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Trainerlevel: 40

Trainerpoints: 4,242/4,839


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
• Hunterz •
(Lycanroc (Dusk))
1,5403,688,017 / 7,119,421


▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ █ 100 %
1:35 ───ㅇ───── 3:47
It's My Party - Obey Me! Boys

✦ ʜᴜɴᴛᴇʀᴢ ✦ 16 ✦ ɪɴꜰᴘ ✦
✦ ʙᴜꜱʏ ꜱɪxᴛʜ-ꜰᴏʀᴍ ꜱᴛᴜᴅᴇɴᴛ ✦
✦ ♡ ʀᴏʟᴇᴘʟᴀʏꜱ ✦ ♡ ᴅʀᴀᴡɪɴɢ ✦ ♡ᴀɴɪᴍᴇ ✦

✦ ᴘᴀʟᴘᴀᴅ / ᴘᴍꜱ ᴏᴘᴇɴ ✦ ɪᴛᴇᴍ / ᴀʀᴛ ᴛʀᴀᴅᴇꜱ ᴏᴘᴇɴ ✦ ꜰʀɪᴇɴᴅʟɪꜱᴛ ᴏᴘᴇɴ ✦


⊱ ────── {⋆⌘⋆} ────── ⊰

𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕟𝕜𝕤 𝕗𝕠𝕣 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕝𝕚𝕥𝕥𝕝𝕖 𝕨𝕒𝕪𝕤 𝕥𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕙𝕖𝕝𝕡 𝕞𝕖 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕞𝕒𝕜𝕖 𝕞𝕖 𝕙𝕒𝕡𝕡𝕪 𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕪𝕕𝕒𝕪

Shiny Hunt

Hunterz~Wolf is currently hunting Zorua (Hisuian).
Hunt started: 06/07/2022

Chain: 239


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Halloweenkills 7 Days ago
Doma 10 Days ago
Mozzie 10 Days ago
TheProtegeMage 13 Days ago

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #443666382
Registration: 19/03/2020 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 1086:32 Hours
Total interactions: 697,725
Money: 216,483
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


You're going to be featured in the newspaper. Do you have anything to say? 🎤

I am somewhat halfway done ajajajajaja. Gonna make one random post with random quotes so put anything in the comments lmao. Go crazy. but please keep it PH-friendly lol-
Today, 07:54
In the middle of remaking my diary cause I'm in the mood-

Still a WIP but...

You want to read a newspaper? 📰
Yesterday, 08:08
Little sister made me a new character and I set to work on redrawing it this morning because I love it ahhhhh.

Side to side comparison 💖

Love snake boi and will work more on him whenever I can find time to escape school responsibilities lmso, throwing him into Fueco along with Ignis x,DDDD

Another addition to my long list *sigh* and she wants to make me 3 more hshshshsh 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️
Yesterday, 05:39
Ya'll I have a serious question to ask before my biology, science crazy student self rages over this but.....

Do printers reproduce???? 💀🔫
2 Days ago
• PROJECT BLUE • (46/100)

*Aggressively searches for more blue shinies in the auction house and GTS-*

Once I'm done collecting 100 of them I'm moving onto Project Yellow so I better start saving up PD for a new box and some yellow shinies lmao x,DDDDD
6 Days ago
Did my deer joke not make him laugh? Why is the avatar still sad? :(

I will make a ducklett joke, one day, and I'm making that Sad Jr. laugh. Just you wait-
9 Days ago
Me and my lovely nemesis Serendibite have been exchanging very wholesome letters 😊

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

As you may observe, the two of us have finally come into good terms after the Great Cake War and will expect to be buddies after approximately 100 skygifts 😁😁😁
9 Days ago
I had a thought of writing Phantasia on PH before I post it on Wattpad because:

1. I need opinions about the story from people other than my friends lmao-
2. I thought it would motivate me to write it more and doing somewhat regular updates on it

Meh, I'm still thinking about it 🤔😪
9 Days ago
Oh dear god what have I done- 🤣🤣🤣

Note: Contains spoilers about the new update on Wrydeer so if for any reason you do not want to be spoiled on how to obtain it, don't look at this 😶

oh, and this is just a joke lmao. Dont mind the rushed drawing I barely have time to do it lmao-
10 Days ago
I cannot unsee the Stantler having a concert on the snowy mountains and trying to be pied piper lmao istg-
10 Days ago

Yes it's a lazy drawing and lazier coloring... shhhhhh... 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️
10 Days ago
I actualy finished my new profile pic in like half a day-

I love what I decided to do this year hehheheh 👀

Now to wait until October to show it 😂
12 Days ago
I know it's not October yet but I'm already readying my spoopy profile pic for this year 🤣🤣🤣

Last time I did witch Haunterz. What do you think I'll do this year? 👀👀👀

I am quite excited for it hehehheheh
12 Days ago
Me: wants to get back into RPing more frequently

Also Me: can't even find the mood, energy nor time to write as much anymore and also busy thinking about Phantasia, school and art stuff ⚰

Seriously, I want to be able to write more again my writing is starting to get rusty 🥲
13 Days ago
• Hunterz • is level 1500 now 🐺
14 Days ago
Can I please just say how amazing their art is hshshshshshsh? Poseidon is screaming rn at how pretty he looks q////q <33333

It was an art gift too hshshshsh, it definitely made my day TTwTT

Thanks a lot Cardboard_Spaghetti >////<
15 Days ago
Whenever I need to change something on the first post in my art shop, I keep forgetting how hell long and messy my coding is 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️
15 Days ago

"Poseidon's soul is kept within the governments main base. We'll have to break in to get it"

"Hold up Kane, are you going now?"

"Of course I'm going now, I can't waste time or Poseidon would be lost forever"

"Look, if you're gonna break through their security, least you could do was change out of those poor clothes for a change. You're gonna gave to break in with more style than that, both tech and fashion wise"

✨Shaded lineart of Kane's new clothes✨
20 Days ago

┌─── ∘°❉°∘ ───┐

└─── °∘❉∘° ───┘



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