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PLEONEXIA [registration]

Forum-Index Roleplay RP Sign-up PLEONEXIA [registration]
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Posted: Tue, 01/03/2022 15:23 (5 Months ago)


// extreme greed for wealth or material possessions //

modern day supernatural roleplay
found family, empires and the kings that rule them.

General Plotline

"All who gain power are afraid to lose it." — Ian McDiarmid

Gangs and violence. Dark intrigue and Machiavellian politics. Blood and coins.

All that has come and passed, as it has always in the history of humanity. Crime syndicates rose and fell, to be remolded into empires. But now, that is no more. In an era of faux prosperity and forced peace, there is only one organization on top, with the power and influence that could rival a empire at its prime. There is someone at the top of the pyramid, and they intend to stay that way.

For over fifteen years, the Mafia has reigned with an iron-fisted totalitarian rule over the city of Aureatus, a dystopian version of modern day New York City. They control most, if not all, of the major facets of their citizen's lives, and use force, coercion and even assassination to stifle rebellion. The leader, who's reputation is both widely feared yet somewhat enigmatic, keeps a cadre of five top operatives as his main playing cards, with other lower-ranking soldiers working for him as well. Keeping their real names hidden from the public, this mysterious group have formed a tight-knit bond built on teamwork and keeping the Mafia and their leader in power. However, the wealth in the city still flows, and the old festivities are allowed. Life is still considered "peaceful" if you don't land yourself on the Mafia's radar. Perhaps, there is something more than "fear" that keeps an all-out coup from occurring.

And yet...a rebellion has flourished in recent years. Small, but growing rapidly, like a flame in the brush. Coming into the open, a new group who call themselves Phoenix One - armed with sharp wits and sharper blades - have begun to ignite the flame of rebellion. They made their presence known with daring incursions, striking against the Mafia's facilities and taking up arms. One thing is for sure, this stubborn family will not be beaten down without a fight.

But little do either of these two organizations know that there are others out there who want a slice of the Mafia's power. At any moment, old enemies will rear their head. In this dark underground, power is never guaranteed, and those who do not fight for their cause risk losing it all.

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Posted: Tue, 01/03/2022 15:29 (5 Months ago)

1. I trust that anyone reading this already knows the standard RP rules. No God-modding, bunnying, etc. This should not be something I have to write down
2. I also trust that everyone understands that the standard PH rules apply
3. This rp has limited slots. I'd rather the character slots listed be taken, and after that, we can discuss any other characters who can live a normal life outside of the war.
6. Please keep powers reasonable
7. This is a semi-lit and above RP. That means sentences and paragraphs. If I am unsure about your RP ability, I reserve the right to request an RP sample
8. The password doesn't actually exist. You don't have to put anything down unless you want to just for fun. Just fill everything out in the form correctly and remove anything in parenthesis
9. I reserve the right to reject your form. I also reserve the right to give out warnings and kick people out if I see fit
10. Have fun. For all the rules here, all I want you all to have is fun. Let loose and I look forward to RPing with you!
11. Palpad me any and all reservations please.

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Posted: Wed, 02/03/2022 21:16 (5 Months ago)
May I reserve a spot mon ami?
-Grimm, the mute Plague Doctoress

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Posted: Wed, 02/03/2022 21:23 (5 Months ago)
I'll think about it. We don't really have any healers here.
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Posted: Wed, 02/03/2022 21:25 (5 Months ago)
Okie, merci beaucoup for your consideration mon ami, hope u are having an amazing day~ ^v^ -Grimm
-Grimm, the mute Plague Doctoress

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Posted: Wed, 02/03/2022 21:36 (5 Months ago)
𝘣𝘦𝘸𝘢𝘳𝘦, 𝘣𝘦𝘸𝘢𝘳𝘦, 𝘣𝘦 𝘴𝘬𝘦𝘱𝘵𝘪𝘤𝘢𝘭 𝘰𝘧 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘪𝘳 𝘴𝘮𝘪𝘭𝘦𝘴, 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘪𝘳 𝘴𝘮𝘪𝘭𝘦𝘴 𝘰𝘧 𝘱𝘭𝘢𝘵𝘦𝘥 𝘨𝘰𝘭𝘥


𝘴𝘩𝘰𝘸 𝘮𝘦 𝘩𝘰𝘸 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘫𝘶𝘴𝘵𝘪𝘧𝘺 𝘵𝘦𝘭𝘭𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘢𝘭𝘭 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘭𝘪𝘦𝘴 𝘭𝘪𝘬𝘦 𝘴𝘦𝘤𝘰𝘯𝘥 𝘯𝘢𝘵𝘶𝘳𝘦


────────────────────── Acontium lycoctonum ──────────────────────

━ ⭑ ⚝ name; faolan jade voronova
━ ⭑ ⚝ pronounced; foul-en vorr-ah-no-vah
━ ⭑ ⚝ nicknames; blackbird (do not call him this unless you are his friend or you're dead), the raven, crow, aconite
━ ⭑ ⚝ age, dob, zodiac; 23 years, january 21st, aquarius
━ ⭑ ⚝ sex, gender, orientation, preference; cismale, he/him, bisexu/rom, male leaning
━ ⭑ ⚝ role; wolfsbane, fourth in command.
━ ⭑ ⚝ alignment; the soldier; social neutral
━ ⭑ ⚝ faceclaim; kim "v" tae-hyung, bts, black swan.

