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Trainerlevel: 67

Trainerpoints: 7,016/13,533


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
°• Lunin •°
(Chikorita (Retro))
967621,167 / 3,340,878
Golden Bean
(Chikorita (Retro))
637628,845 / 1,444,038

Shiny Hunt

ChikoritaMining is currently hunting Diancie.
Hunt started: 04/06/2021

Chain: 124
1 3 0


I'm Jasmine and I love Pokemon and Minecraft as clearly shown in my username! I also love Undertale, some anime, drawing, rping, playing the piano and violin, and reading! I'm probably depressed...I'm not in a very good point in my life and everything is just going downhill at this point...I'm tired...I'll get better soon I think...I hope...please have patience with me and I'll od my best to not let emotions get in the way of a good chat! :3

Send me a plush pls? x3

Melon plush made by BBubbletea

I won "Best Roleplayer" in the PH Oscars 2021 for playing Jin the Hoopa the best and most mischievous Hoopa in the Pokemon Battle School rp made by Random~Mew...I got this trophy made by quoll! :D

Looking to buy a retro Gengar, Flower Boy, Groomicott, Sandwebble/Sandcrustle, and certain Keggleon patterns! Offering pd/nuggets/some items! pp/pm if you have them for sale!

(Art of Shade and Melon made by ShadeKinoSoul 💚)

Working hard on my custom panels! They’ll be up soon! bb code is weird or I’m just stupid Anyway, stay safe!

pfp made by me! :D (for artfight but sure its for ph too now)

Notes (for me):
- reapu is borrowing Zombeagle pair
- ShadeKinoSoul is borrowing Samurott pair, I return Harplade pair

Shiny Hunt Updates!

Shiny Diancie Slots:
(will add more if needed)
1. BoomBoy (free)
2. BabyEevee22 (free)
3. tiffanyp6 (free)
4. Cofagrigus x2 (paid)
5. ShadeKinoSoul (free)
8. ChikoritaMining
9. SillySelkie (paying)

Shiny Mega Diancie Slots:
1. ChikoritaMining
2. Cofagrigus

Price: 1 mil pd or a mix of anything here: pd, nuggets, marine cave maps/sapphires, electric gems, dmax crystals, rare candies, star pieces, nebula stones, galar fossils, relics

(Pm me if you'd like a slot and what you're paying!)

- SM Diancie <3 current
Dream Hunts:
- Jirachi
- Cosmog
- All Galar fossils
- Volcanion
- Raylong
- All Vivillion patterns
- All Lake Trio

Rare Candy Notes:
- Emera Sq.
- battling shop
- golden slot (plus)
- Leah trade at beach

Missing Keggleon (pp/pm if you have this one to sell):

(Melon sprite made by my bf, ShadeKinoSoul!)

Badge Showcase

Set #1
Set #2
Set #3
Set #4


Game Records

Trainer ID: #920254598
Registration: 22/04/2018 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 13/Jan/2022
Game Time: 2325:02 Hours
Total interactions: 2,988,039
Money: 737,148
Starter Pokémon: Meganium


Psst ShadeKinoSoul has an art auction! Go check it out! :3
Today, 00:42
Oh shoot- I forgot there was a thunderstorm today...used up all my energy already -u-
2 Days ago
Hey, go check out Shade's new rp, Vincula Amoris (Revamped)! and if you like it, go sign up

Also, speaking of rping, go check out RoyalGecko's post on #RavineRulerRoleplayAwards and maybe go vote and subscribe to the forum thread too! :3
3 Days ago
Played a bit of Pokemon Unite and it was fun! Now if I could only get Chikorita...until then Alolan Ninetales is my favorite to play with :3
4 Days ago
By Foreveralone - 31 Minutes and 42 Seconds ago.
Hi guys I need your help!Have you got shiny ninetales?Check his OT please help me to find mine!I can do another shiny vulpix chain if you have got mine!Please help me to find!If I'll find and I'll have got it back 2 users will win 1 shiny event chain!Spread it please
6 Days ago
Today's my bday!!! :D

I had a good dream last night.
I woke up to 3 eggs in dc.
I have increased shiny chance from fountain.
I'm having a great day so far! x3
8 Days ago
I forgot the Mew event existed...but well I don't think I could do any better than...uhh well 5 Mew plushies...better than nothing ig...will try better next year -u-"
10 Days ago
Interaction exchange please? :3
12 Days ago
This is one of the very rare instances where I can fill my party and still have eggs in dc... Mostly because of the 3 Hoopas I got yesterday but still I woke up to 4 eggs in daycare which is amazing :o
14 Days ago
By PokéRadar - 2 Minutes and 23 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Diancie hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #89)!

15 Days ago
I just wanted to fish but then the waiter randomly gave me 2 blue, 3 green, and 1 red waiter dresses and I just- why'd you give me so many?? XD

Does anyone need them?
16 Days ago
For the Ralts line, does a mega able hatch with either mega Gardevoir or Gallade bubble or can the bubble change if a Kirlia is male and evolves but also has the mega Gardevoir bubble? Just wondering
24 Days ago
I'm not poor anymore!!! >:D

but goodbye all my dp...also I can't go for the shiny mew bc I have NOT been doing my dp tasks...oops...

also goodbye all my pd in advance
25 Days ago
Melon: I luv my Shadepai

1 Month ago
Not participating just sharing x3
1 Month ago
Got the last harvest sprite... @[email protected] I wasn't even looking for it and I didn't know where it was in the first place...I just found it in an area
1 Month ago
I wanted to get my shiny Victini eggo a long time ago but I was always busy on most saturdays but finally...I finally got the egg!!! x3 and now I'm going to take a nap because I'm tired-
1 Month ago



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