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Trainerlevel: 36

Trainerpoints: 1,333/3,923


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Brightly Burning
590891,283 / 1,046,071
Tentacool211,359 / 1,734
Skitty391,564 / 3,745
Unown Z382,240 / 4,447
16887,050 / 97,257
32297 / 3,169


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kytten hasn't collected any medals so far.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #677726694
Registration: 25/09/2018 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 453:53 Hours
Total interactions: 208,205
Money: 130,877
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


i only need 16 Pokemon to complete the 3 dexes i have not completed, plus 8 for what's available of Galar.

Wild :O
2 Days ago
Wonder Trade Report:

Gyarados => Gyarados

2 Months ago
#BeatingOak #FriendsForCommunitySupport #RowanQuest

Rowan Quest List

Zellane is collecting a list of Rowan quests to feed.

New week, new Quests and a new event pokemon out! Almost 60 pokemon on the list already! It’s a great time to pick up a quest pokemon buddy!

Clicklist by Absbor or Clicklist by Leveia or Clicklist by BoomBoy
Why different clicklists? Depending on the time of day/week, one may be more up-to-date than the other.

If you have a Quest pokemon that isn’t on the list or know someone that does, please post the pokemon link in Zellane’s previous feed for people to feed.

Tips for Beating Oak

Solipse has been working on an updated Hangman Helper. Check their profile :-)

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3 Months ago
Much like every other year - 18/20. Heh.
4 Months ago
By LuckyLady

To everyone who is currently sharing, please note: This ends on the 11th of this month!! Do not share old posts saying it has five months to go! Simply sharing the hashtag is enough.
5 Months ago
*spams GTS for this Magmortar like it's going out of style*
5 Months ago
By Venti

I'm doing a giveaway because.. why not?
I'm in an outstanding mood and I feel that this week is going to be amazing!
Prizes are as follows, all 3 have a shiny as a prize.

Shiny Charmander + everstone
Mega-Able Beedrill
Retro Squirtle
50K PD

Shiny Pachirisu (Named Pinky, it can be changed if you want)
Slowpoke + Lugia egg voucher
20K PD

Shiny Flygon
Messenger Talonflame
10K PD

Share #WindborneBard to be added to a drawing!
Ends on the January the 31st, this Sunday.
5 Months ago
Your mental age is

Huh, decently accurate.
5 Months ago
*weeping because tradeable pokemon means i can complete my dexes oh gods this is the best thing i'm so happy what a lovely thing to wake up to*
6 Months ago
Wonder Trade Report:

Beedrill => Beedrill

Coolcoolcool *eyeroll*
6 Months ago
Wonder Trade Report:

Ponyta => Ponyta

...cool. Thanks.
7 Months ago
#MyFavoriteMemory Meeting my dearest Husband back in '04 ♡♡♡
7 Months ago
Hey, Anonymous - thanks for the Retro Egg ♡♡ Yesterday Anonymous gave me a Plushie. Today? A precious eggu~ ♡
7 Months ago
😷By Absbor - [Giveaway/Raffle]😷

Because 2x Day is today, I'd like to do a giveaway/raffle.🎉 The goal of this is, that the Snorlax in my party, who is a quest mon, reaches at least level 180 at reset.💐
Everybody will be entered, who fed a berry to Kaleb. Write your proof in the comments below, if possible. You can also share this feed, for higher chance of winning the prizes.💕

The prizes are:
- 1st Place: 150kPD + 1 Weather Balloon + 3 Soothe Bells
- 2nd Place: 100kPD + 1 Spray Duck + 2 Soothe Bells
- 3rd Place: 50kPD + 100 Rock Gems + 1 Soothe Bell

Happy feeding and good luck! 🍀
7 Months ago
Ah yes, my DANCE DANCE has hatched. Because i am SO original and funny when naming pkm~
7 Months ago

7 Months ago
What i won from today's GC advent:
"You won 2934x Game Chips"
7 Months ago
#MyBestExperience Living and surviving! ( and not caring about missing day 1 because what even is time tho? )
7 Months ago
By BilboChicken
Date End: End of December 6th, server time
There are 2 giveaways to enter!
Giveaway 1
Zacian summon and form change items
To enter share #SwordWolf and heart my first feed with the hashtag!
Giveaway 2
Zamazenta summon and form change items
To enter share #ShieldWolf and heart my first feed with the hashtag!

Bonus entry into the giveaway:
Wish me a happy birthday any time on December 6th (server time)
Interact with Kyle any time on December 6th (server time)
Send me at least 1 plushie from my favorite category before the end of the giveaways (Can only get one entry no matter how many you send)

These bonus entries are valid for BOTH giveaways since they're for the same event!

If you're curious, I'm turning 21!
7 Months ago

Oh hi~

my name's kytten! i'm an AVID fan of petsites and the like, i'm currently — and have been — on sites such as Pokefarm, Furvilla, Subeta, Gaiaonline, Eggcave, Flight Rising, Dappervolk… the list just goes on and on. xD

As to me, i'm a grumpy, sickly old person. 34 years old, with a pretty severe case of Multiple Sclerosis, but i make do. Barely, but i do.

i love Pokemon~ i've been following the craze since the very beginning, i have SOOOOoo many cards, i've played ALL the (core) games (except the Switch! Rip not having a Switch Dx i have a Switch now~! …just not the games xD), and quite a few of the spin-offs. Snap and Puzzle League are my favorites of the spin-offs!

i'm a fire Pokemon child. Fire starter, every gen, every time, ALWAYS, no matter what. Cyndaquil is my favorite starter, and Entei is my ALL TIME favorite Pokemon~!

i'm married, happily, and even though we struggle monetarily (and health), we're a happy little family of the two of us. It's what i always dreamed of as a child, and what i hope for for everyone forever. :) ♡

YAY! i'm doing my best on the site, but gosh there's so much to do! xD *grinds for money to buy things and grinds for dream points and the forever grind for eggs to hatch etc.* xD


Needed for Dexes:

Sinnoh Dex: 119/138 NEED 1

Show hidden content

Giratina (Origin Form)

Unova Dex: 168/175 NEED 2

Show hidden content

Darmanitan (Zen Mode), Meloetta (Pirouette Forme)

Alola Dex: 108/140 NEED 13

Show hidden content

Minior (Blue, Red, Violet, Yellow), Tapu Lele, Tapu Bulu, Tapu Fini, Magearna (all formes), Melmetal

Galar Dex: 100/108 NEED 8

Show hidden content

Darmanitan (Galarian), Darmanitan (Galarian Zen), Cramorant (Shiny Gorging), Morgrem, Sirfetch'd, Morpeko (HANGRY), Drakloak, Dragapult

~Mysterious Kalos Eggs~
Dragon Gems

After dex goals~!

After dexing is complete:

ENTEI, hnnnnnnnnggggg i need allllllll the Entei, allllllll the Cyndaquil, alllllllllllll the Typhlosion....
Ok look i'm mostly just interested in getting a field of my favorite fire types as Shinies. o_o;
And maybe some of my other favorites as Shinies (such as Celebi~!) but this is all far down the road.

Saving up for (6 month? Year? Depends on how long i can hold out. xD) premium, one weekly bit at a time~ xD

Moar plushies!

Level up Pokemon!

Get more badges!

...Do all the things! xD


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