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Trainerlevel: 53

Trainerpoints: 5,797/8,479


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Gosth Jr.
2,65912,201,011 / 25,382,901
Lucky Amulet
(Alcremie (Ruby))
825646,960 / 2,044,351

About me

Visitors fee :P

Hi, I'm Gosth and I love Ghost types, I like shiny hunting and my favorite method is pokeradar, is hard but soo fun. My favorite Pokemon is gengar and I like white shinyes (only were it works), the first Pokemon game I got was Pokemon x and my starter was fennekin. I like cooking
I want to be a great poketuber but I don't even have a computer...
I live on BC Mexico, and no, is not all desert like in the.
Art and avatar made by AlienSnowflake

My palpad is always open, please dont use PM, the icon scares me :/
Trainer ID

Shiny Hunt

Gosth is currently hunting Turzai.
Hunt started: 09/11/2021

Chain: 76

Special mons

Gosth gang

Jelly man

First shiny Legendary

First on site

Shortest shadow chain

The Shadow Nidoking has been caught succesfully! Chain 2
First shiny

First Shiny event

First Shiny Dynamax and maybe first on site

Fastest shiny

First Emera Beach Shiny

First mega


First event

First mon stolen from greg

First Shiny stolen from greg

First premium shiny

First 50 chain Shiny

First Full odds shiny

Sprite collection

Made by -sans-

Made by Jcxtian

Made by Nightsky

Made by Jcxtian

Made by Icefox

Made by TheFancyOwl~

Made by Sparks

Sprittes I made

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #310966265
Registration: 08/07/2018 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 1998:22 Hours
Total interactions: 661,099
Money: 482,535
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


By Wonder Trade - 1 Hour and 59 Minutes ago.
Wonder Trade Report:

Gyarados => Gyarados
Today, 00:00
Dad forgot to pick me up from school
Yesterday, 21:47
Daycare man, if you give me more turzai eggs, ill tell you how to evolve feebas :3
Yesterday, 21:27
Me: trows a pokeball but i miss
The pokeball: A D I O S

Seriously, why i cant pick up again missed pokeball trows
Yesterday, 17:12
By Auction House - 2 Hours and 3 Minutes ago.
One of your auctions has ended.

Auction: Rattata (Retro).

You received 475000 .

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Yesterday, 14:13
The teacher scold me infront of my classmates because "i was using my cellphone"

I was checking whats going to be my final score on my calculator, he didnt believed me when i told him and showed him my calculator
1 Day ago
PLA is more bugged than red and blue, ive fouund like 10 diferent glitches wile normal playing
1 Day ago
How do you shiny hunt in PLA
2 Days ago
2 Days ago
Pokeheroes gods, plz make this turzai egg shiny
2 Days ago
Stupid mosquitoes, i hate you
2 Days ago
By GTS - 47 Seconds ago.
Item Market - Search Filter:
A new item trade has been posted that matches your filter!

2x Nebula Stone are currently available for 1 per piece!

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Prob the user got mistaken
2 Days ago
Enough PLA for the week, i need to focus on the tests and college admision exam
2 Days ago
Got a haunter on PLA, now i need a friend IRL who cam help me evolve it into gengar
2 Days ago
My eevee in PLA evolved into sylveon, wasnt expecting that, i tough it would evolve into any other eeveelution
2 Days ago
Me: okay ill practice my english pronunciation on american stores.
Me: *enters american store*
Me: Good...
Employer: Buenos dias! Como podemos ayudarle?
Me: pleace dont do this to me
3 Days ago
This dude wanted to test if there was fall damage on this game

Died and lost a exp candy
3 Days ago
This guy challenged a level 45 snorlax with a level 10 rowlet on pokemon legends arceus
3 Days ago
I was invited to go to usa, have 2 things to say:
Screw homework, ima play pokemon legends arceus all weekend
Good bye very drifted joycons! I wont miss you! Hellow pro controler!
RIP wallet
3 Days ago
I have 147 nebby stones, will they be enough?
4 Days ago


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Gosth is crazy!

Live Gem countObviously not stolen
Hello, i love gem hunting so i will keep track here of the gems i have, currently im not searching any especific gem so you if you want you can PP me for gem trading, note that i am not interested on Dragon or Fairy gems.
461 Bug Gems 214 Water Gems 241 Electric Gems
250 Dark Gems 696 Fighting Gems 84 Fire Gems
174 Flying Gems 1,869 Ghost Gems 713 Grass Gems
43 Ice gems 271 Ground Gems 56 Psychic Gems
190 Normal Gems 168 Steel Gems 21,252 Poison Gems
0 Dragon Gems 23,291 Rock Gems 19 Fairy Gems


Last Action
Storing Pokémon (1 Hour ago)

Why did I block you?

I don't use the block list very often but if you are on my block list here are some possible answers to "why I block you?"

1. I am on your block list
2. You made me lose my time (example, asked me to breed a shiny just at the end not paying for it) with some exceptions
3. You made me feel harrashed
4. Being an entitled user (an user who believes that it deserves something by nothing) or a choosing begar (an user that demands something valuable for a low price or an user who is offered a free service (like
boiling) and getting angry for the result like getting a black box instead of the megastone)
5. Asking for a "free win" on one of my giveaways, or getting angry for loosing one
#. Visiting my profile and not sending me a gengar plushie Just joking

I am tolerable especially with newbies but if I get annoyed I will block you.