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Trainerlevel: 67

Trainerpoints: 3,288/13,533


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Rhyhorn21972 / 1,734

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Shiny Hunt

Riako is currently hunting Rhyhorn.
Hunt started: 05/02/2023

Chain: 35

Project Steak (Kanto)

30 / 43
Goal: 28/Feb/2023

#68 Machamp ✔️
#68 Giga Machamp ✔️
#84 Doduo ✔️
#85 Dodrio ✔️
#88 Grimer ✔️
#89 Muk ✔️
#98 Krabby ❌
#99 Kingler ❌
#99 Giga Kingler ❌
#100 Voltorb ✔️
#101 Electrode ✔️
#111 Rhyhorn ❌
#112 Rhydon ❌
#120 Staryu ❌
#121 Starmie ❌
#123 Scyther ✔️
#182 Bellossom ✔️
#186 Politoed ❌
#212 Scizor ✔️
#212 Mega Scizor ✔️
#464 Rhyperior ❌
#900 Kleavor ✔️
#21 Spearow❌
#22 Fearow ❌
#29 Nidoran (f) ✔️
#30 Nidorina ✔️
#31 Nidoqueen ✔️
#32 Nidoran (m) ✔️
#33 Nidorino ✔️
#34 Nidoking ✔️
#43 Oddish ✔️
#44 Gloom ✔️
#45 Vileplume ✔️
#50 Diglett ✔️
#51 Dugtrio ✔️
#52 Psyduck ✔️
#53 Psyduck (Selfie) ✔️
#55 Golduck ✔️
#60 Poliwag ❌
#61 Poliwhirl ✔️
#62 Poliwrath ❌
#66 Machop ✔️
#67 Machoke ✔️

Game Records

Trainer ID: #201681867
Registration: 14/06/2013 (9 Years ago)
Premium member until 05/Apr/2023
Game Time: 4883:22 Hours
Total interactions: 579,127
Money: 13,320,666
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


Who's going for 100% chance?
Today, 07:52
btw you need 150 cards for 100% shiny chance (which is less than in the years before, it was ~175 before)
the formula has been changed because the old one was a bit weird and wonky, so it might look like it's more difficult, but it's actually not

(in case you'r curious, the new (simple) formula is (C / 150)² with C being the amount of cards you've sent out)
3 Days ago
Eggs be going brrr today
4 Days ago
8 Days ago
So I asked ChatGPT (an artificial intelligence chat bot) to tell a story about Emera Town... And - uh - it's not only incredible, but also hilarious 😂😂😂

This needs to
be canon
9 Days ago
what's the cheapest summon-based legendry to hunt
19 Days ago
The userbase has decided! There are now two new evolutions for Pumpkabowl.
20 Days ago
Paldea Starters now at the Dream World Shop + Restock of some limited plushies
23 Days ago
Shiny Mega Scizor is kinda really ugly.

Anyway, what's your favorite SM
24 Days ago
So as you all know by now, the new Event Pokemon evolves with either Magikarp or Goldeen. But what other Pokemon should it eat? 😏😋
(Reasonable) Most hearted comment will be implemented
26 Days ago
it does evolve tho
1 Month ago
Did you know...

... that the odds of having a mega-ability is influenced by the Pokémon's IVs? The higher its IVs, the higher its chance of hatching with a mega bubble.

In the past, this was rather unimportant to know since it wasn't possible to influence IVs. Since November 2022, however, you can do IV breeding at the daycare and increase the odds of passing down a parent's IVs to its offspring. In theory, breeding with perfect IV parents and both holding a Destiny Knot, the mega chance is 50% higher compared to regular random breeding. Getting a breeding couple with (nearly) perfect IVs is super difficult, however, so it's a lot more effective to just go with the Mega Bracelet + Mega Cuff. ... Unless you are very dedicated and want maximum odds, of course :P
1 Month ago
New Year, New Crozma! 👹💫✨
1 Month ago
What are your PH goals for 2023? 💪
1 Month ago
These are the winning beauty contest entries of 2022. I've set up a poll on my profile so you can vote for your ultimate favourite one! 🖼👑💎📸
1 Month ago
Please welcome our former moderator Tesoro back to the PokeHeroes staff! From now on, they will be part of the Artist team and create lovely news artworks, plushies and other fancy things! 🎨✨

A while ago, we also hired an amazing new spriter whose first event line you'll discover in about a week! Until then, let's keep it a mystery who this new talent is 🤔😉
1 Month ago
So what did y'all get from Santa? 🧑‍🎄😌
1 Month ago
Our Event Spriting Contest is back! Submit your own event and have it released officially on PH 🥳🥰
1 Month ago
My Shiny Mega Milotic. People will probably never believe this story (me being the admin), but I got it from the original Event Distribution back then (was a guaranteed mega-able, but a random shiny). I never even remotely got this lucky again after that
1 Month ago
So since many of you have brought up the idea of having type changed Pokemon BUT not have them evolve (like Retro Pokemon), I've set up a new poll on my profile. Go check it out!
1 Month ago



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