━ ⭑ ⚝ height; a whole 6'1 baby. not a height to take lightly, especially in first impressions.
━ ⭑ ⚝ weight; he weighs only like 50 something pounds. really. his avian side really doesn't allow him to put on weight that much, and he's is known for being a skinny, lean thing.
━ ⭑ ⚝ body type; faolan's appearance is full of contradictions. lean without really appearing so, and skinny too. compared to the average human, he looks like the simplest of winds could carry him off like a kite and that would be it. the operative hasn't earned hte nickname 'blackbird' for nothing. however, his slender build hides the powerful muscles required to achieve flight. he has a robust upper body and pectoral muscles, meaning that he has significant core strength. faolan is also a very fast sprinter, even though most of the time, he's seen gliding in between buildings. he is able to maintain a relatively decent speed in flight as well for long periods of time, given the shape of his wings. though skinny, faolan's wings are capable of delivering crushing blows to an opponent, some of which can even break bones.
━ ⭑ ⚝ hair; though his hair appears to be a deep inky black, it's really just a dark shade of brown. when under the sunlight, his hair tips rust into brilliant hues of brown and scorched amber, giving him a 'crown of fire.'
━ ⭑ ⚝ scars/markings;
— body mods;
— wings;

— personality
— indent• 

— enjoys;
— dislikes;
— phobias;
— talents/hobbies;
— indent• 

— history

— family;
— love interest/significant other;

— playlist;

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Posted: Thu, 03/03/2022 01:28 (5 Months ago)
Nox (The Archangel)
~"[S]he talks a lot... [S]he thinks [s]he is playing a game... but this is a game of my rules. (-Oleksander Usyk)~

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Occupation: Assassin

Allegiance: The Mafia

Rank: Archangel, second in command

Personality: Nox is quiet. She doesn't like to talk very much, so she chooses not to unless she has to. There are a few close people she is willing to strike conversation with though.
She is a terrifying enemy. She'll show little to no mercy and fight to the death. But she is a worthy ally. She is kind, and loyal. It'll be hard to earn her trust, but it's most certainly worth the effort.

Appearance: Long strands of white hair, cut short into a pixie cut. Her cold, calculating eyes are an usual shade of gold. She stands at about 5'9, and has a fairly muscular build. She wears all dark clothing, as most assassins do. She always has a mask on to hide her identity and hide her expressions. She doesn't give her enemies... Or allies, anything to work with.

Backstory: "My name? Good question... what is my name. Ah, it's been years since I've thought of it. Since I've been called it... Since I've been her..."
Dakota Thorne was her name. Back then, at least for a few years. She lived a quiet life. She was a good student and had many friends. She would never hurt a soul.
How quick things can change... how brutal misfortune can strike... One day Nox was living a peaceful, happy life, the next day, she was staring down the barrel of a gun. Demanding compliance. Apparently, her family name had a dark history, one that would have to repeat itself.
Nox quickly become use to her new life. It was odd, it almost felt normal to be an assassin. It felt right to kill... The lives she took were evil, but then again, so was she. She took a new name, no longer wanting to be tied to her family name. She'd create a new reputation for herself, one that strike fear into all who know of her!

Skills: She is very quick and agile. What makes her dangerous is her ability to be a silent killer. Everything about her is quiet. She can usually sneak up onto her enemies and strike before they realize that she is even there.
The most terrifying part? She rarely kills silently and quickly. If she is only assigned one target, she'll make her presence known. She'll sharpen her skills by playing with her food. Training with them until one of them breathes their final breath. The best people to train with are those who are fighting for their lives.
Her physical strength may not be the best, but her knowledge on swords and daggers makes up for it. She fights with two swords... Although occasionally she has to use her dagger. No matter what she uses, she can be a deadly enemy with her experience and knowledge.
Her main ability is heightened senses. She most commonly uses it to track her prey and sense oncoming attacks. It'll be hard to land a hit on her and leave unscathed.

Weaknesses: She isn't too physically strong. She also doesn't use long ranged weapons. Someone with a gun, bow, or throwing melee weapon can be a dangerous enemy- dangerous enough to make even Nox a bit worried.
Nox is calculating, she'll take time to know her opponent before attacking. But she can be impatient. Sometimes launching an attack prematurely. She's nearly died a few times from her restlessness.

