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Trainerlevel: 39

Trainerpoints: 2,648/4,601


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
559,416 / 9,524

About Me/My Pokeheroes Family

About Me

My name is Lyra. I am old and live in Texas. I speak English, British (English with an accent), Scottish (Giberish), Australian (English with a slight twist), German, French, and a little Russian. I like Rp-ing, battling, and talking with others. My favorite pokemon is Alcremie, followed by Typlosian and Garchomp. I will always accept friend request but be aware that I will ask you how did you find me.

Still working on it

My Pokeheroes Family

Stormy TommyGunz UnfathomableShadow Fuzzylittlepaws Potted_Nugget DEMON-LORD Varagon Melodrqmatic XxToxicxX KrookadileBeast1234 HideorSeeking RastaPastaPanda

My PH Hubby


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #170417291
Registration: 06/07/2018 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 616:32 Hours
Total interactions: 257,705
Money: 109,464
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


New Poll
Yesterday, 22:19
By Wonder Trade - 41 Seconds ago.
Wonder Trade Report:

Flaaffy => Buneary
Heracross => Pidgeot
Tentacool => Absol
Poliwhirl => Mr. Bagon
Poliwhirl => Gastrodon (West)

2 of the pokes are from the same person XD
Yesterday, 22:02
how much is stardust?
Yesterday, 21:39

Hey guys, me and Saph are getting married at Herochat in 30 seconds
Yesterday, 20:36
Check GTS guys
Yesterday, 20:20
Yesterday, 18:20
does anyone have a yanmega breeding pair?
Yesterday, 18:18
Im looking for a PH Husband.......... anyone?
Yesterday, 03:45
By Auction House - 14 Seconds ago.
You won an auction.

Auction: Cyndaquil (Retro) (Your bid: 150,001 ). The Pokémon has been transferred.


so worth it
Yesterday, 03:40
First 4 to comment get a 100 dp plushie
Yesterday, 03:31
By PokéRadar - 3 Minutes and 39 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Zorua hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #88)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.

1 Day ago

1 Day ago
So I decided that my next hunt will be Shiny Yanmega!! I will be using my Ditto for the first time and using FlyGuy my Yanmega, wish me luck
1 Day ago
Check GTS
1 Day ago
who wants to buy 3 dragon gems?
2 Days ago
You push the purple key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

3x Dragon Gem found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.
2 Days ago
By ForeverAmu - 1 Day and 4 Hours ago.
Hi guys as you know that 19th of september it will be my PhBday for the accuracy will be five years that I disturb the quiet public of Pokeheroes...XD Not only the 20th September I will 25 Years Old and I thought to make a nice giveaway. .. I know I should be I receive the gifts, but we pass over this detail...I do not know what I will give away but it will be something as big as 50 Nebula stones or so...To partercipare you must only have to share the giveaway everyday by copying #ForeverAmuBday and the text...I recommend reading it spersely because I will tell you the prizes...
4 Days ago
6 Days ago
New Poll. Ends when my hunt ends (in the case of my hunt ending soon [within the next 2 days], then 2 days afterwards)
6 Days ago
Be sure to send her pink plushies to congratulate her!
6 Days ago

My Achievments


Champion of The Iron Lance Battle League

Shiny Hunting:

My First Shiny, Tatiana , was a first encounter, first try shiny caught on Route 53


Creator of Tallahassee in Pokemon Rangers, A New World

Creator of the Darkest RP scene EVER!!!!!!!!! (Go to Abnormal Apocalypse. Go to page 53 and scroll to Talla's True Nature. WARNING: It is very, very, very dark so if you are under scary movie age................DON'T READ IT!!!!!!!!!!)


Shiny Hunt

RoyalGecko is currently hunting Yanma.
Hunt started: 14/09/2019

Chain: 1


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British rants and notes to self

So, its not that I dislike British people. Its just that..... its to easy. Its just that, most of the British people I have meet are snobs. Plus, British people are like cats. They sit there and silently judge you.
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By Jacharias - 49 Seconds ago. After collecting five Golden Pokéballs from finishing Rowan's tasks, you'll be given the Shadow Mewtwo (egg).. i.e. winning the Dragonite challenge.

My Hashtags:
#StandByMe (Unsuccessful)
#IllBeMissingYou (My friends have left, and I miss them)
#DoesntEvenKnowIfThatsAGoodThingAnymore [with the inspiration of CrystalAngel5]
#ComeForthDrogon (Drogons my M-Rayquaza)
#BringSquishyHome (Squishy's my ditto that I stupidly sold for 350k but wanted to buy back for double its price)
#PokeFusionMADNESS (I want to see all the pokefusions)
#NuggetsNewFriend (Potted_Nugget was looking for a Shadow Weedle)

#CommentMADNESS ends on 1/1/2020

Share #PokemonPeopleHateThatILike for a chance to win Star Dust. Ends in 1 week