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Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Lycanroc (Midnight))
53259,712 / 850,669
(Rodeo Scraggy)
494378,020 / 733,591
Hammerly and Pyrondi
387234,069 / 563,086
534415,706 / 857,071

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". . . Perhaps true friendship is so exceedingly rare. But I had formulated my own."






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Trainer ID: #269184984
Registration: 28/09/2019 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 863:35 Hours
Total interactions: 99,516
Money: 2,289,903
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


You guys ever just play a game that will just sucker punch you in the feels from time to time? And you should be used to it by now but somehow it still manages to catch you off guard and make you feel just devastated or betrayed?

*stares at Star Wars: The Old Republic*

Why do you do this to me?
Today, 00:30
For some reason I've seen people calling Obi-wan and Maul's fight in Rebels one of the best and that confuses me. Maybe I'm just remembering it wrong, but I thought their whole fight was pretty short.
Yesterday, 04:37
Man today was not a good day for me, this month is going to be really rough, and very likely the next year as well :(
1 Day ago
Bruh where the heck is the acceptance stage supposed to come in? Like I'd like to stop crying in my car all day please.
2 Days ago
Looking through a discussion on my college writing class to see some kid spelled "does" incorrectly twice. Only reason I even noticed was because she bolded the sentence lol
3 Days ago
Been thirty minutes since I complained about not doing my school work, and I still don't have a single word down.
4 Days ago
Bruh. My teacher told us to write a short essay but no range of what that may look like. Like... how many paragraphs or words does he want the frick. Due to his lack of specifications I will write two paragraphs out of saltiness.
4 Days ago
Hardest part about playing SWTOR is I'll talk to other Star Wars fans about it and I started getting really excited if they are like "Oh yeah I liked playing that game" because maybe I'll have somebody to talk to about it but then they go "aren't they remaking it?"

And my excitement drops because they thought I meant KOTOR but I didn't and because I'm too awkward at socializing I have to then move on with the conversation like I played KOTOR which I didn't
5 Days ago
Oh my heck. I started playing Wolvden like 2ish weeks ago and I've got an influenza outbreak starting up with 0 ingredients for the cures, I am hecking terrified for my wolves.
5 Days ago
Okay but one of my favorite ship tropes is just... tall angry agent of chaos who is easily flustered by their short tactical partner that is an absolute stickler for rules, like

1: Can I kill?
2: No, but maybe next time :>

Or even

1. Can I kill?
2: Sure, go ahead!
1: *visible happiness*
6 Days ago
6 Days ago
My aunt and uncle are over and they both agreed that Mipha and Revali were the worst of the champions, and seeing as those two were my top favorites well...
8 Days ago
Playing SWTOR and some NPC came up and I was like that sounds like Clone Wars Padme looked it up and it was and I'm learning so much today :>
9 Days ago
No, you've been standing in place on a game for hours waiting for a mob with a 5% spawn chance all day!
10 Days ago
Waiting for a dumb pig to spawn with a bunch of very nice strangers on SWTOR ^^
10 Days ago
Physics is so stupid imma cry
12 Days ago
I wish I could play through the Sith Warrior storyline for the first time again
12 Days ago
I slept in and panicked yet somehow miraculously I still made it to school on time
12 Days ago
I am in pain rn. I just want to be able to reach the highest level of dark side corruption in SWTOR without making my Sith Warrior look like he hasn't seen the sun in days. And I could hide the DS corruption but I like where it's at right now :(
12 Days ago
Gfgfgdgfgf math test soon I'm legit making myself sick with anxiety and instead of studying I'm just dying inside why and I like this
13 Days ago

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Pokemon, SWTOR, Minecraft

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Revenge of the Sith, Rogue One, Soul, PotC

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