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Posted: Thu, 03/03/2022 01:32 (5 Months ago)
I would like to reserve a slot. If you need details on character(s), feel free to PM or PP me. Have a nice day!!
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Posted: Thu, 03/03/2022 01:47 (5 Months ago)
Please do!
What side were you thinking?
And also please PP me next time.
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Posted: Thu, 03/03/2022 02:06 (5 Months ago)
may i reserve a spot? i'm gonna wait until everything is complete to make my form
average super mario galaxy enthusiast
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Posted: Thu, 03/03/2022 02:07 (5 Months ago)
yeah sure you can reserve that spot :>
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Posted: Thu, 03/03/2022 05:36 (5 Months ago)
єяяσя, яєqυєѕтє∂ ιηƒσямαтιση ησт ƒσυη∂

"Be careful what you say, the walls have ears and cats have tongues"

⊱ ─── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ─── ⊰

Subject Overview

Identification: S48A2N5
Alias: Choi San
Age: Around 20 Years Old
Gender: Agender [He/Him]
Sexuality: Queer

Alliance: The Mafia
Sobriquet: Harpocrates
Years of Service: 4 years

Charismatic, Sly, Loyal, Reliable

⊱ ─── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ─── ⊰

Subject Details

San is a relatively unassuming person of Asian decent, standing at a respectable 176 cm (5'9). Perhaps the only odd thing about him is a streak of white hair that falls over his left bangs, soft as the rest of his midnight black locks with all evidence pointing to the streak as being natural. Perhaps the other striking feature he has are the high cheekbones, a jawline sharp enough to slice through flesh, and predatory red eyes narrowed as a cat's eyes would, but all those fade to the background whenever San smiles, everything seeming trivial when faced with a sunshine dimpled grin. He has broad shoulders but a deceptively tiny waist, his body built from years of training and drugs. While blending in with society and humans as a whole, San is a fan of oversized sweaters and jumpers tucked into waist cinching jeans or leather pants. He always covers his skin, leaving the evidence of dissections and a branded serial number hidden under layers of cloth

INFP - The Mediator | 6w7 - The Confidant
There's an almost frightening duality to S48A2N5. On one hand, he is the perfect soldier; silent, obedient, efficient, and best of all unquestioning. He carries out tasks quietly and quickly, always working to do the most in the least amount of time. There is barely any emotion on his face during these times aside from apathy or the rare crazed blood lust that overtakes him when he bathes in blood, cold indifference facing the horrors he commits. He rarely complains about his tasks nor does he shy away from any additional probing the Mafia occasionally asks of him. Truly, the model tool
On the other hand, San is kind. Kind enough to remember each member of the Mafia he interacts with, their hopes and dreams, their names and wills. He holds kindness in his actions, taking care of any new recruits, very rarely holding any grudges while voluntarily taking the fall each time. There's just an aura around him that makes people feel safe in his presence, as if they could talk about anything and he'd listen wholeheartedly to whatever you had to share. San can be as playful as a cat, always fooling around and giving the heavy atmosphere the light it needs. Whenever he throws his head back, his sunny laughter bounce off the concrete walls and lifts people's spirits. He is a breath of fresh air and sunshine dancing across the floors. He is joy and he is hope.
But perhaps the most damning of all is S48A2N5's trained ability to emote while never feeling emotions himself. He is a perfect spy, able to play whatever role you give him. So who is the real personality, S48A2N5 or San, or perhaps someone else; remains a mystery

Once, San had a name. What that name was, he no longer remembers but what good is a name when there is no one to call for him? San was, all things considered, a normal boy. Born into a normal family in a normal neighborhood as normal litter of three on a normal summers day, San was the runt of the family and was always a frail kitten. He wasn't bullied but he certainly wasn't strong enough to aid in hunting for scraps or earn any money. It didn't help that he got sick easily, an extra mouth to feed without any clear use for the family, and so once he was old enough San was sold off. On the surface, the ones who bought him was an wealthy family who regularly adopted slums children in an effort to give them a proper home yet the truth couldn't be any different.

Spending one's formulative years in a trafficking ring warps one's perceptions, and certainly San underwent this. Punishments that came from the smallest infractions were commonplace and he learned which places hurt the most when whipped. He learned how to charm and beguile just to earn an extra scrap of food or a ratted blanket, forming alliances when he needed to. A delicate powerplay where he would gently nudge fortune to his favour in order to survive. During his time there, he observed and he learned. He learned how to fight when he was passed onto a fighting ring, fighting tooth to claw just to live another day. He learned to stay silent when scientists intrigued with the morphological differences in his body dyed their hands pink with his blood. He found a talent for acting, for mimicking emotions and tricking others when he realized that those who bought him only wanted him for his tears and his cries. Some wanted his body and he learned to roll with that as well, viewing his world as a set of transactions. If he could not prove to others that he was willing to die for their sake, then what use did he have?

