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Trainerlevel: 35

Trainerpoints: 3,515/3,709


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
37740,966 / 501,798
398177,647 / 559,833
Zenith Marshadow6816,699 / 17,596
Dex Rotom436240,680 / 571,597

notes to self

Use this for all BBcodes. all links and info in there.
Make sure to update profile every now and then

Saving up for:

pd 377k about 1m pd worth in shinies tho!

nuggets 399/8000 --- for 1 year premium. i want to use my premium to open a shiny shop in the forums to fund for more premium so i can get shinies myself

every kalos shiny

i need to start with every kalos normal tho XD

generally lots of pokemon. about 1100 pokes altogether so far.

last updated 8/9/19, server time 14:04

feel free to donate on pm/palpad/gts ;-)

Also, please please PLEASE interact with all pokes/eggs in my party.



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Game Records

Trainer ID: #762650682
Registration: 10/02/2019 (9 Months ago)
Game Time: 224:52 Hours
Total interactions: 880,538
Money: 987,390
Starter Pokémon: Dewott


hey guys check out Dirty_SOAPS giveaway feed (i need these nuggets!!!)

think it ends today...
Yesterday, 19:49
I need NUGGETS! I have 1.1 million pd, that I would like in NUGGETS. I am trading on a 4pd:3nuggets so that would be 825 NUGGETS. I also have a whole load of legendaries, shinies and mega ables in this box. I recently counted there's another million or so pd worth in there. So please buy. I need NUGGETS! (Btw it's for my premium so I can achieve my ultimate goal of getting every Kalos shiny)
1 Day ago
How do I get nappy and staid (orange and dark blue) harvest Sprites? Nappy is the one who gives stones and wood for building houses, and he is 'felling trees, felling trees' so I guess he'll be at the only tree in emera, the honey tree. Staid said something about the biggest fish, so I'm guessing you catch a wailord at the beach...

Please help me out!
4 Days ago
Yay! just got 1million pd! still got a way to go for my goal of 8k nuggets tho...

o yeah, please buy everything in my 5TH box
i need nuggets and pd please!
4 Days ago
I have an old Pokédex for sale. I was told it can be worth up to a million pd. Please tell me how much you think it's worth and if you would buy it. PLEASE!
8 Days ago
can someone tell me where to get the badges im missing? i need them please! here's my userpage. my badges are on there
10 Days ago
i... uhh... got a drifloon...?

someone help me here please why is this drifloon here?!
10 Days ago
TommyGunz~Haxbreon - 18 Hours and 38 Minutes ago.
Ok so yes it is November I said there was going to be a BIG Giveaway soon so here it is!!!

Share #ShinyMarathon I will be giving away the prizes below

1st Place- 10 Shiny Pokemon of your choice out of my Giveaway Box

2nd Place- 5 Shiny Pokemon of your choice out of my Giveaway Box

3rd Place- 5 Shiny Pokemon of you choice out of my Giveaway Box

And yes 1st place picks first and then 2nd and then 3rd. I don't want 3rd place taking all of the good Shinies ya'know xD

Ok what else? OH YEAH end date . . . On the 6th at reset!!! YES INDEED MY BIRTHDAY

Happy bday
10 Days ago
WHOOOOO!!!! halloween rocks! i got both plushies! yay!

can you name plushies?
11 Days ago
9k6 sweets... Almost got you, giratina plushie!
12 Days ago
I've decided to waste a few dp on this event even tho I've already got it...o well
16 Days ago
I think my main focus for the Halloween event will be the shiny plushie - I'm not really bothered about events pokes or giratina...
16 Days ago
By Bonemewl - 6 Hours and 43 Minutes ago.
Alright I'm hoping for this to be my last giveaway on here, and since i plan it to be the last one i'll give two days before I randomly pick a winner. Winner gets whatever PD, Nuggets, and Mystery Items I have. To enter make a post with #noideas
17 Days ago


21 Days ago
I just realised there is another 3 days of event distribution. I thought it ended last week!

I can probably get another of those solrock ones
21 Days ago
I happen to have 500k pd. I need more though. I need millions for premium and I need 500 bottled messages, equating at 45k each with over 2 million pd more. And I need it quick for. Would it be worth investing in the Shadow radar? Taking into consideration that I don't have much time, would it be a good investment. Would I get 500k of Shadows in a month. Please let me know your opinion
25 Days ago
i have 2 eggs in my party, this and this. i just want to check these are different eggs, beacuase they looks so similar.
27 Days ago
Who wants a battle?
29 Days ago
i calculated about 75 clicks = about 1 scs token

or something like that... please comment your findings!
1 Month ago
Sat, October 12th
08:00AM - 08:10AM
3 Minutes ago

Global interaction goal:
208,952 /
220,000 interactions ✗

Your interactions:


first scs of my day and i got 4584 clicks! that surpasses my previous best of about 3000 by far!
1 Month ago


Please please PLEASE interact with the pokemon in my party.
Please buy EVERYthing from this box
nuggets and pd please



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