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Posted: Mon, 11/09/2023 05:27 (11 Days ago)

The week-long festival was finally coming to an end, and the ever weary and exhausted Dahlee seemed surprisingly... disappointed. She and a small group of friends always attended these festivals as one of the many troupes, dressing up in an identical manner and choreographing a well esteemed dance for the duration of the day, it was something she always looked forward to. She loved doing something she enjoyed with the people closest to her, many she saw once in a blue moon, and just attending the festival in general excited her. Sure, doing something as intensive as this for a week-long period took a toll on her, but she found it absolutely worth it. It was always a bittersweet moment when they approached the final hours of the festival, never wanting it to end but at the same time, glad to have a break.

Of course, the last events of the day meant that the Monarch herself would be here, the moment Dahlee had been waiting for. Her eyes peered among the crowd with a smile, watching as many were enjoying themselves and dancing the day away. There were some who caught her eye, some who didn't match the rhythm established by the crowd, some who seemed a little off. They stuck out like a sore thumb to her, blaring in her vision and hooking her eyes onto themselves. The music and cheers began to drown out and muffle, colors began to blur and fade out of view until those who stood out were the only thing she noticed.

"Dahlee? Hey, you alright?"


The vibrant colors seeped back into her sight and he music begun once more. Those who stood out amongst the crowd now looked hardly distinguishable. Dahlee was standing still, she was supposed to be dancing along with her group but her body had faltered. Obviously it was noticeable, which warranted the question from one of the guys she was with. Her eyes flew over to meet his which her smile returning almost instantly. "Yup, just fine." Her tone was light-hearted as always, floating along with the small breeze.

But are you really?

That feeling she had, glancing among the crowds. It was a recurring one, one that always haunted her. One would most likely think nothing of it, considering how insignificant the feeling and the aftermath is, but something about it always bothered Dahlee. It wasn't the fact that they were rebels, she had mostly figured that out by now and didn't think much about it, but it was instead... Something else. It was something that sent a chill down her spine, reminded her of the fear she was burdened with. It reminded her, yet meant nothing to her at the same time. Like an odd case of deja vu, except the memory you think is real never actually came to mind, only the lingering feeling remained.

But Dahlee had a job to do, she couldn't dwell on the little things. She simply turned back around with a smile and continued her dance, acting as though nothing ever happened. Of course they didn't, right? Why would anything happen to her?

There wasn't anything wrong, right? Just odd feelings every now and then, odd occurrences, nothing more and nothing less, right?

Oh the festival, such a pleasant sight if it didn't have a story to tell. Lovely sights, a nice and uplifting energy all around, that's for sure. Such a shame the mood wasn't something Juniper could thoroughly enjoy, it was quite nice actually. If only things had been different, if only the festival had been for a better cause or even if he maintained his obliviousness, maybe he could enjoy it like everyone else. Today though, the only day he stood on these grounds, he simply looked upon them all with a sorrowful smile and a look of pity in his eyes. He knew everyone here was an unfortunate soul, yet no one ever seemed to want to turn from their ways.

Walking among the crowd felt like being a stranger in a small town, Yün could feel his own presence clashing with those around him, even as he "snuck" around towards his destination. A local brewery, owned by one of those who opposed the Monarch as well. In reality, he was taking his time, his demeanor nonchalant and his eyes set on taking in the world around him. Yün seemed to be in no rush to get to the "meeting", and his expression seemed just as cheerful as everyone else's to the naked eye.

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Posted: Fri, 08/09/2023 01:46 (15 Days ago)
10/10 i see nothing wrong here

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Posted: Wed, 23/08/2023 16:33 (30 Days ago)

QuoteOctober 12th, 2023
2:45 PM, MST


All the tributes had arrived on stage, all the theatrics were finished, and now they were instructed to enter the visitation room. The screen had long been shut off, leaving the Peacekeepers to do their job to guide the 2 chosen from each District. Some went without struggle, some protested, and some fought. Once instance was Liela, who wailed and screamed until her voice gave out and she was left with barely even a sound to match her pain-filled expression. She fought against the Peacekeepers, pushing them away until she didn't have the strength to fight any longer. She begged and begged for them to let her stay with her sister, but in the end she was dragged to the visitation room along with the male tribute. There, each of them met with their families for one last goodbye.


Mei... Well, she didn't exactly have any family or friends to come visit her. She simply stood in silence, arms crossed while she waited the excruciatingly long amount of time they were allowed before their fun little choo choo ride. She decided to just sit down, watch the male tribute hold a dangerously thin mask over himself as he had to say goodbye to his family. She recognized his dad, one of the best blacksmiths in town. She also knew him as the guy who was very fun at parties, the local tavern loved him.

Now, how would she know that? Said tavern served some damn good juice of course, her favorite was the grape one. Rarely had to pay, even if she insisted. That man was somehow wealthy enough to supply the entire bar full of people with drinks, and honestly she wasn't going to question it.

Mei rarely saw his mother though, always at home doing the chores, she was a softspoken and gentle woman. Good family, always reliable as well. Such a shame their only son was essentially being sent off to war. They all looked heartbroken, especially the tribute himself. She had a feeling there was something else bothering him, but she couldn't quite place her finger on it. Maybe he personally knew one of the victors? There were a lot of them for her District after all. Oh well, she didn't really care.

They all tried to remain strong, say they were proud of their son, hoping he would do well. They were already saying their goodbyes, nothing was guaranteed after all. It was nice, honestly, nothing like any of the horror stories of the visitation rooms she had heard from snooping around on the victors.

Soon though, the time was up, and they all gave their final hugs and usured their son off to the train, right behind Mei. Now, she wasn't paying attention, but she swore she could've heard them wishing her the best as well.

Aww how sweet, totally needed that. She almost laughed at the absurdity of it all, but instead she just continued onward without a sound to be made.


Mar went along without a fight, keeping his head up and eyes ahead, walking slowly to the room along with the Peacekeepers. Once there, a small commotion began, and his side was soon crowded by a group of familiar faces. A sigh was let out from his lips, and a small, melancholic smile cracked through his hardened expression. He knelt down to meet them face-to-face, not yet saying a word. He only listened, listened to their sobs, listened to their shaky breathing, listened to their pleads. They didn't want him to go, even from a young age most of them knew what was to come. He didn't dare say a word, he didn't dare move, he only let them embrace his presence and beg to him to stay. He knew that if he moved, his shell would crack and crumble. Not now, he couldn't do that now.

Time was almost up, the Peacekeepers gave the notice. Mar stood up and looked at the figure in the corner, shrouded in clothes and a hate-filled aura. She had not said a word since coming here, but her sharpened glare spoke a thousand words. She hoped he would never return, she hoped the kids she brought would feel the pain of watching him slowly die. She didn't dare speak, but her gaze matched his. It was intimidating, terrifying even, but Mar simply walked away and his smile dropped almost instantly.


uhhhhhhhhhh i'll finish her later

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Posted: Tue, 22/08/2023 01:21 (1 Month ago)

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- Welcome, Sister! -

Dahlee Statum



Dahlee stands at around 5'9 and has an average build, not too skinny but still in pretty good shape. She has fair, tanned skin and freckles spreading across her nose and cheeks. Her chocolate brown, silky hair is usually tied in a thick, long braid that she typically keeps sideswept. Her red eyes resemble rubies rather than blood, and her demeanor always seems to radiate a relaxed, kind aura. She typically wears fancier clothing, mostly in bright colors (specifically white and gold), and has a strange affinity for fishnets. Honestly, her outfits are just white emo/punk/goth style.