And so when he was finally freed from his debt, through blood and violence as most things happened to resolve within the city, he immediately joined the people who had freed him. After all, they were his saviours and he had to repay them somehow. If using every skill he had acquired while in the ring to serve as the eyes and ears of the Mafia, co-coordinating attacks and defending his saviours to the death was how he would repay them for the unimaginable blessing, then San was more than fine with it. Even before Anthony took him under his wing and trained his unpolished skills into a deadly blade, San would have gladly thrown himself headfirst into conflict if only his saviour pointed. It was only after he became known as Harpacrates did he finally receive a name that he could take pride in. San, an indomitable mountain towards his enemies and a sturdy hill to his allies.

As the leader of the mafia, San practically hero worships Anthony. In his head, Anthony is the one who saved him, who gave him another chance to live, who guided his hand into a steady blade, and as someone who he would gladly give his life to. If there is only one person that San would unquestioningly obey to his last breath, it would be Anthony. There's some fondness there as San still remembers what it was like to be his protege as he strives to follow in his leader's example. He doesn't mind if he's just another pawn in his long game, as long as he can be of use then he is more than satisfied

San doesn't quite know what to make of Nox. One hand, he trusts her as one half of the attack coordination team and as someone he ultimately reports to but he can't quite shake the feeling that he can't trust her completely. He is definitely the more talkative of the two, charming others with his charisma while drawing attention away from Nox. She's a mystery but he likes working with her nonetheless and considers her a friend

Truly the only way to describe this duo's relationship is that of brothers. They will bicker and take jabs at each other but in the end, they trust each other enough. Faolan grudgingly supports San's various petty crimes against the rebels and puts up with his clingy childishness and in turn San drags Faolan to pieces of art he finds and provides a listening ear whenever Faolan feels the need to talk to someone. Somehow, San feels like Faolan knows more that what he lets on but it could just be his paranoia speaking

⊱ ─── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ─── ⊰

Subject Capabilities

Because of his past experiences, San is rarely ever shocked or disgusted by anything. He is willing to do anything and everything both to himself and to others for the sake of the mafia. His apathy serves him well during missions, terrifying his opponents into submission with his unwavering smile even while in the midst of a bloodbath. People rarely see that though, too wrapped around San's sunshine smile and smooth personality as he sweet talks his way into other's hearts and secrets. Disguising a devil under layers of soft sweaters and even softer smiles is his specialty, hiding his own pain and secrets under his unrelenting zeal. His loyalty is unwavering once earned, undying and steadfast. Over the years, he has amassed a great number of skills, becoming a jack of all trades and picking even more up at astounding speeds. His years in the ring have also served him well, honing his body into a weapon who prioritizes victory over fairness, resourceful in finding ways to complete his mission and win his battles even if they're underhand and unconventional

As a jack of all trades, he is a master of none. His skills are average at best and while he could invest time into perfecting them, he chooses not to. Despite his high pain tolerance and seemingly unbreakable smile, the moment his threshold is exceeded, it becomes surprisingly easy to break him as even the strongest of mountains crumble if enough has been hacked away. He's also very dependent on others, viewing himself as nothing more than a tool for others to use. He does not take rejection well and will do anything for others just to find a place to be accepted and belong. Truly the best way to take down San is to not target him physically but mentally. His body may be strong but his mind is such a fragile little thing

He also hates vegetables. Perhaps that is his ultimate weakness; leafy greens

Black Cat Nero
Despite its naming, Black Cat Nero is much more than feline morphing. Of course the power gives San the ability to turn into a black cat, save for one white streak of fur which mirrors his own hair. Aside from feline morphology, Black Cat Nero also gives San feline traits outside of his physical cat form, such as exceptional balance, increased night vision, heightened senses, and an uncanny ability to sense danger though this stays as a gut feeling and not as an actual manifested power. He also has incredible leg muscles, able to leap much like a cat if he angles his body properly and is generally much faster that average. In addition to this, San has claws made of keratin, though they can be a handful to maintain as they rapidly grow in order to combat the fragile nature of his nails. Much like a cat, he is most active during the night and can be caught nesting or purring.

Physical manifestations of this power include:
Cat ears, torn and ragged from multiple fights and pieced by safety pins; the standard cat tail which is an extension of his spine thank you very much, and his hands and feet have fully functionally paw pads forcing him usually forgo gloves or shoes as they are much too sensitive to be bound by cloth
Much less noticeable physical traits are vertical pupils, sharp fangs replacing human like teeth, nictitating membranes, Tapetum Lucida, and a barbed tongue

⊱ ─── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ─── ⊰

"That place of my dreams
Somebody, take me there
Getting out of the gray city
Following the light
To that place in our memory"

