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Posted: Thu, 25/05/2023 00:51 (3 Days ago)

Calin took not of Lysander's flat tone, taking it as a sign of annoyance. The man's shoulders pulled in closer to himself, appearing just a touch smaller. "I- I brought other books to if- if that's not to your liking." He said awkwardly, attempting to keep the avian from getting angry with him. Of course with Lys being so stubborn Calin would have to pick which to upset now... Cado or Lysander?

"I know it's not pleasant. I- I could help if you need." He tried to offer. Cado would kill him if Lysander died or something. "It was difficult for me too at first... you could close your eyes it helps. pretend it's like... a fruit or steak or something else you like. I dunno. Sorry." He mumbled, of course he still found himself quickly dismissed, so he shut his mouth with an audible snap, backing out of the room. He apologized one more time before shutting the door.

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Posted: Wed, 17/05/2023 13:41 (11 Days ago)
He had watched as Alethea's feathers seemed to stand upright, taking a nervous step back. That was usually a sign of anger. Was it about to attack him? Seilan figured that it may surely he able to outrun him, given it could likely fly, and he could not. His eyes seemed glued to the heron even as Lysander introduced himself.

"Does it..." His hand mimed a sort of biting action, to try and convey what he wanted to ask, "Lysander Voronova?" Seilan took another step back just to be safe. He seemed to struggle to pronounce Lysander's name. The Aferis was also trying to process what the stranger had said. His world... home? was quite love...ly. His home was of love? The Aferis seemed to puff up pridefully as he attempted to put together Lysander's meaning. Yes, his home was of love. He thought.

But it was not Lysander's home. He wanted to go home. Seilan could understand that feeling. His wing seemed to tilt downward in a half expression of thoughtfulness. "There is outsider metal fly." He tried to explain, trying to use his hands to draw out a ship in the air. "Rest near outside Aferi home. Catch one, Lysander Voronova go home." He nodded, hoping that his avian companion could understand his meaning. Basic was such a confusing language...

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Posted: Wed, 17/05/2023 02:17 (11 Days ago)
After a few hours there was another knock on the door. Calin stood outside the door, waiting to hear any indication that Lysander was still inside and perhaps a verbal cue to enter. After receiving a response, the white haired man stepped inside the room, an armful of books nestled in between his side and elbow. "I uh... I brought some books." He said, shuffling to the desk to set them down. "I wasn't sure what kind of genre you like so I brought a small variety. I hope that's okay." Calin's words slowly tailed off as he spotted the crow on the ground, his gaze then turning to face the avian.

Oh. Cado had come, and apparently pulled on of his stupid little jokes. Calin figured this one maybe went too far... then again, when did they not. He considered bringing Lysander something else but the idea was quickly shut down before he could think on it too much. Calin couldn't risk Cado getting mad with him again. "I did find one about the basics of vampirism if maybe you want to take a look at it. Sorry if not... you should also really drink. Even if you don't want too. It's worse if you starve yourself, trust me."

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Posted: Sun, 14/05/2023 04:03 (14 Days ago)
Seilan had quickly stepped back seeing the heron spring to life, very clearly startled by the sudden movement and sound. The Aferin's heart raced as he watched the strange creature. He hadn't seen anything like it before. It frightened him. His wing stiffened behind him, seeming to retreat into his body for a split second before trying to splay out defensively.

White eyes seemed torn between watching Alethea and Lysander, a soft white glow giving hint to the worried frown on his face. So it spoke in the outsider language. He could try to speak it for them. Seilan knew how he just didn't like to. The Aferin's frown deepened as he noticed the stranger's gaze linger on his wing for just too long, and it quickly pulled close against his back in shame, hiding it from view. He thought over what they had asked for a moment, trying to formulate a response. "I am Seilan. I am Aferis. This... is...? my home." He tried to gesture all around him to indicate the planet. He didn't know the word for it. "This."

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Posted: Sun, 14/05/2023 02:42 (14 Days ago)
Cado just smiled, tilting his head an inch. "Oh Lys... I don't care if you'd beg. I can do whatever I want and there's nothing you can do that would stop me." He at least scooted back from Lysander, standing up to stretch out his arms. The limbs seemed to crack as he did this.