Dahlee is a kind, compassionate individual who cares deeply about others. She speaks in a slow, whimsical tone that almost sounds like she's half asleep, but either way it is soothing and quite pleasant to listen to. She's not one for violence or conflict, but strangely, she is quite skilled in handling it well, both physically and verbally. She always believes in second chances, never judging a book by its cover, and will always try to see the good in others. Dahlee is smart, though, she knows her limits and can easily get a good read on others. She may seem oblivious and "too bubbly", but she is one to use a lighter mask to become unpredictable. The rest is TBRPD

🎶 But I'm a believer~ 🎶

Fears, Strengths and Weaknesses:
Dahlee fears being forgotten, left out, and disregarded. She dreads the idea of being bland and blending in with the crowd, always trying her best to make herself unique so she can be noticeable. She also fears being alone, isolation, the lack of stimulation. Over the years she has come to find out that she has an odd case of amnesia, unable to remember most of her life and oftentimes even forgetting what happened in the moment. The only thing she can remember consistently is the Monarch, which led to her clinging on to that memory like her life depended on it. Due to her frequent memory loss, she has begun to become obsessed with constant stimulation, constant reminders of things she wants to keep in mind. Oh, and did I mention she hates spiders?

Dahlee, as naiive and optimism-drugged as she seems, can be quite stern and "realistic" if need be. She is great with people and can get along with most, knowing exactly how to change her attitude around specific people. While she despises being considered a good manipulator due to its negative connotation, it's undeniable that she is. She really only wants things to be positive and uplifting and will try her best to maintain peace. Physically, she is surprisingly capable and excellent with physical combat. Her strength is above average and her knowledge and quick thinking do her well in most situations.

Of course, excessive optimism comes with a price. At times, she can become blinded by her belief in others, leaving her vulnerable to betrayal. While she can deal with it well, it still leaves a heavy scar. Also, due to Dahlee's obsession over her memories, she can become too "lost in the moment" and prioritize it over something more important. She always tries to put other's needs before herself and assist anyone in any way she can, but she's not perfect. Her personality can also come off as annoying to some, often being seen as "too kind" or "too relaxed", which could lead to some conflict. Also, while she is quite skilled in combat, she relies more on strength rather than agility and speed. While she can still hold her own in those areas, it's something that could easily be her downfall.

Need I say more (she wields a massive fkn hammer)

Of course

Other (eg sexuality, job, hobby, etc):
All I know is that she's queer and she works as a teacher, she's great with children

Any questions?:
Can I pleaaaaseeee get a waffle

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- Welcome, Brother! -

Juniper Craeslyn, goes by "Yün"



Yün's years have obviously had a toll on him, one could easily tell his age (and some may say he looks older than he really is due to the stress) just by looking at him. He is 5'7 and appears to be on the heavier side, although with his thick clothing it's hard to tell. Yün's one light brown hair has begun to gray and fade, growing thinner over time, and his gold-colored eyes have been heavily aged. He has fair, light skin and typically dresses in sweaters and dark khaki pants.

Yün is a kind soul, softspoken and not quick to anger. He always prioritizes others and tries his best to maintain peace as much as possible. He doesn't involve himself in much, tending to stay away from any conflict or even simple conversation, but he always seems to have a gentle smile on his face. He's not much of a talker, but he loves talking about the simple things around those who are willing to be on the other end of the conversation. The rest is TBRPD (I promise he's not the same as Dahlee)


Fears, Strengths and Weaknesses:
Yün, while not shaken by the idea of is own death, fears watching others fall. He hates loss and isn't able to deal with the grief well, especially not after what happened most of his life. He also fears failure, leading him to be more hesitant when it comes to even starting a task in the first place.

He has accumulated a hefty amount of knowledge, serving him well in the situations it is needed most. He was always a quick learner and found joy in gathering all sorts of information, even from a young age. While not the best in combat (not anymore at least, due to his rapid decline in health), he still does wonders at a distance and is a great cheerleader :D Yün likes to think he is good with people, which may be true, but he definitely... has his moments.

Obviously, his age is a major weakness. While 56 isn't that old, the amount of stress and overexertion in his lifetime has definitely worn down on him. He is also more paranoid than the average person, never seems fully relaxed even when he tries to hide it. The rest is TBRPD ig

Pretty much any long-ranged weapons, specifically throwing knives and (if available) rifles. If not, crossbow.

Of course

Other (eg sexuality, job, hobby, etc):
He works as a cartographer, Yün loves travel and wished to see the world, but he is unable to do so. This left his job as an alternative. He still wears a gold wedding ring.

Any questions?:
Can I pleaaaaseeee get a waffle
Also, I hope an older character is alright 👀

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Posted: Mon, 21/08/2023 17:13 (1 Month ago)

QuoteOctober 12th, 2023
2:30 PM, MST


Mei sat through the presentation, becoming so bored she began to count the pebbles below her feet. It was like this every year, she never really cared about the theatrics until the names began to be called. Even a message from the president herself couldn't get Mei to care, it was all just blabbering anyways. Sure, she respected President Moon a little bit for her... unethical way of things, but she hated the government more, it wasn't enough respect to care much.

At least, not until her final sentence before the bodies started to drop. She lifted her head, not even a girl like her was immune to the confusion that swept among them all. The moment her eyes laid on the stage, corpses began to take the place of those who once stood there.

Her eyes widened. Those lavender irises stared in shock and excitement, the grin tugging at her mouth stayed dormant. She only knew a few of many victors that stood on stage, and absolutely none of them she had a care for.

"Welcome to the 101st Hunger Games, everyone. I will be your new host, and may the Games ever be on your favor. Please welcome your new tributes, Mei Akamatsu and [ Too lazy to come up with a name ] of District 2."


Well this was certainly interesting.

Mei stood in place for a moment, contemplating. It all happened so fast, really. The shock of witnessing those bodies, paired with her name being called? Yeah, sure was surprising. She only snapped out of it when she noticed a figure in white approach her out of the corner of her eye, in which she shot a glare in reply. The audacity and impatience of these men offended her, returning her glistening expression into one filled with annoyance. Her feet began to walk, not even bothering to look over at the male tribute as he walked forwards as well. Either willingly or forcibly by the Peacekeepers, she could not tell and she could not bother. She waved off the figures with a grumble and continued walking, whipping around to glare at a pushy Peacekeeper who dared to get too close. "You're a few years too late, a**hole... I know how to walk perfectly fine without some idiot holding my hand, go back to being a statue of a b***h will ya?" She snapped at them, groaning a little bit before continuing her walk up the stairs.

She paused, right before reaching the top of the stairs. The Peacekeepers were still standing behind her, not returning to their positions. "...Oh? You want some advice? Well, for starters, your stance is sloppy, you're such an eyesore among the crowd, no wonder why people hate you so much! I recommend at least doin' the wave while you're standing there, looking like an idiot. Maybe if you do it well enough, it'll scare District 2 into submission!" She waved her fingers as a goodbye as she winked, finally making it to the designated place set for her on stage. Among the land of bodies, on top of the entire District.

