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Trainerlevel: 87

Trainerpoints: 2,774/22,793


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
23949,637 / 215,101
233189,705 / 204,459
Magikarp (Pink)
100271 / 37,876
Magikarp (White)
19121,284 / 137,521
Magikarp (Retro)
241139,754 / 218,709

A bit of an OT shiny nerd.

To collect all of pokemon in shiny form with me as the OT is my main goal in this site.
Not probably gonna happen; but hey, keep on dreaming.

Personal Achievements

Dec. 14, 2018- Rank 25; "Most Shinydex Entries".
Dec. 24, 2018- 500 Shinies Collected (without premium).
Dec. 8, 2019-.Rank 9; "Most Shinydex Entries".
Jun. 5, 2023- 500 OT Shinies Collected

credits to my avatar

Current Objective
Unlock 50% gem collector discount.
Collect 1,000 OT shinies.
Collect all shiny harvest sprites.


Game Records

Trainer ID: #23126382
Registration: 16/02/2018 (6 Years ago)
Premium member until 01/Mar/2024
Game Time: 5381:49 Hours
Total interactions: 1,920,982
Money: 70,860
Starter Pokémon: Giga Charizard


Congratulations! A shiny Paras hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #96)!

Red lobster hunt done! T-T Now, what to hunt next?
Yesterday, 14:38
Pkmn with their tickets just casually want to enjoy the maze at the funfair:
Nobody else:
Notification: The wild pokemon has been defeated. Sweet! It dropped some funfair tickets.
Yesterday, 05:38
Me listening to some bardcores while waiting for Riako to wake up.
Yesterday, 04:51
Me using ctrl+f when searching for a pokemon in the pokedex instead of just using default searchbar cause u need to type the first letter of the name of the mon in caps first.
5 Days ago
Wow, ive been waiting for the muggy weather to come up for ages now. Now it came up, its been like that since yesterday. XD

Oadn, my new event wasn't shiny. Still worth the shot though.
8 Days ago
Event: You have 0 sweetheart at the moment.
Me: Interact 2,500 times.
Event: You have 1 sweetheart at the moment.

8 Days ago
9 Days ago
Honestly, wouldn't it be much better if the ggc reward at the legendary golden slot will be change into event points?
12 Days ago
You've been a member on PokéHeroes for more than 6 Years now!

Happy PH birthday to me.
12 Days ago
Is it just me or do we get less sweets as time goes by?

Just got one sweet from interacting 500 times; and two after sending a minior plushie.
Ik that as u interact more, the sweets that ull receive will be lesser; but i thought it would restarts after every reset.
13 Days ago
14 Days ago
Goal for this week: Interact 150,000 times to get enough sweets to send cards that give an event egg with 4% chance of shiny.

20 cards to send is my max unfortunately. At least after this event, we will now going to get fun fair.
15 Days ago
A question, based on previous events, how many cards u needed to send before getting a guaranteed shiny egg?
15 Days ago
Me: Its been so long since i got a dragon gem from rumbling, maybe i should move on with galar.
Me: Meh, maybe give galar another chance.
Galar: *no dragon gems*
Me: Another chance?
Galar: *nope*
Me: Another?
Galar: *nippity nippity nope*
Me: That's it. Selling all of my dragon gems.
*sold all of my dragon gems*
Galar: Here's a dragon gem.

15 Days ago
And we have another case of landorus curse.

Chain 86 - no shiny, no mega.
16 Days ago
Saw a photo of shiny grimmsnarl flexing his muscles on the beauty contest:
Looks at the theme for the month:
Saw that the photo has no relevance to the theme:
Me: A perfect ten star.
1 Month ago
8 Months ago

~razpberry (Lvl. 25)

Rarity:~razpberry Gender: Nature:Quirky

- - -
~extroverted introvert~

likes: shinies, blue, new experiences, barbeque, bed
dislikes: troll SMs, being manipulated, new experiences, bitter melon, slimy feeling

so, no begging. im also not buying nor selling anything unless stated.