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Trainerlevel: 62

Trainerpoints: 1,802/11,593


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Believe In Magic
(Arceus (Fairy))
341,477 / 4,464
Soar To New Heights
(Arceus (Flying))
2364 / 2,071
Radiate Encouragement
(Arceus (Electric))
437 / 76

About Me

Bo/27/She or they
Birthday: January 19th

*Pretty swamped with real life responsibilities, but I’m trying to be more active!
*My current goal is to finish my Alola dex!
*I love the plushies here so so much. You can send me any plushie and it will make my day. (I always send plushies out with the “Completely Random” option, unless it’s a return plushie or if I’m asked!)
*I don’t mind getting random PMs! Just understand that I am a busy person! (Also, I often don’t notice when my palpad is lit up for several minutes. If you message me there and I don’t respond for a while, I’m either afk or haven’t noticed it! Sorry in advance!)
*My dream is to own a shiny retro Celebi and a shiny Polestar!

Trying to fill my canon dexes! I’m keeping track of what I need here! If you have any Pokemon that you don’t want and I need, feel free to send them my way!

(Mareeps and avatar drawn by me! They are for my own personal use only, so please don’t steal!)


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Professor Rowan 6 Days ago
Extra-Ordinary 7 Days ago
Extra-Ordinary 7 Days ago
BouquetofDiamonds 8 Days ago

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #491953293
Registration: 23/12/2017 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 13/Jan/2021
Game Time: 721:23 Hours
Total interactions: 2,332,704
Money: 1,216,802
Starter Pokémon: Giga Venusaur


"Your coin and the one next to it look so similar!
(Slightly increased breeding chance)"

LOL third day in a row!
Yesterday, 00:02
"Your coin and the one next to it look so similar!
(Slightly increased breeding chance)"

Once again I am asking for e g g
2 Days ago
"Your coin and the one next to it look alike!
(Increased breeding chance)"

2 Days ago
"Hey, BouquetofDiamonds! We recently found some eggs in our daycare. We're sure that those eggs belong to your Pokémon.
We really don't know how this happened...
However, try to take them as soon as possible, or I'll release them to the wild!"

Two... Arceus eggs... Already
5 Days ago
Got all three dexes done! ; A; <3 Thank you so much to the people who traded with me today and let me borrow their Pokemon!
6 Days ago
“Loyalty isn't determined by someone swooping in to save your life. Rather, it's determined by someone sticking by your side through every possible embarrassing moment that can happen to you.” - Anonymous Valentine

Anon speaks the truth, yo.

7 Months ago
“Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you.” - Anonymous Valentine

Whoever you are, thank you so much. I just woke up and your message was the first one I viewed. ; w; A beautiful start to my day!
7 Months ago
7 Months ago
I swear I’m going to beat the pro path in the royal tunnel if it’s the last thing I do
7 Months ago
I ordered a sweatshirt today that says “My immune system refuses to tolerate me” and I’m so excited to wear it.
7 Months ago
One more Castform forme to go and Hoenn is done! Just need heat!
7 Months ago
New poll on my profile! Help me decide my next shiny hunt?
7 Months ago
So, someone got access to my debit card information and now I have to wait for a new card and remember to dispute the charges next week. 8’D I’m not a very happy camper right nooooow
7 Months ago
Bug-hatching contest: -Expects you to get a high score to get better eggs-
Also Bug-hatching contest: -Doesn’t generate any more than ten bugs in the first fifteen-twenty seconds-
Also Bug-hatching contest: -Wastes over half the time generating things that aren’t bugs, including generating THREE Blitzle at once-
Me, after repeating the game six+ times and STILL getting a Volbeat or Illumise egg: :’) This is fine.
7 Months ago
You push the dark blue key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

5x Dragon Gem found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.
7 Months ago
Me, trying to find a shiny Elegant Vivillon: Where are all the purple wings???? Seriously???
Me, shrugging and throwing poffins at the sky God: I guess I am now?
7 Months ago
Just need the four Castform formes I’m missing and my Hoenn dex is complete!
7 Months ago
My love for the Snom sprite on here is immense and UNDYING
7 Months ago
I swear every time I go back to the tall grass, my memory just... Dies
7 Months ago


Progress Bars


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Shiny Meloetta x2 + Shell Bell: 556/102,000 Festival Points

Shiny Hoopa chain: 52/100 hatched

Dex Completion

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Kanto: 151/151 (Done)

Johto: 127/127 (Done)

Hoenn: 151/155

Sinnoh: 109/138

Unova: 166/175

Kalos: 110/117

Alola: 105/135

Galar: 27/33+

Emera: 145/227

Mega: 8/77

Retro: 21/36

Shiny Hunt

BouquetofDiamonds is currently hunting Arceus.
Hunt started: 14/09/2020

Chain: 13


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