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Trainerlevel: 34

Trainerpoints: 514/3,501


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Mega Banette)
562380,727 / 759,375
(Dr. Honch)
366244,129 / 472,665
(Mow Rotom)
1689,490 / 85,177
Nidorino546,091 / 9,159
Unown C18135,701 / 98,827
Grubbin13202 / 547

~•Mes grands amis•~

These are my closest and dearest friends, they have made me laugh, cry, and finally feel like a part of a family, and here I commemorate them for making my life infinitely better:

Abra~Kadabra: My best friend who has been with me through the hardest days, I wouldn’t know most of you if it wasn’t for them.

ThatNinetalesTrainer: They are one of the kindest and nice people out there and they have been such a help for as long as I can remember

Serendibite: She is my spiritual sister and has supported me with a lot of help during my time here

AlwaysDorky: He has provided me with a ton of laughs when I was sad

Pickle-Flavor-Painter: They have turned my world of monochrome into a world filled with color and amazement

~MelonPiee~: She was the one that showed me that happiness is contagious

dirtdude: He has been a true friend since the day I met him, he is very funny too

Cherry_Blossom: She was the first friend I have made in Pokéheros, and she has forever been engrained into my mind as the human form of kindness

ShatteredDiamond: She has shone her brilliance and generosity all over

The_Scourge: They are an amazing person who will go down as one of the best rp people ever.

Daiko: A very fun at and amazing guy, he is a amazing friend

StrawBear:One of the nicest people I have met, we have a lot in common <3

MsLovelyLesbian: One of the greatest people to ever be on this site, she is just an adorable ball of kindness that has become one of my greatest friends.

Sparkleshine: One of the most wholesome and nicest people that I have ever met. They are very creative!<3

~TheDarkPhantom~: My ghostly bestie, helps me out by teaching me the ropes of being an admin for team phantom, an amazing artist too!

clown: My clown comrade who is one of the nicest and funniest people ever, they are also an amazing artist

And to everyone else in my friendlist you have not been forgotten, you all have made my life extremely better.

~•Mes Grands Amies Part 2•~

This is Part 2 of Mes Grand Amies

Crysticia: She has been a true friend since the beginning and I thank her ever so much for her knowledge and friendship, she is like on of my mentors here. <3

Zolarmon: A very nice and amazing person, I can wait to see what they do here^^

~Grimm’s Favorite Characters~



Quote Sheep, sheep, sheep, It's time for sleep. Rest your head. It's time for bed. In the morning, you may wake. Or in the morning, you'll be dead.




Mega Banette

My friends made art for me!!

One of my most closest friends made art of me<3

One of my greatest friends made art of me

Was not made by me made by ThePumkaboo please check her art shop out. She is one of the best artists ever

My friend Ullkob made Art of me!
He is such a talented artist and amazing artist, he made this for me, it has all of my favorite babies I have raised here on Pokéheros!


Amazing idea art of a more plague themed spritzee by Sparkleshine

Game Records

Trainer ID: #530975074
Registration: 22/03/2021 (1 Year ago)
Premium member until 07/Oct/2022
Game Time: 468:20 Hours
Total interactions: 102,146
Money: 45,523
Starter Pokémon: Blaziken


How’s my Halloween costume?
Yesterday, 20:42
Just finished Doom eternal and it’s dlc, god that made me feel like when I was 8 and playing doom 64 on my orphanage’s n64, I got the entire doom game series except doom 3 for 20$ off the e shop so I’m gonna play through those
Yesterday, 19:41
Cool Artur Facts!

One Day You Will Have To Answer For Your Actions, A̷̠̦̖̪͗̄͋̅̌́N̶̢̺̜̭̆D̸̝̦̪̲̈͛̚ ̷̢̭̭̑͑͌̈́̚̚͜G̶͈̐̓Ǒ̷̳͉͓̮̾D̶͖̭̆̉̄́͊̊ͅ ̴̫̗̩̜̀̓̒̈́͜M̸̦͉̥̲͜͝Ḭ̷̘̯͙̗̅̅̿̓͑͠ͅG̵̰̫̞̩͍̅̑̉̚͘H̵̦͈͌̓͝Ť̴̼͆̐ ̷͇̆̊́́Ņ̸͈͍̲͗͛̀̕Ǫ̸͎̥̝͓͗Ṭ̵͍͍̪̒͆̐͜ ̷̨̏͗͑͗̕B̵̠͙̗͛̊̍͠͠E̶̤̙͈̬͔̬͑̏̽̑̕ ̶͓͚͎̪͓͇͐͝Ş̴̩͂̄͆͂͝O̵̺̙͑͛̑̿̈́̚ ̸̠̅̀̿́̉̄M̸̠͋E̸̛̜̣̼̱͑͋̏͝R̵͍̝͈̳͙͗͆̏C̵̻͉̰̿͒́̚Ĩ̵̬̭͈́ͅͅF̸͕̝̳͕͠Ŭ̷̬̻̭͋̽̕L̸͚͇̗͑͊ ̵̱͉̺̣̞̽̌̚ͅ
Yesterday, 13:07
Let’s go! I got all the Pokémon for the rod! Time to get it!
1 Day ago
Omg! Two in one day! Just need oshawott!
1 Day ago
Wooo! piplup down! Just need oshawott and froakie now!
1 Day ago

By TheCure

From now on in Ph, I want to earn my shinies myself. Therefore I am giving away ALL of the shinies in my shiny box as they are not my own, just share this post, in one week SEVEN random people will get one random shiny. Good Luck!

Merci, and good luck on ur future hunts!
1 Day ago
I made a banner for my about me and signature ^^ I’m proud of it
1 Day ago
Good afternoon mon amies, hru all?
1 Day ago
Imma name the shiny Artur Artur’s GF
2 Days ago
Let me check how much 2,800 nuggets cost, and I’m literally going to go bankrupt god I’m gonna have to save a while for Artur shiny hunt
2 Days ago
Just a reminder that my ask me anything is still open in my contacts^^
2 Days ago
Todays winner of #GrimmHalloweenGift is chara_the_human!
3 Days ago
What should my premium Pokémon badge be this week? Artur? Black Light Pyro, Sourree, or a toxtroll
5 Days ago
Remember to check the auction house everyone, some good offers are there!
6 Days ago
The winner of todays give away is GlitchMode! Remember to participate daily by posting #GrimmHalloweenGift every day to get a chance to win some big prizes
6 Days ago
Today’s winner of #GrimmHalloweenGift is ThunderxStrike!
7 Days ago
Airalin gets first day gift uwu
8 Days ago
You all know what time it’s about to be~ I’m dedicating the entire month of October to you all, I’m going to be doing a give away lasting the whole month, I will be giving a gift to 31 people who share the giveaway hashtag #GrimmHalloweenGift by the end of the month! Prizes range from nuggets to Pokémon to pd to items! Remember to like the post and share the hashtag
9 Days ago

~About Me~

Hello there mon amies and welcome to my profile! (Be warned I am sometimes an emotional train wreck)
(If u are curious what I look like irl basically think of hex maniac, but 4’9, and with glasses xD)
Here are some basic things about little old me:
~•{Status:I’m a poet and I know it, but a comedian, I’m just speechless at that}•~
~•{Dr.Grimm/Grimm|She/Her|Pansexual|Plague Doctoress|Mute|Virgo|September 1|24|French}•~
~•{Interest: Art, medicine, Team Fortress 2, Titanfall Series, Subnautica, Splatoon Series, and much more}•~
~•{Favorite Type:I love all Ghost type Pokémon except one, (you know who you are, cough cough Gengar)}•~

Complete Johto Dex [28/127]

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