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Trainerlevel: 45

Trainerpoints: 4,836/6,119


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Ponyta (Galarian))
8962,290,601 / 2,411,137
27311,233 / 280,509
(Mega Frosmoth)
19692,711 / 115,837
Ralts6129 / 159


~Who am I?

Who am I?
And what can I do?

Do you know me?
Or are you new too?

Am I new too?
Not understanding a thing?

Don't you get the song,
I've been trying to sing?

What should I do?
Which path should I take?

Is the other way wrong?
A new path, can't I Make?

Is the correct route defined,
By the numbers that travel it?

The road less taken,
Does no one marvel it?

Do I have to walk,
On predefined paths?

Don't you know, for
Each path, their aftermaths?

Does the path not well known,
Make the destination isolated?

Even if a decade,
For it someone has waited?

Do I take the path,
Of someone else's choice?

I want to make my own.
Where's my voice?

No one can tell me.
Can't you tell too?

Who am I?
And what can I do?


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~Fahrenheit~ 7 Days ago
AlphaWolfGirl31 7 Days ago

Pokedex Help

Welcome, Fellow user! I am currently completing the Hoenn Dex, and need your help. If you have any of the following pokemon, palpad/pm me to discuss the prices! ^^

• Treeko
• Grovyle
• Sceptile
• Torchic
• Mudkip
• Marshtomp
• Poochyena
• Zigzagoon
• Wurmple
• Silcoon
• Cascoon
• Lotad
• Ludicolo
• Seedot
• Shiftry
• Tailow
• Wingull
• Pelipper
• Kirlia
• Surskit
• Shroomish
• Slakoth
• Slaking
• Nincada
• Shedinja
• Whismur
• Loudred
• Makuhita
• Nosepass
• Delcatty
• Sableye
• Aron
• Lairon
• Aggron
• Electrike
• Plusle
• Minun
• Roselia
• Gulpin
• Wailmer
• Wailord
• Camerupt
• Spoink
• Spinda
• Trapinch
• Vibrava
• Cacnea
• Zangoose
• Seviper
• Lunatone
• Solrock
• Corpish
• Baltoy
• Claydol
• Lileep
• Cradily
• Anorith
• Armaldo
• Feebas
• Milotic
• Duskull
• Dusclops
• Tropius
• Chimcheo
• Wynaut
• Snornut
• Glalie
• Spheal
• Sealeo
• Clamperl
• Huntail
• Gorebyss
• Bagon
• Salamence
• Beldum
• Metang
• Metagross
• Regirock
• Regice
• Registeel
• Latias
• Latios
• Kyogre
• Rayquaza
• Jirachi

• Sunny
• Heat
• Rainy
• Foggy
• Aurora
• Cold
• Dark
• Thunder
• Meteorite
• Windy
• Earthquake
• Muggy
• Eruption
• Mystic Aurora
• Rainbow


1. Get 5 Shiny Combees for Honeycombs. — 0/5
First one hatched on 13th March at #71(female).

2. Get Shiny Ho-oh (hard but possible).
3. Breed Shiny Event Pokemon.
4. Breed a Shiny Mega.
5. Breed a Shiny Mega Event.
6. Get 1 week premium.8th March, 2021 to 15th March, 2021
7. Get 1 month premium.11th April, 2021 to 11th May, 2021
8. Get 6 months premium.19th July, 2021 to 19th January 2022
9. Get 1 year premium.

Future Shiny Hunts:
• Zangoose
• Torracat
• Braviary
• Milotic
• Greninja
• Trevenant
• Sylveon
• Umbreon
• Galarian Zigzagoon

Game Records

Trainer ID: #114657705
Registration: 15/11/2014 (6 Years ago)
Premium member until 19/Jan/2022
Game Time: 550:10 Hours
Total interactions: 2,359,220
Money: 604,895
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


