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Posted: Sat, 23/09/2023 02:18 (3 Hours ago)
The ban is over for Bart~. Will he remember us??? We shall see...

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Posted: Thu, 21/09/2023 18:30 (1 Day ago)

I'll have Eris with Snom! Thanks for the reroll!

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Posted: Thu, 21/09/2023 16:40 (1 Day ago)
@~Fahrenheit~ thank you for accepting Nightrekra! This is going to be a fun RP!

Anywho, I'll confirm the Pokemon Partners that I think work best.

For Eris, can we get a reroll? I like the choices but something is telling me not to choose any of them...

For Emika, let's go with Espurr. It definitely feels like a good fit to Emika, lol.

For Nightrekra, let's go with Tinkatink. The Pokemon is really adorable yet strong at the same time. It feels perfect for Nightrekra; adorable yet strong.

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Posted: Thu, 21/09/2023 15:57 (1 Day ago)
As the tourist ship reached the island of Soulien, its horn sounded, drawing the attention of many on the ship and on the shoreline. One of which was a figure cloaked in dark fabric, despite the sunny weather. They had been digging in the sand of the shore, where the waters brought up many items and many people absentmindedly dropped stuff of value. The cloaked figure looked up from where they were digging, revealing beneath the hood a pair of golden eyes, which widened in surprise as the ship landed at the docks.

Eris the Shiny Froslass quickly got up from where she had been kneeling in the sand. The ship meant tourists, tourists meant trainers, trainers meant the possibility of being captured. Being a Pokemon, and a Shiny Pokemon to boot, was dangerous whenever new trainers arrived. Many of the region of Soulien feared the 'Golden Frost', a nickname Eris had earned from her time in the region. However, this was fresh faces, newbies who weren't familiar with the region. They didn't fear what they didn't know. Thus, Eris abandoned her digging to flee...

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Posted: Thu, 21/09/2023 02:01 (2 Days ago)

Character Name: Eris Everlast
Age: 10
Gender: Female | Pronouns: she/her

House: House Of Hearts
Major Class: Co-ordination
Additional Classes?: Culinary, Music, Sports


Originating from the mountains of Sinnoh, Eris is rather short for her age, due to neglect from her family. Her skin is pale white, with matching snow white hair. Her eyes are a piercing golden yellow. She, despite her scars, is a truly ethereal being.


Eris comes off as super shy and closed off at first. But if you can break through her cold exterior, she is mischievous as an imp and sweet as sugar. She is also rather religious, believing in the Gods of the Pokemon World.

Partner: Snom

Other: Prefers Ice Types, alongside Ghost and Fairy Types. Is a bit afraid of Fire Types.

Character Name: Emika Tenshi-Smith
Age: 12
Gender: Female | Pronouns: she/her

House: House Of Swords
Major Class: Battle and Research
Additional Classes?: History, Math, Science


Average height for her age, strawberry red hair is held in twin pigtails. Pasty cream skin lies beneath her bangs. Cold grey blue eyes sit in her eye sockets. Enjoys Lolita fashion greatly.


Cold and distrustful, Emika has a slight superiority complex. This is not helped by her mental condition; Dissociative Identity Disorder...

Partner: Espurr

Other: Prefers Ghost Types, alongside Psychic Types

(I know I said I wouldn't but...)

Character Name: Nightrekra Shacordis
Age: 11
Gender: Female | Pronouns: she/they

House: House Of Hearts
Major Class: Co-ordination, Research
Additional Classes?: Science, Medical


Taller than average. Skin is as black as night. Her eyes are teal. Very long wavy powder blue hair with a red ahoge that sweeps down over the heart shaped face. She has surgical scars as well that are typically hidden by bandages.


Bubbly and cheerful, Nightrekra is a force to be reconned with. While she loves mischief/chaos, she is very polite as well. Highly social-able, but still a bit shy.

Partner: Tinkatink

Other: Loves Fairy and Ghost Types.

