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Trainerlevel: 52

Trainerpoints: 5,945/8,163


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Turzai236 / 48
Zorua11 / 9
Zorua10 / 9
Zorua10 / 9

Shiny Hunt

ShatteredDiamond is currently hunting Zorua.
Hunt started: 02/10/2021

Chain: 41


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📢About Me!

Name: ShatteredDiamond ;)
Age: xx
Pronouns: she/her
Zodiac Sign: ♐
Favorite Non-Legendary Pokemon(s): Mimikyu, Froslass
Dream Pokemon: SM Froslass
Favorite Food: Candy 🍬

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Fandom Fanatics

Fandoms I am a part of(not in any particular order):



Hazbin Hotel



Harry Potter

Steven Universe



Game Records

Trainer ID: #924480751
Registration: 29/04/2019 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 1816:51 Hours
Total interactions: 1,189,300
Money: 208,373
Starter Pokémon: Venusaur


Oh, hi ShatteredDiamond!
I see you recently hatched a special colored Sentret (Retro)! That is pretty cool, congratulations.
You must be really proud of it! You should always keep such shiny hatches in your Party or in a special Storage Box.
I once found a shiny Aipom at the Honeytree on Route 53 and sold it at the Auction House. Man, that was dumb! I totally regret it now - but back then I guessed the Pokémon was just sick because it had this weird pink skin color.

Yesterday, 00:16
From SecretWhisper:
--OMG YES!! (The astrix are for OC names of a friend and mine)
Hey, girls need to stick together👭! Thanks for being a great friend and sticking with me through it all😊!
--Thank YOU for sticking with me as well! 😊
hahahahaha I like you
--H...how do I respond to that?! 😵

SecretWhisper is always open! ;)
2 Days ago
Shiny Lanturn caught!

Heck yeah!!
2 Days ago
From SecretWhisper:
Mimikyu, Froslass
-- I love those two Pokemon!
Mimikyu, Froslass
-- Oh, same person having issues.
Mimikyu, Froslass, and mew are my faves
--Those are good Pokemon to like!
HOw old are yous?
--I'll never say ;)

Send messages to me!
4 Days ago
From SecretWhisper:
sup baby girl
--That's me!
--Is this the same person?
ShatteredDiamond your nice
--Aww, thank you!
--I like pandas...
Are you my friend?
--Perhaps ;)
5 Days ago
From SecretWhisper:
wait, you like snakes :OOOO sameeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D
--Awesome! I've loved snakes for a long time.

Always summer🥵 Or always winter🥶?
By the way, don't let anyone wipe that smile😊 off your face for any reason.✊🏼
--I say Always summer. It's a good time for plants and I can have the fan on. And I'll try my best to keep a smile! 😊

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5 Days ago
My hunt is sucking so hard. My pair isn't breeding, there's zero eggs in the Tall Grass, and I don't have the gems for the Gem Collector! Why?!
5 Days ago
Should I open my many Mystery Boxes on my birthday or Christmas?
Birthday -- 3 (42.9 %)
Christmas -- 1 (14.3 %)
NOW!! -- 1 (14.3 %)
Never -- 0 (0.0 %)
Halloween -- 2 (28.6 %)
New Year's -- 0 (0.0 %)
Total Votes: 7

Please vote if you haven't yet! I suck at decisions! 😅
5 Days ago
Looking for dark gems for my Zorua hunt! Please PM me if you're willing to part with some or gift them! Whatever works best!🤪
6 Days ago
New poll! Please vote!
6 Days ago
*Glances at previous post* Anyone? Anyone?
12 Days ago
By Gosth - 6 Hours and 49 Minutes ago.

Good morning, evening or night to yall, as you might know today is october 1st, the spookiest month of all, wich means that my birthday is near!
Well, every year since i joined this site, i like to do a giveaway, and this year won't be an exception.
So, what should i give away? Hmmm....

I know! I will give away some of my nuggets, not 50, not 500 but 1k nuggets that will be divided into 5 lucky participants
5th place: 50 nuggets
4th place: 100 nuggets
3rd place: 150 nuggets
2nd place: 200 nuggets
1st place: 500 nuggets

Okay, i think this is fair, but now, how to enter? Simple, just share this whole feed AND ❤ this feed, is very important that you heart it

This will end on october 20 as soon i wake up

Good luck to everyone!
14 Days ago
15 Days ago
ShatteredDiamond, you should not have seen that!
Get out now!!

Oh ho! What is this???
17 Days ago
Has ANYONE figured out how to use the Old Vinyl? The description is literally this:
???????? ?????????????? ??? ???????? ?????? ?????? ????????? ??? ??????
30 Days ago
Khekhe, you won 1x Old Vinyl!

On my third ever spin!!
30 Days ago


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