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Trainerlevel: 64

Trainerpoints: 10,408/12,351


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Nidoran (f)13 / 9

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Shiny Hunt

Riako is currently hunting Nidoran (f).
Hunt started: 21/09/2022

Chain: 55

Project Steak (Kanto)

6 / 43
Goal: 28/Feb/2023

#68 Machamp ❌
#68 Giga Machamp ❌
#84 Doduo ❌
#85 Dodrio ❌
#88 Grimer ❌
#89 Muk ❌
#98 Krabby ❌
#99 Kingler ❌
#99 Giga Kingler ❌
#100 Voltorb ❌
#101 Electrode ❌
#111 Rhyhorn ❌
#112 Rhydon ❌
#120 Staryu ❌
#121 Starmie ❌
#123 Scyther ✔️
#182 Bellossom ❌
#186 Politoed ❌
#212 Scizor ✔️
#212 Mega Scizor ❌
#464 Rhyperior ❌
#900 Kleavor ❌
#21 Spearow❌
#22 Fearow ❌
#29 Nidoran (f) ❌
#30 Nidorina ❌
#31 Nidoqueen ❌
#32 Nidoran (m) ✔️
#33 Nidorino ✔️
#34 Nidoking ✔️
#43 Oddish ❌
#44 Gloom ❌
#45 Vileplume ❌
#50 Diglett ❌
#51 Dugtrio ❌
#52 Psyduck ❌
#53 Psyduck (Selfie) ❌
#55 Golduck ❌
#60 Poliwag ❌
#61 Poliwhirl ✔️
#62 Poliwrath ❌
#66 Machop ❌
#67 Machoke ❌

Game Records

Trainer ID: #201681867
Registration: 14/06/2013 (9 Years ago)
Premium member until 04/Oct/2022
Game Time: 4756:55 Hours
Total interactions: 567,236
Money: 6,307,445
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


I just bought a King's Rock to evolve Nidorino into Nidoking.

Welp. Guess what I found out
3 Days ago
Who's gonna shiny mega hunt a certain clown now? 🤡✨
Mega-able Mime Jr. can now hatch from normal eggs!
5 Days ago
Last day of the fun fair! Hoping for it to come back next year? 🤡😼
7 Days ago
Me, every single time.
12 Days ago
People selling Razor Claws for 50k at GTS: 🤑🤑💴💴
Item Shop owner, selling for 2.1k: 👁️👄👁️ Am I a joke to you
15 Days ago
In case you were wondering: Yes, it is indeed possible
16 Days ago
What's your favourite thing about the fun fair? ✨🎪🎠
17 Days ago
Why is this Porygon hunt literally taking longer than my previous SM hunts LOL, this is ridiculous 😑
19 Days ago
PSA: There's an "Advanced Mobile Setting" in your style settings, greatly enhancing your experience on mobile devices (most of the time). I've been using it for a couple of years now and never had a problem with it. You should try it out, especially for the wingull shooter.
23 Days ago
Two new ranklists have been added: Most berries fed & most berries harvested.

What's your highest rank and in which category? Mine is:

Rank #18: Biggest Plushie Collection (13k plushies) (though hardly my own effort lol)
Rank #75: Most Game Time (4720 hours) (where did all this time go)
Rank #190: Most berries fed (107k berries) (I always tried to feed berries instead of using "Train")
25 Days ago
9.5 Million berries have been fed since the beginning of the current Shaymin Event. A bit more than every 4th interaction has been made using berries - and roughly every 3rd Shaymin encounter has been triggered by a berry! 🍇🥭🍋🍊 Berries are simply amazing.
25 Days ago
I feel like a grandma scrolling through her Facebook whenever I throw a ball in Pokemon Go. It's so difficult
27 Days ago
Who's got the highest Shaimy chance right now? ✨🦔✨

Do you like the new change(s) made to this seasonal event?
28 Days ago
Someone rightfully pointed out that the Gem Collector might be the richest NPC, despite not taking PDs but gems from the player.
Well, if we add up all the gems he's received from users so far and multiply that by the gem's current market prices, we can estimate that the gem collector owns...

... 32.6 Billion PokéDollar in gems right now! 💎💸

PH has been online for 110 months now, so that'd be roughly 296 Million PokéDollars per month. So according to that, he is indeed even richer than Bill.
1 Month ago
A while ago I asked "Who is the richest NPC"?

Well, they've all filled out their tax forms now, and here are their monthly average profits over the last 6 months:

Format: Income - Expenses = Profit
Item Shop: 98M - 41M = 57M
Auction House: 12M - 0M = 12M
Game Center: 20.4M - 0.14M = 20.26M
Daycare Owner: 54M - 0M = 54M
Fancy Salon: 1.9M - 0M = 1.9M
Bill: 148M - 0M = 148M
Los Seashellos: 3.8M - 0M = 3.8M
Royal Tunnel: 10.7M - 0M = 10.7M
Safari Zone: 2.3M - 0M = 2.3M

(A few details in the comments)
1 Month ago
Enjoying the breeding bonus? 🥳🐣🍳
1 Month ago
Porygon 😒
1 Month ago
Since the beginning of the year, our staff has been working hard to bring a new type of Event to PokéHeroes: The fun fair! 🎈🎪🎭
We're very excited to see your reactions. To be released very soon! 🤩
1 Month ago
Re: my second last feed

So when I booted up my SoulSilver, I saw my old save file: Trainer: Riako, started May 2016, Game Time: 00:01h.
I loaded the save and found myself standing right in front of the Starter Pokemon selection in Prof. Elm's Lab.
And you might know what this means. ... 6 years ago, I attempted soft-resetting myself a shiny starter. And I had apparently given up. ... Until now. I knew this was a challenge I couldn't just ignore. I knew I had to complete this.

... And today, after about 2,000 soft resets, I finally did it! Shiny Cyndaquil is my beautiful partner 😍
1 Month ago
I saw how beautiful Shiny Stakatakatakataka is and now I want to hunt it as well orz. But not another Ultra Saddle hunt pllleeease
1 Month ago


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