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Split Path Difficult Questions

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Posted: Fri, 02/07/2021 04:58 (10 Months ago)
Thanks I hate it

The new questions that add difficulty into the Split Path are one of the following two, in the spoiler box below (since I'm not entirely sure if it counts as a spoiler).

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1) Which of the following Pokemon is the heaviest?
2) Which of the following Pokemon is the largest?

It feels wholly unnecessary to add these two categories to the VAST majority of Royal Tunnel questions, given that there are over 850 Pokemon to date (even if not all of them are added to PokeHeroes). The CURRENT categories include:
1) EHP (Egg Hatching Points)
2) Pokemon type
3) Pokemon description taken from one of the games where it first debuted (ex, for Gen 4, it's a toss-up if the pokemon description is from Diamond or Pearl)
4) Evolution level
5) Egg-group
6) "X" Pokemon (ex, where X stands for the type of Pokemon it is referred to. Pikachu is known as the Mouse Pokemon)

Yes, not all Pokemon have an evolution level listed--particularly if it is the last in the evolution chain. But all the other possibilities of questions still bring over 5,000 possible combinations of questions.

I'd argue that, the previous set of questions were difficult enough, with consideration to the time limit of 17 seconds (maybe less if your internet speeds are not "tip top shape") per question.

Why does this mini-game need an increase of difficulty?
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Posted: Fri, 02/07/2021 19:51 (10 Months ago)
i whole-heartedly agree! it's absolutely ridiculous!
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Posted: Fri, 02/07/2021 19:56 (10 Months ago)
Totally agree. Some may get good at guessing or know everything about each Pokémon or just lucky. But it shouldn’t be just luck and it shouldn’t be this hard. Especially with so many weird weights and heights. It doesn’t need to be harder for 2 new Regis when the final tunnel was always normal and only needed 100 for a break.
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Posted: Fri, 02/07/2021 20:01 (10 Months ago)
yeah, some questions should be removed, because i feel like it is very hard to know the anwser if your not like an expert on pokemon.
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Posted: Fri, 02/07/2021 20:02 (10 Months ago)

Maybe the time limit needs to increase ;-;
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Posted: Fri, 02/07/2021 20:16 (10 Months ago)
I agree. I haven't even tried yet due to all the complaints I've been seeing. I've heard that the height/weight questions are really frequent too, so maybe reduce that? And a time limit increase would be great, because like you said, this was already a difficult game, so a balance for adding in harder questions would be to make something else a little easier.
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Posted: Fri, 02/07/2021 20:36 (10 Months ago)
Fully agree! I usually use the guide to help, but that's impossible for these questions. Even if the heights and weights were added for every mon, you'd still have to look up all three of them (or two if you're certain you can rule one out, which is tough with stuff like 84 lb Yanma and 1 foot, .2 lb Kartana) whereas usually you can just search one if you're confident and just want to check to be sure or two if uncertain or the first one's just wrong.

But either way, with the other questions, it's easier and require way less time if they aren't easy. Plus on other paths, you get ~30 secs to answer a question rather than the ~18 on the Split-Decision Path. Honestly, I don't think the questions would be too bad given a longer time.

I mean, if I have the tabs open, I can look up two Pokemon's height and weight in the about 15 secs between when I read the question and when I have to answer it. And that's with good internet and a laptop that can have multiple tabs open. I feel bad for the mobile-only users and users without good internet.

There's a reason that in the almost two days it's been a thing, only 21 of the legendaries have been hatched (and most of them by the same users). Although possible, this is extremely hard to do and it just feels like you're wasting PD and time. My personal solution would be bringing the time up, maybe not to 30 as that might make it too easy, but maybe just up to 25 or so? What do you guys think?

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Posted: Fri, 02/07/2021 21:32 (10 Months ago)
@CCShinx, oh don't even get me started on Bug-types. I never hated a type with so much passion before this height/weight category became a thing in the RT.

Searching up the answers is only viable if you have fast internet and can type quickly--and then read/retain the information you found in order to answer the question. And 17 seconds adds immense pressure to do so quick enough.
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Posted: Sat, 03/07/2021 00:20 (10 Months ago)
Oh no...this brings me back to how ridiculous it is that Furret is taller than Charizard...not to mention, I feel sorry if/when new Pokemon are added in the future...the other categories are completely fine though imo
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Posted: Sat, 03/07/2021 22:58 (10 Months ago)
From this path I've learned from this is that frillish is ridiculously heavy for a ghost type labeled as floating and based on jellyfish. And that's a huge problem. Pokemon can be so weird that even making a good guess could mess you up. I've used a guide and got to level 104 before my brain shorted out and I misclicked. I've also had an incorrect question pop up, which was the last thing I needed.

Really think there should be a change. Either longer time limit so we have a chance to look the answers up for questions we couldn't possibly memorise or guess for, or some kind of checkpoint so at least one little mistake doesn't set us back as far. It's getting exhausting ti just try.

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Posted: Sat, 03/07/2021 23:37 (10 Months ago)
@ChikoritaMining, Because yes, height and length are interchangeable for the purposes of designation regarding "largest". Despite weight making a better option for that as weight can intuitively be related to mass. But tomayto-tomahto thanks I hate it <3

@Foffle, Trying to go intuition-wise is negated when you remember that Pokemon are based on RL animals without any of their RL physics attached. And also, Bug types. They are shockingly quite large/heavy but I guess if you were a fan of the Pokemon anime/watched regularly, you'd know that. Compared to, say, the rest of us.
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Posted: Mon, 05/07/2021 02:37 (10 Months ago)
Riako: *adds the Regi's*
Also Riako: *makes it impossibly hard to get the Regi's*

Like, I dont do the royal tunnel that often and even I think it was a bad idea
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Posted: Mon, 05/07/2021 03:00 (10 Months ago)
As someone who dreaded and still dreads the Royal Tunnel game because of it's cost and difficulty, I felt accomplished and relieved after finally getting through the entire quest for Regigigas and looked forward to never touching the game ever again because of how much I didn't enjoy playing it. Adding the new questions only reinforces my cat instincts to slap the game in fury and toss myself violently in a random direction away from it like it's a cucumber I didn't expect to be behind me.

... All humor and jokes aside, I 100% agree with this thread. The Royal Tunnel was already a huge hurdle for me to traverse and I never wanted to go back for more, so the update is only making me hate it even more.
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Posted: Tue, 08/02/2022 14:45 (3 Months ago)
I concur. I haven't attempted at this point because of the multitude of grievances I've been seeing. I've heard that the tallness/weight questions are truly regular as well, so perhaps decrease that? Also, a period limit increment would be incredible, on the grounds that like you said, this was at that point a troublesome game, so an equilibrium for including harder inquiries is make something different somewhat more straightforward. lag ja gale lyrics breathless lyrics