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Trainerlevel: 124

Trainerpoints: 10,044/46,251


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP

[🖌 Icon Commissions 🖌]

[❗] ~Riko~ · Nova · [paid] · ◻◻◻◻
[❗] Mafia · Najem · ◼◼◼◼
[❗] pucky · Aska · ◼◼◼◼
[💥] Akaza · Iman · ◼◼◼◼

◻◻◻◻ · not yet started | ◼◻◻◻ · sketching + color concept
◼◼◻◻ · lining | ◼◼◼◻ · refining color + finishing touches
◼◼◼◼ · all done and sent to commissioner ♥

I'm not really playing the game anymore; so please do yourself a
favor and ask someone else for help or whatever. Toodeloo~ ✌

avatar art by ikipins

Game Records

Trainer ID: #937463883
Registration: 05/07/2013 (9 Years ago)
Game Time: 13045:40 Hours
Total interactions: 15,726,146
Money: 12,123,320
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


don't mind me, just vibing over here ♪♫
welcome back, Paramore ♥
1 Day ago
swear imma shut up after this - just this last thing, promise!

because I had an✨ urge ✨ and yeah .. spoopy baby! 😈
3 Days ago
I need an army of them why do you do this to me 💜
4 Days ago
happy beginning of bestest season fall y'all 🍂🍁
7 Days ago
[interest check]

I have a couple of days off and I fully intend to finally beat this persistent art block. priority of course have the still open icon commissions, but after these, I'd love to do something else for a change.
sooo, long sob story short, would anybody be interested in monochromatic paintings like this*? if yes, I'd appreciate if you could state what would you'd be willing to pay for these

*half-body(-ish) painting of your character, fully shaded, simple/minimalistic/atmospheric background as shown in the example. any kind of creature goes, no humans - anthro ok though.
12 Days ago
t-minus 105 days (and about 19-ish hours) 💪

today, I finally got the confirmation I've been waiting on for weeks now!!
and even though my leaving date is not as soon a date as I wanted - because of some bs hidden/massively vague contract clause - I'll be quitting my current job at the end of the year. 🥳

I'm gonna be starting into 2023 with a new job that (hopefully lmao) will be so much better and, most importantly, have a way better working environment (which is the main reason I'm quitting my current job in the first place).

it sucks that I have to endure (almost) another 4 months at my current work place but I'm super thankful that my new employer actually agreed to wait until then for me to start working for them! they sure as heck didn't have to and could've very well chosen a different candidate in my place.

I'm super excited for the new job, and I can't wait for 2022 to be over, so that I can start looking forward again! ✨
22 Days ago
Ceruledge 👌
24 Days ago
goshhhh darn itttt----------

why are art blocks a thing?
like, can we please kill em off??
yes thanks, I'd very much appreciate it.
I'm sick of everything I've been touching for the past few weeks looking like crap--

kinda thinking work being the b she currently is - like, even bigger than usual - may be playing a big role here (understatement of the year--)
so I'm really hoping next week's finally gonna be giving the news I've been waiting on and, quite frankly, need to move on..
or else I'm seriously gonna lose my mind fr

all I want is to live in darn peace
just let me, please.
27 Days ago
just when you thought the avatar plague was finally over
28 Days ago
wait how did I miss that there was a new mon for SV revealed
29 Days ago
thanks anon, I wish you a meowtastic day too! 🐈💙
1 Month ago
new S/V stuff! potential spoilers in the comments, yadda yadda - you know the drill
1 Month ago
Sooo, I started a new save game on my Sword, since I never picked it up again after The Bathtub Incident oopd, and I kinda forgot Nickit existed??? I just ran into one right now and fell in love all over again. ; w; ♥
1 Month ago
I never wanted a weekend to be over as badly as this one - waiting on important documents (the good kind) when you know you won't get them before Monday is torture 😫
1 Month ago
1 Month ago
eyyy Art Fight announced the winning team - congratz bloom, we did it! 💪🌸💚
1 Month ago
Haikyuu!! - why movies whyyyy????

if you're telling me you wanna fit almsot 100 chapters in two movies imma burn this whole world down I swear to God
1 Month ago
TGIF 🥱💤💻
1 Month ago
Second icon done - two more to go! ✨

(character belongs to Akaza, art is by me - don't steal either!)

Alsooo, I'm sorry for taking so long with this batch - this is especially directed towards the remaining two peeps waiting on their art - but uhhh, Art Fight got kind of in the way (I originally didn't plan on participating but then I did oops) and oof yea, 'm sorry!! orz I promise to get them done soon! 💪
1 Month ago
1 Month ago