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Trainerlevel: 123

Trainerpoints: 31,182/45,509


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Articuno (Galarian))
365485,750 / 500,964
(Winter Ampharos)
864644,972 / 2,664,663
517405,207 / 1,004,274
(Giga Toxtricity)
1,9676,867,551 / 13,876,878

☆ avatar art by owl

Game Records

Trainer ID: #937463883
Registration: 05/07/2013 (8 Years ago)
Game Time: 12587:35 Hours
Total interactions: 15,221,010
Money: 2,590,407
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


oooof I'm so hyped for Legends Arceus; haven't been this excited for a new Pokémon game in a long time - please, please let it be good 🙏
2 Days ago
I saw the Typhlosion model and was about to scream bloody murder but then I saw the version with its flames out and yesss love this boi so much omg hhhh could've done more with him but I'll take that one over completely messing it up
6 Days ago
Bidoof best boi
15 Days ago
yes hello, it's Saturday, 11pm, and I'm watching a math teacher (I think) solve maths tasks on youtube - because why not
18 Days ago
gift wrapping a form of art .. and I have definitely not mastered it
1 Month ago
she be like: am helping, food when?? 😼
1 Month ago
Adaman is bae
1 Month ago
and ✨ this ✨, m'dudes, is why liquify is the best feature ever and yay for CSP finally having it (and it works beautifully too)!
from wolf to fox(-like; it still needs some minor tweaking) in a matter of seconds, rather than having to redraw the whole thing 🙏
1 Month ago
funny how taste works - one person calls it a baby, the other literally says it'll haunt them forever listen, your opinion has its place and all, but you didn't have to throw it in my face this hard ok

could the contrast be any bigger? I don't think so
1 Month ago
not from my feed (though I haven't forgotten; in fact, I have some sketches lying around already), but have another emoji custom! 🦔🐚🌊

character belongs to Yamper - no stealing!
1 Month ago
She be like, oh you got a new portable thing to draw on? Nice, lemme test it for you!!
1 Month ago
looking back at a WIP from last night, I can safely say that drawing foxes recognizably isn't my strong suit - as they either look like wolves or lions lmao 🙃 not that it's stopping me
1 Month ago
when a co-worker punches data in an excel sheet and then they bring out the hand calculator to tot up the figures like???
1 Month ago
I am once again asking for your inspiration because I sure as heck ain't having any---

Post 1-3 emojis and a base Pokémon/creature of your choice (or multiple, if you'd rather want a fusion) and if it sparks my interest I might design something for you based on that. 💡

Style might vary on my mood and what fits the design, but here are some design examples I've done: 1 - 2 - 3
1 Month ago
Not me (sorry loke), but here's the starry culprit.

Custom/surprise design for the Design a PokéOC for the User above you - from Emojis thread! The prompt I chose to design for was 🌙⭐🌊~

bonus: design notes if you can read them lol
1 Month ago
why are star shapes so hard to draw smh
1 Month ago
listen, you're cute, but I'm kinda trying to do something here--
1 Month ago
he 💛
1 Month ago
yooo, to all digital artists out there that still have not gotten themselves Clip Studio Paint ..

- one, what are you even doing??
- two, it's on sale right now - 17 USD for a year plan, or one time 30 USD for a permanent license!
- three, in the upcoming December update, we're finally getting a Liquify tool.

seriously, just buy CSP already if you can.
2 Months ago