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Trainerlevel: 54

Trainerpoints: 8,540/8,801


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Gosth Jr.
2,89621,649,304 / 30,116,169

About me

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Hi, I'm Gosth and I love Ghost types, I like shiny hunting and my favorite method is pokeradar, is hard but soo fun. My favorite Pokemon is gengar and I like white shinyes (only were it works), the first Pokemon game I got was Pokemon x and my starter was fennekin. I like cooking
I want to be a great poketuber but I don't even have a computer...
I live on BC Mexico, and no, is not all desert like in the.
Art and avatar made by AlienSnowflake

My palpad is always open, please dont use PM, the icon scares me :/
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Shiny Hunt

Gosth is currently hunting Cosmog.
Hunt started: 13/08/2022

Chain: 87

Special mons

Gosth gang

Jelly man

First shiny Legendary

First on site

Shortest shadow chain

The Shadow Nidoking has been caught succesfully! Chain 2
First shiny

First Shiny event

First Shiny Dynamax and maybe first on site

Fastest shiny

First Emera Beach Shiny

First mega


First event

First mon stolen from greg

First Shiny stolen from greg

First premium shiny

First 50 chain Shiny

First Full odds shiny

Sprite collection

Made by -sans-

Made by Jcxtian

Made by Nightsky

Made by Jcxtian

Made by Icefox

Made by TheFancyOwl~

Made by Sparks

Sprittes I made

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #310966265
Registration: 08/07/2018 (4 Years ago)
Game Time: 2119:23 Hours
Total interactions: 696,989
Money: 1,056,963
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Something i dont like about scarlet and violet is that the rotom phone doesnt have a personality like in sun and moon, i loved rotom dex on alola :(
Today, 03:11
Tomorrow back to work

Today, 02:35
I was having troubles with the fighting rivavroom, so decided to try another strat, burning them to lower its atack

Aparently it is inmune to will o wisp?
Yesterday, 23:30
Kofu's receptionists: ill trust this stranger to give my boss its wallet, surely he wont take money out of it
Yesterday, 20:42
Heh, my egg is on index
Yesterday, 04:40
The fist pokemon game i played was pokemon shuffle, when i saw dedenne's icon i tought it was one of mario's rocky wrench
Yesterday, 04:36
Is this the carbink we where missing?
2 Days ago
I went to get asian food, i saw on the menu a dish i liked but in the menu i saw a fire icon, i asked the server how spicy it was and she said "barrely"

I ended using flamethrower

It was delicious tough
4 Days ago
Question, what will happen to dunsparce mega since it have an evo now?
4 Days ago
K how im supposed to evolve my haunter since i dont have friends who likes pokemon, i dont have nintendo switch online and pokemon home is not available rn for pokemon scarlet and violet
7 Days ago
On monday i got sick, it was a bit of cough so i tough I didnt needed a doctor
On tuesday i got a lot of fever and i even started to see blurry and even lost my balance
Asked mom to take me to the doctor but it was closed on the morning, then i started to feel a bit better but still wanted to go, dad said it wasnt needed.
Wednesday started feeling worse, my dad noticed it so he took me to the doctor

When i told the doctor my simptons and after she examinated me, she told me that i got really lucky because she said that blurry vision and balance loss during a fever is a sympton of 40°C and can turn into a convulsion

Learning: go to the doctor when i feel sick
7 Days ago
"Be sure to come to the academy every now and then"

Eh no, not gonna do that
7 Days ago
Shadow ball tm description:
The user attacks by hurling a shadowy blob at the target.

So according to the tm a shadow ball is a shadow ditto?
7 Days ago
Okay, I loved the ghost type gym battle, they didnt made the cliche of "scary", they went most focused on the death
7 Days ago
A whole town in scarlet and violet full of people who love ghost types, thats my place
7 Days ago
1 azure flute obtained

This year advent will be great 😈
8 Days ago
Iono looks like a fusion of Valerie, an Inkiling and a gatcha kid
9 Days ago
My gastly turned level 25 and didnt evolved

10 Days ago
where did i saved my chrismas avatar?
10 Days ago
Youtubers aready beating the post game 3 times
Me still trying to understand what is happening
11 Days ago


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Gosth is crazy!

Live Gem countObviously not stolen
Hello, i love gem hunting so i will keep track here of the gems i have, currently im not searching any especific gem so you if you want you can PP me for gem trading, note that i am not interested on Dragon or Fairy gems.
694 Bug Gems 387 Water Gems 504 Electric Gems
429 Dark Gems 1,114 Fighting Gems 181 Fire Gems
345 Flying Gems 2,112 Ghost Gems 1,015 Grass Gems
102 Ice gems 524 Ground Gems 105 Psychic Gems
418 Normal Gems 285 Steel Gems 21,691 Poison Gems
16 Dragon Gems 23,579 Rock Gems 45 Fairy Gems


Last Action
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Why did I block you?

I don't use the block list very often but if you are on my block list here are some possible answers to "why I block you?"

1. I am on your block list
2. You made me lose my time (example, asked me to breed a shiny just at the end not paying for it) with some exceptions
3. You made me feel harrashed
4. Being an entitled user (an user who believes that it deserves something by nothing) or a choosing begar (an user that demands something valuable for a low price or an user who is offered a free service (like
boiling) and getting angry for the result like getting a black box instead of the megastone)
5. Asking for a "free win" on one of my giveaways, or getting angry for loosing one
#. Visiting my profile and not sending me a gengar plushie Just joking

I am tolerable especially with newbies but if I get annoyed I will block you.