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Trainerlevel: 89

Trainerpoints: 22,602/23,851


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
. ° • * : ° •
(Mega Candaria)
11,288125,891,463 / 229,374,418
Vanillite11 / 10
Aipom12 / 6

Welcome to my profile ~

Hello! I see you've found me ^^
Feel free to add me!

I do biology stuff. Y’know, zoology, botany and that kind of stuff. I find biology at micro-level to be more fascinating tho! All those microbes that we can’t see with our eyes, only with a microscope... So many unknown mysteries... So many weird creatures... Nightmares even, if seen with electron microscopes...!! Anyway, I’m getting off track!

That’s all you can know for now ^^
Got any questions? Just ask me, I don't bite
My PalPad is always open

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Rockruff-sprite © Nymphadora <3
Dog-sprite (base) © Sixbane
Rowlet-sprite © Maniac (me)

Avi © SwampFall ♥️

Art in costum panels © Maniac (me)

Got on the ranklist for Most Money

Most EggDex Entries got added, and I'm on 1st place!


Game Records

Trainer ID: #634745091
Registration: 15/07/2015 (6 Years ago)
Game Time: 5583:51 Hours
Total interactions: 18,307,739
Money: 97,076,008
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


Me: O- 😲
SwampFall: Huh?
*me shows eggie*
SwampFall: O-
Me: O-
Both: O- 🤯
Welcome to the family lil baby bubblegum
6 Days ago
It really is spooky times now
This really gave me a scare 👻
2 Months ago
Having a hard time remembering how some pokemon evolve?

Well, you're in luck! I've made an (up-to-date) Evolution Guide ^^

Feel free to use it, enjoy!
3 Months ago
Ahh, a Ditto!

Welcome to my collection the world, little bubblegum! :D
9 Months ago
Happy Valentine's Day! ♥

Oh and also, new forced face reveal avi drawn by my favorite artist and boyfriend (SwampFall) ♥♥

Ik hou van jou schatje ♥
11 Months ago
I, uh, didn’t expect something pink o:

Was trying to get Applin, but this is pretty nice too :3
2 Years ago
Aw thank you all for the plushies! ❤️
Happy holidays and happy new year (soon) :3

Naughty SwampFall
2 Years ago
BOO, ghosts!
2 Years ago
Someone is asking me about something, but they blocked me so I can’t contact them

What to do... what do do...
2 Years ago
I almost choked
What a nice surprise *-*
3 Years ago
Congratulations! A shiny Space Spinda hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #243)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.
Ahh, I've been waiting for this moment for so long ;v; <3
Glad it didn't last for 2 years
5 Years ago
Today marks the day when I first started my hunt. It's been 1 year, almost 200 eggs and still no shiny.

Happy one year anniversary, Space Spinda chain :)
i cri
5 Years ago
A shiny retro magikarp *-* All those rare candies were totally worth it.
5 Years ago
You are currently hunting Space Spinda!
Good luck!
I'm starting to regret this already ._."
6 Years ago
6 Years ago
My first mega able!!! :'D
6 Years ago

Goals ~

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• Complete the Dex
Kanto - full
Johto - full
Hoenn - full
Sinnoh - full
Unova - full
Kalos - full
• Alola - 137/140
• Galar - 102/104
Emera - full
• M&G - 82/113
Retro - full
• Complete the Shadow Dex
• Kanto - 146/151
• Johto - 102/127
• Complete the Egg dex
Complete all the badge-sets
Complete the puzzle collection
• Complete the plushie collection
• Reach lvl 100
• Reach lvl 100 on all berries
Get all the Megas / Mega Ables
Get enough Mega Stone to mega evolve
• Get 40 Egg Storages
_(get at least 100 mil pd)

• Megastone:

Missing mega(able): None! :D

Dynamax Crystal - 58%


• Concentration - 20k (179 left)

random user - bulbasaur
random newbie - charmander
random friend - squirtle


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