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Trainerlevel: 32

Trainerpoints: 491/3,103


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
658,262 / 16,089

~•Mes grands amis•~

These are my closest and dearest friends, they have made me laugh, cry, and finally feel like a part of a family, and here I commemorate them for making my life infinitely better:

Abra~Kadabra: My best friend who has been with me through the hardest days, I wouldn’t know most of you if it wasn’t for them.

ThatNinetalesTrainer: They are one of the kindest and nice people out there and they have been such a help for as long as I can remember

Serendibite: She is my spiritual sister and has supported me with a lot of help during my time here

AlwaysDorky: He has provided me with a ton of laughs when I was sad

Pickle-Flavor-Painter: They have turned my world of monochrome into a world filled with color and amazement

~MelonPiee~: She was the one that showed me that happiness is contagious

dirtdude: He has been a true friend since the day I met him, he is very funny too

Cherry_Blossom: She was the first friend I have made in Pokéheros, and she has forever been engrained into my mind as the human form of kindness

ShatteredDiamond: She has shone her brilliance and generosity all over

The_Scourge: They are an amazing person who will go down as one of the best rp people ever.

Daiko: A very fun at and amazing guy, he is a amazing friend

StrawBear:One of the nicest people I have met, we have a lot in common <3

MsLovelyLesbian: One of the greatest people to ever be on this site, she is just an adorable ball of kindness that has become one of my greatest friends.

Sparkleshine: One of the most wholesome and nicest people that I have ever met. They are very creative!<3

~TheDarkPhantom~: My ghostly bestie, helps me out by teaching me the ropes of being an admin for team phantom, an amazing artist too!

clown: My clown comrade who is one of the nicest and funniest people ever, they are also an amazing artist

And to everyone else in my friendlist you have not been forgotten, you all have made my life extremely better.

~•Mes Grands Amies Part 2•~

This is Part 2 of Mes Grand Amies

Crysticia: She has been a true friend since the beginning and I thank her ever so much for her knowledge and friendship, she is like on of my mentors here. <3

~Grimm’s Favorite Characters~



Quote Sheep, sheep, sheep, It's time for sleep. Rest your head. It's time for bed. In the morning, you may wake. Or in the morning, you'll be dead.




Mega Banette

My friends made art for me!!

One of my most closest friends made art of me<3

One of my greatest friends made art of me

Was not made by me made by ThePumkaboo please check her art shop out. She is one of the best artists ever

My friend Ullkob made Art of me!
He is such a talented artist and amazing artist, he made this for me, it has all of my favorite babies I have raised here on Pokéheros!


Amazing idea art of a more plague themed spritzee by Sparkleshine

Game Records

Trainer ID: #530975074
Registration: 22/03/2021 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 414:03 Hours
Total interactions: 88,555
Money: 49,255
Starter Pokémon: Blaziken


Random PokéPoem

Shine Bright, Glow Light

My Electricity of which I use to put up a fight

Though I may be the oddest tree, that anyone will ever see

My body so like and octopus so coily

Day and night I shine so bright,

I harness my electric might,

My wire arms wiggling in flight

I am the guide, the way of light

In my world which energy is rare

A hole opened, a buffet of voltage, as bright as a fair

Your world tried to control us all

But now your arrogance will be your fall

This “paradise” you say,

None of us which to stay

Prison this place has become

Your injustice will be undone

1 Day ago
Click exchange? I wanna dynamax Corrosive and hatch Wattson🖤🤍 for return
1 Day ago
How do I tell my crush that I have a crush on her? (Asking for a friend)
1 Day ago
Let’s go! I finally have gotten my two favorite legendary (ultra beasts) Pokémon in my ot!
2 Days ago
Random Food Generator

Taste: Otherworldly Place of Origin: ???
Grimm’s Macarons

Ahh my macarons are in a game now! Yay, now others can enjoy the sweet taste of my macarons, which taste like heaven, and birdseed
2 Days ago
I have like 5 different auctions lol, pls bid, I need the money
5 Days ago
Auction House has been updated 3 new Pokémon for sale🤍🖤
5 Days ago
Click Exchange? 🖤🤍🖤🤍
5 Days ago
The Joke has been finished! I now have tall me
6 Days ago
Click exchange? 🖤
6 Days ago
Welp, I’m committing to the joke, when I my Gothita evolves and I mega evolve it, we will finally have tall me
7 Days ago
I woke up to me being lvl 32, hah, my age reversed
7 Days ago
Click Exchange? 🖤 for return <3
8 Days ago
Well, I’ve bid on a mega gothita, hopefully I win it
8 Days ago
Briller is beeg gorl now
9 Days ago
Laughs in pd
9 Days ago
Me, playing my favorite game Subnautica Below Zero: Ah yes, one of the most needed resources and I can’t find it!!! Darn you titanium and Lithium
9 Days ago
Ok Raiko why are u stalking me, mega gothettele looks like me but tall and without glasses, French dress and hat too
10 Days ago

It was a pleasure meeting you, it’s nice to see another user join the one year gang, <3 ~DrGrimm P
10 Days ago

~About Me~

Hello there mon amies and welcome to my profile! (Be warned I am sometimes an emotional train wreck)
(If u are curious what I look like irl basically think of hex maniac, but 4’9, and with glasses xD)
Here are some basic things about little old me:
~•{Dr.Grimm/Grimm|She/Her|Pansexual|Plague Doctoress|Mute|Virgo|September 1|23|French}•~
~•{Interest: Art, medicine, Team Fortress 2, Titanfall Series, Subnautica, Splatoon Series, and much more}•~
~•{Favorite Type:I love all Ghost type Pokémon except one, (you know who you are, cough cough Gengar)}•~

~•{Current Goals: Save up enough Nuggies for a whole year of Premium<3, Complete Hoenn Dex [68/151]

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