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UsernameLast ActionLast seen
nuvemaViewing a PokemonNow
ElunairReading the newsNow
Miki-OhimeViewing a Userprofile1 Second ago
WitchfireInteracting1 Second ago
SaphVisiting the Dream World Shop1 Second ago
anonheroVisiting the Mall1 Second ago
momaliaReleasing a Pokémon1 Second ago
RavenMarieStoring Pokémon1 Second ago
MiluraBrowsing through notifications3 Seconds ago
LunaFenrirUsing clicklist3 Seconds ago
timaalstViewing a Userprofile3 Seconds ago
OsbornStoring Pokémon3 Seconds ago
ShadowplayVisiting the Item Market3 Seconds ago
VarletViewing a Userprofile3 Seconds ago
4eburaschka7Exploring the Ancient Cave4 Seconds ago
KomblakekruVisiting Prof. Rowan4 Seconds ago
DestinyLinGamerTrading4 Seconds ago
JStar2020Searching for specific auction5 Seconds ago
ZarkeshViewing a Userprofile5 Seconds ago
ONIKITSUNEStoring Pokémon5 Seconds ago
Fishy-sanWatching the Rumble Overview6 Seconds ago
AzzyZeTrainerAt the Berrygarden6 Seconds ago
chipy2006thegod564Reading the news6 Seconds ago
~PikaRed~Viewing a Userprofile7 Seconds ago
igordBrowsing through notifications7 Seconds ago
LugiaBREReading the news8 Seconds ago
TehoneoneoneChanging birth date8 Seconds ago
James125Searching for a trade10 Seconds ago
ShinigamiiBrowsing through notifications10 Seconds ago
Serapheonix87Visiting the Game Center11 Seconds ago
RanbooMyBelovedReading the news12 Seconds ago
sarahgirl1998Tool Shed13 Seconds ago
~Fahrenheit~Reading a forum thread13 Seconds ago
SilverCrow161Managing Pokémon-Party14 Seconds ago
PenguinPowerfulBrowsing through notifications14 Seconds ago
EeveeBreederStoring Pokémon14 Seconds ago
Tobster1214Viewing a Userprofile14 Seconds ago
ElyaeniaTrading15 Seconds ago
Epic_UsInteracting15 Seconds ago
GalaxyWolf676Viewing a Userprofile15 Seconds ago
PurpleedaBrowsing through notifications16 Seconds ago
Jirachi_Storing Pokémon18 Seconds ago
CsoxiReading the news18 Seconds ago
ExoTundraWatching the Rumble Overview19 Seconds ago
CalicoDragonessSearching for a trade22 Seconds ago
Galcticwolf80Managing Pokémon-Party23 Seconds ago
Salt_LickViewing a Userprofile23 Seconds ago
PhoenixDragonDreamInteracting25 Seconds ago
partizanovacPlaying 'Coin Flip'25 Seconds ago
WuffelsBrowsing through notifications26 Seconds ago
SnomieFennyReading a forum thread27 Seconds ago
NightyLightUsing the Item Bag29 Seconds ago
TogaLoverBtwAdmiring the badges30 Seconds ago
SentretBrowsing through notifications31 Seconds ago
HootyBrowsing through notifications34 Seconds ago
HepHasTusFishing at the Emera Beach34 Seconds ago
SilkySelkieReading the news39 Seconds ago
Rias_Storing Pokémon43 Seconds ago
ZellaneReading the news45 Seconds ago
MegaMewtwoX_MasterExploring the Ancient Cave46 Seconds ago
HALLOWVisiting the Item Market46 Seconds ago
ImmortesReading a forum thread52 Seconds ago
KondaTyanManaging Pokémon-Party52 Seconds ago
FalineTheNymphVisiting the Dream World Shop54 Seconds ago
Ren~Interacting55 Seconds ago
SetsuHaticaAt the Berrygarden1 Minute ago
GrelliebeanReading the news1 Minute ago
HostilePeachAt the Berrygarden1 Minute ago
GhibliBrowsing through notifications1 Minute ago
FluffyStarBrowsing through notifications1 Minute ago
Bun-BunReading the news1 Minute ago
siqkoViewing a Userprofile1 Minute ago
ETREVBrowsing through notifications1 Minute ago
Greninjaman1998Visiting the Auction House1 Minute ago
RavenheartBrowsing through notifications1 Minute ago
TatteredTalusViewing an auction1 Minute ago
SneepBrowsing through notifications1 Minute ago
dpokepotatoVisiting Prof. Rowan1 Minute ago
haunter159Managing Pokémon-Party1 Minute ago
PyrooBrowsing through notifications1 Minute ago
Skye_in_daSkyBrowsing through notifications1 Minute ago