She could feel the president's eyes narrowing on the screen behind her, clearly not amused with her antics, but President Moon didn't dare say a word. District 2 wasn't the only one this broadcast was shared to, after all.


Mar stood in silence the entire time, his focus was mostly on the two children he brought with him. He could see both of them through the tiny openings in the bodies in front of him, there was so little people that it wasn't hard to see the front. They both looked scared, terrified of being drawn. It made his heart sink, but he did nothing and instead turned his eyes to the president.

He found it odd, sure, but nothing to be worked up about. A personalized message for an unplanned Reaping. He was just about to look back at the children before a loud thud caught his attention. His eyes whipped back to the stage, only to see the fallen. The chaperone, and the few victors that stood on stage. His silence was unshaken, but his unwavering control over his own body could not say the same. Mar's eyes grew, his hands began to shake, the dryness in his throat began to ache, and all he could do was look back down at those in front of them.

They were screaming, frantically trying to escape the horror in any way they could. Chaos broke loose, the children of the district began to scatter and fall out of their lines. Some tried to go back to their families, some tried to run on stage, but the circle of Peacekeepers prevented that from happening.

Mar went to the two children, who could only stand in shock. They stood staring at the blackened veins, the rolled eyes, the foaming mouths. Tears fell from their eyes. All he could do was turn them around and comfort them the best he could.

He knew not all the children in that cabin were truly orphans, some of them ran away from home and ended up there. Some of them left behind families, those that they were old enough to remember. He knew that one of these children had a victor up on stage, one they left behind. One that didn't even know they were still alive. They died thinking their little sibling died in the woods.

The crowd calmed down eventually and the president spoke once again. Mar never left the two he was with. Within a moment, the bodies in his hands, standing right next to them, began quivering once more. They looked back up at him, tears filling their eyes once again. Their wails and sobs were drowned out in his ears.

"Welcome to the 101st Hunger Games, everyone. I will be your new host, and may the Games ever be on your favor. Please welcome your new tributes, Minya Reedshaw and Daischön Zahpar of District 7."

...Him? Why... Him?

He couldn't move, he couldn't think, he only stood in silence. Only when the two standing next to him began to yell in protest at the Peacekeepers approaching did he move. He couldn't risk them getting hurt. He couldn't... He couldn't risk... He...

He knelt down, putting a small smile on his face. He put his hands on each of their shoulders. He couldn't hide the tear welling up in his eye. "I'll be fine, don't worry. I'll go, I'll be fine. Take care of everyone for me, alright?"

Those words hurt more than he could ever imagine. Never feel, never worry, just focus on living. That was what he lived by. Didn't care for much, but this... This hurt. He was saying those words for himself, hoping, praying they would be true. He had already accepted death long ago when it first started knocking on his door, but not like this. Not to these stupid games.

Eventually he got up, somehow his expression immediately hardening to the stoic stare that wrote his reputation. Swatting off the Peacekeepers, he made his way onto the stage, only being stopped by a harsh scream. A name. It wasn't his, but it was familiar. Was it...


It was the other tribute. He paused, looking between the one who cried out and the tribute he called out to. Within seconds the Peacekeeper already had it handled. Held a gun to his head. Let his body crumble. And all he could do was turn away. Keep walking. He couldn't even look back at the other tribute.

"I volunteer! I-I volunteer as tribute!"


Mar was already on stage, but his body froze as his gaze shot to the voice who spoke. It was an older girl, nicely dressed too. She... volunteered for Minya? It wasn't common for a volunteer in this District.

"I believe I have not made it clear enough, have I not? Miss Gutbourgh, the tributes were not chosen at random this time around. There will be no volunteers, those who have been chosen will be the final roster for the games."

...And another gun was sound. The one who attempted to volunteer crumpled to the ground, much like the one who cried out moments before.


Liela took her spot in front of the crowd, among other girls her age, waiting patiently for the Reaping to begin. Hands behind her back, stand up straight, smile. Be a good girl, this is the day you've been waiting for.

"Liela please, you don't want to do this! I-It's not a game! I... I don't want you to-"

Her smile faltered. She gazed upon her older sibling, walking up on stage. Stand up straight, smile. Smile and wave, the entire District is watching. She looked so positive, like she was proud to be one of the many victors. She looked so strong, unwavering, a shining star among dim lights. Even when a plague haunted the nation, she looked the same as she did years past.

"You watched, didn't you? You watched me? You saw what they did to me?!"

"You saw what they did to me?!"

Liela's blood ran cold. She locked eyes with Milla, the eyes stained with years and years of pain. She kept the smile on, Liela didn't. Even then, that smile seemed empty and faded.

They used you for entertainment, broke you down until you were a shell of a man. Force you to fill yourself up with fake, empty garbage and used you as a doll. She was right all along, wasn't she? This was the first time Liela had seen her sister this way, and the words she spoke this morning...

Before she could dwell on it any longer, the screen flickered on. The president began to speak. The bodies began to drop dead.

The bodies began to drop dead.

The president spoke and they all dropped. The Cleansing. They all dropped dead.

A scream broke out among the crowd. One much louder than the rest. It screamed one name and one name alone, a voice broken by wails and sobs within a moment. A little girl began clawing her way to the front, stumbling up the stairs. The Peacekeepers stepped in, restraining her, pushing her back, ready to fire the gun pressed to her temple. Before the shot could fire, the president spoke once more.

"Now now, no need to panic."

The president was unable to address the little girl directly, but she swore she could feel Moon stare directly at her tear-filled eyes through the screen. The Peacekeepers held her limbs so tightly she swore they would snap, but the pain didn't matter to her any longer. She kept fighting, kept screaming, kept desperately trying to reach the stage.

"I assure you that these measures are taken for the greater good of Panem. Now, please welcome Liela Daelbrook and [ Shaggy McStinkface ] of District 4."

In that moment, the Peacekeepers let go of the girl, allowing her to run up the stage where she was needed. She didn't care that her name was called, she didn't care the crowd had gone silent, she didn't care if there were hundreds of eyes staring silently at her, she only cared about Milla. Her one and only family member left standing. Now, she was lying on stage, bulging eyes rolled back into her head, blackened veins snaking her neck and arms, foam still pouring from her mouth. She looked particularly worse than the other victors and chaperone who met the same fate, almost as if her dosage of whatever had killed them were doubled.

Liela cried and screamed, tears falling like a waterfall onto the body of the girl she knelt over. Shaking, shaking her body, screaming her name, anything that could wake her up. As the seconds went by, as the weight of grief began to sink deeper and deeper into Liela, her soul began to tear more and more. A part of her was dead, the only person she loved was dead, the one who did whatever it took to make her happy was dead. She couldn't accept it, she didn't want to, but the weight was enough. Her heart shattered to pieces, her mind began to numb, her body was not even her own anymore.

That was when her whole world collapsed around her, when the world faded to black.

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Posted: Sun, 20/08/2023 13:42 (1 Month ago)


This roleplay is becoming so dead it's about to transcend into the same dimension Mei and the other dead mfs currently reside.

