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Trainerlevel: 55

Trainerpoints: 8,611/9,129


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Tapu Koko)
7581,848,299 / 2,157,459
354,553 / 4,726
Gardevoir444,135 / 7,426
Serperior64737 / 13,143
Sawk353,680 / 3,781


~Who am I?

Who am I?
And what can I do?

Do you know me?
Or are you new too?

Am I new too?
Not understanding a thing?

Don't you get the song,
I've been trying to sing?

What should I do?
Which path should I take?

Is the other way wrong?
A new path, can't I Make?

Is the correct route defined,
By the numbers that travel it?

The road less taken,
Does no one marvel it?

Do I have to walk,
On predefined paths?

Don't you know, for
Each path, their aftermaths?

Does the path not well known,
Make the destination isolated?

Even if a decade,
For it someone has waited?

Do I take the path,
Of someone else's choice?

I want to make my own.
Where's my voice?

No one can tell me.
Can't you tell too?

Who am I?
And what can I do?


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Cuocuobacchaya 4 Days ago
pranjal12 5 Days ago
pranjal12 5 Days ago


1. Get 5 Shiny Combees for Honeycombs. — 0/5
First one hatched on 13th March at #71(female).

2. Get Shiny Ho-oh (hard but possible).
3. Breed Shiny Event Pokemon.
4. Breed a Shiny Mega.
5. Breed a Shiny Mega Event.
6. Get 1 week premium.8th March, 2021 to 15th March, 2021
7. Get 1 month premium.11th April, 2021 to 11th May, 2021
8. Get 6 months premium.19th July, 2021 to 19th January 2022 - Extended to 26 January 2022 (1 week) as a reward by Advent Calendar.
9.Get 1 year premium.26th January 2022 to 26th January 2023

Future Shiny Hunts :

Darkrai Hunt
Red Lunar Wings/New Moon Island Map: (5/150)

Jirachi Hunt
Star Pieces: (8/750)

Volcanion Hunt
Submarine Volcano Map/Frozen Lava: (1/150)

• Corsola
• Zangoose
• Torracat
• Braviary
• Milotic
• Greninja
• Trevenant
• Sylveon
• Umbreon
• Galarian Zigzagoon

Game Records

Trainer ID: #114657705
Registration: 15/11/2014 (7 Years ago)
Premium member until 26/Jan/2023
Game Time: 770:51 Hours
Total interactions: 5,154,447
Money: 1,902,244
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


After 2 hours, I finally finished the prologue to the 10th novel in Wheel of Time. Damn they're so long
1 Day ago
I am a fool. I have been planting berries in the 1st berry garden, even though I have the premium garden which needs less time and can support more plants.
1 Day ago
C'mon people, what are you waiting for, start shiny hunting Dittos! (Cuz that will increase the number of Dittos os and hence reduce the price, ha!)
2 Days ago
I swear if anyone dares outbid me on the ditto-
2 Days ago
Heart this feed for a chance to win a Shiny Regieleki!
2 Days ago
I'm hangry
2 Days ago
I won't be actively participating in this Berry Battle, cuz I'm not a big fan of Berry Garden, so I'll just do the bare minimum to get the Rumble map (if it's there)
2 Days ago
Lol, someone put 250 nuggies @ 1600 PD per piece, bought them all immediately
2 Days ago
Me: *Wakes up at 2 A.M.*
Brain: Here is a random name, and it's important, and you'll spend two hours this morning trying to find out why it's important only to find out it's the name of a pedestrian the protagonist asked the way to a manor in a novel you read 10 years ago.
2 Days ago
Ahhh yesss!! OF COURSE!! Shiny, and next is a mega able!! I AM SO OUTRAGED AAHHHH
2 Days ago
Wait till I tell you I'll SM hunt Festival gardevoir.
3 Days ago
Me: Can I have your phone, so I can give you my number?
Lady: *Blushing* Yeah sure!
Me: *Opens Pokemon Go* *Transfers all of her pokemon to my account*
Lady: Hey what the
Me: *Rips Open My Jacket To Show A White Tee With A Big R printed on it* TO PROTECT THE WORLD FROM DEVAST-
3 Days ago
Me: I lost my number, can I have yours?
Lady: *Blushing* Yes, sure..
Me: I lost my phone as well. And my wallet too.
Lady: Wait Wha..
Me: This is a robbery
3 Days ago
So, the Valentine's Day is near, huh. Which one of you pretty ladies are ready to be my valentine? Ow< ~ <3
3 Days ago
Sometime around November, after the usual time in which the site is unreachable for couple of minutes, doing interactions slowed to a crawl. Couple of days ago, they became the usual speed again. And now, they are back to the slow crawl.

Anyone else?
3 Days ago
Hey everyone, so actually someone lent a ditto to their friend, and then that person sent it to their alt, and set it up on auction.

Here's the link for the auction, if anyone has enough money, they can help the ditto's owner. I have 1.3M, it might not be enough, and please report this guy too (I so Hate scamsters)
3 Days ago
LMAOOO I made a PyBot an year ago, and I totally forgot it could prank people! My own bot pranked me, and I can't stop laughing XD XD

Here's the link for the video! When it said, 'Program - Terminated', I was there like whatt?? What just happened, and how? lmaooo XD

(Notice the message, "If this message appears crooked, try increasing the width of window", see here to see what really changed on increasing the width of the window. I guess I was pretty thoughtful at that time, huh)
3 Days ago
French is a RIDICULOUS language.
Why, you ask?

French for bird is Oiseau, and it's pronunciation is wazo.
4 Days ago
Chain 3k was not SM :P
4 Days ago
Got a Dragon Gem by sending a Karp Plush XD
4 Days ago

Shiny Hunt

LUCKILYRICHNESS is currently hunting Ralts.
Hunt started: 19/07/2021

Chain: 3,046
89 79 0


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Special Buddies:

Bullet For My Valentine

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Hello There, random Person! Nice of you to visit my profile!


•Medical Student
•Proud Indian
•Valorant Gamer

(You can send me a friend request on Valorant - LUCKILYRICH #HAPPY)

•Avid listener
•Careful Planner
•INTJ - Introvert iNtuituve Thinker Judger - Personality
I am transitioning into Metal music, and man I like these!

I have read the following novels:
• Harry Potter (Novels + Cursed Child + Movies + Fantastic Beasts Movies) hardcore fan
• A Song of Ice and Fire (First 3 books, couldn't finish 4th one because got bored in the politics.
• One of Us is Lying
• One of Us is Next (The Sequel to previous one)
• Kafka on the Shore
• Arc of the Scythe Series
• The Exorcist
• The Stormlight Archive (Will be reading next)

Always feel free to Palpad/PM me, its open for all!
*Just don't spam it BTW

Plush made by ~Weird_Pichu~ specifically for me. You are not allowed to use it anywhere on this site without permission.


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