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Trainerlevel: 69

Trainerpoints: 8,123/14,351


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Mega Gardevoir)
1,370860,421 / 7,043,514

Hey There!

You already know my username, but that's a long name (lol) so feel free to call me as Lucki!

18 year old medical student.
I like listening to Heavy Metal, Reading Novels, and Gaming.
My personality type is INTJ
I sometimes write poems (tho it's been a long time since I last wrote one)
I also post memes on a forum thread, so if you want a laugh you can scroll a bit and click on the link to my meme world
My is open, so you can send me a message (just don't spam it ok?)

Shiny Nidoran (m) Line

Shiny Treecko & Grovyle

Shiny Torchic Line


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #114657705
Registration: 15/11/2014 (8 Years ago)
Premium member until 03/Feb/2024
Game Time: 1416:45 Hours
Total interactions: 11,401,307
Money: 2,231,330
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Wait I did not think this through

With all the gems I have I'll only mange to get to chain 50 and not 500

RIP maths
Today, 02:43
Wait you mean to say that the other meme forums went inactive around the same time as I did?

Wow I single handedly control the meme economy on PH huh
1 Day ago
The dream I had yesterday could 100% be an amazing movie.
If only I could remember the start and the end.
2 Days ago
I posted on my meme world
Go check it out
2 Days ago
The fact that I hatched the last shiny on May 1 is so wild

Like SO much has happened in my life since 1 May, it seems years away now
2 Days ago
Couldn't acquire chips today cuz I'm lazy
No no no it's not procrastinating trust me
2 Days ago
LF: Male krabby/kingler
2 Days ago
Chips acquired
Chips finished
Now to buy more chips
3 Days ago
I need chips
3 Days ago
Nugget prices are still 2k+? Damn.
5 Days ago
The folks whom I talk every 2 months:
2 months have passed let's talk about omelette and bread
28 Days ago
Hi guys
I'm alive and having fun (kinda)
1 Month ago
I added PH to my home screen and it has helped me be a bit more active here (I just adopt tall grass eggs lmao) but still it's smth
1 Month ago
Guys, it is with great pleasure that I'm informing y'all, that my name has been included in the merit list for admission in the Dream College I wanted to be in, since the beginning of my medica exam preparations.
1 Month ago
Nothing can affect me the way Zelda's Lullaby from Skyward Sword does
1 Month ago
Finished the main story of Spider Man. Now onto the DLCs.

It's a really amazing game, can't wait to play miles Morales and even Spider Man 2
1 Month ago
Wait you folks haven't forgotten me already have you??
1 Month ago
Ok I'm going to now try to be a bit more active, and finish this stupid hunt at least.
1 Month ago
Liked someone's feed, tried to heart it, got told I'm blocked. But uh I haven't been particularly online or conversational this last 3 months and I definitely wasn't blocked 3 months ago. Dunno what tripped them.
1 Month ago
So I've been playing Spider Man Remastered, and apparently only in my case, the Ray Tracing option only has high and very high. No medium.

It's like the game is saying "Bruh you paid for the whole GPU, you gotta use the whole GPU.
1 Month ago

It's a poem I wrote and is probably the best I've ever written. Do read it if you got the time.

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Who am I?
And what can I do?

Do you know me?
Or are you new too?

Am I new too?
Not understanding a thing?

Don't you get the song,
I've been trying to sing?

What should I do?
Which path should I take?

Is the other way wrong?
A new path, can't I Make?

Is the correct route defined,
By the numbers that travel it?

The road less taken,
Does no one marvel it?

Do I have to walk,
On predefined paths?

Don't you know, for
Each path, their aftermaths?

Does the path not well known,
Make the destination isolated?

Even if a decade,
For it someone has waited?

Do I take the path,
Of someone else's choice?

I want to make my own.
Where's my voice?

No one can tell me.
Can't you tell too?

Who am I?
And what can I do?

Shiny Hunt

LUCKILYRICHNESS is currently hunting Krabby.
Hunt started: 14/04/2023

Chain: 369