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• Hunterz •
(Lycanroc (Dusk))
707310,249 / 1,501,669
• Aquilo •
(Sandslash (Alolan))
21889,542 / 143,227
• Lumi •
(Mega Frosmoth)
16029,113 / 77,281
~Raylong Quest~
682,381 / 14,937

Quote from Me
Hunterz , ♀️
15 year old busy student
Has quite unstable emotions

Quote from <3

Feel free to add me to your friendlist or ask for help. I'm usually open and friendly but I might get a little awkward if you chat with me for the first time

Quote from Some Forewarnings
Like everyone else, I have problems in life and constantly have to deal with family issues and stress from school. I might accidentally lash out or get a little angry and I would like to apologize in advance in case I ever hurt any of your feelings. Don’t take it to heart, I was probably just having a hard time.
I almost never and I mean never block people for no reason because I never have the heart to do that. If I do block you, it’s maybe because you’ve gone over the limit.
I don’t mind giving stuff away but please do take note I also have the decision to say yes or no. Please don’t force me to do it because I have stuff to do here too.

Forgive me if any of this sounds rude or harsh. I have no intention of hurting anyone and would just like to warn beforehand. Thanks for taking the time to read ^^

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Game Time: 506:06 Hours
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Starter Pokémon: Swampert


So they decided to cut off the water supply in the middle of the scorching hot season and during lockdown
Today, 04:44
Friend: "What's your most used emoji?"
Me: 💤
Friend:"... I thought you don't sleep-"
Anyway, out of curiosity, how about you guy? ;3;
Yesterday, 00:57
My friend: *Summons the 4 artist in the gang and challenges us to draw some random character*
Also her: The person you draw will be the guy you have a crush on
My other 3 friends: *Shook at the fact that what she said was kinda true*
Meanwhile me: *Drew Todoroki*
But that was probably because I was watching BNHA before she called us and he was the only thing in my mind.
Or it it...
8 Days ago
My left arm is feeling weird lately,
What started with some little tingling in the morning became random electric-like shocks. My siblings aren't thinking about it seriously and said I was developing powers-
What's more, I had a weird dream of some half-fly, half-mosquito and half-wasp sting that arm and it caused it to swell really badly.
So I woke up and had to rub that arm repeatedly to make sure it wasn't actually cut off-
11 Days ago
<-- Changed my avatar temporarily for this spooky month :D
Might take a while to pop up
Guess who Tempest decided to dress up as XDD
12 Days ago
"By Gosth

Good morning, evening or night to yall, as you might know today is october 1st, the spookiest month of all, wich means that my birthday is near!
Well, every year since i joined this site, i like to do a giveaway, and this year won't be an exception.
So, what should i give away? Hmmm....

I know! I will give away some of my nuggets, not 50, not 500 but 1k nuggets that will be divided into 5 lucky participants
5th place: 50 nuggets
4th place: 100 nuggets
3rd place: 150 nuggets
2nd place: 200 nuggets
1st place: 500 nuggets

Okay, i think this is fair, but now, how to enter? Simple, just share this whole feed AND ❤ this feed, is very important that you heart it

This will end on october 20 as soon i wake up

Good luck to everyone!"

Happy early Birthday! <3
14 Days ago
The question on the English paper: "Write a story that includes the lines "The house they lived in as children now seems menacing"
The class weebs including me: *Thinks of promised neverland*

So much pressure this week. Being the 'smart' child what my mom calls it in the family is excruciating.
In addition to the upcoming 5 online test to cover up my O levels my dad asked me to help him write two essays about stuff I don't even learn and even help him do his exam, which was the same day as my Additional Maths and Physics test. I could barely sleep these days to revise as a student then work the whole day doing my dad's work. It's tiring 🤧
In the end, it's just like everyone in my family is using me...
18 Days ago
Me: Was very happy that I finally finished programming whatever task the teacher told me to do and was happily coloring some random drawing when-
The teacher: "Students, apparently the task we asked to do previously needs to be changed since your O levels are cancelled so I need you to programme another one.
Me: TwT
Thankfully this one was a little easier than the first one ;-;
20 Days ago
As usual, my parents dumped sent me and my siblings to our grandparent's house like whenever the family starts spiraling out of control.
But I love it here. It's like our refugee. Not to mention all the animals there that I can talk to spend time with. Spending time there gave me so many ideas on what to write too for the current 'book' (what my friend called it) I'm working on
It's been a while since I could sleep so peacefully and eat until I'm full. Though we're getting picked up tomorrow and I just wished I could just move here where its just so calm.
22 Days ago
I'm so done
There's nothing wrong with crying every once in a while. It hasn't been easy for all of my siblings this month.
But my parents just won't get us and keep making things worst. My mom would always hurt us and my dad was like a puppet on her strings who followed her.
Like, I had to give up my lesson so early in the morning to try and stop my parents from almost killing my little sister are you kidding me-
Luckily it all ended with only a bruise on my shoulder. Still bad, but it could've been worse
25 Days ago
I am clearly aware that I use my glasses when I shower
It drives my mother crazy but the reason I have to is because if I take them off, even if it was for 1 minute, I get seriously dizzy not forgetting I'm blind without them but my mom didn't accept my excuse and took them before I took my shower this morning
So I was not surprised that it ended up with a trip to the hospital and a brand new stitch on my head after falling in the bathroom 😑
26 Days ago
Normally I can deal with my mother's attitude but she's becoming too much for me this week
I mean, I wouldn't care less if she purposely ate my favourite snack in front of me while I starve
But she had to go as far as banning me and my siblings to drink cold water on a hot day and that was too torturous for me.
1 Month ago
By PokéRadar - 45 Minutes and 45 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Sandshrew (Alolan) hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #54)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.
Yay! :D
Now back to my dex...
2 Months ago
Just yesterday me and my friends were rejoicing because we finished our qualifying exams and planned to hang out at the mall today.
Then suddenly now we're on lockdown for at least 2 weeks XwX
2 Months ago
Me and my friend found a quote I really liked just now:
”The tallest, sturdy tree falls to the wind
A thin blade of grass bends without breaking”
2 Months ago
Chemistry practicals today :D
The teacher better be ready to have the lab almost burned down since my class is so careless
2 Months ago
What happens when I run on 2 hours of sleep for 2 days:
The book: Plano-lens
My eyes: Piano-lens
Answer: 15-13=2
My brain:15-13=12
My friend: "Whats the frequency of gamma rays again"
My brain: "Gangnam style"
2 Months ago
For once Additional Mathematics was actually easy
I dreamt about weeping for the paper but i was actually smiling while I was doing it XDDDD
2 Months ago
Expectations: Okay test starts at 10 30 am till 12 30 am and another at 1 00 pm until 4 00 pm so I can just study the entire morning and prepare for both exams in those few hours
Reality: Morning there is normal lessons and I cannot study for any of the test and just sit for them straight after studying something unrelevent to them and wasting much needed brain cells in that process
Is this school trying to drive me crazy-
2 Months ago
Yoshi now has a cute little pink colour >w<

The only thing keeping me sane in this crazy life
4 Months ago


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