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Trainerlevel: 121

Trainerpoints: 10,867/44,043


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Xurkitree18 / 10
1,2914,763,968 / 5,003,917
3,16129,899,246 / 37,481,559
(Giga Toxtricity)
1,5065,862,988 / 8,125,257
(Mega Sharpedo)
5,8906,574,196 / 130,117,464
34914,702 / 458,064

Collectibles for Future Hunts

6/150 · 4% 🌟 121/currently in use    

43/100 · 43% 🌟
160/11,250 ▪ 50/11,250 ▪ 591/11,250 ▪ 556/11,250


Game Records

Trainer ID: #937463883
Registration: 05/07/2013 (7 Years ago)
Premium member until 04/Jul/2021
Game Time: 12144:23 Hours
Total interactions: 14,734,778
Money: 868,038
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


what is art
2 Days ago
when you get to e-mail that one co-worker you absolutely despise a list of things they have to get done asap, fully knowing they'll hate it coming from you but have no other choice than to do it anyway I even said please and thanks okok
2 Days ago
how everyone's now trying to make bank in hopes of people falling for fake shiny megas in the AH, because of that one auction gaining attention today smh
6 Days ago
You know what I'm a sucker for? Pretty people in pretty suits.
But you know what's even better? My OC in a suit! 😭
6 Days ago
when your sense of humor is that of a 5 y/o because you find this .. neat lil coloring trick hilarious 💀
6 Days ago
You know what greatly amuses me?

People being mad that they 'missed their chance' at becoming a mod/MIT, because good ol' mod applications weren't opened this time around; instead, peeps were chosen based on the work and effort they put into helping others all over the site (newbie mentoring, help forum, yadda yadda), even when there was no benefit whatsoever for them.

Can you imagine? People being nice and genuinely wanting to help others - the audacity!!

Hmm. Mhmmmhhhh. 🙃
9 Days ago
tmw you have to hold up your cat's head so she doesn't fall off the desk 🤷
10 Days ago
[Flight Rising] Veilspuns are babes, and I've spent way too much currency breed-changing and geneing up dragons over the past 12 hours and some aren't even finished/final yet, buuuut---

They - are - way - too - fabulous; how could I not? ;; w;;

Hands-down my favorite dragon breed!!
12 Days ago
she 💞
13 Days ago
15 Days ago
I'm bored but not bored enough to do anything about it
15 Days ago
eyyy chain 1k
15 Days ago
To everyone whom I still owe avatars; I swear I haven't forgotten! ;-; I just, idk, am not really feeling it atm - and I don't wanna give you half-hearted art just to be through with it either. If any of you isn't okay with the long wait and wants to cancel/their payment back, lemme know! ; W;
16 Days ago
plot twist, Kuroo actually won the elections
←I mean, look at him
16 Days ago
Furudate blessed us again 😭🙏
17 Days ago
I'm not a US citizen
but even I'm happy about this right now

I wish you all the best over there - I really hope he's gonna do better than that stupid orange
18 Days ago
all the leaves are brown~♪♫🍂
21 Days ago
Fished up two consecutive Eternal Rocks and my energy just drained - worth it, though! ☄
22 Days ago
one of my legs is about to die off .. but the cat's sleeping in my lap, so I guess that's goodbye to my leg ╮(╯▽╰)╭
24 Days ago
[Adoptable Auction]

One last spoopy adopt! :D

The adoptable in question is this Froslass X Mismagius fusion. 👻
You may bid in PD and/or Nuggets; the ratio being 1 Nugget:1,700 PD here.
Auction ends 24 hours after the last bid, to prevent sniping and potential time zone issues.

The winner will receive the unwatermarked artwork after having succesfully transferred the offered currency.

Happy bidding everyone! 💜🖤
25 Days ago

Icon Commissions [Slots FULL]

[ONIKITSUNE] ▪ [Fon Fon] ▪ [paid ✔] ▪ [sketching]

[Makabe] ▪ [Soushi] ▪ [paid ✔]
💥 [Ardyn] ▪ [Pal Pad convo] ▪ [paid ✔]

[sta.shed here]

▪ Request updates on your order any time!
▪ Please don't ask me about getting a slot;
I announce via feed whenever I'm open!
(Thanks for being interested though, it means a lot! ♥)

Favorite Plushies

custom plushies by Akemie & Liffy ☆ avatar art by Furudate, official Haikyuu!!