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Trainerlevel: 74

Trainerpoints: 11,318/16,501


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Spring Mareep18 / 9
Miltank20 / 24
Skitty555 / 72
Geodude247 / 48

Personal Achievments

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Most Interactions Made in a Day - 62,252
Most PD Made in a Day (By Interactions Only) - 186,654

Johto Cookie Rank - You scored Rank #1 with 147 Johto Cookie(s). Good job!
Fastest Easter Egg Hunt Completion - 3 Hours

Dream World
Max DP at One Time - 13,509

Game Corner
Longest HoL (Higher or Lower) Chain - 29

Emera Square
Highest Ranked Bug Catching Contest Pokemon - 289

Highest Ranked Beauty Contest Pokemon - 25 (Dapper Rain Arceus (Rock) Photo

Pokemon Related
Shortest Chain - #12 (Growlithe)
Longest Chain - #255 (Phanpy)

Shadow Radar
Shortest Chain - #2 (Shadow Remoraid)
Longest Chain - #250 (Shadow Unown D)

First Starter Shadow -
First Shadow Fossil -
First Shadow Legendary (94TH Total Shadow Pokemon) -

Highest Leveled Pokemon - 461 (Mega Salamence - King 13)

Shiny Event Pokemon - 2

Shiny Legendary Pokemon - 3

1ST OS Shiny -

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PMD GTI Pokemon Recruitment


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Newest gifts
KINGSMAN 3 Days ago
~Lycario 8 Days ago
ManiacMedic 8 Days ago
Riodise 9 Days ago

Game Records

Trainer ID: #10905433
Registration: 14/09/2014 (7 Years ago)
Game Time: 2265:16 Hours
Total interactions: 3,303,817
Money: 266,489
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


Breeding Derpatung Now, Got the Spring Mareep Egg
Yesterday, 19:25
I Had to Change the Color on Bulbasaur Sprite Because it Apparently is Also Affected by a Color Reduction
Yesterday, 09:27
Bulbasaur is Giving me Issues (Grrr)
Yesterday, 04:31
2 Days ago
Im Gonna Take a Guess that Discord os Down
2 Days ago
I Just Realized Something!

Blue Rescue Team Box Art is Looking Down on Red Rescue Team, and Red Rescue Team Box Art is Looking up on Blue Rescue Team.

but it Also Symbolysis the Position of the Game Slots, With DS Game Cart Being on Top (Blue Rescue Team was DS Only) and Gameboy Advanced Cart Being on Bottom (Red Rescue Team was Gameboy Advanced Only)
3 Days ago
Buizel Shocked
4 Days ago
4 Days ago
GG to those who got the Free Rowap Berries
4 Days ago
Trying out a Tool for PMD Sky, Did this for it

Yes they do Work in Game Like this
See it in Game Here

None of my Friends on Discord are on and i Wanna Show them Off...
They Make me Happy.
5 Days ago

Lab Phione!
That was the Rare 10K Egg i Got Earlier
5 Days ago
Interaction Exchange
5 Days ago
10K Rare Egg from Lab
5 Days ago
Next Wonder Trade will have a Retro Charmander, Phermosa and Oricorio (Ballet)

All Holding a Free Rowarp Berry
5 Days ago
Finally a Summer Mareep
6 Days ago
Is Minecraft Acting up for Anyone Else
6 Days ago
Retro Totodile Bringing Back Retro Egg
8 Days ago

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Natures and Number Info

Natures I Like
Relaxed, Lax, Brave, Lonely, Adamant, Quiet, Modest, Mild, Timid, Jolly, Naive, Calm, Gentle, Careful, Hardy, Quirky, Docile (I Pay 100PD Per Pokemon With Docile Nature *+ Rarity

Symbles at the End of a Pokemons Name

Sour - 1
Spicy - 2
Dry - 3
Sweet - 4
Bitter - 5
Any - 0

About Me

Favorite Starter Pokemon (Loved/Liked, Third is Either Neutral or Disliked)

Kanto - Bulbasaur/Charmander
Johto - Cyndaquil/Chikorita
Hoenn - Torchic/Treecko
Sinnoh - Piplup/Turtwig
Unova - Oshawott/Snivy
Kalos - Fennekin/Chespin
Aloha - Rowlett/Popplio
Galor - I Personally dont Like this Gen, but if i Had to Say One, id say Scorbunny because my Dad Likes it. (Im Between Neutral and Dislike with it)

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