SM Diancie i gave up on 1os coz i saw other people hunting and then while i was hunting this evil little rodent snuck into my party and broke my chain
[..] #4 - full Kalos shiny dex inc. legends somewhere on my profile there should be a progress for this

(basically for next July 1st - I try to set these every summer)

[..] #1 - chain 1000 on hangman i got about 950 but then i died :P
[X] #2 - get The Chespinking to lvl 1000 he will always be in my party if you wanna know. like always.
[X] #3 - Rowan's best fwend badge yeah that dragonite battle was intense Q.Q
[X] #4 - another full dex :D thanks to Technoking for helping me out with this and most of the other dexes i have lol

ima probably add more here



The world is at peace when you have a banana

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Progress and stuff



I have 1,050 of 1600 Dragon Gems
I am collecting DRAGON GEMS and my friend Technoking is collecting the other gems :) check out his progress bars on his profile


i have 16 of 117 Kalos Shinies


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