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Trainerlevel: 31

Trainerpoints: 1,832/2,913


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Lycanroc (Midnight))
1,2113,633,617 / 4,403,197
(Rodeo Scraggy)
1,1802,239,441 / 4,180,741
904333,551 / 2,918,199
(Mega Zoroark)
754857,152 / 2,026,839
1,0963,262,560 / 3,606,937
(Samurott (Hisuian))
29480,111 / 303,495

About Me

~Fandom Trash~


Favorite Shows
Clone Wars, Villainous, Wakfu, The Owl House, Dragon Prince

Favorite Games
Pokemon, SWTOR, Minecraft

Favorite Movies
Revenge of the Sith, Rogue One, Soul, PotC

Favorite Books
The Host, Rising, Revan, Thrawn

RP Interests
Star Wars, Naruto, Warriors



Make a Calverus Reference
Actually finalize his design
Hatch a shiny Rowlet
Get a breeding pair
Update Art panel
Make more art


". . . Perhaps true friendship is so exceedingly rare. But I had formulated my own."






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Game Records

Trainer ID: #269184984
Registration: 28/09/2019 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 1039:50 Hours
Total interactions: 113,289
Money: 3,035,294
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


College over here forcing me to basically attend a massive party. Boy I'm already overstimulated and wanting to go home it's only been like 10 minutes
1 Month ago
Rakghoul rp... anyone remember when I was gonna put that up? Haha, yeah. I got some new ideas so I'm redoing it all.
1 Month ago
Man a rp friend just made me a bit sad today. We had just wrapped up an amazing, emotional combat scene between our two characters and were excitedly talking about how awesome it was when they suddenly thanked me for giving them a chance and not ignoring them. It was sad to hear because for me this person has started to help my inspiration and live for rp come back. I just don't think they'd say something like that if it hadn't happened before and that just makes me sad. Maybe this isn't making as much sense as I would hope but hey. Uhh moral of story? Give people a shot, they can always suprise you in the best ways, and maybe they need ou as much as you may need them just neither of you know it.
1 Month ago
I hate my coworkers I need a new job I want to just run away don't make me fix their stupid mistakes please-
1 Month ago
Came back after my brief and sudden hiatus to find the PHOscars is coming around. How fun, can't wait to see all the nominees this year! ^^
1 Month ago
Literally my gag reflex is working overtime at work today. First working with scale remover, then bleach, now vinegar. Nothing is working. My lungs are on fire because my body's first instinct is to just gulp down air I guess.
2 Months ago
So I've officially been home alone for one week out of... three or four I can't remember. And wow do I feel grown up in a way that's pretty... empowering I guess? I took out the trash on garbage day and I was like, "Wow I am such an adult" I thought I'd be more paranoid than I am, it actually just kinda feels like I own a house or something just without needing to pay for bills and such. It's nice.
2 Months ago
Bruh I asked my parents to just not send me videos or pictures of them doing just two things while I wasn't with them on vacation this year. And just last night and this morning they did exactly that. Now I'm just real upset.
2 Months ago

When your just vibing with your art friend at McDonalds and you forgot to bring your pen so you're stick doodling with your mouse but it actually turns out good-

I don't know how this turned into Philip Whittebane, that wasn't the original plan, it just happened.

Anyways I might just clean this up~
2 Months ago
When your parents tell you to pause the online game but the online game is a roleplay at which you are currently the center of, thus interrupting everyone in the game, and when you come back everyone left. :/
3 Months ago
Too many of my characters died in Timeliens today and now I'm just bummed out-
3 Months ago
Uhhh spoilers for Kenobi Ep. 5 in the comments here...
3 Months ago
For some reason I've been getting really excited when I see the Fifth Brother on Kenobi. Something about him is just making me happy atm.
3 Months ago
Today I had the realization that I'm an adult wo can go to bed whenever I desired. So here I am. Going to sleep at 12 like usual lol.
3 Months ago
Going from forum rp to real time Roblox rp is hard because I keep trying to type out paragraphs in combat and yeah-
3 Months ago
So I think Jurassic World: Dominion finally got to me. That was the most horrifying dream I've ever had, like... why would my brain come up with that? Jeez.
3 Months ago
Anyone remember the great Junkbot raid on Roblox that ruined the Lil Nas X concert event? Yeah I was part of that lol.
3 Months ago
That was a good movie :>
3 Months ago
Gonna see the new Jurassic World soon! 🥳
3 Months ago
If ur roleplaying with someone and doing combat and suddenly they claim they "feinted" an attack and switched to a lethal blow out of the blue what do you do? Because straight up just happened to me and this guy is defending himself by saying he decides which blows are feints before hand and they are "never lethal" but he doesn't tell anybody they are fainting so they can't dodge.

And I feel really bothered by this because it feels like some sort of "I must win" card that he just pulls out whenever. I've done a few unwilling rp's with this guy and he cannot seem to accept losing but he follows me around and practically forces me into rp's that end up in two hour long arguments.
3 Months ago



Feel free to play with me on SWTOR if you catch me online! Always looking for more friends to play the game with :)

Star Forge
Cavdell Legacy
Doduck, sith warrior, cyborg
Ereletor, bounty hunter, miraluka
Mevgovra, sith inquisitor, twi'lek
Paz'ree imperial agent, chiss
Calverus, sith warrior, sith pureblood
Azalir, sith inquisitor, sith pureblood

Tao'sha'ree, republic trooper, chiss
Feiyste, jedi knight, sith pureblood
Kyzeff, smuggler, zabrak
Tennyr, jedi consular, mirialan
Parric, jedi knight, nautolan

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Pfp Credit among other things

Avatar is an image of Eli Vanto from the Thrawn comics. Best boy.

All gifs come from SWTOR as well, great game I cannot recommend it enough.


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