Does that mean we can bring them back pretty please 🥺

Oh well it was worth the shot. Anyways, back to your regularly scheduled program of Mei somehow having an endless supply of ghost popcorn, obviously unpopped so she would have to suffer through finding a ghost microwave to feed this insanity, and watching this hell of a show that she has long gotten bored of due to its MONTHS LONG RUNTIME

Oh, and spoilers, Akari gets ✨edgy✨


post will finish in 2000 - 3000 business days

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Posted: Sat, 19/08/2023 13:24 (1 Month ago)

QuoteOctober 12th, 2023
2:00 PM, MST


Enough time had passed so that each and every citizen of Panem was able to arrive in front of those massive, bleak stages in the middle of the districts. Numbers dwindled, spirits long forgotten, the aura of death clinging to them all like the manifestation of a sinner's wrongs, a haunting ghost clawing at their shoulders. The children were lined up as usual, the family members staying behind to watch anxiously, and the Peacekeepers took their place on the large podium. Everyone could feel the intense tension in the air. It was there. The eerie emptiness that stood upon them all, vacant spots in the field standing out like a Career would walking among District 12. Nobody had a family that remained completely standing, a vacant spot echoed a hole among every one of them. Either a father, a friend, a sister, a child, none were exempt.

Then the microphone began to buzz. An extravagantly dressed district chaperone had walked up on stage, their petrifying and plastic-like smile beaming out and paralyzing anyone unfortunate enough to be its victim. Their expression seemed unfazed, the exact same as it did every year, almost like nothing had ever happened.

"Welcome, citizens of Panem, to the 101st Reaping! Now, before we begin, there is a message from President Moon* I would like to share, how exciting!"

*Oh yeah, did I mention alternate realities? Yeaaaahhh in this one, Snow is dead lmao, more info on Moon later if I give enough sh*ts to do so :)

The chaperones spoke with a grave tone in their words, like each and every one of them was wrapped in chains. A bead of sweat glistened in the afternoon sun, dripping down their foreheads. Their eyes were mad, crazed, looking around frantically as though a beast lingered among the crowd. Tense as all hell, as if this message would be the last thing they saw. But it was all hidden behind that mask. That make-up covered, plastic smile mask. They held up that mask like their lives depended on it.

Whispering began among the crowds, the fear began to spread to them as well. The field upon which they stood boiled with a paralyzing intensity. The President never showed a personalized message to the entire District, let alone a surprise Reaping. Everything the Capitol did had structure, routine, rules to follow. The government ruled the land with a tight fist, suffocating the Districts until they were snuffed out. The past few months had been the exact opposite, complete and udder chaos, nothing seemed to make sense or maintain its familiarity. The government obviously tried their best to preserve the structure, but Peacekeepers and their strict adherence to law could only do so much. If they wanted to do a better job at covering this oddity up, they would have to change.

Change, not a commodity among most. Really the only change the Districts had were the Reapings, where their families would be torn apart by this horrific game, but was it really a change? Or was it a scheduled disruption, something to be expected? Either way, this plague seemed to be the most disrupting change of all, one not even the Capitol expected. How strange.

The screen flickered to life, casting a bright light among the crowd. A face soon appeared, moments after the device turned on. The face of the president, perfect golden brown skin, perfect icy blue eyes, perfect lips, and perfect caramel hair, all the curls seemed to be the same. It was a calming face, a pleasant one, but those eyes could say it all. Everyone knew those eyes could kill, those lips hid vicious fangs, and that skin was covered in the blood of thousands. She embodied power, and she did it behind the guise of perfection. Act loveable, hide those claws of yours for when your victims slept.

"Hello, Panem."

A pause, long enough for the whispering to be silenced and the eyes to be turned. That smooth, cold voice still managed to convey the overwhelming dominance the President held over each and every one of them.

"I hope this past season hasn't been too troubling for you, it's been a fine autumn after all."

A small uproar began. Anyone who was either dumb enough to dare make a sound during the speech or fearless enough not to consider the consequences began to speak up, a unanimous retort sounded among the crowds.

What the hell is going on?

"Now, now. We need not concern ourselves with those matters for now."

The crowd settled down. They realized. This wasn't just a personal message. The president was watching. This was live footage*.

*Yes I am aware the Reaping happens at different times for every District, they are all live recorded and the same general events occurred in each and every one of them.

"The 101st Hunger Games is upon us, and I thought a little surprise would spice things up a bit. My condolences for the close schedule, I understand some may still be in shock. Allow us to use this opportunity to liven up the mood, to return to normalcy once again. I can assure you that whatever may be troubling among you will cease to exist after this extravagant event. Now, we may begin the Reaping, as well as begin The Cleansing."

Before even a word could be spoken about whatever the President meant by those last words, a loudness began to sound from the stage. The chaperone had fallen, veins blackened and foam rising from the mouth. The previous victors for each District followed as well, the ones instructed to train and lead the Reaped before their time had come. Each and every one on stage had fallen, and the Peacekeepers began to circle the crowd, as if they were being caged.

Silence had fallen among them, before outbursts and frantic screams rang throughout the country. Everyone was sent into a frenzy, families of the fallen victors began to weep once more. Some eyes were pinned on the bodies, some where forced away. The commotion had gone on for what seemed like hours, but it was only a few minutes before a flare had rung and the president spoke once more.

"Welcome to the 101st Hunger Games, everyone. I will be your new host, and may the Games ever be on your favor. Please welcome your new tributes, [ Insert character names here ]."

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Posted: Mon, 14/08/2023 17:19 (1 Month ago)
9/10 looks weirdly "cropped" in some places but otherwise i love it

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Posted: Wed, 26/07/2023 06:01 (1 Month ago)


woah there wifekuma keep it pg-13, wrong PH we're talkin' about here

but if you by any chance wanna share your onlyfans... 👀


It all happened in a blur, really. A blur his drunken mind didn't even bother to process. All he knew was that one minute he was having a stare-down with the stupid bear and the next he was apparently Barbie's ex that some 5 year old got their hands on. He already knew he was doomed, unable to tell the bear to go shove a tutu up it's a** and most importantly, unable to free himself from that fate either.

So why didn't Idris get a tutu is my question.

Anyways, after a few utterly psychotic death threats were murdered from his lips and he was essentially turned into the victim of some petty Disney Channel high school bully prank, he had somehow gotten himself free through the power of plot armor and Daiko being absolutely done with Seren's BS and quickly decided to spend the rest of his misery in his own room. Alone. Like how it should've been in the first place.

Hey, at least that whole horrifying and traumatic fiasco temporarily got his mind off the horrors that were his nightmares. The alcohol might've been doing most of the work but I bet you could give Wifekuma some credit if you tried hard enough.

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Posted: Tue, 18/07/2023 15:19 (2 Months ago)
7/10 the background is a bit bland and i personally like borders

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Posted: Wed, 12/07/2023 19:50 (2 Months ago)

Daemon Oliele
(DAY - mun, Oh - LEEL)

The quote decided to take the day off


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Height: 5'9

Weight: ~130 lbs

Hair Color: Messy, chin-length and light auburn, with faint streaks of a darker chocolate brown

Eye Color: Dark turquoise

Clothing Preference: Daemon, one not particularly fond of the uniforms, wears his more loosely than most others (but still at least tries to stay within regulation). Undone buttons, rolled up sleeves, anything of that nature (whenever he can, that is). He is typically seen with dangling earrings and an assortment of anklets and bracelets, none dazzling enough to be noticeable but still adds a unique touch on is appearance.

