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Trainerlevel: 58

Trainerpoints: 3,459/10,149


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP

Dino Den Avatar Shop (OPEN)

- All PH rules apply
- Don’t steal/trace/recolor my art
- Credit me and don’t remove my signature
- I can say no to any request
- Won’t accept payment with less than 50 nuggets
- Send payment as gift and I’ll take it when I finish the art

Can draw: Pokemon, animals, humans, anything similar
Can’t draw very well: anthros, birds, male anatomy, some complex/detailed characters
Won’t draw at all: gore, NSFW, anything not allowed on PH

Price is Pay What You Want in pd and/or nuggets (50k pd or higher is most appreciated!)


(ShadeUmbreon’s character, Shade)

My Art Thread

Want an avatar/profile picture? Palpad/private message me with the following:
Reference picture(s)
Type of Shading (none/cel, also known as hard shading I guess/soft shading)
Type of Lines (black, colored, lineless) (you can also ask for a white outline)
Background (specify what you want in it or if you want it transparent)
Tell me if the art can be used in the Examples part of my shop
Any questions or anything else you want to say

Shiny Hunt

ChikoritaMining is currently hunting Corsola (Galarian).
Hunt started: 22/06/2020

Chain: 270

Shiny Hunt Updates!!!

Click to enter the lab! :3

(This gorgeous artwork of our main 4 scientists' favorite Pokemon as shinies working in the lab was created by Lupine! :3)

Looking for nuggets, star pieces

Note 2 self: https://pokeheroes.com/forum_thread?id=76469&subscribe=yes&sub_conf=920254598

Shiny Hunts (in order):
- Corsola (Galarian) Current Hunt!
- Slowpoke (Galarian)
- Hatenna
- Wooper
- Emolga/Plusle/Minun
- Rowlet
- Chingling
- Cutiefly
- Fomantis
Dream Hunts:
- Jirachi (118 star pieces collected - 200 sp for 40 eggs)
- All Vivillion patterns (this may take a while... -u-)
- Vivillion (Ocean): Chain 6 Current Hunt!
- All Lake Trio
With Ditto:
- Phione
- Diancie
- Arceus
- Rotom
- Maneki Espurr
- Solastra
Possible Future Shiny Hunts:
- Vulpix (Regular)
- Pansage/Pansear
- Zorua (name idea: Mirage)
- Solosis
- Deerling
- Corsola
- Sentret
- Yanmask
- Caterpie
- Ledyba
- Klefki

Rare Candy Notes:
- Emera Sq.
- battling shop
- golden slot (plus)
- Leah trade at beach

Other Things You Should Know

My Boyfriend uwu

~My PH Family~
Husband - ♡ShadeUmbreon
the people who I consider friends and that I've talked to/are somewhat close with are part of my PH family too! <3 (I would list a bunch of people but I'm afraid to leave some people out so-)

Avatar/Profile Picture made by...ProfessorGreenie!

(any suggestions? pp/pm me and I might consider it...no shinies/megas/legendaries please!)
PH Art Auction Ideas:
- Eeveelution fusions
- Other Pokemon fusion art
- Different typed Pokemon (ex. a dragon type Pikachu)
- Holiday themed Pokemon

Fusion Ideas: (just general ideas really...not all of them may be used or may only be used in the future!)
- Samurott x Luxray/Luxio (suggested by Fuzzylittlepaws)
- Sylveon x Gothita
- Torchic/Piplup/Rowlet x Fletchling
- Espurr x Marshadow
- Alolan Marowak x Duskull
- Pachirisu x Togetic
- Oricorio (Pom-Pom) x Lopunny
- Milotic x Lopunny
- Dragonair x Espeon x Milotic x Ninetales (Alolan form maybe?) x Lapras (only going to choose a few of these 'mons)
- Brionne/Primarina x Milotic
- Brionne/Primarina x Vulpix/Ninetales (Alolan)
- Brionne/Primarina x Zoruark
- Brionne/Primarina x Florges
- Carbink/Mega Diancie x Amaura
- Shaymin (Sky) x Deerling (Spring) x Keldeo (Resolute)
- Cubchoo x Dratini
- Mew x Lapras
- Mew x Ledyba/Ledian
- Mew x Vivillion
- Bellossom x Meganium x Cherrim (Sunny)
- Lapras x Bulbasaur/evo line or Tropius
- Any fusions with Sylveon, Gardevoir, Milotic, or Mew