ιт'ѕ ℓιкє ι'м ∂яєαмιиg
ρℓєαѕє ∂σи'т ωαкє мє υρ
σиє ∂αу, тωσ ∂αуѕ, тняєє ∂αуѕ
ι ∂σи'т киσω ωнαт ∂αу ιт ιѕ тσ∂αу
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Posted: Thu, 03/03/2022 14:21 (5 Months ago)
Anthony Kaur



Gender: Male (He/him)
Age: 41
Date of Birth: September 27
Allegiances: The Mafia



Appearance: Anthony isn't one to necessarily stand out from the crowd appearance wise. He holds himself with an air of confidence, and stands at 6 feet. His hair is a deep shade of brown often brushed back against his head, keeping it out of his face. His eyes are a pale blue color.
Face Claim: Benedict Cumberbatch
Personality: Anthony puts on the appearance of a cold and collected individual, any display of emotions reserved for those trusted few in his inner circle. He struggles with showing empathy to the people around him






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Posted: Fri, 04/03/2022 01:31 (5 Months ago)

L̷̳̲̜̼̦͎͑̄͂̿͌̓͋̀̏͐Á̴̧̦̤̻͕͇̝͑̚B̸̨͕̥̬̟̖̫̱̊̄̀̔͑̕̕͠͝͠ ̸̢̫̖̪̱̺͈̥̈F̴̡̣̻̺͚͓̦̼̿̎̍̽̚͘͠͝Ḭ̷̛̻̎͂Ĺ̷̥̳̪͔̰̀̈́͊̔̚͝Ě̷̗͚͚̥̥̥͚̤͙̂̋͛̉̇̾̑ ̸̳͓̝̗̟̯̳̦͕̺́C̷̡̙̼̥̬͕̭͓͐͊̆͗̀Ö̴̰͐Ř̴̨̢̺̹͔̖͉͓̰͑͋R̵̛̪̉̉̋͛̈͘U̶̧̇͌̆̕͝P̸͇͖̫̦͈̳͎͉̺̀̇͂T̵̤͈̀̍E̸̼̥̹̹̯͚͆̄̄̏̀̀̚͠͝Ḑ̸̪̗̺͖̲̲̖̜͌̈́͗̚͜.Ä̴̧̧͉̲͍͇͍̞̺́̓͑͛͑̉͆̽̏̃C̴̲̦̘̜̜͂̎̏͜Č̸̗͇̬̇̽̌̈̾̌̀S̴̡̱͍̘̮͔̘̲͙͎̍̑̀̀́̾̾̽͝E̸̹͍̙̜̟̣̋͋̆S̷̨͕̝̪̣͍̘̝͍̉͊̒̿Ś̴̜̪̥̙̳́̒́̎̍̂I̵̧̲̰͉͕͕̟̝̅̾͐ͅN̶͓͎͆͊͒̅̒̿͝Ģ̶͇͍̐̅͛͝͝ ̷͍̗̈̋̌̈̀̕ͅB̵̺͇͕͙̐̏͒͋̍͐̕͜͠A̷̧͖̙͉͒͂̆̉̄̈́̀̎̿͝C̴̢̨̡̤͚͔̣͙͈̹͑̌̊̍̕K̸̢̼͖̗̜͉̬͕̽͂͜͠ͅŲ̸̖͇̙͇̯̙̰̝̞̑̓̏̾̅̈̓P̶̡̘̣͖͕̩͂͜ ̶̢̨̨̪͇͈̞̇̈̕ͅF̵͎͇̬͙̝̍̓̚͠I̷̾͌̈͑̾ͅL̵̢̡͚̥̠̯̜͉̗̈́̉̈́̋͜E̸̟̮̭̣͋̀̿̄͊̎́͠ͅ

“I wasn’t lonely. I experienced no self-pity. I was just caught up in a life in which I could find no meaning .”

𝙾𝚛𝚏𝚎𝚊 𝙴𝚛𝚗𝚊𝚕𝚒𝚗𝚎

[definition: (orfea)beautiful voice ; (ernaline)capable; serious; battle to the death]

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Allegiance: Phoenix One

Sobriquet: Iscariot

Personality: Orfea is unbelievably quiet and serious, only speaking when she needs to. She would follow any instructions given to her no matter how ridiculous or dangerous it may be, and she would make sure she finished it. Never once did her face show any sign of emotion as if her monotone look was already set permanently and would never go away.
Towards enemies, she could be considered a huge threat. With her lack of emotion, she never hesitates to instantly slaughter anyone who gets in her way. For her allies, they were almost guaranteed victory if she was on the battle team. She was one who believed that a failed mission would mean death as penalty.