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Posted: Wed, 20/09/2023 01:42 (3 Days ago)

Eris Everlast

Eris soon found the dorm rooms. She slipped into her room while shuffling her tarot cards...

Emika Tenshi

Emika was in serious frustration. Getting ignored irritated her, and her mind was fighting her at every turn! She needed a release... For now she found her dorm room. It was with an... Alchemist? Whatever... She stormed her way into her dorm room...

Nightrekra Shacordis

Nightrekra paused to look at everything. So many shiny things!!!

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Posted: Sat, 16/09/2023 03:14 (7 Days ago)

Rosewater Cookie skipped out of the cottage, following the proclaimed leader of the quest. She was quite excited. She and some other Cookies were going on a grand quest! And she knew a bit about their first location!

"By the yellow sun and the moon's gleam, unlock the pond to be seen."
Black Lily Cookie nearly panicked when the downed Cookie whispered this then passed out again. Black Lily went over the words carefully. It must have been an incantation... And unfortunately, it probably needed to be said out loud to activate it. She rubbed her throat gently, hoping she had enough vocal practice to say the line... Black Lily made sure the Cookie was comfy and covered before turning back to her map. With a wince, Black Lily opened her mouth and did her best to speak. "By the y-yellow sun-n an-nd the moon's g-leam, un-nlock the pon-nd to be seen-n." Black Lily did her best, but ended up in a coughing fit after the last syllable. Too much for her throat it seemed...

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Posted: Fri, 15/09/2023 16:01 (7 Days ago)
Claim! I will be doing 🦈☀️👻 (shark, sun, ghost)
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Based on a Ghost Shark (real thing!)

For next user:

🃏🌘👾 (Playing Card, Crescent Moon, Computer Virus)

🥀💔🍫 (Wilting Rose, Broken Heart, Chocolate Bar)

🎶🧷💎 (Music, Safety Pin, Diamond/Gem)

Fakemon or Real-mon are welcome!

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Posted: Tue, 12/09/2023 15:07 (10 Days ago)
With breakfast finished, a tour was on way. Eris remained under her cloak, but her eyes widened in surprise upon seeing one of the Guardchomps' pictures was shiny. Maybe... she didn't need to hide herself here...? Her eyes narrowed when the lead Guardchomp mentioned Mewtwo and the cloning machines... Something was up...

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Posted: Tue, 12/09/2023 14:59 (10 Days ago)

Rosewater Cookie giggled. "Amaryllis City IS really big! It's also VERY high tech as well!" She said happily. She remembered the city from multiple visits for family reunions. Rosewater quickly prepared for the trek and journey ahead...

Black Lily Cookie lip-read what the Cookie was saying. "Pond...in...for...rest... Pond in forest!' BLC nodded in understanding. She brought out a folded up paper, unfolding it to reveal a large map. Looking it over, she found a couple of ponds. She turned the map to the other Cookie, pointing to each pond and its name to see which one she would need to go to...

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Posted: Mon, 11/09/2023 23:34 (11 Days ago)

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Posted: Mon, 11/09/2023 23:33 (11 Days ago)
Murder. All while singing 'Highway to Hell'

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Posted: Mon, 11/09/2023 15:08 (11 Days ago)
Eris followed the other Pokemon to the breakfast room. She could feel the hunger in her gut. Usually she had to go after a Pokemon to satiate her hunger, but at least food was offered...

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Posted: Sun, 10/09/2023 23:44 (12 Days ago)
Can anyone hear me?
I'm getting worried...
Things have been so quiet...
Are we dying?
So soon?

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Posted: Sun, 10/09/2023 02:23 (13 Days ago)
As the new day's light rose and entered the bedrooms of the newcomers to New Island, the sunlight awoke one particularly sensitive Pokemon. The Pokemon rubbed their eyes gently as they sat up. It took a moment or two to remember where they were and what was going on. Memory reset and reloaded, the Pokemon got off the bed and floated over to a duffel bag. This was one of two the Pokemon had brought with them. Digging through it, the Pokemon found what they were looking for; a black cloak with pale blue trimming. The Pokemon put it on, making sure to close the front to hide the proof of their uniqueness.