Hoopa Counter: 8
Highest Solved Hangmen in a Row: 123
Highest # of Interactions for SCS (in 10 min.): 3,225 I forgot but it's 4,000+
Shiny Retros I Still Need (from Concentration Game/OT is me): Totodile, Sentret
Lowest Shadow Radar Chain: 3 (and it was my first one...a Raichu! :3)
Longest Shadow Chain: 204 (Unown I -u-)


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #920254598
Registration: 22/04/2018 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 11/Nov/2020
Game Time: 1354:40 Hours
Total interactions: 1,500,141
Money: 38,402
Starter Pokémon: Meganium


Interaction exchange please? :)

Also lesson learned: buy both blue and black flutes in pack, not just the daycare flute one so I’m not drowning in eggs... -u- (except starter hunts, they’ll be slow no matter if I have flutes or not)
Today, 14:42
My avatar/profile picture shop is open! Since I’m only making profile pictures, I decided to just put the shop in my profile...go take a look please! I’ll close it if I get a lot of customers...also, you can comment here if you want me to make you an avatar. :)
1 Day ago
I got traded a shiny Golbat for my shiny Golbat...If that’s possible, then the wonder trade needs some work because there’s no point in getting the same Pokémon back :0
1 Day ago
...For 2 years, I thought the x2 icon thing at the top was an eyeball with a moustache but I looked at it more closely and it was actually a Celebi....XD
(I also couldn’t figure out the x4 one, I thought it was a trainer’s face but apparently it was a Blipbug?)
1 Day ago
A girl who might not have the biggest self esteem, but she has a big heart. She often puts others before herself, and enjoys being herself. Others might tell her she's 'weird', but she takes it as a compliment. If you need someone to talk to, go to her, she's the most honest, trustworthy person out there. She's the best person to find in a friend, and she'll also put everyone else above her, but to the extreme. Don't. Ever. Mess. With. Her. Friends. She's got a dark side under that sweet and innocent face, one that only comes to play when you mess with her friends.

Well, Urban Dictionary, you’re not wrong except maybe the honest part XD
2 Days ago
Does anybody need Galarian Corsola? I have a lot and I see people still needing them...don’t wanna release them :T
3 Days ago
I came online to get eggs and checked notifications, seeing people sending me plushies and gifts ;w; ...thank you to everyone who did!! It means a lot to me and, Shade, you mean a lot to me too!!! <3
3 Days ago
Thank you so much to everyone who sent me gifts! I was really surprised when I checked my notifications! I love you so much, Shade!!! :3
4 Days ago
BlazeZet has some challenges you can do to earn prizes! Check out his feeds!
6 Days ago
#ShadeIsADonut :3
6 Days ago
Well I missed SCS to watch Hamilton another time which was worth it but I’m going to miss like half of it while I’m asleep :I
6 Days ago
*rolls up sleeves*
I have a lot of plushies to buy today! :D
9 Days ago
I’m scared and terrified and I don’t know why I should be... *readies pile of crystals*
9 Days ago
Today’s a good day! (or actually technically yesterday) I got 3 shinies at Chains 96, 98, and 105! :D And some of the eggs in my daycare will be released while I’m asleep and if I’m not able to rescue them in time...I managed to get it down to 6 some time before and now I have almost 30 again
10 Days ago
I made mango sorbet and it’s so good! 😋
I would take a picture of it but it doesn’t look as good as it tastes...at least compared to the picture next to the recipe I used :p
11 Days ago
Selling the Pokémon in this box! Palpad/private message me and I’ll tell you the prices! (The Galarian ‘mons are free)
14 Days ago
Daycare: Here, take 30 eggs
Me: But... ;-;
Daycare: Oh, you must want one more
Me: advsugwbkegejiv well at least they get released into the tall grass, there wasn’t any there until I did this hunt :p
15 Days ago



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