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Trainerlevel: 102

Trainerpoints: 15,524/31,313


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Audino1736 / 735
Audino15564 / 576

🔆 2022 Goals 🔆

[✅] Make Trainer Level 101 (100 26/3, 101 7/6)
[] Make 10 million interactions by end of year
[✅] Make Garden Level 107
[] Make 75k Dream Points
[✅] Make it to Dream Level 8
[] Make 1 million total Coin Flips (897)
[] Do 2 SM hunts (audino, )
[✅] Do 1 Legendary hunts (Mesprit ✔ )
[] Do 1 Event hunts
[] Obtain 1 Shiny Game Center Meowth
[] Obtain 4 Shiny Harvest Sprites (Need: Hoggy, Timid, Aqua, Bold)
[✅] Create a Pokesona - Thanks Inosuke!

Shiny Hunt

Ravenswing is currently hunting Audino.
Hunt started: 01/12/2021

Chain: 4,215
114 100 0


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Ravenswing 2 Days ago
partizanovac 4 Days ago
chopper_45 7 Days ago
Ravenswing 7 Days ago

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #468108176
Registration: 29/10/2015 (6 Years ago)
Premium member until 25/Sep/2023
Game Time: 6288:52 Hours
Total interactions: 8,255,759
Money: 6,281,834
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


Looking for these missing (shiny or not) Hisuian: Braviary, Sliggoo, Goodra & Avalugg

Please let me know what you would like for them =]

thanks ♥
Today, 00:07
Thank you anon for the super kind words ♥
2 Days ago
Are you still hoping for a retro egg and shiny? Let me help ~

Send me 50 nuggets with "Sky Gifts" as the message and I'll send you 5 Sky Gifts (their cost) - limited to once per person per day - for the rest of the event

This is done with no gains to me, just you. Good luck!
2 Days ago
Some stranger somewhere remembers you because you were kind to them... Be that person 💜💙💛
9 Days ago
Today's Minor Update:

Rusted Sword and Rusted Shield (forme-change items for Zacian & Zamazenta) have been added to the Speed Click Store

14 Days ago
5 shines today - chains: 3944, 3946, 3947, 3954 & 3955

2 sets of twins but no special bubbles :/

please? i am so done
15 Days ago
It is with much sadness to share that Queen Elizabeth has passed and her son Charles, becomes King Charles lll

I loved watching her when we lived there. Such elegance and grace - her matching outfits were so fun

16 Days ago
Akemie has created a VERY helpful mapping template to make a map for the corn maze. Download the template and use the paint tool of choice to mark your map

Are you still hoping for a retro egg and shiny? Let me help ~

Send me 50 nuggets with "Sky Gifts" as the message and I'll send you 5 Sky Gifts (their cost) - limited to once per person per day - for the rest of the event

This is done with no gains to me, just you. Good luck!
16 Days ago
Minor Updates at the Fun Fair


Minor fix(es) regarding the Fun Fair:
-> The plushie you receive after bobbing an apple on your 5th day is supposed to be a Shiny Applin Plushie, not a regular one. Your plushie has now been updated, in case you've obtained it before the fix.

-> Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres (Retro) are supposed to come as eggs and not hatched. This is now the case. You've also received their eggdex entries now in case you've claimed them before this fix.

Wanna get the scoop on what's happening as it happens? Subscribe to this thread =]
19 Days ago
aaawww I just got an Applin plushie from the apple bobbing =]
20 Days ago
Changes to User Made Contest Rules

It is forbidden to ask users to change any of their account settings (username, avatar, profile layout, etc.) in order to participate in a giveaway/raffle/contest

Updated user made contest rules can be found here

Feel free to copy and paste to spread the news/changes
21 Days ago
For everyone who may have been sidetracked by the new fair in town like me .. Don't forget about Bug Hatching =]
23 Days ago
New minor update for Item Market items that are severely over priced - remove them now or they drop in price as time goes on =]
28 Days ago
AWESOME Minor Updates for GTS:


A few updates for the GTS have been published:
-> Users on your blocklist can no longer send you private trades nor gifts.
-> The option to add your entire friendlist to your private trade has been removed. This has honestly been more annoying than useful in the past. Instead, you have to add every username manually from now; so think twice about who might actually be interested in your trade.
-> Speaking of being interested: You can now click a "Not interested" button on private trades visible to you. Clicking the button removes the trade from your list of private trades and you will no longer be able to offer on it. The option is not available while you have an active offer on the trade, however.
29 Days ago
Hey guys ~

Sky gifts are awesome and all but please DO NOT make hashtags to get them. They are not free therefore it is NOT a giveaway - it needs approval and considering you can only send 3 using PD before you need to use nuggets... Very expensive

1 Month ago

Did you also see that the rules and guidelines for user made contests has been updated? =]
1 Month ago
Today's Minor Update -


Our servers were down today from 3:30PM to 4:50PM (Server time) today due to a database update. I'm sorry for the unannounced inconvenience; it's oftentimes impossible to predict whether an update takes 10 seconds or 2 hours, and whether it even disrupts the service or not. And once the update has started, it cannot be aborted.

As a consolation, all active premium memberships and active flutes/mega cuffs have been extended by 12 hours; and there will be an extra x2 interaction multiplier as well as a 20% higher breeding chance tomorrow!

I can't give you more infos on this "database update", but you'll find out what it's for in the future :) Hope you understand!

Wanna see updates when they happen? Subscribe to this thread and be in the know =]
1 Month ago
Minor update -

1) The amount of gems you receive from mystery boxes has been increased by about 30% on average. Note: Not the occurrence probability has been increased, but the amount you receive when you find gems in there. Exact numbers can't be given, however, since the amount depends on the type of mystery box and the rarity of the gem.

2) Additionally, Peat Block (evolves Ursaring into Ursaluna) and Black Augurite (evolves Scyther into Kleavor) can now be found in Mystery Boxes (any colour).

1 Month ago
HEY! Do you like riddles and word games?

Come check out the Halloween Riddle Contest

Good luck & have fun with it!
1 Month ago
Had an interesting fortune in my cookie today:

Every moment is a golden one for the person who has the vision to recognise it as such

May your day be filled with golden moments ♥
1 Month ago

Welcome --<@

Best Friday 13th ever -
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