"Man, that bed isn't too comfortable. I don't know how you tolerate it." His voice sounded nothing like the mockery it was meant to be. The vampire brought a hand to his lower lip, tapping at it thoughtfully. "Hm... I know I came in here for a reason but... why?"

Cado laughed almost to himself but more for a theatric effect as he finally seemed to pull a dead crow from nowhere. "Now I remember! You must be getting pretty hungry so I got you something." He tossed the dead bird at Lysander's feet. "So drink up. I'll see you later Birdie!" And with that, Cado was gone.

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Posted: Thu, 11/05/2023 01:32 (17 Days ago)

Seilan was walking by himself, as he did everyday since his exile. He sighed, shutting his eyes for a moment, running a hand against his neck. He was tired of the constant travel, but it wasn't like he had much of a choice. If the Aferis stood still for too long... well one of the many predators on this planet could catch up to him. A sudden shape suddenly dropped out of nowhere in front of him, hitting the ground with a thud. Perhaps he had already been found.

The Aferis took a quick step back, eyes wide as he stared at the figure. It... wasn't like anything he had seen before. He inched closer to it, tilting his head as he tried to study... whatever it was. It looked like one of the outsiders but... also like an Aferis. What were they doing all the way out here? They weren't exactly close to any civilization, at least to Seilan's knowledge. "Hello?" He called out, in his native tongue at first. He carefully nudged one of their wings with his foot, still trying to keep his distance.

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Posted: Wed, 10/05/2023 02:26 (18 Days ago)
Cado stared at Lys for a moment, the smile still seeming frozen on his face. He watched as the avian tried to back up, his smile adjusting into more of a smirk. He reached his hand to try and pull Lys's away from their neck as the action was made. "Oh come on now, I won't bite. Again. It would serve little purpose at this point." He laughed.

The man idly listened to Lysander's threat, just giving a quiet hum. "That would require you leaving, and I can think of plenty of reasons why you may not want to do that." He started to say, "It's a dangerous place out there for us vampires, don't you know? You'd be killed in just a few days, you would wish you never left, praying for me to find you. So don't start thinking about chasing after some measly plant." He laughed to himself.

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Posted: Thu, 04/05/2023 03:54 (24 Days ago)
Cado just continued to laugh, even as he watched the avian's hand lash out. The man didn't even seem to flinch as a sharp stinging sensation was now felt on his cheek. His eyes looked to the raised hand for a moment, his laugh stopping rather suddenly as his gaze then slid over to meet Lysander's eyes. "Now come on, you and I both know there's nothing you could do to scare me."

A short manic giggle escaped him as he sat up, leaning closer to Lysander. It was funny to him, that after all this Lysander still thought he could make any sort of threat. To think that the avian could try to intimidate Cado when he knew that he was his only option for survival. Cado blinked, placing his head on his hands. "But I'd like to see you try. Go ahead, hit me again." He gave an arrogant grin.

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Posted: Tue, 18/04/2023 03:53 (1 Month ago)

Hm, so Cado was already bored again he supposed if he wanted to pick up some kind of new companion. Calin... should mind more but he didn't. Anything that kept his brother busy really. Calin just wanted some time alone to read without having to worry about being tormented every few seconds, or having to try and tear his book back from his older brother. Although Lysander did not seem too pleased to be here. That did cause him to wonder but he quickly shook the thought. It wasn't like the idea should shock him.

He watched the avian survey the room silently, his own eyes giving the room a cursory glance. He rarely came back here to be honest, and he had to agree with Lysander. Maybe he could try to sneak some more color in here or something. Perhaps a book or two to keep the avian entertained. After all, he couldn't even see himself in this room. He blinked as the avian spoke, seeming to snap himself out of his thoughts.

"Oh right uh... just a few things I should tell you first.. Cado doesn't really like people leaving the clearing. Forests are off limits. there are uh... hunters out there anyways so it's not the best idea." He trailed off, shaking his head. "Doors stay unlocked and try to keep the volume down and uh... yeah just do whatever he says." He mumbled that last part, kind of frowning to himself. he rubbed his wrist with his hand. That was... about it. Awkwardly he quickly stepped outside to leave the avian to himself before scurrying away down the hallways once more.

