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Trainerlevel: 50

Trainerpoints: 4,591/7,549


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Gosth Jr.
2,17810,668,371 / 17,019,849
Whismur17510 / 678

Sprittes I made

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Special mons

Gosth gang

Jelly man

First shiny Legendary

First on site

Shortest shadow chain

The Shadow Nidoking has been caught succesfully! Chain 2
First shiny

First Shiny event

First Shiny Dynamax and maybe first on site

Fastest shiny

First Emera Beach Shiny

First mega


First event

First mon stolen from greg

First Shiny stolen from greg

First premium shiny

First 50 chain Shiny

First Full odds shiny

Sprite collection

Made by -sans-

Made by Jcxtian

Made by Nightsky

Made by Jcxtian

Made by Icefox

Made by TheFancyOwl~

Made by Sparks

About me

Hi, I'm Gosth and I love Ghost types, I like shiny hunting and my favorite method is pokeradar, is hard but soo fun. My favorite Pokemon is gengar and I like white shinyes (only were it works), the first Pokemon game I got was Pokemon x and my starter was fennekin. I like cooking
I want to be a great poketuber but I don't even have a computer...
I live on BC Mexico, and no, is not all desert like in the.
Art made by AlienSnowflake

My palpad is always open, please dont use PM, the icon scares me :/
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R4KU54 15 Days ago
Beel 16 Days ago
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R4KU54 18 Days ago

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #310966265
Registration: 08/07/2018 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 1639:39 Hours
Total interactions: 530,791
Money: 2,305
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


How is brock's hapinny that strong?
Today, 03:38
found my elementary school english teacher on facebook
Yesterday, 22:37
Since voltorbs are an electrified pokeball, are shiny voltorbs just an electrified superball?
Yesterday, 15:51
Bruh all the eggs i got from daycare where seedots, i wanted 2 lotads
Yesterday, 15:39
Yay tomorrow back to schcool whit the classmates i hate...
Yesterday, 02:58
My hot dog buns looks a d feel like stone
1 Day ago
Whats an old vinyl?
1 Day ago
How do you evolve budew?
2 Days ago
You fed Slakoth a Lum Berry!

The Pokémon raised by 1 Exp. Points.

You have been rewarded with 2 Pokédollar!

What a waste
2 Days ago
Buying missing hoenn entries, whit the exception of grovyle and shiftry

Use the list i have on my profile
2 Days ago
Someone has a female lioone that i can borrow, (or a zigzagoon that i can buy)
2 Days ago
Technically ducklett is not a duck, but instead is a swan, so does that means that riako is actually a swan and not a duck?
2 Days ago
I hope wurmple evolves into silcoon
3 Days ago
Wasted 100 gems on a treecko for the pokedex, imagine it hatches shiny mega lol
3 Days ago
I cant use shedinja to buy nincada eggs, is that suposed to be like that?
4 Days ago
Shrimp: *exists*
My sisters: thats the most disgusting food that evers exists
4 Days ago
By PokéRadar - 6 Hours and 49 Minutes ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Psyduck hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #218)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.

4 Days ago
So, my partner decided to kill infront of everyone at showers while i was trying to open the door, he got mad because we voted him and rated me

I had a crewmate streack of around 150
5 Days ago
Youtube: *spanish subtitles activated*
Subtitoes: *are on english*
Me: *visible confusion*
5 Days ago


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Gosth is crazy!

5,436/8k I have reached 67% for one year premium

Im crazy enough for once i get enough chicken nuggets for premium i start a SM Gengar hunt, but that does not end here, i will try to get on ranklists on whit this hunt, i want to reach, idk, maybe minimun100k chain.
This is the amount of gems ive collected.

I currently have 1,266 Ghost Gems!

I currently have 2,097 Poison Gems!

Pokemon missing on hoenn dex
7. Zigzagoon
23. Nincada
24. Ninjask
25. Whismur
28. Delcatty
31. Plusle
32. Minum
33. Roselia
34. Gulpin
39. Spoink
40. Spinda
46. Barboach
49. Baltoy
50. Anorith
51. Armaldo
54. Duskull
55. Dusclops
56. Chimecho
57. Wynaut
61. Bagon
62. Shelgon
63. Beldum
64. Metang
68. Groudon
69. Rayquaza

Why did I block you?

I don't use the block list very often but if you are on my block list here are some possible answers to "why I block you?"

1. I am on your block list
2. You made me lose my time (example, asked me to breed a shiny just at the end not paying for it) with some exceptions
3. You made me feel harrashed
4. Being an entitled user (an user who believes that it deserves something by nothing) or a choosing begar (an user that demands something valuable for a low price or an user who is offered a free service (like
boiling) and getting angry for the result like getting a black box instead of the megastone)
5. Asking for a "free win" on one of my giveaways, or getting angry for loosing one
#. Visiting my profile and not sending me a gengar plushie Just joking

I am tolerable especially with newbies but if I get annoyed I will block you.