Eris, the Shiny Froslass, now adequately covered in cloth, exited her bedroom, ready to truly set 'foot' onto the grounds of New Island. As she left the room, she made sure to grab the booklet filled with activities in it. She began to read carefully...

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Posted: Sat, 09/09/2023 20:26 (13 Days ago)
Edited my entry post.

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Posted: Fri, 08/09/2023 19:44 (14 Days ago)
(Knew she'd get denied. One day I'll make an OC that can be a Pokemon Trainer...)
Species (What Pokémon): Shiny Froslass
Name: Eris
Nickname(Optional): N/A
Description: Eris is a Shiny Froslass, covered in thin blue scars. Often wears a cloak to hide her true appearance and carries a bag tied to her waist which is filled with gems and stones.
Nature/Personality: Impish (+Defense, -Sp. Attack). Kind yet very shy. Mischievous yet religious, deeply believing in the strength and might of the Legendaries and Mythicals.
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Moveset: Ice Fang, Draining Kiss, Icy Wind, Hex
Ability (Hidden abilities are allowed): Cursed Body
Trainer (If applicable/wanted, put username of person who caught you/character you made as trainer): N/A
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The Light casts no Shadow upon the one's who serve the dark.

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Posted: Fri, 08/09/2023 15:24 (14 Days ago)
I want to RP with you!
Username: ShatteredDiamond
Character name: Eris
Character Pokémon: Shiny Froslass Moveset: Ice Fang, Draining Kiss, Icy Wind, Hex
Something additional(like personality or Shadow state):
⭕Personality: Kind yet shy. Mischievous yet religious.
⭕Backstory: Was neglected by her large family of normal Snorunts and Glalies. When she accidentally evolved into a Froslass, the family exiled her...
⭕Additional Details: Very thin, severe trust issues, often seen wearing a black cloak, enjoys and excellent at digging for 'treasures'
Shiny: yes
Tera Type: Psychic
Other: What is a Shadow State?

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Posted: Thu, 07/09/2023 16:15 (15 Days ago)

Rosewater Cookie, having finished eating, assisted the Cookie who was cleaning up.
"It's time for us to pack up- those that are going with me to Amaryllis City."
This caught Rosewater's attention. Amaryllis City was a high tech place. Her family actually had connections there, mainly through flowers and familial ties. The futuristic technology they had helped the flowers live longer after being cut, helped enhance their colors and scents, even helped in the growing process. A couple of her mother's siblings worked at the Alyssum Hospital and one of her own sister's worked in the Heather Mall. But Rosewater had to ask, "Why do we need to go to Amaryllis City?"

Black Lily Cookie watched the downed Cookie attempt to speak. She carefully watched her mouth something. 'Blu... Lo... Tus'. BLC quickly connected the dots. She wrote and showed a new message. "You need a Blue Lotus Flower?"

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Posted: Mon, 04/09/2023 23:07 (18 Days ago)

Rosewater Cookie smiled wide at the pancakes and array of spreads. "Thank you both!" She exclaimed to the two who made the pieces. She was delighted to taste a dash of rosewater in the jam, alongside flowers, mango, and peaches. She took a few pancakes, spread some chocolate past on some of the pancakes, and the jam on the others, and happily began eating, swinging her legs under her chair as she late.

Black Lily Cookie noticed the Cookie with her awaken. She had opened her eyes, but seemed frozen in place, unable to move at all. Noticing her looking around the shelter BLC had taken them to, Black Lily gave a small smile. She took out a notebook and scribbled on it for a few moments with a pencil. When she stopped she held the page in a way the down Cookie could read it from. It read, "No need to panic. We are safe for now. I will try my best to help, as I am not a Healing Class Cookie. Do you understand? Blink once for yes, twice for no"

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