Orfea couldn’t remember anything before the white walls, the white bed, the white curtains or the white tiles. She couldn’t possibly remember anything from her childhood other than tight rubber straps, metal chairs and tables or sharp needles and scalpels.
She could remember, though, the day the lab was infiltrated. The day she had finally saw the sun. When her world was filled with color and sound. The Phoenix One were who rescued her from a lab working under the Mafia that researches on the human brain. They planned to create new technology by studying brain-related abilities and possibly try and alter people’s personalities. Orfea was one of their prototypes of pwer enhancement and personality substitution, the closest thing to a human robot. Her real name was not actually Orfea Ernaline, she couldn't remember the name her parents gifted her with, nor could she remember the old her before she was altered.


Mandatum (Command)
It’s surprising how she even has this ability, but maybe it was the reason she didn’t talk so much. While it may be too complex to explain, it wasn’t that hard of a concept. The prefrontal cortex in the brain is what controls cognitive function, including decision-making. To activate this ability, she would only need to focus her power on it and call out a command. The victim would then become helpless and remain under her control until she decides to let them go.

Limit: she can only use it one person at a time and the victim must be a living thing. Meaning while animals and plants could also possibly fall for her ability, she couldn’t do it for robots or those that have no self-thinking mind or brain.

She rarely relies on this method due to her crazy physical abilities. With swift reflexes and fast thinking, her moves almost make her seem inhumane. She aces in both long-range and short-range combat and could handle almost any weapon.

Since she’s used to following the orders of others, she can be indecisive at times. She is also horrible at teamwork as she finds that people just slow her down. Additionally, she is one who could blank out a lot when she’s too focused on something, like using her command ability, making her vulnerable to attacks on the battlefield.
Since her figure is light and frail to increase her agility, she would find it difficult to handle physically stronger people head on, which was why she learned how to do long-range attacks.
There is also a weak spot in her body somewhere that makes her 'shut down' if she was attacked there, though she made sure to heavily protect it.

W̶̹̮͓̘̩̰͍͑͆͐͆̈́͗͌̅͝a̷̢͈͈̟̗̰̝̩̼̓͋̆r̵̨͇̓̌͛͒̎͠͝n̷̨̝͚͍̮̙̮̻͖̰͐̎͆͋̍̿̚͝ḯ̸̢͙̤͕͍̦̬̭̝̋̓̏ņ̸͓͈͙̠͇͓͔̣̾g̴̡͖̪͖̭͖̰̊̀́͋̆̐̓̈͑͌:̷̳̗̜̰͈͈͎͗͆̄̉C̴̢̲̲̩̪̝̠̑̌̀̈́̈̏͛̎̃͠ö̴̲̞̺̳͚̳̖̞̪̮́̏̒̍́̍͂̉͘͘ḿ̴͙̙̐͛̆̇͝m̸̳̥̼̼̳̹̰͂ͅå̶̟̣̝̥̮̜̜͓̀̍̇͗̍͘n̶͈̹̓̈́̉̊̏̂͘̕̚͝d̸̬͋̅̀̍̂̎ ̷̨̨̹̻̖̗̼̋̈́̈́͑̇͌̎Ë̶̯̗̖̠́͐̈́͐͒̃̾̔͘͝r̴̲̙͛̀̏̍͗͘̚̕̕͝r̵͙̓̃̑ȯ̷̠r̷̢̰̭͙͖͓̂.̴̩̤̤̺̺̬̞̠̻͊̀̿̕̚͝͝j̷̺̺̝̽̂̈́̈̏̚̕e̶̹̝̙͓͓̭̤͐̅̊̊̑̅̈́̓͘h̵̘͙͂̉̊̍͂̓̇̈́͘w̷̡͎̭̻̖̟̗̙̜̌y̷̰̤͗̌̈́̀̅͆͝͠w̴͉͑̒̑͐̚͠ģ̴̠̖̼̋̔̇͘ḃ̸̭͇̓͌̽s̸̡̜̭͍͈͕͊̐̄͋͑͊ų̷̳̝̣̦͖͎̻̖̳͂̈́̎̈́̆́̈́͗s̷̢̧̢̮̦͑̎̽u̴̧̲̫̩͑̓̂̇̈͛̕d̵̙̤̳͎̺̾͊͗̈́̈́͋͌̀̚ạ̸̧̜̱͓͙̩̃̀̈́̓̎̈̒̌͘͜m̶̦̩͖̜͍͑̅̍͑͛̕a̸̡̳͚̭̯̟̝̋̇͂̃̅̿̀͑̿g̸̼̦̖̽͒̇́͛̕ề̴͙̈̃̿͋̚̕j̷̦̻̺͖̓̑͒͌̓͑̅̿̐͝w̷̡͕̝̫͍̩͖̗̒̈́͛̈͑͝ͅu̸̧̧̟̲͖͙͚͈̫͊̄͑́̂͑̌̅͝s̵͚͍̬̣̫̰̑̃̋̒̈́̃ǘ̶͉͈͙̟̬͒̒͆ş̶̰̫̞̲̜̦̻̰͛̄̋̋͜h̶̡̪͇̳͖͔̲̏͌ẘ̶̘͇̜͙͍̱̹̿̍̓̈̇̿ḥ̸̢̧̢̰̬͐͘͜j̸̨͇̹̬̩͗͑̅̿͒̀̊͛͛s̵̢̜͓͖̎̏̎͊j̴͖̙̘̮̬̰͂̂̆́̄͊͒͋́͘ṋ̶̀͆̆̏̈́̈́r̶̹̲̜̀́̑͂͊ą̶̙̭̟͇͕̻͈̊̏͋́̂ḯ̶̳̭̤͕͍͎̼͕̱́͛̐͝m̸̹̪̼̳̱̙̩̗̗̰̐d̵̢̛͖͇̻̖̄͒̿̂̉̈́̕͜͝j̴̧̙͔̼̞̫̩̤͔͆͋̄̊̉͘̕ë̴̛͇́̊́̈́̆j̴̥̹͚̞͇̻́̌͑̿͜͠͠ỉ̶̧̛͉͍̈́̈́̀̇̕͝ḏ̷̛̞̻̻̰̈́̔͛̄̆́͂̂e̷̛͇̤̍̎͛̃̊͠͠p̵͓̟̯̟͉͉̮̣͑̂͊̏͒͆̓͒̀͐r̶̬̹̠̆̀͘ǫ̸̝́̃̏̉͗̒͒c̶̜̺̻̩̟̽́̾͆̓̉̚ȩ̷̲̗̺̙̼̻̋͂́̕e̸̛̻̙̳̬̗̋͌̉̈́̈́͌d̸̛̹̮̺̝͇̯̿̈́͆̾̎͋̕͜͠j̴̢̳͔̗̥͍̙̣͕̉̌̊̌͘ṡ̷͇̻̬̤̠̌̿j̵̤̬̱͈̅͆͝ē̸̳̾̃̆j̴̦̘̟̟̔̍̐e̸̟̰̫̹͌́͠j̶͇͚͙͓̽͂͗͂c̶̜̒͛̄̈́̍̉̋̓̄͐ä̶̺͇͙̞̙̉̀̊̈́̎̅̚͝͝r̵̢͔̜͖͚̗̱̺̳͒͗̅̓̌͝ḛ̸̟̿̄̽̾̇̽̍̀̓̕
̶̛̛̰͍͛͋̄͒͂̈̿͘S̴̢̧̖̲͎̖͈̙̩̯̋Y̶͕̟̠̲̯̤̭̫͚̌͑̆̎̑̍̕͝S̶̨̡̪̭̘̘̼̘͐T̷̛͚̤̭̎̚E̵̢̻̪̳͉̋M̴̜̹͓͎͚̚ ̸̗͚́̀͆̅̾̄S̶̞͚̑̎̉̔H̴̨̺͖̍͂̽̊̑̉̔̇̓̏ͅͅÜ̶̯̩̯̦͓̟͈̺͔͆̕̚͝T̷̞͙̓̾̚D̶̬͇̰̤̱̠͎͉͐̍̽̑͌̂̅́Ǫ̴̙͎̱̱̱͇̔́̐̈́̈͠W̶̡̛̼̳̤̭̋̓̎͐͌͌N̸̨̨̝̈̀̎̓̉͋͂̽͠͝ͅ