Build Type: Slender

Internal Conflict

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Age: 28

Personality: Daemon is quite the bubbly individual, one that doesn't seem to be able to even hurt a fly. He is always seen having a nonchalant attitude about things, and seems to care deeply about details normally overlooked. This easily distracted and forgetful man never quite seems to have his focus on the bigger things, but he is very attentive nonetheless. Daemon is incredibly smart, despite his careless and whimsical demeanor. He hardly ever acts serious and the way he views or handles situations could be considered... odd, to say the least. In a world of rivalry, Daemon oddly doesn't seem to hold any hatred towards any hybrid or woodwork ship. He has given himself quite the infamous reputation among those that don't personally know him (which is difficult to achieve, as he doesn't open himself up to many), being seen as "weak" and downright crazy, not one to be respected.

Daemon maintains a mysterious aura, though, one that keeps many on edge. After all, how could a guy like him keep his status as First Officer? Little is known about him, he is credited with many great feats, and a multitude of myths and rumors are often spread about what is hidden under the surface. In reality, he can be incredibly cold and harsh, able to drop his sympathy and harmless demeanor effortlessly. Daemon, again, is quite intelligent and possesses a large amount of knowledge and experience, he is not one to be trifled with. Under wraps he can be as brutal as he needs to be, and he sticks to the code well.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Gender: Male

Addictions: Daemon is obsessed with distractions, constantly finding the most obscure and weirdest "hobbies" to sink all of his time in. One could say he was a work-aholic, if he actually appeared to stick to his work. Although he seems to be the laziest member on the ship, he can always be found doing something.

Fears: Daemon appears to not fear much at all due to his extreme nonchalant behavior, able to mask his true concerns and fears quite well. After all, it would be shameful to be openly fearful of conflict. Conflict breeds violence and hatred, and those two dreadful things eventually bring bloodshed. Daemon is especially susceptible to the pain of seeing someone you knew fall victim to an unfortunate fate, even if he only knew their name.

Personal Strengths: As mentioned before, Daemon is incredibly kind and caring, even when the environment doesn't allow much room for it. He is able to hide himself exceptionally well, and his intelligence is quite useful. Again, he can quickly become a terrifying foe if the situation calls for it, able to bring enemies down both mentally and physically shockingly well. Even with his infamous reputation, he still holds a positive name among many on the ship due to his positive attitude and the alleged feats he has done. Daemon is also fairly insightful, able to get along with most anyone he meets and quickly deducts a general idea of who they are and what their intentions may be.


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Psychological Disorders: A mild case of ADHD and psychosis (if that's alright)

Rank: First Officer of the J. L. C. Valhalla

Armament: Revolver and a cutlass

Other/Not Mentioned: - Has a nasty scar extending from the back of his right ear all the way to below his left shoulder.
- Daemon is weirdly fond of flowers, something not expected for someone who boards a ship of metal. He likes to keep a small collection of ones he finds on various islands

Apologies if details stated in the form doesn't fit in with the plot, I'll gladly change it up a bit

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Posted: Sat, 08/07/2023 21:19 (2 Months ago)
Falling Down - Lil Peep & XXXTENTACION

[Read more]
Posted: Sat, 24/06/2023 23:18 (2 Months ago)
Stuck On the Puzzle - Alex Turner

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Posted: Wed, 07/06/2023 20:48 (3 Months ago)

QuoteOctober 12th, 2023
11:30 AM, MST


Mei wasn't going to deny the fact that it was certainly odd to wake up on a day that was supposed to be like every other day, only to experience the overwhelming feeling of her district when it became the day of the reaping. That wasn't to say she was opposed to it, oh no, she was very much excited for it. The Hunger Games were an event Mei looked forward to, and you're telling her that there was going to be two this year? Oh what fun! She could watch as the poor tributes would fall victim to each other's hands, the face of agony and dread searing into the minds of many one again, and maybe this time she could get lucky and be one of the tributes herself. After all, in the 6 years of her eligibility, her name had only been drawn once, and some bastard had the gall to volunteer for her. She was dead now, so Mei didn't find it worth it to dwell on the infuriating event. Instead, she just decided to suck up her pride and volunteer in her final year of eligibility, which was supposed to be the upcoming year.

Well, guess she had one more chance. Looks like we get to see how it goes.


Mei got up from her designated sleeping area with a yawn, not showing any of the excitement that one would normally expect to see if they knew anything about her. Her hand slowly reached up to the back of her head as she began to ruffle her messy lavender hair, which she had just noticed was a bit too long for her liking. With a groan, she let her hand fall back to her side and leaned her head back, then proceeded to drag her feet to the other side of her small little abode to get ready. Mei never particularly cared about showing up nice to the reaping, but it would be quite embarrassing if she went when she looked as bad as she did now. She got a change of clothes, brushed her hair, and made sure to leave the place looking more chaotic then when she first went in, just to humor herself. With all that done, she walked out of her home and stood at the door to stretch, looking outwards at the rest of her district.

Most everyone was already awake, preparing and finishing up morning duties. Everyone alive, that is.

Mei saw, and she knew. People dropping dead, everyone old and young suddenly throwing a coughing fit, some unfortunate souls got blisters and hives, some began to have their flesh rotting off the bone, it was like a plague that was ready to lunge at whoever even dared to show their face to the outdoors. Mei saw, and she knew.

She knew more than most.

No one was oblivious to this godawful disease, that's for sure. Many had fallen victim to it, many know the curse that fell upon them all. But Mei knew. She knew it wasn't just a random phenomenon, especially not when the Capital was acting weird about it. This was their first ever games done twice within the same year, and it just so happened to be when this plague had struck. Not only that, they acted like everything was normal. They ordered the Districts to continue on with their work, and even forced them all to attend the reaping.

Odd coincidence, no? Those bastards wouldn't even give a good reason behind it all either. Oh well, not much she could do. Mei began by picking up her feet, swinging her arms as she walked closer and closer to the center of town. The girl with a much too cheery grin violently waved her hand at everyone she passed, and they could only look at her disapprovingly.

For a district with a butt-ton of Careers and scummy Capital support, pretty odd that they would be opposed to her, no? Whether they had a good reason to or not, Mei didn't really care. She certainly didn't care about the diseased, the deceased, or whatever shady plans the Capital had in mind.

She just wanted to have fun.


Up before the sun even rose, as usual I suppose. Working tirelessly from dusk to dawn, even long after, that's all Mar had known. Chop down trees, haul the logs, process the wood, it was all a mindless and daunting routine for him. Mindless routine, nothing more, nothing less. At least it kept him occupied, at least it made him feel like he contributed to something, at least it drained him so he was too tired to think, at least it kept his mind of off things, at least it helped his family.

Or the broken pieces that could barely resemble one, that is. Work so they can have a good life, he told himself. Work so that they can be happy. Be a slave to this damned country and get scraps in return.

And you'd wonder why he's such a pessimist.

It was almost evening, he could tell. Raising his head to look at a glimpse of sun through the blanket of leaves that separated this filthy earth from the heavens above, he could see that it was almost directly overhead. That meant... Lunchtime, right? He debated on whether he should rest for a moment or continue working, dreading either option. The thought of the unexpected reaping wasn't even in his mind, honestly.

