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Trainerlevel: 53

Trainerpoints: 1,176/8,479


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Moltres (Galarian))
13152,982 / 64,846
Basculin (White)12 / 8

Shiny Hunt

CommanderVenus is currently hunting Basculin (White).
Hunt started: 02/10/2022

Chain: 19

Future hunt progress

Shiny Blacephalon; 150 Ultra Saddle

Current amount: 11 Ultra Saddles

Shiny Mega Flygon; 80.000 Ground Gems

Current amount: 12,054 Ground Gems

Shiny Dracovish; 150 Drake Fossils

Current amount: 73 Fossils

Game Records

Trainer ID: #576124126
Registration: 31/07/2020 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 18/Aug/2023
Game Time: 779:51 Hours
Total interactions: 3,112,436
Money: 1,177,675
Starter Pokémon: Serperior


Gotta love wanting to draw in the middle of the night but not actually having the motivation to draw a proper picture
If your doodle pages aren’t 99% random heads and/or eyes similarly to this I don‘t trust you /j
Yesterday, 23:13
God resets in BDSP are painful. Could be worse, I could be hunting a Starter in Sun and Moon, but I still despise reset hunts on the Switch with all my heart.
Good thing I have a whole month for this. Gotta get my third shiny Giratina
2 Days ago
I should be doing resets on BDSP for my annual Halloween hunt but I‘m holding a cat and surpressing the urge to draw joke-art of my characters instead
3 Days ago
I keep trying to do things and instantly forgetting what I was gonna do
Can my brain please start working properly, I’m gonna go insane ;;
3 Days ago
“ Congratulations! A shiny Moltres (Galarian) hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #62)!”
First legendary hunt done! :’DDD
4 Days ago
It’s taking me surprisingly long to write down everything I‘ll need to open up a trade shop
See you‘d think that means it‘ll look nice but I can assure you the moment I take this out of my notes to try it in the forum I‘ll cry on the inside because it‘ll look like a complete mess lol
4 Days ago
Finally finished my October pfp
A little late but I did it. It’s almost 5am for me lol
5 Days ago
Just baked some cookies. I don’t bake very often but I do enjoy making these. Unfortunately I burnt my arm tho lol
5 Days ago
Alright, time to start my first legendary hunt. Hopefully galarian moltres is kind enough to shine with 106 eggs, otherwise I’ll be stuck here for a bit lol
6 Days ago
How have I still not decided on a pose for my drawing it’s been HOURS
I sure spend a lot of time thinking about poses for someone that is bad at drawing poses
6 Days ago
Aaaa the struggles of finding the right pose for a drawing
Basically trying to work on a Halloween pfp and I’m trying to figure out the perfect pose to catch both the vibe of my OC as well as Blacephalon, which is the mon I’ll base her outfit on.
6 Days ago
Starting my galarian Moltres hunt tomorrow even though I haven’t reached my Feather goal yet. My impatience is incredible but I’m too excited for it to keep waiting lol
6 Days ago
I could be playing in the gamecenter to maybe get to another shiny egg or continue to work on art but instead I keep clicking through the same pages on here and expect something to change for no reason.
7 Days ago
Ayy shiny Milcery :’DD Chain 64
Time to get myself a burnt cake once I can spin the wheel again
8 Days ago
My daycare doesn't want to give me any eggs today I guess. I have my eyes on you, daycare owner, you better not be eating them.
10 Days ago
Sometimes I’m embarrassed by the fact that I get all giggly and excited and even tear up(happy tears) when I see Team Galactic content but y’know what
Happy is good
If some fictional characters make me this happy I’ll take it
Sorry to my friends that I then send long paragraphs with happy ranting to tho lol
12 Days ago
I love how I draw humans the most and yet human anatomy is one of my greatest struggles.
Draw a dragon? Yeah sure, depending on the design I’ll be fine. Draw a human? Well, watch me redraw them 30 times to fix the general anatomy and then I cry because I have to draw hands.
12 Days ago
Finally have 100 Grey Feathers. Technically 101 even. 49 left to get to my goal but I’m definitely considering to start early. 120 Feathers maybe?
13 Days ago
Finally found my motivation to work on a little Pokemon fusion. Didn’t expect to immediately have an idea how I’ll fuse a kitty and a bee but I’m heavily enjoying myself lol
13 Days ago
Welp, guess my previous pfp didn’t last very long
I changed Venus’ eye shape immediately after making my previous pfp and it bothered me so much I made a new one. I just drew it on a bigger canvas and then shrunk it down this time though. Guess I’ll put the og size in my art thread
17 Days ago

About me

Hello! My name is Venus!
I enjoy art and animation. I‘m also heavily attached to Team Galactic, incase that wasn’t obvious haha.
I‘m a goth, the only clothes I feel truly comfortable in are goth dresses and suits. I really dislike wearing things that aren’t black or atleast a reasonably dark shade of other colors.
I‘m sorry if I come off super awkward, I‘m not the best at conversation. Trying my best though :‘> I try to be pleasant to talk to, I hope I‘m achieving that!
Here’s a few extra things about me incase there’s more curiosity:
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Favorite Pokemon: Sneasel
Favorite Shiny: Also Sneasel
Favorite Starter: Litten
Favorite Legendary: Yveltal
Favorite Type: Dark, but I love Fairy-Types a lot too
Favorite Game: Omega Ruby
Shows I enjoy: Pokemon(unsurprisingly), Wander over Yonder, The Owl House, Naruto
Hobbies: Drawing, animating, shiny hunting, reading random fanfics, staring at a wall and imagining storylines I will never write down because my brain makes no sense
I have a tendency to overexplain everything I do because I feel anxious that I‘d be misunderstood and judged otherwise. I unfortunately have no control over this so I apologize if I sent you a giant paragraph to get a pretty simple point across :‘(

Forum thread where I share some art pieces



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