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Trainerlevel: 41

Trainerpoints: 375/5,083


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
1,040551,031 / 3,247,921
(Mega Gengar)
787249,725 / 2,209,038



Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Typhlosion, Totodile, Croconaw, Feraligatr, Crobat,Togetic, Xatu, Mareep, Flaafy, Ampharos, Bellossom, Sudowoodo, Politoed, Skiploom, Aipom, Sunflora, Yanma, Umbreon, Murkrow, Slowking, Misdreavus, Wobbuffet, Pineco, Forretress, Gligar, Steelix, Snubbull, Granbull, Scizor, Shuckle, Sneasel, Magcargo, Swinub, Piloswine, Delibird, Skarmory, Houndour, Houndoom, Kingdra, Porygon2, Stantler, Smeargle, Tyrogue, Elekid, Magby, Miltank, Blissey, Raikou, Entei, Larvitar, Pupitar, Tyranitar, Ho-Oh


Working On:
Obtain an OT Shiny Legendary
Complete Johto Dex
Complete Shadow Dex (Kanto)

Not Currently Working On:
Complete Hoenn Dex
Complete Sinnoh Dex
Complete Unova Dex
Complete Kalos Dex
Complete Alola Dex
Complete Galar Dex
Complete Emera Dex
Complete M&G Dex
Complete Retro Dex
Complete Shadow Dex (Johto)

Hatch my First Shiny Chain #59 - 4/5/20
Obtain an OT Shiny Mega Chain #2563 - 6/27/22
Obtain Galar Rumble Map
Complete Kanto Dex
Obtain a Ditto

Important Links/Reminders

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How to get Missing No.

Go to Storage Boxes (Bill's House)
Rename first box to "billrockz", press enter

Type "reboot storagesystem.bl" (that is lower case BL), press enter
Type "shutdown", press enter
Type "shutdown", press enter (Yes, a 2nd time)

Make sure you have room in your party.
If successful a bunch of code will appear for about 30 seconds.


Game Records

Trainer ID: #725168140
Registration: 25/02/2020 (4 Years ago)
Game Time: 685:47 Hours
Total interactions: 426,559
Money: 3,980,315
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Congratulations, -Peace-! Your Kanto-Dex is now complete!

Wow, really can't believe it... you achieved this huge goal and helped me so much with my research! I still remember the day when I gave you your Starter-Pokémon, Mudkip. Well, time flies by... I'm already getting a bit sentimental.
Anyway, the whole PokéHeroes Staff and all residents of Emera Town want to congratulate you!
Please take this certificate: it is proof of completing the Kanto-Dex.

Nevertheless, I have something else to talk about with you. I found this mysterious coloured egg recently on a Rumble Mission and I tried hard to hatch it, but with no success at all. I'm not sure if one could even hatch it - and if it even contains a Pokémon. But... the mystery behind it is fascinating me and I really want to uncover it.

Yay :)
1 Year ago
By PokéRadar - 2 Hours and 18 Minutes ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Gastly hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #2563)!

SM finally!! :DDD
1 Year ago

Shiny Hunt

-Peace- is currently hunting Cosmog.
Hunt started: 18/04/2023

Chain: 66


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Profile Sprite by ~Techno

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