Cado would walk back to Lysander's room a few hours after their initial arrival, figuring that was more than enough time for his new 'friend' to get comfortable. He opened the door without even knocking or announcing his presence. "Lys, guess who came to visit you~" He crooned rather loudly, flopping back onto the bed next to Lysander. "It's me, yes I know I'm the greatest." He praised himself with a laugh, splaying a hand on his chest in a dramatic fashion. He turned his head to look at the avian with a smirk.

"I sure hope Calin didn't get you all turned around, he can be such an idiot." He laughed again, wiping at his eyes as if he had been brought to tears by his own joke.

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Posted: Thu, 06/04/2023 03:53 (1 Month ago)
Calin frowned as he stared at the avian. Hmph. Maybe he shouldn't have expected anything different from one of Cado's new toys. He wasn't surprised that Lysander so quickly dismissed him, though there was a small inkling of dismay that made itself at home within his gut.

"Come on Calin, why don't you show our guest where he'll be staying?" Cado crowed, shaking the white haired man from his thoughts. Calin just glared at the ground as he turned to walk out of the room and down the halls. He just gestured for Lysander to follow. Honestly the faster he was away from his brother the better. He didn't lift his eyes from the flooring as he navigated the house.

"So. How'd you meet Cado?" He asked idly, though his tone indicated he really didn't care.

To be edited when not lazy and really tired ig

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Posted: Wed, 22/03/2023 15:48 (2 Months ago)
"Aww, have a little faith in me Birdie~" Cado crooned, shaking his head. "I promise we are almost there." Lysander seemed to have problems keeping up which was... slightly frustrating. At least he knew it would keep the avian from getting too far were he ever to try and escape. He gave the flashlight in his hand a smal flip before the finally emerged into a clearing in which the building Cado called home sat. He grabbed Lys by the wrist, pulling him up to the door which he flung open.

The door slammed into the wall, followed by a sound of something clattering to the floor in another room. "Cado!" A voice snapped, clearly frustrated by also rather jittery. A man stepped around the corner, his hair white and sharing Cado's face. He seemed to glare at his brother for a moment before their ga,e slid over to Lysander questioningly.

"Ah, that's right. I don't think you two have met!" He said cheerily, pushing Lys closer to the stranger and shutting the door. "Lysander this is Calin, Calin this is Lysander."

Calin just continued to stare at Lys, the ends of his mouth curling into somewhat of a frown as he stood there awkwardly. "Hi." He eventually said. Ugh, Cado was doing something again and Calin was going have to deal with whatever it was.

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Posted: Sat, 18/03/2023 03:50 (2 Months ago)
Cado continued to laugh as Lysander spoke to him with rather vile language. Oh he'd just have to correct that behavior, wouldn't he? "Now now, Lysander. That's no way to speak to me now is it?" He chided, kneeling down besides Lysander. He could hear the avian trying to ask him for something, blood, perhaps. It was something that would help the transformation process, which was most certainly why he would not provide it. He pet Lysander's hair as he shook his head, denying the avian's request. "No, I'm afraid you aren't going to get any blood. I have some, but it's not for rude little fledglings such as yourself." He said with a small laugh.

short idk what else to do lol

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Posted: Fri, 17/03/2023 02:44 (2 Months ago)
Cado laughed as Lysander fought back, doubling over but keeping a firm grip on the avian's wing and pulling it towards him. He released one of his wings to pry the hands away from his neck, twisting them to the side. The sadistic Sith grabbed Lysander by his hair, forcing his head back with a smirk before sharpened fangs dug into the skin on Lysander's neck.

The motion was quite familiar to Cado, though he didn't make anything quick or painless. Not by a longshot. Eventually however, he would pull away, laughing almost manically. "Oh that was fun." He said, lifting a hand to his mouth as if to stifle his laughter though he truly made no attempt to stop. "But I'm afraid you lost."

