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Trainerlevel: 81

Trainerpoints: 3,129/19,763


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
196113,788 / 115,837
Nincada7239 / 305
Nincada7113 / 305
Nincada7167 / 305
Nincada845 / 384

Shiny Hunt

Ravenswing is currently hunting Nincada.
Hunt started: 17/04/2019

Chain: 67

Shiny Hunts to Persue

Current: 290 ~ Nincada


To do:
23 - Ekans
83 - Farfetch'd
114 - Tangela
194 - Wooper
209 - Snubbull
290 - Nincada
294 - Loudred
351 - Castform
436 - Bronzor
455 - Carnivine
554 - Darumaka
564 - Tirtouga Ordered from ARtai0S
568 - Trubbish
632 - Durant
676 - Furfrou
751 - Dewpider

* event pass hunts *
* event: Solgilyph *

Egg Dex and Event egg dex:
nightmare munna

Need to complete Dex:
*Alola - ultra beasts (26)
*megas (14)

** Ordered 2 Lileep from ARtai0S **


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #468108176
Registration: 29/10/2015 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 12/Aug/2019
Game Time: 3680:57 Hours
Total interactions: 2,814,626
Money: 7,179,561
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


#FriendsForCommunitySupport #BeatingOak #RowanQuest

Ready to beat Oak again? Good luck!♥

Let LordSamton know via PP if you see any quests - including wounded Pokemon - so we can get them on the Rowan Quest Clicklist for the week.

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Yesterday, 21:36
If anyone needs a Nincada let me know otherwise they are being released as they hatch.
Yesterday, 03:56
New hunt - Nincada - as I start my career as a breeder in this awesome shiny shop. Several slots open if you are in need.
2 Days ago
Looking for Cover Fossils. Trading 1:1

4 Jaw,
8 Claw,
12 Dome,
10 Root,
12 Sail,
Helix 6,
1 Plume,
1 Skull
5 Days ago
Sharing this new suggestion by Eggroll that deserves a few upvotes
10 Days ago
Just a heads up that LordSamton will be taking over the click list for a short while until my life slows back down.

Please be kind as they are new to it ♥
1 Month ago
Adorable new avi by Syd_the_Squid!
1 Month ago
The last couple of event I've noticed something strange. The AP points required are out of line again.

Based on this minor update the AP increase should be much more linear but it isn't. After the second egg for this event, egg #3 is 17000 which is not in line based on the above improvement.

Does this warrant a bug report or just chalk it up to things that are a bit wonky but not important enough to bother the Duck?
2 Months ago
New username:
Princess_Politoad >> Ravenswing
4 Months ago
I have grown bored with my user name but my brain cells are stagnant and not helping to come up with a new one...

Any suggestions?

Parameters: nothing cruel or prejudicial, would prefer gender neutral, under 15 characters and no hyphens underscore is okay.....
5 Months ago
Are you stressed and want to go sit in a forest to chill but can't? I found a perfect way to do it. SO relaxing! How many birds or sounds can you identify?
7 Months ago
As many of you know, there was a bit of excitement on PH a few hours ago; there was a shiny Dialga. Also, as many know, he is my daughter's favoritest Pokemon ever.

With the help of many players this dream come true became reality. This was a fantastic community rally.

I would like to send a huge thank you to everyone who helped in this. Here are several awesome peeps who helped:

Argentis, Thegoodvm, silverklauws, Lola~Bunny, TonyPanda, uncleben85, gfjew, DerpyDorkDarkyWolf, Accident, BrigitteLindholm, ShadowedFury, bittersweet

#DialgaforApple ~ mission accomplished ♥
8 Months ago
Help needed from those good at coding:

I am wanting to put an image in my about me with a link to the plush in the shop. So if I wanted Anorith (347) plushies, how do I make the image and link to the shop?

8 Months ago
Need a laugh? RandomAppleSoda04 just shared this little piece of Pokemon logic and it's a gigglefest

What other Pokemon logic can you thing of??
8 Months ago
why i do what i do
1 Year ago
Even if you do not have someone by your side, remember there are many who care for you. Some tell you outright. Some show you by doing kind things for you. Some admire you from afar and wish they could tell you but fear holds them back.

Love is more than 1 day of chocolates and dorky cards.
Love is every day in everyday things. Small gestures or large, know you are special.

Be kind to yourself and others. Even the smallest light lessens the darkness.

Share the love ♥♥
1 Year ago
Well... today was interesting.

I received a call from a local tv station wanting to interview me for a national spot for NBC.

RandomAppleSoda04 and I met up with them this morning. She was able to watch the interview and at the end they even took a few moments of video of the both of us ♥

Should anyone care to see, it will be on their website and on the 530pm PST new channel of KMTR. It is a spot on alternative medicine (acupuncture/meditation/etc) being used now that doctors cannot/will no prescribe narcotics to those of us with chronic pain and other issues.

Though I feel it went okay there are several answers I wish I had answered differently or with more information but hey... nerves?
1 Year ago
Saw the new Pokemon movie today.

WOW was it good.

I was so amazed at being able to name as many as I did as they appeared in the move (trust me - old brains don't do well with memory things).

The FEELS in this move, too... OH EM GEE!!!!

There were several scenes that got me right in the feels ♥♥
1 Year ago
Of the Emeras, are there any more other than these that can mega evolve? Did I miss any?

Autumn Abra,
Spring Mareep
Summer Mareep,
Mecha Tyranitar,
Robin Blaze,
Festival Gardevoir,
Winter Numel,
Sala de Menci and
Lord Salamence,
Easter Buneary,
1 Year ago

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Adorable Bellossom sprite by Syd_the_Squid
Awesome Halloween, Winter and Easter Avis by Argentis
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