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Trainerlevel: 56

Trainerpoints: 5,966/9,463


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Cosmog19294 / 1,426
Cosmog12178 / 586

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Riako is currently hunting Cosmog.
Hunt started: 16/08/2020

Chain: 186


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Trainer ID: #201681867
Registration: 14/06/2013 (7 Years ago)
Premium member until 27/Nov/2020
Game Time: 3956:34 Hours
Total interactions: 369,884
Money: 1,333,561
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


The truth about social media
1 Day ago

Alright, the riddle is over! It's been 24 hours since I posted the last part (I waited this long to give all of you the same chance, independent from your time zone). It's time to solve the mysteries!

Riddle #1
Riddle #2
Riddle #3

I must say, I have received some veeeery creative solutions. Some were pretty close! Though there was only one person who guesses all three parts correctly: TheBlueOwl, congratulations! Since the riddles seem to have been very difficult to solve, I decided to gift you 3 months of premium. ✨
1 Day ago
Darktober Riddle 3/3:

One of the most famous people of the French Revolutionary Wars was Michel NEY. He was called Le Brave des Braves by the GRAND Napoleon, because of how fearlessly he fought. Though not many people know that during one of the most important battles, he bailed and instead took a NAP. When Napoleon heard about this, he ran to his chamber and rang the bell—DING-dong. The door was locked. And to his misfortune, Napoleon only possessed one half of the key. And I feel like, so do you.
2 Days ago
Next Darktober Riddle:


First, I would like to remind you of our No-Spoiler-Rule, it applies to all three riddle parts. It's basically like our official fourth rule: "don't cheat". Giving hints isn't acceptable either, I already had to delete half a dozen comments on my previous feeds.
And in other news: Halloween is in nine days - which means that you can soon trick or treat your friends! Me, personally, I'll meet Rowan on Halloween at 11pm for his annual Halloween party. It's always a blast!
3 Days ago
Darktober Riddle (1 / 3):


How to solve it: I'm afraid I can't give you many tips with this one. Literally just look at the emojis - perhaps you can gradually take a few steps back if it helps.
4 Days ago
Darktober Riddle:

I have three little riddles for you! Can you solve them?

Over the next few days, I will post three riddles in total. Each riddle will give you one word - all three combined will be a full sentence. Once you figure out the entire sentence, send it to me via PM. Don't spoil any of the code words to other members!
4 Days ago
Does anyone remember Pokemon Channel? I really loved that game and I don't even know why
9 Days ago
How much do we like each other?
11 Days ago
Time to save up Game Chips! The first shiny Magearna is distributed tomorrow 🧚🌟
11 Days ago
You guys are on 🔥 with the SCS today. Who's participating in the next round?
15 Days ago
Oh, I almost forgot—today is October the 7th!!
And we all know what that means, right? Only two weeks left until people start asking for a sale again
18 Days ago
added very basic filters to new Pokemon recovery tool
18 Days ago
Round 15 be like:

Hiker: My next number is 1
Player: Higher!
Hiker: Uuuhh my new number was minus three, I swear.
18 Days ago

Pumplin evolves by holding a Whipped Dream + level-up. It evolves into two different forms, depending on the time of day.

Orryrm evolves by holding a Jaboca Berry or Custap Berry + level-up
20 Days ago
You should get the digimon Necrozma from reaching HoL Level 30
23 Days ago
Imma revamp HoL later
25 Days ago
Your tickets: 1 || Your current chance of winning: 0.00%

how dare I didn't win
27 Days ago
For everyone interested in why I think Magearna's raffle will be a fun and challenging feature in the long run: I made a post

TL;DR: It is a feature that - by its nature - needs to balance itself over time. Give it a few weeks and you'll notice that it's less RNG and more "hard work" (unless RNG hates you and you don't win with a >80% chance. Then I'll take back what I said).
And - as with every feature on PH - we'll monitor closely how it thrives in the future; and we'll surely make improvements if necessary.

Now here's my offer for today:
A lot of users are already participating today on day 1 (many more than expected!) - and in order to celebrate this, I suggest that during the first few days we'll have two prize distributions per day - one at noon and one at midnight.
Does that sound like a fair deal? 🤗🥰
27 Days ago
28 Days ago
Vote for your vote favorite Pokémon!
Your feedback helps us greatly in the process of planning new features & events.

Cast at least 100 votes and win 10 dragon gems! Ends some time tomorrow. 🥳
29 Days ago


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