Might add more later

» Wish of a Songbird - Enna Alouette «
3:00 ───〇── 4:04
⇄ ◃◃ ⅠⅠ ▹▹ ↻
┌─── ∘°❉°∘ ───┐
Time flows once more;
As the weight of all my sins write a beautiful lore;
Once in between these feathers hid deceit;
and a sorrowful soul...

└─── °∘❉∘° ───┘
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ohk -
I should've said this earlier, but there is no laboratory setting.
The population naturally has superpowers.

Sign-ups are temporarily closed while I work on setting. If I've approved u making a form, you can. There are a few things that need to be added.
(Daiko you can still go ahead and make your form.)
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now that i think about it, the idea i was proud of ain't that original... oh well :shrug:
and this might be a little crazy so if i need to change anything let me know

Mei - The Phoenix of Death

"I don't deserve the gift of life, but I also don't deserve the sweet release of death. Quite the dilemma, isn't it?"

Name - Mei, no family name

Age - Appearance of an 18 year old, but is probably as old as the earth you walk on

Gender - Female

Appearance - Mei stands at an average height of 5'5 and is incredibly skinny. She has long, dark gold hair that seems to have been through a lot given how battered it is. Her eyes sink deep into their sockets and the bags under them show the years of sleep deprivation Mei has endured. She has crystal blue eyes that appear dull, and all of her limbs are replaced with pitch black steel prosthetics. Her entire jaw is metal as well, making her talking abilities limited. She wears the same black clothing everyone else wears, including a hood with her jacket, a thin mask over her jaw-area, and gloves.