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Posted: Wed, 15/03/2023 03:26 (2 Months ago)
He just chuckled at Lys's response. "I am serious, and I think that I do deserve a thank you. I worked hard to bring you back, that's something anyone should be grateful for. Maybe you are just selfish." The man sighed, taking two steps back and pacing around Lysander once again. "You have always had such a prickly personality, I guess that's something not even dying can fix. Shame."

His head tilted ever so slightly to the side as he listened to the avian's offer. Then a smile crossed his face. Yes, this was why Cado appreciated Lys so much, he knew what Cado would find most entertaining. Cado's games never felt so one sided when he played with the alien. "You've captured my interest, bird brain," he returned the insult, "just don't get your hopes up too high. I've always been the better fighter." He waved his hand as Lysander found the restraints holding him loosen and free him. Cado had already readied himself for a fight and left little time for Lys to even stand before he darted forward to grab the avian by his wings.

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Posted: Mon, 13/03/2023 04:06 (2 Months ago)
Cado rolled his eyes at Lysanders's response. "You're rather rude today, aren't you." He belittled the avian with a tsk. "You really ought to lighten up, stress kills you know." He joked, turning away from Lysander and audibly cackling at his own sense of humor. When he finally looked back at Lysander he pretended to wipe a tear from his eye.

"You are mad at me, though I can hardly imagine why. It's not like it's entirely my fault you are in this situation. Had you not wanted to be at my own mercy you should have considered simply not dying." A twisted smile crossed the man's face as he said this, lifting the scratched hand to brush his hair back and smearing a faint trail of blood across his forehead. As if to set a reminder that despite his annoying and offsetting attitude, Cado found Lysander's pain and torment as far more than humorous. He always enjoyed watching people squirm and grow enraged. He liked pushing their boundaries until they cracked and inevitably displayed their anger. It was nothing but a game to Cado.

He moved closer to the shaliz'na, still wearing the sharp toothed grin on his face. "And let's not forget who helped bring you back from that miserable nothingness we all call death. Surely a little thank you wouldn't hurt, would it, 'Lys'?" He lightly taunted, slightly leaning forward, just out of Lysander's reach.

(A little rusty but I tried lmao)

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Posted: Mon, 07/11/2022 18:59 (6 Months ago)
Haha yess. Imma try and put up some characters today if I can find time.

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Posted: Tue, 04/10/2022 18:22 (7 Months ago)
"Did I know?" Cado questioned at Lysander's words, giving yet another small laugh. This whole thing was already more amusing than he had thought it was going to be. "Of course I knew, I mean this whole thing was pretty much my idea. 'Course don't let these aliens figure that out, they wouldn't like that very much and I'd hate for all this to be ruined."

He pulled his hand back, staring at the small cut for a second before looking at Lysander. "I'm trying to be nice you know, there's no need to be so defensive. We were friends, remember?" The former sith watched the rather extreme reaction (in his opinion) to his words. "Hm, no thanks I think I'll pass. Though your attempt at a threat is rather funny, you pick that up from Grahl's later pet?"

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Posted: Sun, 31/07/2022 16:18 (9 Months ago)
Username: Eli_Vanto
Name: Tennyr Cavdell
Age: 25
Species: Mirialan
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Game: Star Wars: The Old Republic
Appearance: This is the best image I have of him rn
Personality: Tennyr is willing to do whatever it takes to protect those around him and complete his missions. He despises the Sith and Imperials and will not hesitate to get rid of them, same for anyone even aligned with the Sith Empire. Tennyr isn't your picture perfect Jedi, acting quite the opposite if anything, but he still seems... somewhat rooted in the light.
Abilities: SWTOR Lightning Sorc abilities, he basically go zap with force lightning
Password: ralph
Palpad: ye
Other: first time Tennyr is being used here on Pokeheroes, wow.

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Posted: Mon, 27/06/2022 04:06 (11 Months ago)
Calverus had posted himself up on higher ground, the ground being that of a tree branch so maybe not really ground. He blinked, shaking his head. The feline-like figure was trying really hard to sulk since he had gotten into that argument with Lysander. His tail was twitching against his skin in irritation, still stuffed under his shirt. He didn't want to move again, hence why he had not only fought with Lysander, but left him to pack up alone. It seemed like Lysander was always trying to keep him from having fun, a total stick in the mud. Calverus had quite liked it here, there was a bunch of neat things to look at and a fun place to just goof around and go explore. It was familiar, it was his, so why did they have to leave?

