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Trainerlevel: 32

Trainerpoints: 1,692/3,103


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Vigoroth23211 / 2,071
Keldeo17972,969 / 120,826
13529,744 / 68,851
Primal Groudon18557,469 / 129,039

help please!

i need help with 2 things:

1) can anyone give me more clues to where the harvest sprites are if they know. i need light blue dark blue and orange

2) PLEASE help me uplevel my mega-able charizard (159 so far)

P.s. Does anyone else not like shiny hunting?

Saving up for:

pd 226k/1m15 --- for mega stone, shadow radar and for egg radar chips --- currently saving up for storage space
nuggets 72/200 --- to trade for some legendaries (too lazy to find em myself)
generally lots of pokemon. about 950 pokes altogether so far.

last updated 16/8/19, server time 09:18

feel free to donate on pm/palpad/gts ;-)

help me get charizard (mega-able) to lvl 200 (163 so far)
Also, please please PLEASE interact with all pokes/eggs in my party.



gift me a plushie!
if you want we can do a plushie trade!
or if u want to a plushie to fill your plushie Dex I will sell them for however many DP they are x50 in pd. (e.g. magikarp [5DP] would be 250 pd and shiny dratini [800DP] would be 40k)
Check out my faves in dream world or my collection!
(pp/pm me)


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BoomBoy 3 Days ago
BoomBoy 3 Days ago
Liana10 5 Days ago
Ephenia 8 Days ago

Game Records

Trainer ID: #762650682
Registration: 10/02/2019 (6 Months ago)
Game Time: 135:54 Hours
Total interactions: 494,988
Money: 57,575
Starter Pokémon: Dewott


Who wants to be spammed with plushies?
3 Days ago
i have questions:
1) how can you get a sky form shaymin plushie
2) whats the shiny chance of a shiny shaymin
3) i have 13 gold boxes for sale
3 Days ago
For some reason reason I have 4 hoopas but I've only done the quest once! So... I'm gonna sell them. Like this feed if your interested and then we can discuss prices.
4 Days ago
what type is missing no.? i need to know! (also yay i hatched my second any buyers?)
4 Days ago
i also have 13 gold boxes. Selling?
4 Days ago
just spammed golden slot legend and got a azelf voucher. however, i already have an azelf but not mespirit/uxie. could i swap?
4 Days ago
anyone wanna battle?
4 Days ago
4 Days ago
What type is missing no.? Could i sign it up in a poison type beauty contest?
5 Days ago
anyone got a list of all the sites? ive seen it before in a forum thread...
5 Days ago
I'm on my third Raylong quest and it said 'Oh, someone was faster than you. Exchange some of their treasure' or something. Who is this someone?
5 Days ago
what rarity is noibat? Please let me know asap
6 Days ago
Does anyone else think it's weird that there hasn't been a new event distribution for like ages. I checked in the wiki and usually there's a shaymin event in August.
6 Days ago
By Riakos_bestfriend_S0AP

Yo so like I’ve randomly stumbled across 100mil pd so like

Why not a giveaway

Where 2 people 50mil

Just like comment and heart and share

But to share you can literally say “hey check out his giveaway” instead of the whole thing

But just remember hashtags are lame
9 Days ago
What's a perfect berry?
15 Days ago
did around 100 spins in legend mode golden slot and got LOADS of game chips, a mystery box (gold), a few nuggets and an azelf voucher! So happy!
15 Days ago
Woah! Since when did this happen!? I have 42k ggc in the golden slot!
15 Days ago
Is it just me or has there not been a news post on the home page in quite a while?
17 Days ago
By TremorzGG - 1 Day and 8 Hours ago. Since it has been a while, I think we can do this again!!! 2000 nuggets giveaway!! All you have to do to Enter is feed Claymore, my mega swampert a berry and share this post!
4000 nuggets will be given away instead if Claymore hits level 1,000 by August 16th
Giveaway will run until day Reset of August 16th

You fed ~Çlaymøre~ a Cornn Berry!

The Pokémon raised by 137,943 Exp. Points.
28 Days ago
29 Days ago


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Help me get charizard (mega-able) to lvl 200 (163 so far)
Also, please please PLEASE interact with the pokemon in my party.


Single gender pokemon

How do they reproduce?
E.g. How do you get Miltank?
-from prof. Rowan: how does he get their eggs if they don't have eggs!?
-from the daycare: they don't breed!
-from other players: how did they get them?
-from the tall grass: how do the eggs get there if there aren't any?

Other female only Pokemon:
Happiny, Chansey, Blissey
Smoochum, Jynx
Petilil, Liligant
Vullaby, Mandibuzz
Flabebe, Floette, Florges
Bounsweet, Steenee, Tsareena

Pokemon that only evolve if female:
Snorunt -> Frosslass
Combee -> Vespiqueen
Salandit -> Salazzle

Male only pokemon:
Tyrogue, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Hitmontop
Throh, Sawk
Rufflet, Braviary
Thundurus, Landorus, Tornadus

Pokemon that only evolve if male:
Kirlia -> Gallade
Burmy -> Mothim

Pokemon that are related (an egg from one may hatch into the other and they can interbreed):
Volbeat / Illumise
Latios / Latias (this one is more mysterious as their egg group is undiscovered)
Nidoran (f), Nidorina, Nidoqueen / Nidoran (m), Nidorino, Nidoking

PP/PM me for a response!

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