Personality - After seeing what she's seen, do you really expect her to have the energy to do anything? Her mind is constantly filled with memories due to her cursed inability to forget, but it is also empty at the same time. She is quiet and prefers not to talk, just keeps her head low and moves along. She is cold to everyone unfortunate enough to meet her and never gets along well with anyone. As mentioned before, she is more of a weapon than a person and that's how she sees herself. She refuses to reject orders and will do anything necessary to complete the task she is made to do. If anyone gets in her way, they will pretty much be tortured to death to say the least. She has a bit of a more mental side due to her horrific life, which will be expanded upon later, like everything else about her personality.

Backstory - It's pretty much what you'd expect. She's done pretty much everything life could ever offer, she's met many people, she's seen the world rise and fall, and witnessed every war in history. After the Mafia found out about her existence, they captured her and decided that she would be sent into solitude to be forged into a weapon. They pushed her healing to the limits, modified her body to become stronger, and manipulated her to become the husk of a person she is now. She is sometimes called 'The Phoenix of Death' due to her 'rising from the ashes of her previous life to become a silent force that brings death in it's path' or something crazy like that. At first she despised the idea of the Mafia seeing her that way, but after a few rounds of brainwashing she didn't really have a choice. As for her life as a member of the mafia, that's tbrpd because i'm lazy

Alliance - The Mafia

Rank - Unranked, Mei is more of a weapon and an object than a person, hence being unranked.

Power - Regeneration, her body constantly heals itself so she never ages and is hardly affected by slow attacks. The heal is almost instantaneous, so you won't be able to kill her unless multiple heavy blows are dealt in a very short amount of time. The time it takes to fully heal is a few minutes, but the injured part can close up in a matter of 10 seconds. This makes attacking a specific area multiple times a massive weakness, so guns are your best bet against her. The downside is pain is intensified and she tires much quicker due to her body constantly healing itself, even if she doesn't appear to be affected. She is also incredibly sleep deprived and completely starved of any food, so she can be slow and sluggish at times unless she is threatened

Strengths - She is incredibly strong due to her grueling training, despite her fragile appearance. She also has a vast knowledge of combat and things like that, so she is quite agile, quiet, and skillful with any weapon handed to her. Mei is also stone cold, emotion has been drained out of her mind and trying to talk to her is like talking to a wall, so manipulation is a no go. She also knows many ways to kill a person, some ways more gruesome than others.

Weaknesses - Most of her strengths are also her weakness, like her entire existence is to just be a double-edged sword. She's unable to die in any sort of way, so life and everything living has no meaning to her. She can't form relationships with others due to her lack of, well, being human. She has an impeccable memory as well, which can be a pain when some memories Mei has are hell to remember. Her lack of authentic limbs can be troublesome for many reasons that I am too tired to mention, and as stated before, she has quite the mental side.

Other - ik Mei looks like literally every character in this rp but i promise you she hopefully will be different :sweat:
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“There's a difference between stupid, and what you just said. One's a lot worse.”

Gender: Male
Age: 44
DOB: September 16th
Role: Phoenix Crew, Second-In-Command
Faceclaim: Skeet Ulrich

Personality: Fable has a one-track mind. He doesn’t derive from his goal, no matter what it would be, or how he gets there. As for loyalty, it’s something that he prides himself on, staying true to the Phoenix Crew.. He’s also extremely empathetic, but he is also temperamental, though he does his best to hold it back and focus on what matters most. He’ll do anything for the cause, and anything for his fellow members. Though, he does have quite a sense of humor, and a talent for quick-one liners. Many consider him the father figure of the Phoenix Crew.

Backstory: Fable is an orphan, as many stories go, his parents dying when he was young. He was raised by an old woman named Ottie who payed orphans and runaways in food and shelter. However, she asked for stolen goods in return. Fable rose through the ranks of their makeshift gang to become Ottie’s favorite, gaining her power and influence. He knew, however, that one day he’d do something better, make a change in the world. As he saw the other side of Ottie, her cruelty, he became more and more convinced, and when he was eighteen, he ran from Ottie, striking out on his own, until he eventually came to meet Juno.

Power: When he touches people, for up to 5 minutes, he can read their mind but there is a cooldown

Strengths: Fable is extremely athletic, his strengths lying more in muscular activities. He could be considered a “strongarm”, as he can (as he likes to brag, lift just about anything) and is called on for physical problems. He’s also a quick thinker on his feet, and can change plans in an instant. Problems seem to bounce off of him as it doesn’t take him long to come up with a solution

Weaknesses: Though Fable is very strong, he’s a horrible runner, and it seems that his ability to think on his feet sometimes leads to some unwanted improvisation, so sometimes he can drive forward without thinking of the consequences. He’s also extremely stubborn, so once he decides something that isn’t a detail of a plan, it takes a lot to get him to change his mind.

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Can't wait for when this is ready!
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not accepting forms right now - also i don't know which slot you're applying for.