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Trainerlevel: 69

Trainerpoints: 1,559/14,351


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
9417,572 / 33,489
Maple Syrup
(Chikorita (Retro))
463564,932 / 759,591
(Chikorita (Retro))
443414,110 / 694,887
Golden Bean
(Chikorita (Retro))
814460,003 / 2,363,943
Autumn Harvest
(Chikorita (Retro))
1,2424,883,993 / 5,520,528
°• Lunin •°
(Chikorita (Retro))
1,0303,300,309 / 3,792,134


I'm Jasmine and I love Pokemon and Minecraft as clearly shown in my username! I also love Undertale, some anime, drawing, rping, playing the piano and violin, and reading! I'm probably depressed...I'm not in a very good point in my life and everything is just going downhill at this point...I'm tired...I'll get better soon I think...I hope...please have patience with me and I'll do my best to not let emotions get in the way of a good chat! :3

Send me a plush pls? x3

Melon plush made by BBubbletea

I won "Best Roleplayer" in the PH Oscars 2021 for playing Jin the Hoopa the best and most mischievous Hoopa in the Pokemon Battle School rp made by Random~Mew...I got this trophy made by Chickadee! :D

Looking to buy a retro Gengar, Flower Boy, Groomicott, Sandwebble/Sandcrustle, and certain Keggleon patterns! Offering pd/nuggets/some items! pp/pm if you have them for sale!

Missing Keggleon (pp/pm if you have this one to sell):

(Art of Shade and Melon made by ShadeKinoSoul 💚)

Working hard on my custom panels! They’ll be up soon! bb code is weird or I’m just stupid Anyway, stay safe!

derp mischevious Melon pfp made by Absbor! :0

Notes (for me):
- reapu is borrowing Zombeagle pair

Game Records

Trainer ID: #920254598
Registration: 22/04/2018 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 13/Jan/2022
Game Time: 2490:19 Hours
Total interactions: 4,083,784
Money: 932,099
Starter Pokémon: Meganium


It seems I need to remind people about this one rule because I still have people messaging me asking for my things or advertising...and while you may have not known before, well now you know

1.3 No begging allowed! Unless otherwise stated by themselves, b]do not message other members asking them for their Pokémon, money, items, free clicks or anything similar, including unsolicited offers and advertising of any kind.

This one user messaged me saying they weren't begging then proceeded to ask to trade a Lugia for my Ho-Oh and not only is this trade unfair but they also set up the trade without my permission...
Yesterday, 23:16
By PokéRadar - 6 Hours and 4 Minutes ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Diancie hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #258)!

I love how I got a shiny despite having mega able chance from fountain XD
3 Days ago
Wait wait wait (srry for close feeds)
I just might get 3 shinies today- my missing no hatched and I didn't realize I was getting my shiny so soon and I also have my Tapu Fini eggo!!! :0
6 Days ago
By PokéRadar - 4 Minutes and 24 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Diancie hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #253)!

6 Days ago
You know what- everyone's having such good luck surely today's the day I'm getting my sm...I'm bringing out every egg I have...fingers crossed
6 Days ago
Dang people are interacting so much that I adopted a beach shiny and tried to everstone it quickly then realized it already evolved
6 Days ago
Safari Chain:
"You have caught 7 Vivillon (Ocean) in a row."

Yeah unfortunately I won't get to this until next year when I'm certain I'm able to afford another year of premium (bc safari zone would be nice if it wasn't so expensive to find very few of the pattern I'm looking for if at any per exploration...also the ones that zoom insanely quickly give me anxiety)
10 Days ago
Made the prompt fusion thing! :D

(thoughts/details about character in comments)
11 Days ago
"Collect enough Activity Points before the event ends, but don't work too hard! Remember to relax and take it slow."
Uh huh...surrree...anyway new event sounds cool! :3
12 Days ago
Made a Melon animation! :3

I saved this before the game decided to crash randomly...lost so many good frames 😭
13 Days ago
Ooh shiny Piplup from beach

I already hunted it and have the whole line tho I was dumb back then for hunting beach mons bc beach sure loves giving me shinies
13 Days ago
Oh....oh my goodness I nearly had a heart attack...I dreamed that I'd adopted a Lapras egg from lab thinking to do the lvl 100 part of the Raylong quest then I went to sleep then woke up in my dream to check ph bc I realized what I did and saw that I'd hatched it and broke my Diancie chain and then now I woke up for real...good thing that didn't actually happen because I'm not even on the lvl 100 part...but just in case I'm going to put notes everywhere in my room so that it doesn't actually happen irl...that was scary
19 Days ago
I was looking for oc generators and found one where apparently my bf is an overweight, incredibly tall fairy with gorgeous long wavy hair that fades from green to white and apparently I'm a bald elderly alien with an eye patch

I an definitely a child...I laughed for half an hour XD
20 Days ago
Went apple and pumpkin picking today which was fun!

Anyway, I guess this was going around so...Help me make a character please? :3 maybe I'll paint them on one of the pumpkins if I really like them :D
20 Days ago
*looks at trainerlvl*

Nice :o
Seriously though I didn't think I'd stay here long enough to reach that lvl...time flies by so fast and I'm glad I got to meet all of you in the ph community...I love all of you! x)
22 Days ago
I was bored and googled my username...I got some interesting results that I'll put in comments
1 Month ago
So does anyone ever wonder about the Pokemon species thing? Like I'm waiting for the day when Ash holds up a pokedex in front of Pikachu and finally questions what a mouse is
1 Month ago
A sort of rant in comments
1 Month ago
What I want the shiny Sundaelites to be:

Strawberry would turn a brighter/darker pink or maybe purple for a raspberry sorbet/blueberry flavor

Chocolate would have a warmer brown for caramel

Vanilla would be green tea or mint (maybe not mint but green tea could work...?)

This doesn't count as spoiling at least I don't think
1 Month ago



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