The feline huffed, wriggling his feet on the branch before sliding off and smacking back down onto the dirt. He brushed off his hands and legs of any dirt, slightly irritated by the dusty feeling. He ran his hands through his hair as well just to be sure before starting to trot over to Lysander's last known location. As much as Calverus didn't want to leave the thought of being left behind scared him more than anything, so it was back to Lysander. When he came upon his corvid companion standing outside he couldn't help but snicker seeing the load of bags they were very possibly struggling to carry at this moment.

"Oh, Lysander!" He crowed in a teasing voice, "You weren't thinkin' of leaving without me, were ya?"

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Posted: Fri, 10/06/2022 16:41 (11 Months ago)


[Species Classification]:
Near-Human (Torracat)

Flamethrower | Fire Fang | Bite | Scary Face | Double Kick | Fury Swipes

[Current Stamina]:

For the most part, Calverus appears very humanlike especially from a distance. Closer up it becomes more clear what he is. His ears being replace with dark furred ears, often tucked behind his fluffy red hair the slowly fades to a similar darker shade lower down. His eyes are those of a Torracats, similar in shape and color. His top two canines are much sharper, accenting a number of his nasty expressions. He's got a tail, though he usually tries to keep it hidden, wrapped around his body under his clothing. He typically wears a high collared, long sleeved shirt under a graphic tee. The high collar usually ends up framing the fire bell around his neck. He stands at around 4' 8".

Childish and volatile, Calverus isn't an easy one to be around. Simple conversations can quickly dissolve into violent arguments from just a few poor word choices. His nasty exterior unknowingly covers up his more sensitive nature. Perhaps a paragon of the nature vs nurture arguments Calverus is caught in a massive conflict between who he is by nature, and who those around him have forged him to be.For all his efforts to try and push people away he still finds himself clinging to those few constant figures in his life. If their actions don't match up with his personal image of them he jumps to rash and antagonistic conclusions, always painting his companions in a power-hungry and selfish light. Even with this all in mind he is very possessive of his allies, and if he feels like he's been abandoned in any sense he begins to slip into his victimizing mindset.Calverus never stops to think before he acts, lives his life simply reacting to the different obstacles thrown his way. His impulsive behavior tends to make his problems worse, but by the time he's able to calm down and look at his situation it's grown out of control.

He insists on taking care of these problems by himself, and he won't accept help from others even when he's worked himself into another frenzy.Like his brother, Calverus can be very blunt with his words and opinions. He won't hesitate to voice out his insulting comments when he thinks of them, though his affronting vocabulary is about as expansive as a child's. Cal doesn't care much for those he's hurt across his destructive path until he's caught in one of his more vulnerable moments. When his emotions are running too high and keep conflicting with eachother Calverus scurries into solitude where he feels safe to work out his guilts.The more calm Calverus is at any given moment the more likely it is that small details of his former self pop-up. He'll act more childish, but in a sort of curious or harmless teasing kind of manner. He'll fawn over just about any creature (cats especially, they're his personal favorite animal!) and sticks extra close to Lysander, finding comfort in his brother (though Calverus might not ever admit that the two are related, or that he even cares at all). Cal still doesn't paint a picture of any sort of happiness while lie this, still frowning and acting a bit like a grump, but it's probably the best his mood will ever get.



Calverus found it hard to recieve the attention he craved as he grew up, struggling to meet the seemingly unspoken expectations placed upon him. When he was nine he caught sight of Lysander and was immediately intrigued by the older boy. He looked up to Lysander in everything and stuck close to his side. He wasn't oblivious to the boy's annoyance towards him at first, but still he stuck by Lysander's side. However as he grew up seeing Lysander being treated more differently he struggled to comprehend why the scientists did this. He kept striving to gain their affection, growing more frustrated and upset by his failures. Calverus would get angry each time Lysander succeeded where he failed, and their relationship began to deteriorated.

[Extra Details]:
Speaks human far more fluently than he does Pokemon, he really just knows the basics there.

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