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Trainerlevel: 68

Trainerpoints: 11,565/13,939


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Pinsir14455 / 789
Pinsir11163 / 496
Pinsir17147 / 1,149

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Please contact our staff members (most likely our mods) in case you have a question or concern. They will forward your message to me if necessary.
Remember that I'm the coder of this website and want to focus on this task as much as possible 😊

Shiny Hunt

Riako is currently hunting Pinsir.
Hunt started: 20/02/2024

Chain: 205
4 8 0

Project Rock (Kanto)

6 / 35
Goal: 01/08/2024

#96 Drowzee ❌
#97 Hypno ❌
#102 Exeggcute ❌
#103 Exeggutor ❌
#108 Lickitung ❌
#114 Tangela ❌
#127 Pinsir ✔️
#127 Mega Pinsir ❌
#128 Tauros ✔️
#199 Slowking ✔️
#208 Steelix ❌
#208 Mega Steelix ❌
#462 Magnezone ❌
#463 Lickilicky ❌
#465 Tangrowth ❌
#979 Annihilape ❌
#23 Ekans ❌
#24 Arbok ✔️
#27 Sandshrew ❌
#28 Sandslash ❌
#46 Paras ❌
#47 Parasect ❌
#48 Venonat ❌
#49 Venomoth ❌
#56 Mankey ❌
#57 Primeape ❌
#69 Bellsprout ❌
#70 Weepinbell ❌
#71 Victreebel ❌
#79 Slowpoke ✔️
#80 Slowbro ✔️
#80 Mega Slowbro ❌
#81 Magnemite ❌
#81 Magneton ❌
#95 Onix ❌


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #201681867
Registration: 14/06/2013 (10 Years ago)
Premium member until 08/Mar/2024
Game Time: 5059:55 Hours
Total interactions: 594,564
Money: 18,616,997
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


Guess in the comments how much Pokedollar Newton makes with this year's fun fair. The user who's closest to the correct answer gets 2 months of premium.

- Deadline for guessing: Day end of March 6th
- You may only make one guess, though you can delete your comment and guess again, as long as it's posted before the deadline
- If two users make the same guess, then only the first user can win

Raffle ends of course when the fun fair is over :)
Today, 19:23
Kalos, I'm intrigued. Yes, sure, nostalgic grandpa-me would've loved another Johto or Hoenn remake. And yes, Kalos is the region where the main games kinda lost me. But that's exactly why I'm intrigued: I'm interested to see if this will make me continue where I stopped.
Yesterday, 19:32
One of my biggest regrets on PH is to have established this tradition of "features/events are released at server reset, i.e. at midnight". That's literally when I sleep, and usually it takes 5-6 hours until I then wake up to see if everything works. That causes so much understandable yet unnecessary frustration 😅 95% of the bugs would not have happened (or would've been fixed within 2-3 minutes) if I simply released features manually while I'm awake, instead of timed for midnight. (Especially since like the fun fair today was simply just a "timed release gone wrong" bug, i.e. it was literally untestable in advance. I can't fastforward time and see if the time trigger will occur at midnight.)

I really think that now after 10 years I should just break this tradition and have features/event drop at like noon instead.

Either way, I'm sorry that these bugs almost always occur. It's definitely not intentional. Enjoy the fun fair!
2 Days ago
3 Days ago
A staff task group is currently beta testing the new Fun Fair mini game. Can you guess what it is about?

Newton N. Meowth (the Second) is excited to be welcoming you very soon! 😻🎪💵😼
6 Days ago
After having been a member of staff for 5 years now, our artist BakugouKatsuki has decided to step down and continue as a "regular" player from now on due to her busy real life. Thank you so much for all the plushies and artworks you've gifted PH over the years! One of my most memorable ones is definitely the Guzzlord Puzzle art, which I've had to solve (in a previous shiny hunt) more often than I would've liked 😅
Take care ❤️
7 Days ago
@Furret: I'm confused. I thought you wanted to create a Cutiefly event? What is this bee
9 Days ago
A new spriting contest just started! This time, we're looking for new Emera Variants, like the type-changed Galar starters or our two Emera Shellos.
This is your chance to turn your ideas into an official Event 'mon!
11 Days ago
Bless the PH Wiki for reminding me how to eevolve into Umbreon and Espeon in my own game lol
12 Days ago
Where do our adopted Pokémon come from (last 12 months)?

🧑‍🔬️ Prof. Rowan's Lab: 48%
👴 Daycare: 31%
🌾 Tall Grass: 5.7%
💎 Gem Collector: 5.6%
⛱️ Beach: 1.4%
🧭 Rumbling: 1.3%
🍯 Honey Tree: 0.8%
🌟 Event Distribution: 0.6%
🪧 All other sources: 5.6%
15 Days ago
Kyurem showed up 2,940-times this year! That's roughly once every 9 minutes.
17 Days ago
41 eggs and still no shiny /s
17 Days ago
At this point I'm just procrastinating my Eevee hunt lol (yes, I decided to go with the Eevee line next). I'm scared of a rare 9,180 EHP hunt, but at least there's no mega
20 Days ago
Which of my missing shiny non-legendary Kanto Pokémon should I hunt next?
27 Days ago
I will have a bit of free time soon, so I can work on the release of either:
(a) the Paldean Outbreak Event, involving Paradox Pokémon (though requiring you to have finished at least one of the two Paldea Research Quests)
or (b) the Fun Fair, featuring a new mini game, new Event Pokémon and the re-release of Newton N. Meowth

One of these two events would begin (most likely) near the end of February. I've set up a poll on my profile so you can decide which one I should work on first :) The other one will obviously also be released eventually, but I cannot yet make any promises as to when.
1 Month ago
Minor correction to the Kyurem news post: Berry interactions actually do increase your Kyurem spawning odds by about 20%!

Also: Two new plushies have been added + a couple of restocks :)
1 Month ago
1 Month ago
Make sure to like comments on my previous feed, because we can't implement 200 plushies at once lol
1 Month ago
Which plushies should be released next? (Can also be shiny versions of already existing plushies)
1 Month ago
What's the rarest shiny you've hatched in 2023? 💪💫
Mine was Shiny Mega Scyther
1 Month ago



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