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Posted: Fri, 01/07/2022 00:51 (10 Hours ago)
I won't let this die...

Eris had finished her praying session and was looking around. She spotted the Hoopa imitating a human Pokemon trainer and couldn't help a small giggle. It was quite funny! Carefully hiding her necklace away, Eris the Shiny Froslass began to float about, wandering the area here and there, looking for either food or entertainment. Or both if she was lucky.

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Posted: Fri, 01/07/2022 00:46 (10 Hours ago)

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Posted: Fri, 01/07/2022 00:29 (11 Hours ago)
How is that physically possible???

Waiter! There's a Boston Creme Pie in my soup!

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Posted: Thu, 30/06/2022 23:34 (11 Hours ago)


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Posted: Thu, 30/06/2022 21:28 (14 Hours ago)
Eh. I've seen cuter.

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Posted: Thu, 30/06/2022 19:46 (15 Hours ago)
Ooo! What kind of weird RP???

Waiter! There's a Pikachu skeleton in my soup!

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Posted: Thu, 30/06/2022 19:44 (15 Hours ago)
All this planetary stuff is confusing!

I burned down the Team Rocket base because they hurt the first incarnation of my shiny Froslass OC, Eris.

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Posted: Thu, 30/06/2022 18:15 (17 Hours ago)
Well done @Cherry_Blossom!

It is indeed Tyrunt!

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Posted: Thu, 30/06/2022 18:12 (17 Hours ago)
Another Riddle Time!

I come from a time long ago.
Did I change? Scientists don't know.
My jaws alone can crush a car.
Get me angry, you won't get very far.

Immune to none, weak to six,
I'll happily play around with sticks.
With my typing being a casual duel,
People might get hurt if I play or fool.

What Pokemon am I?

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Posted: Thu, 30/06/2022 17:15 (18 Hours ago)
Oh boy...

Waiter! There's a compulsive gambler in my soup!

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Posted: Thu, 30/06/2022 17:10 (18 Hours ago)

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Posted: Thu, 30/06/2022 14:17 (21 Hours ago)
Wonder what it's doing in there?

Waiter! There's a fire extinguisher in my soup!

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Posted: Thu, 30/06/2022 01:06 (1 Day ago)
Being a librarian can be tough.

I burned down the Daycare because I can't get a shiny.

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Posted: Thu, 30/06/2022 01:04 (1 Day ago)

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Posted: Thu, 30/06/2022 01:03 (1 Day ago)
So respectfully
I'm not a piece of cake
For you to just discard
While you walk away
With the frosting of my heart
So I'm taking back
What's mine, you'll miss

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Posted: Thu, 30/06/2022 00:01 (1 Day ago)
(・o・) Another one?!

Waiter! Mommy Long Legs is in my soup!

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Posted: Wed, 29/06/2022 22:11 (1 Day ago)
Poor thing forgot sunscreen.


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Posted: Wed, 29/06/2022 22:05 (1 Day ago)
Those were two different songs but are basically about La Llorona, the Weeping Woman.

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Posted: Wed, 29/06/2022 22:01 (1 Day ago)
Multilingual soup, what do you know??

Waiter! La Llorona is rising from my soup!

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Posted: Wed, 29/06/2022 20:37 (1 Day ago)
La llorona ¿Qué pasó?
Se te fueron tus hijos.
¿Cómo va la excavación?
Para ti no hay salvación.

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