Mar's final decision was made and he decided to trudge his way back to the cabin, dreading the moments to come. He wiped off the sweat off his forehead, not even the autumn breeze could negate it, lazily wiped all the debris off of his attire, then took his first steps back home.

"Filthy mutt."

That was was the first, and only, thing the mistress had spoken to him once he had opened the door. Oh the usual, he ignored the words she spat and the glare she gave just as he always did, moving along towards the hallway and to where the beds were.


Sobbing. He heard sobbing. Multiple sobs, many children were crying. Mar's feet picked up, the fatigue no longer plaguing his limbs. As soon as the door flung open, a collective, abrupt, and startled gasp ran through the children on the other side.

They were all crying. They all looked scared. One in particular seemed worse than the others. "M-Mar!" One of the younger ones stuttered out, trying to look at him with a smile. He said nothing. "Mishi t-told us that... They had to go today! T-to the-..."


The reaping was today. Many of the children here were young, they wouldn't be forced to participate for a few more years. Mishi had turned 12 in the past few months. Right after the 99th games. Only him and one other in this home were eligible for the reaping, and now it was 3. He went up to the little boy, knelt down, and gave him the best reassuring smile he could.

"Hey, hey it's alright. Don't wo-"

Footsteps. Heavy, angry footsteps. The bodies in the room tensed up, the sobs were harshly stopped. His own were no different. His arms locked, but he made sure to keep his grip loose on the shoulders of the little boy he was comforting. His knees planted themselves into the floor below, and his heartbeat quickened.

The door flung open. The face of the mistress loomed above them all, spreading pure anger and disgust around the room like a flood that she had been the source of. Her fangs bared and her slitted eyes pierced every one of them like daggers, like a wolf instilling fear onto its prey before it lunged. But this wolf in particular liked to play with its innocent victims, kept them locked in a cage and only used them when it benefited itself. A cruel fate, some might say. And Mar agreed. The big bad wolf was as sly as a fox, vicious as a shark, and ultimately, your worst nightmare. She kept them all locked inside this poor excuse of an orphanage, away from the rest of the district so she could remain low-profile. Nobody bothered them, most didn't even know they existed, they had almost become one of those campfire legends that was used to deter everyone else from going too far deep into the forest.

And there was a good reason for that. Anyone who would wander too far would end up in the hands of this monster. The monster at the door, the monster that made even the most fortified minds quiver in fear.

She didn't even have to say a word for the children to know what she wanted. What she came here for. The fear in their eyes only grew, and they all looked to him.

An order was harshly yelled, and they all scrambled outside. They knew what was coming. Blindfolds on, stand in a line, utter silence. Other than the whimpers that were desperately being held back. Mar was a different story, though. He had no blindfold, he didn't stand in line, and only his shaky breath could be heard instead of a whimper. He had a different "punishment", he was to be the one to be the punisher. The one who held the line of chains, the one who would leave a burning red on their poor backs. He had to do it because that bastard made him, and if he failed to do his job? Well, the children would get much more than a small lash.

The blindfolds were so that they wouldn't know it was him. He had no clue why she decided to do that, but he couldn't protest. Didn't do much for the kids anyways, the older ones at least. They knew he was the one doing it, they've figured it out by now. Made them a little terrified of him, yet equally grateful and sympathetic. Didn't change the fact that it hurt, left a permanent scar in their minds, on their backs.

You can imagine what happened next. Unfortunately, that wasn't the last of the hellish morning for them, but it was time for the reaping. The three eligible went on ahead, while the younger unfortunate souls stayed behind a little longer in order to "be straightened up" as the mistress would call it.

The walk there was as gloomy and downtrodden as always, Daischön didn't dare say a word to the two behind him as he walked. They didn't dare either. They all found it best that way, make the reaping a little easier. Made the morning a little easier too.

But nothing could prepare them for the hell that awaited them on the other side of the woods. None of them had seen the district beyond the trees since the last reaping, so this apocalyptic wasteland was quite the shocker. Nobody paid them any attention as the trio slowly walked into the denser part of town, they were too busy preparing for the reaping themselves. Either that or burying the fallen, which there seemed to be an abundance of.

"Stay behind me," He whispered, making sure not to take his eyes off the road ahead. He put his arms out as if he was protecting them, trudging along until they finally made it to the stage.

Only then did they realize how bad it was. Normally this district was packed to the brim with potential tributes, now there was enough room to spread your arms out. Mar had yet to put it together yet, but the sinking feeling in his stomach still remained.

idk man i'm lazy how tf do i write again


"Malli, Malli! C'moooon, pleaaase?" Liela cried out, jumping up and down with that devious little playful grin plastered on her face. She had already gotten dressed for the reaping, a beautiful light gown that complimented her features so well, simple yet elegant. All that was left was her hair, which she knew she couldn't do herself. Malli was talented, someone Liela always looked up to. She was the only family she had left after all. She was vastly older, Malli was 20 while Liela was only 13, vastly more experienced too. Winner of the 98th Hunger Games, one of the Capitol's most prized victors. They got a luxurious house, taken care of quite well, and largely respected among the people of Panem.

Or what was left of it, anyways. The plague had been especially brutal on District 4, wiping it down to only a handful. It was devastating, but there was nothing else to do other than continue their lives.

"Liela..." Malli's voice was soft, pained even. She sat down on her bed with the chair pulled up in front of it, where Liela carelessly plopped herself down with a smile. "Aren't you... Nervous? Scared?" Her voice had a quiver, but it still somehow seemed as calm as ever.

"Of the Reaping?" A small silence hung as Malli's hand paused, holding small strands of hair. "...Liela, why are you so fond of the Games? Of the Capitol?"

The little girl could only be puzzled. Why shouldn't she be? The Games were incredibly exciting, and dying in them was an honor, was it not? The Capitol was quite merciful and benevolent as well, and she had been conditioned to respect them all her life, Liela found no reason to be against them. She had seen, however, that after her sister had returned from the Games, she became much more adamant in her opinions. Liela really paid no mind to her lack of input regarding them prior to the 98th, but the way Malli slowly became filled with hate puzzled her. This plague only seemed to fuel her hatred more and more.

At least she was still mostly the role model she always knew, her unwavering compassion and gentleness, the way she never seemed to do any wrong, all of her positive attributes seemed almost impossible in a cruel world such as this. It was no wonder she had become a favorite of the Capitol's, but the feeling didn't seem mutual.

...Maybe it had something to do with the unexpected death of the girl she loved most. The two were close, Liela had seen it. Malli had volunteered in her place to keep her safe, but in the end it didn't matter. Did she blame the Capitol for her death? Did she know something no one else did? Maybe it was this odd plague going around?

"Hm? Of course not! In fact..." Liela whipped around in her chair, the smile on her face still there. "I'm going to volunteer this year!"

Milla looked as though she had seen a ghost. Her hands were frozen in place, the strands of hair whipped out along with Liela's twirl and left them empty. The smile was certainly wiped off of the younger girl's face, only replaced with concern. "Malli? What's wrong?"

"You... You what?" She managed to sputter out. "I'm... Going to volunteer? Aren't you proud of me? I-"

"Liela please, you don't want to do this! I-It's not a game! I... I don't want you to-" She looked to be on the verge of tears, grasping Liela's shoulders with her shaky hands. The girl looked shocked, confused even, Liela had never seen her this way.