Iridescent_ParadoxBrowsing through notifications1 Minute ago
AnimeEmberBrowsing through notifications1 Minute ago
IshidaWatching the Rumble Overview1 Minute ago
JojoZepInteracting1 Minute ago
Ichigo313Browsing through notifications1 Minute ago
Luna_Kitty_WolfPokémon Beauty Contest1 Minute ago
ChaorixManaging Pokémon-Party1 Minute ago
MyxiniViewing current Event Distribution1 Minute ago
Niter89Trading1 Minute ago
AbsborVisiting the Dream World Shop1 Minute ago
IlseBrowsing through notifications1 Minute ago
BraixieReading the news2 Minutes ago
AmelyannaBrowsing through notifications2 Minutes ago
TrickyCatWalking through the tall grass2 Minutes ago
FearlessDragoniteManaging Pokémon-Party2 Minutes ago
emokid666Opening mystery boxes2 Minutes ago
FloralFireStyling a Pokémon with Accessoires2 Minutes ago
KirishimaEijiroBrowsing through notifications2 Minutes ago
Scare_CrowReading the news2 Minutes ago
-KyleVisiting the Daycare2 Minutes ago
PersentBrowsing through notifications2 Minutes ago
DragonDNAViewing a Pokemon2 Minutes ago
IlanDreemurrBrowsing through notifications2 Minutes ago
Tyler4Visiting Prof. Rowan2 Minutes ago
ryanmichaellevinManaging Pokémon-Party2 Minutes ago
DarkvoltWalking through the tall grass3 Minutes ago
MenxiVisiting the Daycare3 Minutes ago
Ash_Katchum11Playing the Golden Slot3 Minutes ago
SassyLadybugChanging Profile Settings3 Minutes ago
KyvaaenyaVisiting Prof. Rowan3 Minutes ago
fanclaudiaViewing a Userprofile3 Minutes ago
xCharizardxReading a forum thread3 Minutes ago
BokutoBrowsing through notifications3 Minutes ago
EeveeorianInteracting3 Minutes ago
Greggory_LeeBrowsing through notifications3 Minutes ago
LucaViewing a Userprofile3 Minutes ago
TemyManaging Pokémon-Party3 Minutes ago
clownReading the news3 Minutes ago
BasdsReading a forum thread3 Minutes ago
ProHackerXXDXXManaging Pokémon-Party3 Minutes ago
RyanflanniganWalking through Emera3 Minutes ago
SatoruViewing a GTS Trade3 Minutes ago
ShishigumiReading the news3 Minutes ago
NimaBrowsing through notifications3 Minutes ago
Happiny24Reading a forum thread3 Minutes ago
NaranciaGhirgaBrowsing through notifications4 Minutes ago
UnluckyUmbreonFishing at the Emera Beach4 Minutes ago
greeninga23Visiting the Daycare4 Minutes ago
Hades215Reading the news4 Minutes ago
AOHADBrowsing through notifications4 Minutes ago
IndroidSearching for a trade4 Minutes ago
MelonNoodleBrowsing through notifications4 Minutes ago
NoboakuStoring Pokémon4 Minutes ago
CoffeeLoveWalking through the tall grass4 Minutes ago
Lady_LitwickVisiting the Daycare4 Minutes ago
RoxasNuggetsXIIIViewing a Userprofile4 Minutes ago
Bryan18Reading the news4 Minutes ago
-Flamey-Browsing through notifications4 Minutes ago
Lord_SamtonBrowsing through notifications4 Minutes ago
Abra~KadabraReading the news5 Minutes ago
BrawzerInteracting5 Minutes ago
putooga123Opening mystery boxes5 Minutes ago
Neko-ChanAt the Berrygarden5 Minutes ago
MirejReading the news5 Minutes ago
RedDragonFlareWatching the Rumble Overview5 Minutes ago
carlstvnsViewing a Userprofile5 Minutes ago
StarPrizmViewing a Userprofile5 Minutes ago
Chimera_snowflakeVisiting the Dream World Shop5 Minutes ago
TesoroBrowsing through notifications5 Minutes ago
SilentShinobiVisiting the Daycare5 Minutes ago
-Moth-Browsing through notifications5 Minutes ago
IcefoxBrowsing through notifications6 Minutes ago
KokomiViewing a Userprofile6 Minutes ago
AshlieViewing a Userprofile6 Minutes ago
~AoiReading the news6 Minutes ago
YiuXLSearching for a trade6 Minutes ago
Sokka-Browsing through notifications6 Minutes ago
kathcateVisiting Prof. Rowan6 Minutes ago
HoodedReading the news6 Minutes ago
TonyPandaVisiting the Item Market6 Minutes ago
~Venus~Storing Pokémon7 Minutes ago
BrianRWalking through the tall grass7 Minutes ago
