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In-Game Screenshots

Activities in Emera Town

Gem Collector Mini Game Pokémon Lab Eggs
Play exciting mini games against the time with collected items! Adopt Pokémon eggs from Prof. Rowan to fill your PokéDex.
PokéDex Articuno Pokémon Safari Zone
Fill your PokéDex: We have over 700 official Pokémon, 200 special forms and over a hundred customized Event Pokémon for you to collect! Speaking of the PokéDex; there are plenty of Bug Pokémon catchable at the Safari Zone!
Pokémon Party Event Pokémon Pokémon Auction House
Collect special Event Pokémon which are only available in Emera Town! Place them in your Party or your Storage Boxes. Sell your adoptables for PokéDollar at the Auction House!
... and much more!