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Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
The Chespinking
4,24614,314,412 / 64,790,649
Goomy311 / 46
13354,144 / 66,834

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Shiny Hunt

BoomBoy is currently hunting Goomy.
Hunt started: 22/09/2022

Chain: 192



[X] #1 - 1 year premium paid for without RL money
[X] #2 - Kalos Certificate to get that Mega Diancie :)
[..] #3 - full Kalos shiny dex inc. legends somewhere on my profile there should be a progress for this
[..] #4 - 1OS SM Diancie its so pretty
[..] #4.5 - SM Emeran Diancie
[X] #5 - officially become a not-noob (get all the badges)
[X] #6 - get something 1OS! check out Gary in my about me!
[..] #7 - get Chespinking onto the ranklist its a long long way to go.... why dont you click him now :')
[..] #8 - get a CatLady-worthy hangman chain. this is intentionally phrased vaguely :P

(basically for next July 1st - I try to set these every summer)

[..] #1 - chain 1000 on hangman.
[..] #2 - another set of 8k nuggies for another year of premium.
[X] #3 - Shiny Mega Gardevoir and Shiny Mega Gallade. yay!
[..] #4 - all the breedable kalos shinies! leggies come later...
[..] #5 - shiny Zygarde cell!

ima probably add more here as they are thought of


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Today, 05:06
#643: coyotes can do this incredible thing where they alter the number of their offspring. according to temperatures and food availability, they can have more or fewer kids in a litter. but one metric they use is to howl and estimate the population size based on responses. whenever the population dips, they simply have more kids, and this is why the coyote population is so hard to control. within one or two generations (each of around 4 years) a population after a 75% cull could reach its original size.
Yesterday, 21:46
#642: coyotes are fantastic city-goers. just like foxes in the uk and birds, they do really well in large built up settlements, getting food from bins and stuff like that. generally, they have really good road-sense: they check the street, go halfway, then check the other direction and continue. they even know which direction to check primarily on a one-way street. better than many cityfolk i know... despite extermination efforts, coyote and coywolf populations are rising very quickly across the americas as the land is urbanised.
1 Day ago
#641: coydogs were intentionally bred in Mayan and Teotihuacan Mexico because they had the loyalty of a dog but the fierceness and temperament of coyotes. dogotes were also a thing - i guess theyre the worst of both sides instead xD coyotes and wolves were also bred with sled dogs in canada, completely independently of this. coydogs used to be quite prevalent in north america but numbers have dwindled as coywolves, which are often confused with coydogs, are on the rise in northeast america.
2 Days ago
Week #40: Coyotes!
#640: in 2001, a golden retriever chased after a coyote in newfoundland and was never seen again. now, newfoundland has a population of white coyotes. these white coyotes arent found anywhere else in the world; they arent just albeino ones (they still have pigment in their skin and eyes and stuff). ill give you a hint: theyre called coydogs....
a genetic study by carl zimmer in 2013 shows they possess the same genetic trait that gives retrievers and labradors their light-coloured fur.
3 Days ago
#639: every time pixar make a new movie, computers get better. their current supercomputer running Renderman has 2000 machines and 24000 cores! but the raytracing and physics engines get more and more complicated every movie, so some individual frames of toy story 4 took over a day to render. it takes around 3 years to render a full movie, but the current computer could render the original toy story in under a few hours.
4 Days ago
#638: you know who didnt like cats? andrew lloyd webber (writer of the musical cats)! in fact, he was so angry with the new movie, that he went out and bought a dog. he grew quite attached to this dog that he brought it on planes with him, claiming it was an emotional support animal because hes emotionally scarred. when the flight attendants ask him to prove that he needs it, he says just look at what hollywood did to my musical: no doctors report required.
5 Days ago
#637: Akureyri, a municipality in northern Iceland, has banned cats from roaming outside during the night, and neighbouring Húsavík banned cats from going outdoors entirely a few years ago. cats have retained most of the hunting features of their ancestors (eg. ears with 32 muscles each, huge eyes with quick wide pupils to adjust for night vision, sheathed claws for stealth, and vertical jumping abilities) which makes them a threat to migratory birds on the island. funnily enough, iceland has traditionally been a cat-people country, and Reykjavík had banned dogs until 1984. every december, the city puts a giant statue of the fabled Yule Cat outside a parliamentary building, which according to folklore, torments children and eats those who dont wear new clothes alive - in the spirit of christmas!
6 Days ago
#636: for a science fair project, Kaeden Griffin asked "the internet's most burning cat question, 'Does your cat's butthole touch all your things and surfaces in your home?'". to answer such a tricky question, he put lipstick on their bums and traced where the lipstick ended up around the house. the conclusion was that the longer the hair, the less likely butt-contact is made when a cat sits down, yet the chances were slim on the two hairinesses of cat tested. basically, if your cat sits down on something, you dont actually have cat-bum all over your stuff.
7 Days ago
#635: cats have a vocabulary. not a language (they dont ever meow at each other, just at humans, therefore they cant share "words"), but they do meow consistently. so, one of the brains behind Amazon Alexa created an app and is currently prototyping a collar that learns your cat's meows and translates them in real time with (allegedly) 90% accuracy. 17 million people seem to agree, and i promise, i am not sponsored by them xD i swear, cats are taking over the world... interestingly, dogs are the opposite: they understand you and can respond to commands, but dont have a vocabulary, whereas cats have no clue (or just dont care) what youre saying, but are capable of telling you what to do....
7 Days ago
#634: a study in japan played various household sounds to cats. they were pretty unresponsive to all of them, apart from a slight but certain and reliable tail movement in response to their owner saying their name, which makes some scientists think they do understand their name but dont want you to think so. another study showed that, unlike dogs, cats will not avoid your enemies. they played out a scenario where the owner needed help doing something and someone either helped or didnt. that someone then fed the cat later: the cats were completely agnostic as to whether they took the food, where dogs would have denied the food and defended the owner.
8 Days ago
Week #39: cats!
#633: a study conducted by the battersea dogs and cats home investigated how likely cats are to like you. they found that the biggest indicator is how big of a cat person you are (and how many years youve had a cat for)...... except its inversely proportional!! thats right - cats dont like cat people!
it is hypothesised that this is because the cats prefer to initiate the interaction, but cat people do too, so there is a clash of interest. so if someone tells you theyre really good with cats, theyre probably not.
8 Days ago
#632: the Golden Gate Bridge hums. on a windy day, the wind goes through some "wind-proof" (clearly not) slats that make a hum, which is allegedly at (approximately) 440Hz (thats an A). Nate Mercereau, a famous(ish) music producer did a duet with the bridge! its pretty cool. on the bridge's opening day in 1937, they opened it only to pedestrians, and in just one week, 200,000 people crossed. lots of them were trying to be the first person to cross the bridge, doing something. the first person to cross the golden gate bridge was a sprinter called donald; esther and ann were the first twins to cross; carmen and minnie were the first skaters; the first person to cross the bridge on stilts was called florentine; the first dog was scotty; one woman was staggering along with her tongue out, trying to be the first to cross so, and police rushed to assist her thinking she was unwell; the first piece of rope to be taken across was by an unnamed boy scout.
9 Days ago
yay! shaymin was a success: 250k clicks over a month, and a whopping 60k today, beating my daily PB by 10k! very proud xD anyway, i have a (slightly) important question to you:

Fellow Pokéheroes! the air is cooling and with it the festive spirit is only 3 months round the corner!! and you know what that means: i need to organise some sort of afactaday FINALE!!

So I pose to you, the people, two questions:
1) what can I do for my finale? what sort of data can I collect?
2) what can I do next year to make 2023 a different, interesting year?
the weekly rota idea thing this year was cool but im thinking something more...
10 Days ago
#631: allegedly, cowboys basically invented dust in america! a geochemist closely studied the layered sediments of mountains and lakes in colerado and found that for thousands of years, there was very little dust. then in 1860 the rates of dust shoot up as cows eat all the vegetation and cattle/horse hooves trample through the crust, causing big dusty roads and all that. obviously this has nothing to do with the dust you get on your money box or antiques :P
10 Days ago
#630: Vaqueros were cattle herders in mexico, with traditions from the iberian peninsula. lots of stereotypical american cliches of cowboys are actually from vaquero tradition. in fact, the word "buckaroo" is thought to be a corruption of the word "vaquero" (mixed in with "buck"). lots of words like lasso, lariat, rodeo are corruptions of spanish words as well. in fact hawaiian cowboys (paniolo) is a hawaiianised pronunciation of "español"!
11 Days ago
#629: there are cowboys in Alaska that round up their cattle not with horses but with helicopters. on umnak and unalaska islands (in the aleutians) they have so many cattle over such a wide area in such a boggy mountainous landscape that they use helicopters! they then ship the cattle in a big danish ship for hundreds of miles to the mainland to sell/kill. in australia, large stations (australian ranches) are employing helicopters too because they can go for a lot further a lot quicker, especially useful in the large australian expanses. however, helicopters are actually more dangerous because flying so low so (relatively) slowly means that if the engine fails or stalls, you simply crash into the ground before you can react; 10 people die a year in this way.
12 Days ago
#628: Hilda Redwing was a cowgirl in montana who reached a place in the national cowboy hall of fame (since when were there so many cowboy halls of fame) for her stubbornness in doing cowboy things traditionally deemed "men's work". most impressively, she performed a rodeo at the age of ninety. the horse of Bob Sterling, another 90-year-old cowboy, ran into hilda's horse, breaking her leg quite badly just before the main event. she carried on and did very well.
13 Days ago
#627: lots of hollywood cowboy actors were actually cowboys. one of these is Louis Burton Lindley Jr, the son of a dairy farmer, who got bored and started to earn money riding broncos and roping steers in rodeos. he was told at his first rodeo that there would be "slim pickin's" for him, so he entered his name as Slim Pickens and won $400. he enrolled in the US air force in WWII and reportedly, when asked his profession, he responded "rodeo". the recruiter misinterpreted this as "radio", so he ended up spending the war in a radio station, which is allegedly how he got into film in the first place! (and his stage name remained as slim pickens)
14 Days ago
Week #38: cowboys!
#626: Dick Loss (stop giggling) was head of the Montana Cowboy Association and has recently been inducted into the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame (for accidentally riding an unrideable horse or something like that).
but when he first tried to drive a car, he crashed it because he pulled back on the wheel and said "woah" instead of braking.
15 Days ago

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I like Pokémon (well, duh), Star Wars, Lego, Chespin, Art (a bit), Spriting, Coding, Trains (Choo-Choo!), music, nerding out about junk (the more useless the better) and NOT sport. (and any combination of the above :P)

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