My house has had been painted numerous times, sometimes the walls, the gates, the windows etc. But one thing I swear triggers me is that EVERY DAMN TIME IT RUINS AT LEAST 2 SHIRTS AND PANTS AND SOMEHOW THEY ARE ALL EITHER ONE OF THE BEST I'VE GOT OR NEW
Today, 13:13
A storm is brewing in the distance...
Today, 11:12
Lol I don't even need to pay people to breed ralts and release eggs into the tall grass other people SM hunting ralts along with me are more rich and influential than me and I only need to invest a bit of luck to claim majority of them.
Today, 09:57
One question has been plagueing me since ages -- Can you stay in a cafe with a book or your laptop for 3-4 hours in one go and ordering nothing but 2 cups of coffee?
Today, 06:28
This and this describe their corresponding parts of me perfectly.
Today, 03:51
By PokéRadar - 11 Minutes and 14 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Ralts hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #960)!

Two shinies yesterday, another one today! But no SM still.. Looks like it'll go to chain 2000 before I get my SM...
Today, 03:42
Imagine using real money to buy fake money lmao.
Yesterday, 16:57
Selling all these fossils for Normal Gems!
Yesterday, 11:14
*Looks at people participating in my scavenger hunt*
*Laughs seeing them confident, knowing they'd get stuck soon*
*That one cell in brain*: What if someone doessolve them?
*Looks into prizes I promised, many of which I already spent* Ohno
Yesterday, 10:14
By PokéRadar - 52 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Ralts hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #948)!

Took So long..
Yesterday, 06:40
Ooh okay snom needs 5 water and bug gems so... Next Goal: SM Snom (See you in a few years (! >_<)
Yesterday, 06:32
Me after using inspect in chrome to increase my nugget count to 10 Million:
Yesterday, 06:28
Surprising how it has been months and the Shadow Unown still isn't fixed.
Yesterday, 02:23
Dude seriously, who jinxed the Daycare man, and why is he giving me nearly twice the eggs than when I had the flute active???
1 Day ago
By BoomBoy - 17 Minutes and 23 Seconds ago.
lol I managed to explode a plate sooo...
so to enter, you need to <3 this post AND comment something to explode. my favourite comment (or comments, depending on the turnout :P ) will win a whole bunch of stuff. so creative, fun and amusing explosions are more likely to win :)
creative booms not your thing? everyone who participates will go into a prize draw, using random.org, once, to win a different set of prizes! and yes you can win both lol
prizes are in the comments, and I'll give an example to start you off.
you MAY give multiple explosions/explosive things, and they won't give you extra entries into the random draw, but they might make you likelier to win the other one lol (just pleeaase don't spam, I'll say an absolute maximum of 5)

sharing of course appreciated but not necessary
2 Days ago
I have a sticky note on the wall in front of me which says "Assignment deadline in 3 days" and I can't remember which assignment nor when I wrote this note, and it has stressed me out.
2 Days ago
Wow. I didn't know that the Daycare man is a true friend. In the times of peril when there aren't any eggs in tall grass, (don't look at me in that way!) the daycare man is giving a lot of eggs.

Thanks, Daycare man!
3 Days ago
Me: Doesn't adopt egg from daycare and lets it go into the tall grass.

Also Me: Gets the egg which daycare released into the wild in first try.

(there were 0 eggs before and after this event)
3 Days ago
Invert colours is cool, have had it turned on since past hour...
3 Days ago
Spotify is like... Either you give us money regularly or we give money to people who annoy you after every song to give us money.
3 Days ago

Shiny Hunt

LUCKILYRICHNESS is currently hunting Ralts.
Hunt started: 19/07/2021

Chain: 967
25 20 0



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Hello There, random Person! Nice of you to visit my profile!


•Medical Student
•Proud Indian
•Valorant Gamer

You can send me a friend request on Valorant - LUCKILYRICH #HAPPY

•Avid listener
•Careful Planner
•INTJ - Introvert iNtuituve Thinker Judger - Personality

Always feel free to Palpad/PM me, its open for all!
*Just don't spam it BTW

Plush made by ~Weird_Pichu~ specifically for me. You are not allowed to use it anywhere on this site without permission.


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