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Trainerlevel: 46

Trainerpoints: 6,012/6,393


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Unown A363,584 / 3,997


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A test that I got multiple results on. See what you get...

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #924480751
Registration: 29/04/2019 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 1270:38 Hours
Total interactions: 780,322
Money: 1,127,860
Starter Pokémon: Venusaur


Quick question: how do you make the hidden content tabs on forums?? Because I want to make a RP but don't know how to... Also the hidden text, how is that done??
3 Days ago
New poll! May affect my avatar, depending on results. 😊
7 Days ago
I've seen a bunch of people talking about completing their Kanto Dex, so I decided to share my progress.
Pokemon needed for Kanto Dex:
#132 Ditto
#144 Articuno
#146 Moltres

I'm almost there. 😅
7 Days ago
❣️❣️❣️Happy Valentine's Day!❣️❣️❣️
14 Days ago
did u know that im eating candy right now I bet ya didn't

- Anonymous [12-02-2021 00:26 GMT]
⬆️Did you know I JUST ate candy? I bet ya didn't 😝

C o o k t h e d e e p f r i e d m e m e

- Anonymous [12-02-2021 00:27 GMT]
⬆️ Have that marinated with foamy sauce?
16 Days ago
Hi, bye, Yes, no, maybe You said you were bored on Pokeheroes

- Anonymous [12-02-2021 00:07 GMT]
⬆️Well when you have over 12 hundred Pokedex entries, things get kinda yawny...

but why like comment on ur post 3 reasons why btw im -AGONY-

- Anonymous [12-02-2021 00:08 GMT]
⬆️Alright then.
16 Days ago
Bringing this back from the dead
I got: Purple
Your soul is purple. You are both intelligent and dedicated. You don't just do something, you persevere. Things come easily to you, so how hard can it be? Your mind is always running and coming up with something new. However, you may need to think more broadly than you do. Look away from the microscope and widen your point of view.
17 Days ago
Valentine's Cards

You haven't received any cards yet :(


Valentine's Cards

To Anon. Sent Message (I blurred out the names)
------ 1 Hour ago Read
------ 18 Hours ago Read
------ 18 Hours ago Read
------ 1 Day ago Read
------ 1 Day ago Read
------ 11 Months ago Read
------ 11 Months ago Read
------ 11 Months ago Read
------ 11 Months ago Read
------ 11 Months ago Read
20 Days ago
Share some ideas and expand my box!🙏 Beat down the haters! 😈
20 Days ago
"something creative" -That one Lugia person-

- Anonymous [07-02-2021 01:18 GMT]
Should have seen that one coming...
21 Days ago
I am the latest colors, I sing the newest songs
I read all the lyrics, so I can sing along
I am the latest colors, I stand above my throne
Waiting for an invite to never come along.

I am the latest colors, I sing the newest songs
I read all the lyrics, so I can sing along
I am the latest colors, I hate the newest songs
I can't stand the lyrics, I'd never sing along
I'll never sing along!
21 Days ago
Suscitat et mortuos
Medicum plaga
Morbum aut curandum
Medicum plaga
Suscitat et mortuos
Medicum plaga
Morbum aut curandum
He will cure the pestilence
26 Days ago
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- Anonymous [01-02-2021 14:42 GMT]
⬆️ Accept

I has a shiny salazzle, who is i?

- Anonymous [01-02-2021 14:43 GMT]
⬆️Someone with a shiny Salazzle 🤣
26 Days ago
Say we take what had been torn apart
Say we mend any patchwork discord
Turning eyes to the Trypo-Puppeteer
I can't exhale anymore
28 Days ago
Message me. Cause why not!?
28 Days ago


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