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Trainerlevel: 75

Trainerpoints: 1,857/16,949


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP

Shiny Hunt

Braixie is currently hunting Oricorio (Pa'u).
Hunt started: 18/05/2022

Chain: 3

Live Gem Count

11,402 Bug Gems
0 Grass Gems

0 Dark Gems
0 Ground Gems

0 Dragon Gems
0 Ice Gems

0 Electric Gems
10,113 Normal Gems

1 Fairy Gems
0 Poison Gems

0 Fighting Gems
0 Psychic Gems

0 Fire Gems
0 Rock Gems

0 Flying Gems
0 Steel Gems

0 Ghost Gems
0 Water Gems


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Newest gifts
Lillylion56 1 Day ago
Artsam 3 Days ago
Kaisa 3 Days ago
Professor Rowan 6 Days ago


Game Records

Trainer ID: #271991207
Registration: 05/06/2017 (4 Years ago)
Game Time: 3364:20 Hours
Total interactions: 3,645,458
Money: 4,213
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


By Nikkari


Here comes the time I almost reached trainerlevel 50. I should do a giveaway because of that <3

How to enter:
1. Heart this feed
2. Share the hashtag #NikkariLevel50
3. Comment your favorite pokemon :3

1. 200k PD + bunch of items (more and less valuable)
2. Old Vinyl + bunch of items (more and less valuable)
3. Regirock, Lugia Egg Voucher + bunch of items (more and less valuable)

I'll draw 3 winners randomly!

Ends when I reach trainerlevel 50 or at my bday (2.06) didn't decide yet

Good Luck and spread the world!

1 Day ago
Hatched a Y mega able retro charmander, feel like the retro starters are making sure I hatch a mega able before a shiny since it happened with Bulbasaur too
6 Days ago
Honestly love the design for Mega Gothitelle named her Tiffany after the amazing tiffanyp6 who graciously gave me a mega stone for the event.
11 Days ago
New avi! Made by the amazing Nymphrasis she is amazing and i love her and her art!!!!!

Thank you nymp <3
13 Days ago
Ngl I'm finding the Overwatch 2 Beta really fun, been playing it for a couple of hours now and I'm loving it
21 Days ago

Hope you have a great day 😁
1 Month ago
My sister has now had her baby!! She was born March 17th 2022 at 11:59am (GMT)
The winner of the 50 Nuggets is:Yatsukawa Proof
The winner of the 25k pd is: SayNoToSharkFinSoup

Prizes have been sent! Congrats to both winners!
2 Months ago

I've had some tough times over the past few days with my nan passing however my sister will be getting induced today (March 13th, I totally didn't wait till after midnight in Egypt to do this) so in celebration for my niece being born soon I'm going to give 50 nuggets to a random person who hearts this feed.
2 Months ago
So this is a tough feed for me to make but yesterday morning my nan passed away.

She meant the world to me and was the primary reason for me wanting to move back to my home country.

I'll miss you nan, I love you and I will miss you dearly, I know I won't be able to be at your funeral in person but I can be there by video call at least.

(I will remain active on Pokeheroes but I don't know how talkative I'll be. my PP will be set to friends only for now, thanks for understanding.
2 Months ago
Apologies if I'm slow to respond atm, I fell down the stairs about an hour ago. I'm alright just in a bit of pain.
4 Months ago
Welcome all to stupid ways Braixie injures herself:

I gave myself neck pain, both hands were full and a huge fly kept buzzing around near my head, I moved my head to try get it to leave me alone and ended up giving myself neck pain for a few minutes (pains gone now but I'm going to apply ice / heat to the area and avoid moving my neck too much to avoid further injury)
4 Months ago
Just bought my niece a Christmas gift, she loves dressing up in princess dresses and she doesn't have a sleeping beauty dress yet, so she's getting a sleeping beauty dress from myself and my husband. My sister is certain she's going to absolutely love it (sister helped me pick out her gift and is going to collect it from the store tomorrow)
5 Months ago
That feeling when your husband sneakily orders food for you and you ask him if he's hungry like 10mins before the food arrives because you are feeling a bit peckish and he tells you to "go make something" knowing that you won't do it because your a lazy potato 🥔 (the food was awesome)
5 Months ago
I am still maintain the sprite issues thread . In this thread I am keeping track of the sprite issues on PH.

If anyone knows of any that needs to be added please PM me to let me know, or leave a comment on the thread itself.

If you notice that something on the list has been fixed please also let me know so I can remove it from said list.

Thanks in advance :)

(Sharing is appreciated but not necessary, it would help spread the word though.)
5 Months ago
My sisters having another girl :D
6 Months ago
I'm so excited for today, we find out if my sister is having a boy or a girl.

6 Months ago
Thank you to Neph for getting a SM Flygon for me, her name shall be Dune
6 Months ago
6 Months ago
thank you ShyreniaRose for hatching Pain hes named Pain because he was a pain in the butt for ShyreniaRose to hatch
6 Months ago

Shiny Hunts

Shiny Hunts-

Current Hunt- Taking a break
Next Hunt- Taking a break

Future Hunts- (Not in order)
Mime Jr.
Unown !
Unown ?
Unown A-Z
SM Ampharos
SM Gyarados
SM Pinsir

About me

My name is Braixie, I'm 24 years old, female and married.
I am an avid gamer, I mostly play: Pokemon, TemTem, Overwatch, FNAF Security Breach, Phasmophobia, Fall Guys and Minecraft.

Feel free to PP or PM me with any questions you may have or just to say hi, I love making new friends!

I apologize but I do not loan Pokemon/PD/Nuggets.

Avi made by the amazing Nymphrasis

Collecting Gems:
Bug Gems for joint SM Pinsir hunt with ShyreniaRose, Kaisa and Neph

Joint hunts:
Zygarde Core with Kaisa and Captn_Jaxn: Sending Dragon and Fairy Gems

Cosmog with Kaisa and Captn_Jaxn: (6 each, 2 for Neph, 2 for rose, 1 for Menxi because of a shiny swap)

Rayquaza with Kaisa and Captn_Jaxn: Sending Sky Pillar Maps and Emeralds

Galarian Articuno hunt with Captn_Jaxn and Kaisa: Sending Purple Feathers to Kaisa

Galarian Moltres with Captn_Jaxn and Kaisa: Focusing on purple first

[color=#0AABB6]Zacian with Kaisa and Captn_Jaxn: 2 / 300 The Art of Combat

Zamazenta with Kaisa and Captn_Jaxn: Sending Art of Defense

Eternatus with Kaisa and Captn_Jaxn: Sending Eternal Rocks

Xerneas hunt with Kaisa and Captn_Jaxn:
N/A / 22,500 Dragon Gems
0 / 22,500 Grass Gems
0 / 22,500 Fighting Gems
0 / 22,500 Ghost Gems

Yvetal hunt with Kaisa and Captn_Jaxn:
N/A / 22,500 Dragon Gems
0 / 22,500 Dark Gems
0 / 22,500 Flying Gems
0 / 22,500 Poison Gems

Sending Old Vinyl's


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