MariblancReading the news7 Minutes ago
InowantoonsStoring Pokémon7 Minutes ago
12604845Visiting Prof. Rowan7 Minutes ago
-Banette-Viewing a Userprofile7 Minutes ago
BLEACHIchigo1Storing Pokémon7 Minutes ago
radturtle23Reading the news7 Minutes ago
SimbaLimpaManaging Pokémon-Party7 Minutes ago
CazegamesJoining the Union Room7 Minutes ago
KirbysmithVisiting the Dream World Shop7 Minutes ago
TinyEmpoleonWatching the Rumble Overview8 Minutes ago
CloudfairyWalking through the tall grass8 Minutes ago
KotzreizVisiting the Daycare8 Minutes ago
Dash456Visiting Prof. Rowan8 Minutes ago
Funky1000Reading the news8 Minutes ago
ChydizzyBrowsing through notifications8 Minutes ago
comet13009Visiting the Daycare8 Minutes ago
wombo_wombatInteracting9 Minutes ago
RhydianLee66Reading the news9 Minutes ago
BlazenwStoring Pokémon9 Minutes ago
solo34Spinning the wheel9 Minutes ago
Pexter09Viewing Medal Rally Stats9 Minutes ago
BanzhanMushroomViewing an auction9 Minutes ago
NagaliaViewing a Userprofile9 Minutes ago
RalseiBrowsing through notifications9 Minutes ago
etherianoracleWatching the Rumble Overview9 Minutes ago
TsukoBrowsing through notifications9 Minutes ago
Eita_SemiPlaying Hangman9 Minutes ago
KenzanBrowsing through notifications9 Minutes ago
GosthViewing a Pokemon9 Minutes ago
al3xboiFishing at the Emera Beach9 Minutes ago
WalkingOnSunshineBrowsing through notifications9 Minutes ago
ValTheEspeonBrowsing through notifications10 Minutes ago
DerpozBrowsing through notifications10 Minutes ago
komainuGVisiting the GTS10 Minutes ago
MulberryFlowerBrowsing through notifications10 Minutes ago
ElviraMoon646Viewing a Userprofile10 Minutes ago
kelbunny13Viewing a Userprofile10 Minutes ago
NephViewing a Userprofile10 Minutes ago
AbbyBrowsing through notifications10 Minutes ago
Nida96Storing Pokémon10 Minutes ago
austin123123123Searching for specific auction10 Minutes ago
GaileaVisiting the Daycare11 Minutes ago
~Tox~Browsing through notifications11 Minutes ago
cat-roseVisiting Prof. Rowan11 Minutes ago
WatuppeopleReading the news11 Minutes ago
NuggetzWatching the Weather Channel11 Minutes ago
HeartOfAWizardBrowsing through notifications11 Minutes ago
RiceViewing the forum11 Minutes ago
~mew~Browsing through notifications11 Minutes ago
QueenOfVillainsBrowsing through notifications11 Minutes ago
TlilkuautliViewing a Userprofile11 Minutes ago
juuuuulespReading the news11 Minutes ago
KomainuBrowsing through notifications12 Minutes ago
CorviknightBrowsing through notifications12 Minutes ago
AHBEEBrowsing through notifications12 Minutes ago
BlackReshiramReading the news12 Minutes ago
GojirathStoring Pokémon12 Minutes ago
Professor_MacVisiting Prof. Rowan13 Minutes ago
~Wish~At the Emera Bank13 Minutes ago
ErrorTheDragonBrowsing through notifications13 Minutes ago
WolfieDireBrowsing through notifications13 Minutes ago
Fallen_1Viewing a Userprofile13 Minutes ago
BanelyTool Shed13 Minutes ago
TheUnknownCollectorWalking through the tall grass13 Minutes ago
ToasterBoiPlaying the Golden Slot13 Minutes ago
*x*dangernacho*x*Searching for a trade13 Minutes ago
HayzelAt the Berrygarden13 Minutes ago
GlitchWolf78Browsing through notifications13 Minutes ago
dmang2005Managing Pokémon-Party13 Minutes ago
RedpandapersonSearching for a trade14 Minutes ago
LugiaStrike0770Visiting Prof. Rowan14 Minutes ago
-KimUsing the Item Bag14 Minutes ago
Ashley_NeKiraInteracting14 Minutes ago
AwkwardSquirtleVisiting the Auction House14 Minutes ago
myronarthBrowsing through notifications14 Minutes ago
LUCKILYRICHNESSWalking through the tall grass14 Minutes ago
ThCProVisiting the Item Market14 Minutes ago
ExZander_TheMageReading the news14 Minutes ago
AkemieBrowsing through notifications14 Minutes ago