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Trainerlevel: 49

Trainerpoints: 534/7,251


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
The Chespinking
805347,541 / 2,311,724
11941,644 / 53,551

notes to self

Use this BB Code guide. all links and info in there.
Use this Hangman Helper. (basically a 2.0 to the 2.0 of the other one, as of the extra 300 words :D )
Use this Price Check. remember about inflation...
Use this Map. some of the thingymabobs have the same location on the site, so pay attention.
Use this Tool Thingy to figure out what is worth selling.
Use this Royal Tunnel Helper to cheat to be assissted :P

About me

Roger - Awesome - Jedi knight - Chespin lover

I like Pokémon (well, duh), Star Wars, Lego, Chespin, Art (a bit), Trains (Choo-Choo!), music and NOT sport.

My dad was also called Roger, and so was his dad, and my middle name is also Roger, so next time I tell you to do something, reply, 'Roger Roger Roger Roger Roger-Rogerson'

You wont have a clue what you are talking about.

But I will.

And it'll be funny.

DISCLAIMER: I am not called roger.
DISCLAIMER DISCLAIMER: I am a fully trained Jedi Knight

Avatar credits: Lapomme (waving chespin)

(If you are gonna contact me, make it worth my time or i will end you
Please note i am likely to use too many ASCII smileys
Also, if you friend me, it is highly likely i will not friend you back - unless you bribe me with Chespin Plushies)

Shiny Hunt

BoomBoy is currently hunting Diancie.
Hunt started: 13/10/2020

Chain: 18
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Vixie 2 Days ago
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Game Records

Trainer ID: #762650682
Registration: 10/02/2019 (1 Year ago)
Premium member until 02/Jul/2021
Game Time: 839:09 Hours
Total interactions: 2,771,968
Money: 586,870
Starter Pokémon: Dewott


Can you guys please feed my dragonite as a guest and user please :) every little helps, if you can make a feed about it then that would be a great help :D i have no friends lol
Today, 08:11
LuckyLady is doing a long term giveaway and trying to get to the top of the longest chain ranklist :) so go warm her eggs and stuff
Today, 08:06
How does retro gastly evolve? Evidently not by leveling...
Yesterday, 12:28
, BoomBoy!

How is the Dragonite doing? ... ... Oh, it's currently on Level 72, I see.
Well, according to some friends of mine, Prof. Oak's Dragonite is on Level 69, so it is rather close. Keep working

Uhh i cant be bothered to fp a hashtag but share this post, link the dragonfire and interact witg the dragonite as uset and guest and I'll enter you into s raffle

Sorry for spelling mistakes my phone iw sooo slow and annoying
Yesterday, 11:23
feed for Rowan quest?
Yesterday, 08:54
What the- check my party...

I looked in the Pokédex and there were 20?? Is this like super high chance or smth?
Yesterday, 08:43
Solved Hangmen in a row: 164
Correct Guesses: 8
Lives left: 0

Oh no, you lost!

:< misclick
3 Days ago
comment for limited plushie swap :)
theres still some left so just say which one you want, send it to me and ill send it to you :)
3 Days ago
at first i thought it would be this
now please excuse me if this is in some way a clue but i have honestly no idea aside from this

fun easter egg, entirely unrelated: go to bill's house and put the binary into a converter online.
4 Days ago
new avi. thoughts? is the scarf too long? i can edit it btw coz i made 2 vector saves and several photoshop saves :) the two feedbacks ive had on him are 1) i would die for him 2) wheres the rest of him?

also i was gonna make a pokesona themed around chespin coz everyone has them and i mean wynaut but ig he will do :)

btw hes called pocketPenguin coz uhh i cant remember
5 Days ago
im tearing my hair out over this riddle >n< i think im not looking at the big enough picture.... im also not making sense i think.
5 Days ago

stupid american spelling... nearly got it wrong :<
5 Days ago
1) kawaiigirl :)
2) whachadoing :)
3) my_irene :)

congratz guys and thanks to everyone for entering :) ill be in contact with the winners shortly :)
6 Days ago
6 Days ago
share the feed
heart the post
feed the Chespinking a berry AND interact as a guest :)
im gonna have to trust you to interact as guest, but its in your best interest coz...

ends when the Chespinking reaches lvl 775 (atm hes at 773 1/2, so yea its mini lol)

prizes (randomised):
1) 20k worth of free gems of your choice
2) 5k worth of free gems of your choice + a mystery item of my choice
3) a mystery item of your choice that i have
6 Days ago
recently ive been clicking a lot on the newest adoptions, and ive found a fair few ditto, confirming my fear that all the ditto eggs come out as soon as i log off :( i swear ive been camping the lab for 150hr+ lol
6 Days ago
By Daycare owner - 1 Minute and 54 Seconds ago.
1Hey, BoomBoy! We recently found an egg in our daycare. We're sure that this egg belongs to your Pokémon.
We really don't know how this happened...
However, try to take it as soon as possible, or I'll release it to the wild!

7 Days ago
Seriously?? No eggs?? It's been over 40 hours...
8 Days ago
its been a quiet day... also ive had absolutely no eggs today... mr daycare owner (whats his actual name?) has been enjoying his shiny rock omelettes as of late...
8 Days ago
so everybodys doing this so wynaut?

#TenFacts (Share this and 10 facts about you!)
1. Favourite Anime: umm, i dont rly watch anime, but if studio ghibli counts then laputa: city in the sky. otherwise i wouldnt be on here lol
2. Favourite Show: atm im watching GBBO and the Tick on amazon prime
3. Favourite Colour: gween :)
4. Favourite Food: umm, idrk? i like a lot of food... noodles?
5. Favourite Activity: umm irdk... probs playing on ph lol
6. Favourite Animal: CHESPINN! penguins
7. Favourite Soda/Other Drink: lemonade?
8. Favourite Song: i dont listen to songs, i dont like the cacophonous and synthetic sounds... so Jupiter by Gustav Holst
9. Favourite Book: atm im reading to kill a mockingbird but i dont have a favourite...
10. Favourite Dessert: dark chocolate pots lol
11. Favourite superhero/comic character: dogmatix from asterix?

also, im not an expert, but im fairly sure that was eleven facts...
8 Days ago




The world is at peace when you have a banana

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