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Trainerlevel: 62

Trainerpoints: 11,164/11,593


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
5,8506,344,327 / 128,356,314
6,651104,148,823 / 132,727,357

Shiny Hunt

Amelyanna is currently hunting Mewtwo.
Hunt started: 28/09/2020

Chain: 1,360
37 19 0

Mewtwos for sale

Mewtwos for sale


/!\ No haggles, the price is firm /!\

Game Records

Trainer ID: #626816815
Registration: 09/04/2014 (8 Years ago)
Premium member until 16/Nov/2022
Game Time: 2907:16 Hours
Total interactions: 406,219
Money: 424,285
Starter Pokémon: Giga Venusaur


Say hi to Bertha. I love her.
6 Days ago
I'm so tempted to shoot a message at one of my old friends if she wanna come and play DnD. Out group will potentially start Curse of Strahd this October, but am not sure if she would be interested. (Especially since there are some things she may not be so flexible about)
14 Days ago
I gotten rid of a heckton of tabs. It feels weird.
14 Days ago
A flower sometimes bundled in bouquets to convey gratitude on special occasions like birthdays.

Time to make a bouquet.
14 Days ago
Thank me later
15 Days ago
"This recipient has reached their daily limit of incoming gifts!"

22 Days ago
There's just utter chaos around me.
The dogs are barking for no apperant reason for hours now and someone is either chopping wood or sorting their medicine packets again, for hours now. I have no idea what's going on or why, but I've been trying to sleep through it, but thanks to this madness I think I only slept like 4 hours ._.
27 Days ago
*starts vibrating aggressively*
The dragon language translator I have used for years now dissappeared, but I found an oldish probably this github open source version of it.
Since I am about to learn python in the coming months I might dabble into this and recreate it. :3c
1 Month ago
The fun fair games are a bit tacky ._.
1 Month ago
Aww, thank you anonymous! That was really inspirational. ^^
1 Month ago
What is it with all these shadow people?
Did I miss a gathering notice or something?
1 Month ago
This summer both of the art camps I was in were terrible. Unfortunately, that leaves me with nothing for next year. I might do a personal art camp for myself then, probably gonna be a lot more enjoyable than these two were.
1 Month ago
Tomorrow is gonna be hell and I'm going to love it
1 Month ago
Which one looks better?
1 Month ago
I think I found the best not related cover photo for any song ever
Please don't ask questions because I have no answers.
1 Month ago
I'm just realizing. I'm being mad at them for such a small reason. These guys can't even follow their own rules they have set.
My expectations are now way lover than before and that's saying something.
1 Month ago
"Please tell me exactly what egg you want to hatch next time. I know they're both silver, and that's the only egg you hat in your inventory, but tell me exactly what egg you want to hatch because I don't want to hatch something you didn't want to get hatched. Yes, I still know you only had one egg in your inventory, but still."
This isn't exactly what I got back as a reapondse, but it sure as hell feels like it. And no, it doesn't say in the hatchery that these things need to be specified either. ._.
(I get if maybe I had more than one silver egg then I might need to specify, but I only had one entire egg in my inventory which was silver, so no. It still made no sense)
1 Month ago
Funny rhing. I just checked cause I am stalking that thread like a hawk, the same dude who denies hatching my egg hatched the same flipping event egg of other people before me! I am now more mad than before.
1 Month ago
I have a new love. Lavender syrup. I want it all.
1 Month ago

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