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Trainerlevel: 58

Trainerpoints: 4,997/10,149


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
4,23665,242,866 / 67,304,746
4,71054,339,326 / 66,566,431
3,52518,829,028 / 37,287,451


Shiny Hunting Goals

|Shiny-Mega Mewtwo X and Y|
One year premium
Incredible patience

|Shiny-Mega Gyarados|
One year premium


|Shiny-Mega Banette|
One year premium


Goals #2

General Goals

|One year Premium|

-private number -3-/8000

|Get Dovahkiin to lv 10 000|
3 891/10 000

Shiny Hunt

Amelyanna is currently hunting Mewtwo.
Hunt started: 28/09/2020

Chain: 501
12 5 0


Game Records

Trainer ID: #626816815
Registration: 09/04/2014 (7 Years ago)
Premium member until 04/Oct/2021
Game Time: 2439:41 Hours
Total interactions: 353,376
Money: 239,861
Starter Pokémon: Giga Venusaur


I lost some of my hype for the PA ARPG. I see a reason behind the new update although it is kinda false, but it's still a bit underwhelming. y-y
Today, 08:09
In need for name ideas
I have aquired 2 more Gate Masters for my AU
The Luminous Gate Master and The Trickster Gate Master
I would name them Luminous and Trickster, but it's a bit unimaginative xd
Yesterday, 14:05
I am so unmotivated rn x-x
Yesterday, 11:07
I am slowly starting to regret this hunt -.-
2 Days ago
I was so ready for a screaming match, but now I am more than impressed with how this one arpg group runs. I just have to give my thank you for the entire team even though they might not even see this post.
4 Days ago
I have aquired the Gary

Now, I can rest.
6 Days ago
I have finished playing chapter 7 of Duskwood and... it was a journey alright.
7 Days ago
New pen, who dis?

So my new pen finally got delivered, I actually am not sure if it's a pen or a puzzle :'D Like, the presentation is a bit bizzare.
Here are the videos I made for a friend, I just find this whole thing really funny xd
8 Days ago
[Primeval Age]
Even though my dominant hand is currently borderline uncapable of operating rn I will be getting my new pen for my tablet tomorrow and will use the heck out of both.
Since PA introduced 2 new species in this months event, a killer doggo boi and a four leggy long necky tank, I want to get my hands on. They will come from pods that can be aquired from quests, pretty rarely I might add, and I want 10 of those bad boys. Give me all them iron buckets!
8 Days ago
I want to draw so bad!
But like, my pen is dying, the surface of my tablet looks like a bubble bath, and my hand is screming in its brace from pain, but gosh darn it I still want to draw.
9 Days ago
I love how under a friction reduction glove someone gave a 1x for "it's garbage. It doesn't stop my tablet to recognize my hand as touching it."
There are art gloves that stop the tablet from completely recognizing my hand? I'll go rn and ask her where she got them from!
aside from really THICC gloves I don't think any of them do, but I might be stupid for thinking friction reduction gloves were made for friction reduction and not for touch resistance
9 Days ago
Currently installing the wacom driver onto my laptop. It's going at a snails pace, but I'm hoping it will also have problems operating woth this since that would mean it's either a cable problem or that transmitter has a problem which just needs to be switched out.
Also praying my mum get's me the painkillers. The doctir said since it also has anti-inflamation or whatever effects it's going to help with my wrist :'D
Also drawing in a glov that is meant to keep your wrist from moving is an adventure itself.
10 Days ago
Tomorrow I will try to hook up my tablet to my laptop than back to my pc but instead the actual monitor. Need to do some hardcore testing.
10 Days ago
I have tried to apply my second screenprotector to my tablet. It went really smooth while my dad came home and decided to eat next to me. I pulled a tab and instead of only taking of the top layer I accidentally took of all of the peotector. Now, when you do that the adhesive immediately sucks EVERYTHING that is in the air. Like dust. So it becomes quite useless and I was ready to wait a bit before my new set of protectors arrive.
NOPE. My dad scolded me that I should reapply it and decided it was my failt it got dirty.
I am so sorry that it didn't work as it was designed to and the tab refused to cooperate. It is all my fault. .___.
And when he saw how dusty it became and how many dustbubbles I got on the screen it magically was again, my fault that I was "flinging it around".

I have ordered new screenprotectors. I will apply a new one when it arrives.

ALSO my dad has NEVER put on screen protectors so he had no right to act all so smart about it.
11 Days ago
I need to install the second screen saver onto my tablet. I switched to felt tips to try it out without a protector, but oh lord they are killing my hands, and I kinda need them. (they require much more pressure to operate than the hard tips and that's what's messing with my wrist)
11 Days ago
By GTS - 2 Seconds ago.
Surprise! There are 7 item gifts waiting for you at the GTS!

Amelyanna 17 Seconds ago
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Amelyanna 1 Month ago
Amelyanna 1 Month ago
Amelyanna 3 Months ago
Amelyanna 3 Months ago

I have started saving up for the future :d
11 Days ago
Okay, I am done. The problem with my tablet is back. It was good and dandy for a day or two, but now it's back and is as bad as it gets.
As a last-ditch effort, I will try to remove the screen protector and see if it changes, but I feel like there is something in the back of the tablet that causes the problem since after I tweaked the settings it seemed to disappear. xAx
12 Days ago
Dino art for today is finished, as well as a pokemon art -3- Tinking on making 9 more of technically the same thing in terms of topic, but would give me a giant hit of rolls I could send in for the event.
ALSO! Paper Demon is getting improved! Now there is a directory for characters. Can't wait to see my terrific drawing of a human of Mare to be there :'D
12 Days ago
I have reached the point where I am watching 2 live streams, youtube, and also need to look at some references and feel like I need a third monitor xd
13 Days ago
So... now that I have the registered character I thought I will be able to submit his prompts to the group... I thought wrong cause now the website ain't working xAx
15 Days ago

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