"...Die? Milla I won't-... I'll be fine! I'll get sponsors, I'll do well in the examinations, I've trained so hard-"

"They don't... They don't care, Liela! They use you for entertainment! The plague, the interviews, the Games, everything! You watched, didn't you? You watched me? You saw what they did to me?!"

The room fell silent, all but a soft knock at their door. "Miss Daelbrook, it's time."

The sisters said nothing as they headed to town square. Liela went in bewilderment, confusion, and shock. Milla went in pity and fear.

Then the two departed, Liela in the crowd and Milla with the other victors from District 4, all on stage.

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WASTE - Kxllswxtch

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Posted: Sat, 03/06/2023 00:24 (3 Months ago)
The war II - heylog

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Posted: Fri, 02/06/2023 14:48 (3 Months ago)
Undone - The Sweater Song by Weezer

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Posted: Thu, 01/06/2023 17:13 (3 Months ago)
4/10 very pixelated and the white background throws it off, i love pokemon shuffle icons tho

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Posted: Wed, 31/05/2023 21:27 (3 Months ago)

The time for the 100th* annual Hunger Games has passed, and the nation of Panem now stood at a still silence for another year. The countdown for the 101st Hunger Games had long begun, and those who suffered at the Capital's grasp were beginning to settle down, even for a little bit. Training for the Games, continuing work, keeping the dread of the year to come in the back of their rattled minds until it became relevant again.

"Hello residents of Panem, we are happy to inform you all that we will be hosting an unscheduled, special and exciting new Hunger Games!"

You started noticing things. Slight coughs were now becoming more prevalent. Many would end up just dropping dead, or at least they appeared to be. They were always dragged away by the Peacekeepers before you could ever find out. This was the first ever, non-annual Games as well, the Capital seemed to be in a panic. Those around you would begin murmuring about these strange events, speak as though a plague had been doomed upon us all.

But the reaping came. The crowd that was usually among you all had now dwindled to a fraction of the size. It wasn't long after the announcement, not long after these strange things began to occur.

And now you're here, the reaping had begun. The date that sealed the souls of many had arrived, and it was just as haunting as the rest. So, are you ready?

*So, ever heard of alternate timelines? Yeah, it's present year, yeah, it's the 100.5th Hunger Games, deal with it

these are just my notes and plans don't mind me hehe
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starts out with the capital fking up as usual, making a deadly virus that moonwalks like heehee man all over panem, certain people are naturally "resistant" to the virus, and the capital sees this so they host a random, emergency HG. it's rigged so those specific tributes are chosen, some of them aren't tho since there can only be 1 of each gender, and then they get thrown into the arena where it's more of a quarantine/experiment lab disguised as a HG and all that bs. the virus suddenly mutates and BOOM everyone has pixie dust and can now be my hero academia characters with super cool sparkle powers, and then the capital decides to just make the hunger games go on until uh oh, everyone outside the arena is dead, what a shame, the tributes are trapped. BUT UH OH PLOT TWIST, the virus mutates too much and actually starts painfully torturing the infected until they go sicko mode and then uhhhh idk i haven't thought that far

Districts Info
Info from SerenityFallow's "We're Only Human" 👀

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- District 1 -

Members of District 1 were known to produce luxury items such as jewelry. Due to their skill in craftsmanship, the goods that came out of District 1 were used to decorate the Capitol. Those who lived in District 1 were some of the wealthiest citizens of Panem. Tributes from District 1 were known as "Careers" because they trained for years before competing in the Hunger Games.

Male -
Female -

- District 2 -

Located in the Rocky Mountains, District 2 was one of the largest communities in Panem. It was also home to wealthy citizens, resulting in a positive relationship with the Capitol. District 2 was known for its masonry and weapon manufacturing. Tributes are also known as careers.

Male -
Female - Potentially Mei Akamatsu, 18 (Daiko)

- District 3 -

The main industry in District 3 was technology as the people there produced televisions, computers, and other electronics

Male -
Female -

- District 4 -

District 4 specialized in the fishing industry. The citizens in District 4 were known to be wealthy and very good-looking. Their tributes were also Careers, training from a very early age to prepare for the Games

Male -
Female - Liela Daelbrook, 13, Daiko

- District 5 -

District 5 was responsible for power and electricity. The area produced the electricity that powered all of Panem. They housed a hydroelectric dam which many of the citizens worked in

Male -
Female -

- District 6 -

The core industry within District 6 was transportation. It served as the hub for the transport network throughout all of Panem

Male -
Female -

- District 7 -

District 7 supplied Panem with copious supplies of lumber. The area was said to be surrounded mostly by trees

Male - Daischön (Mar) Zahpar, 16, Daiko
Female - Minya Reedshaw, 14, alexiis

- District 8 -

District 8 was known for their work in the textiles industry. One of their factories was dedicated to producing the uniforms used by the Peacekeepers

Male -
Female -

- District 9 -

The main industry at the focus of District 9 was grain production. The area was the least referenced district in all of Panem. Not much is known about the victors or tributes from District 9

Male - Raiyhan Vale, alexiis
Female -

- District 10 -

District 10 focused on the livestock industry. Their main job was to raise animals and supply the meat to the Capitol

Male -
Female -

- District 11 -

District 11 was said to be composed of a very large area, possibly the entire Southern region of Panem. Agriculture was the main industry of District 11 as the land was covered in orchards, crop fields, and cattle farms. District 11 was one of the poorest districts and its citizens lived in small shacks in an area patrolled by Peacekeepers

Male -
Female -

- District 12 -

District 12 was the smallest and poorest district in Panem. The district was located in Appalachia and their main industry was coal mining

Male - Idris Kallikrates, 18, alexiis
Female -

The Meddling Kids

Mei Akamatsu
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Username - Daiko

Character name - Mei Akamatsu

Age + DOB (12 - 18) - August 28th, 2005 (18)

District - 2

Preferred Weapon / Skills - Mei is handy in all sorts of weapons, as that is what she specializes in as a resident of District 2. Her favorite of all is her knife, which she carries everywhere she goes.

Strengths - Mei is incredible when it comes to using weapons to their fullest, not just for their intended purpose (although being up to no good is her number 1 priority). She is quick on her feet and highly intelligent, her agility, as well as her combat skills and knowledge, are some of the best around. She also knows how to get into other peoples' heads, twisting her words as much as possible. Mei is also a great actor, taking on many forms depending on the situation, manipulating the hell out of everyone she meets.

Weaknesses - In short, she doesn't have a heart. Mei experiences little to no empathy towards others, and she could be considered borderline psychotic. Her only goal is to "have fun" and make sure to get the most out of the suffering of others. Mei is also only slightly above average in terms of physical strength, and she doesn't have that much care for what happens to herself. It is also difficult for her to make allies due to her nature, and her confidence/lack of boundaries or limits could be her downfall.

Gender - Female, she/her/they/them/he/him

Appearance - hehe, h e h e

Mei is a 5'5, 120 pound little gremlin that is hot af with dark tinted, shoulder-length lavender hair and light violet eyes. Her skin is as pale as a vampire's, but she somehow still has a permanent blush on her cheeks and the classic goth mommy super cool eyeliner because she can. She has a few marks and scars all over her body, prominently on her neck and upper thighs, but somehow they're not all that noticeable. She typically wears an all black turtleneck with dark blue jorts (heh), knee-high combat boots and typically with thigh-high socks. She also wears a black choker and keeps her knife in her front right pocket, barely visible.

