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Trainerlevel: 93

Trainerpoints: 17,040/26,039


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
. ° • * : ° •
(Mega Candaria)
12,646192,275,222 / 287,881,132
Hjerte for Maniac
1,5321,772,668 / 5,636,535

Welcome to my profile ~

Hello! I see you've found me ^^
Feel free to add me!

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Rockruff-sprite © Nymphadora <3
Dog-sprite (base) © Sixbane
Rowlet-sprite © Maniac (me)

Avi © SwampFall ♥️

Art in costum panels © Maniac (me)

Got on the ranklist for Most Money

Most EggDex Entries got added, and I'm on 1st place!

Got on the ranklist for Most Pokédex Entries


Game Records

Trainer ID: #634745091
Registration: 15/07/2015 (7 Years ago)
Game Time: 6218:20 Hours
Total interactions: 19,100,562
Money: 104,917,391
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


Me: O- 😲
SwampFall: Huh?
*me shows eggie*
SwampFall: O-
Me: O-
Both: O- 🤯
Welcome to the family lil baby bubblegum
1 Year ago
It really is spooky times now
This really gave me a scare 👻
1 Year ago
Having a hard time remembering how some pokemon evolve?

Well, you're in luck! I've made an (up-to-date) Evolution Guide ^^

Feel free to use it, enjoy!
1 Year ago
Ahh, a Ditto!

Welcome to my collection the world, little bubblegum! :D
1 Year ago
Happy Valentine's Day! ♥

Oh and also, new forced face reveal avi drawn by my favorite artist and boyfriend (SwampFall) ♥♥

Ik hou van jou schatje ♥
1 Year ago
I, uh, didn’t expect something pink o:

Was trying to get Applin, but this is pretty nice too :3
3 Years ago
Aw thank you all for the plushies! ❤️
Happy holidays and happy new year (soon) :3

Naughty SwampFall
3 Years ago
BOO, ghosts!
3 Years ago
Someone is asking me about something, but they blocked me so I can’t contact them

What to do... what do do...
3 Years ago
I almost choked
What a nice surprise *-*
4 Years ago
Congratulations! A shiny Space Spinda hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #243)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.
Ahh, I've been waiting for this moment for so long ;v; <3
Glad it didn't last for 2 years
6 Years ago
Today marks the day when I first started my hunt. It's been 1 year, almost 200 eggs and still no shiny.

Happy one year anniversary, Space Spinda chain :)
i cri
6 Years ago
A shiny retro magikarp *-* All those rare candies were totally worth it.
7 Years ago
You are currently hunting Space Spinda!
Good luck!
I'm starting to regret this already ._."
7 Years ago
7 Years ago
My first mega able!!! :'D
7 Years ago

Goals ~

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• Complete the Dex
• Kanto
• Johto
• Hoenn
• Sinnoh
• Unova
• Kalos
• Alola - 138/140
• Galar - 122/125
• Hisui - 2/???
• Emera
• M&G
• Retro
• Complete the Shadow Dex
• Kanto - 149/151 (moltres)
• Johto - 123/127 (A, B, W, suicune)
• Complete the Egg dex
• Complete all the badge-sets
• Complete the puzzle collection
• Complete the plushie collection
• Reach lvl 100
• Reach lvl 100 on all berries || 3 out of 63
• Get all the Megas / Mega Ables
• Get enough Mega Stone to mega evolve
• Get 40 Egg Storages
• Get at least 100 mil pd 05.04.2022 | Thanks -Kyle for helping me with the last stretch!

• Megastone:

Missing mega(able): None! :D



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