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Trainerpoints: 4,192/13,133


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
3,24431,968,260 / 37,799,175

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PenguinPowerful is currently hunting Clauncher.
Hunt started: 07/12/2023

Chain: 1

Please do not message me to buy or sell items or pokemon. Only message to buy something if I have said I am buying or selling something
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that everybody can be a good person, if they just try?

If I have blocked you, please do not attempt to contact me. Do not send a friend to send a message or gift from you. Otherwise they could end up blocked as well. If you have blocked me and I did not block back, then I won't get upset if you contact me, if you unblock me as well

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #731935094
Registration: 29/05/2021 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 03/Jan/2024
Game Time: 3469:05 Hours
Total interactions: 2,047,647
Money: 2,294,375
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


You push the dark blue key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

1x Ultra Saddle found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.

Today, 02:00
Silly new poll that is totally not just me being mildly weird about my favorite character from a game nuh uh no way
3 Days ago
me when my friend translates the duck song into a conlang and then just gives it to me out of context

(figured out that it was the duck song purely from the word "duck" reappearing and him saying the 'parable' might not have been originally written in said conlang)

he has sent it to some other people who do not know the word duck
should be interesting...
3 Days ago
spent a while making the character my friend made in a 3d print program, need to figure out where to get it printed. i'm freaking obsessed with this character lol

and the aforementioned friend was testing a bot that he upgraded and said something really nice about me using it 😭 (context can be given kind of if requested)

oh and also #IHateMyWorkSchedule
7 Days ago
*begs my friend who refuses to read fanfic to read the fanfic i wrote about the character from his game*
8 Days ago
found an old conversation where my friend didn't believe the video he was watching with a pokemon's name and decided to verify with me because i'm a pokemon nerd- and then when i said it's called great tusk he didn't want to believe me or the video because it's stupid

we're now fighting over the paradox pokemon again because he thinks that's the greatest crime- at least the names make sense for the lore even if they're stupid and could've been done better

and then we're fighting over if flamigo or the paradox mons are worse

he's not much of a pokemon nerd- wasn't the first time he'd asked me about pokemon names
12 Days ago
sometimes i wonder if my obsession with literally a sign the character from my friend's game is healthy

or maybe i'm just insane. i'm already a brainrotten utdr nerd so i'm already insane but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
12 Days ago
a while ago i mentioned i'm on my hand drawing arc because i corrected an awkward hand someone drew and then i just drew more hands-

please restrain me i want to turn my friend's blob hands into actual hands so bad-
12 Days ago
*friends are reteaching me terraria because our minecrap server is on hiatus*
*spends like 6-10 hours a day on terraria sometimes*

I am Normal™
16 Days ago
(slightly scuffed) minecraft wave defense that your friend who is canonically god except he keeps giving you and your friend stuff and summoning lightning and throwing splash healing potions on zombies to kill them

divine intervention
22 Days ago
*goes to remove a like from an old feed*
"This user has put you on their blocklist!"

okay... that's fine
but it won't let me remove the like now?
22 Days ago
finally moved my minecrap drop key after frequently dropping my weapons or knockback stick in kitpvp

there were instances of me dropping weapons in other times outside of kitpvp too...

i just have a really bad habit of hitting Q instead of W or 1
...and when i said that my friend asked if i use the keyboard instead of the scroll wheel to which i replied only occasionally but i've found it good for pvp

surely O won't cause any problems right?
and then the next round he tried out a kit that involved a lot of dropping things out of your inventory and i died
22 Days ago
yesterday my friend did a jeopardy event of sorts with a ton of gimmicks and he got art from another friend for it

afterwards he showed us the art and i noticed one of the hands was a little weird and that was bugging me for a while so i redrew the hand to prove you can cheat at drawing hands without literally twisting the wrist around and that got me in a hand drawing mood so i've been drawing amateur hands because i felt like it

there was a second board unrelated to our jeopardy topic and one of the categories was just lore regarding his game and no one wanted to do that category except my team because i'm basically the only lore nerd for that game it was great. until i went insane because i couldn't remember an acronym after the competition when he was showing us questions from the optional board that weren't chosen. annoyed i didn't do as well as i could've in that category, but it was apparently a fairly impressive amount
24 Days ago
sometimes, you just need to be told skill issue in french to calm down
25 Days ago
named my weapons references to a character my friend made for his game that i've been fixating on

> shut up

friend has stolen both of them at least once because Q is too close to 1

he thought it was very funny that he stole high honor... poor wayward he deserves to have his high honor
26 Days ago
man i'm out of the loop

whats up with the spam tags?

i've clearly missed all the drama lately
27 Days ago
i played minecraft with a friend earlier and had the weirdest experiences

he offered to help me build my house because he "had some great ideas for it" but he has tried to help twice so far and that was by placing random blocks everywhere in vaguely correct places. my house is a copy of a different house i built right next to it so he knows what i'm doing he just wanted to be funny. and then he made some excuse for why he should help. something about coffee? and how i can't trust my mind but i can trust his because he doesn't drink coffee. i. i don't drink coffee lol. so then he tried to distract me and run away but i watched him the whole time. so when i said that he came back and whacked me with the sword

minecraft today was fun. need to do this more often lol
1 Month ago
me: "i think he ate page 6"
my friend: *DMs me very arbitrary things he did with page 6 that quite possibly happened*

now guess who "he" is. i dare you
1 Month ago
sometimes i think my only reason for existence is to rival grammarly

sometimes punctuation and spelling errors just get me annoyed lol

and i just called out my friend for structuring a statement weirdly (his retort was that he's on mobile but like. you can still read can't you? i don't call out his mobile typos but like...) (also he's fine with it dw)
1 Month ago
children this year!
1 Month ago


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