Personality - Mei is quite the wild card, able to change instantly at the flip of a dime. Her true emotions, thoughts, and even motives are almost never predictable unless she wants you to know, making her someone you don't want to make enemies of. She is erratic and mischievous, constantly toying with anyone who was unfortunate enough to come near. I'm not good with this stuff, so the rest is TBRPD totally not copy pasted

Ability - Umbrakinesis because wow i'm so original :)

Family - Deceased parents, lives alone

History - hmm... maybe i'll edit

Other - :)

Daischön "Mar" Zahpar
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"Can't catch a f**kin' break, huh?"


Username - Daiko

Character name - Daischön Zahpar, insists on going by "Mar"

Age + DOB (12 - 18) - October 18th, 2006 (16)

District - 7

Preferred Weapon / Skills - Mar can wield an axe fairly well (obviously), and is surprisingly efficient with a chain and sling. He isn't interested in combat or anything of the sort, so there's not much going for him there.

Strengths - He is psychically stronger than most and is just built different in general. He has a strong mind and knows how to pick his battles, preferring not to involve himself with much.

Weaknesses - He has built up a wall around himself and his personality can seem blunt or rude to some. He is only average intelligence-wise, but he knows how to fend for himself in the wild.

Gender - Male, he/him

Appearance - Picrew

Mar has, overall, pretty decent looks. He is 5'8, pretty well built considering his livelihood, semi-long chocolate brown hair, light red eyes that always seem to look dazed or filled with boredom, but somehow maintains a tint of gentleness, even with his soul-piercing glares. His tanned skin is filled with callouses and various scratches from years of brutal work, but it's usually not that noticeable. He has freckles over his nose and cheek, as well as a scar stretching that area that he covers with a bandage. He has a tattoo with seemingly no meaning or clear image on his left cheek, as well as the numbers "2933" tattooed on his right forearm. Mar typically wears worn down, ragged and casual clothing but always makes sure they're darker colors.

Personality - Mar is a stoic, highly reserved guy who hardly even shows his face around others. It's not that he's shy or introverted that causes him to be so enclosed, but instead just his lack of interest. In fact, he typically does well when conversing or interacting with others, but it's quite difficult to even open him up to that point. He is usually quiet and is a man of little words, even when spoken to, but it's easy to tell that he's kind at heart, even with his constant unpleasant demeanor and glare. He'd put pretty much anyone else's needs above his own, albeit seemingly annoyed at doing so tsundere moment, but not really and hardly ever holds grudges. That doesn't mean he will hold back though, he will throw hands if it comes down to it.

Ability - Phase change: Any object or organism he touches will begin to "liquify" and become extremely malleable, like play-doh. Holding his hand to said object or organism for 5 or more seconds will heat up and turn the object into a gaseous state, becoming near invisible except for a slight haze. If the object is already a liquid or gas, he can control those too as long as he has touched it. Mar can control both as if he is using telekinesis, but only in the gaseous state he can control it freely, not just limited to the surface the object was already on. In order to revert the object back to its original state, his blood will have to absorb itself into said object, then it will return as the way he has shaped it. The bigger/more complex the object, the more blood he will have to sacrifice. The object will never truly revert to its original form unless Mar somehow manages to orientate the liquid/gas he has manipulated perfectly. Thankfully, for organisms and some complex objects he has touched, he is able to see the interworking of and "log" a "map" of it in his memory.

yes, i know this is confusing, but screw you

Family - Deceased parents and sister, she was a tribute in the 98th games. He also has a bunch of foster siblings.
He has a pet rabbit tho :3

History - TBRPD :3

Other - idk

Liela Daelbrook
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"You're disrespecting a future U.S. Army soldier!!11!1!!"

"Fools like you are what infuriate me the most."


Username - Daiko

Character name - Liela Daelbrook

Age + DOB (12 - 18) - August 8th, 2010 (13)

District - 4

Preferred Weapon / Skills - Being from District 4, she can do fairly well with anything long ranged, particularly spears and bows. She also likes to use rope and nets to distract, disable, and hinder opponents and prey just long enough for her to get the upper hand. Her main and preferred weapon is a javelin, which she tends to use as vaulting poles and other handy utilities.

Strengths - Manipulative and smart as hell, she knows how to use her words and she will use them to their full extent. Liela is also fast and flexible, an incredibly strong swimmer and hunter, and she can run on her massive confidence and ego alone. Liela is good with mapping out the terrain, knows her fauna and flora, and she can be adorable when she wants to be.

Weaknesses - She is really small and can snap like a twig, probably one of the youngest and weakest tributes. Her combat knowledge isn't the greatest, and as much as Liela hates to admit it, she is only good at running away. She can also be a bit too overconfident, which could lead to her downfall. Her tongue is also extremely sharp and she will not hesitate to be a massive pain in the ass, she is quite the little brat.

Gender - Female, she/her

Appearance - Picrew

About as short as her temper, 4'11, and she has a very thin frame with almost doll-like features. Liela has pale skin and golden/amber eyes that seem to shine in the sun, with chest length dark teal hair that always looks well done. She tries to maintain said doll-like appearance and never lets her nasty side show, and always makes sure she looks absolutely adorable.

Personality - I think it's pretty obvious by now but she's a massive brat, someone that will go to the ends of the earth just to piss you off. Her ego is as inflated as the economy, but she is knowledgeable and skilled enough to back it up, which probably makes it worse. She is obsessed with the Capital, but isn't completely braindead for them. Mainly, she just has something to prove and the president is her main target. Liela is able to at least shut her mouth and soften her attitude up a bit for those she wants to leave a good impression with, or those that have earned her respect, but she considers that being "soft" and tries to play it off by acting rude again.

Ability - Siren's Voice: Liela simply has to speak in order for her ability to work, and she can use her voice to be incredibly annoying and persuasive. It only works on 1 person at a time, but the unfortunate soul who hears her voice will fall victim to her curse. Liela's voice will begin to invade their mind and render them unable to stop the sound once she has begun, even if her voice is cut off or they can no longer hear her (think of it like telekinesis, but only 1 way, and her voice must be heard for at least a couple of seconds first in order for it to work). Her victim will then be vulnerable to her commands, and they will be forced to do whatever she requests. Her victim can only be under her command for a maximum of an hour at a time, and excessive use can tear up her vocal chords and cause extreme headaches if she doesn't rest first. The cooldown varies, but typically it is an hour as well.

Family - Elder sister

History - TBRPD :3

Other - uhhh

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Posted: Mon, 29/05/2023 22:41 (3 Months ago)


Oh lovely, turns out he wasn't alone.

Stupid bear.

He turned his head over to that annoying voice, looking down at the mickey mouse knock-off with a seething hatred glaring in his eyes. For a man with alcohol replacing the blood in his veins at an alarming rate, because it totally works like that, he appeared surprisingly sober.

"I'm not doing jack s**t..." He grumbled, annoyance and anger in his tone. The urge to throw the bottle in his hand at the bear was getting to him. Instead he slammed it down on the shelf he got it from and walked away, like that one girl from that one vine.

Also who the hell was Keiki and what the hell was vine.

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