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Trainerlevel: 67

Trainerpoints: 9,542/13,533


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Bulbasaur14 / 9

About Me

Bo/28/She or they
Birthday: January 19th

*Pretty swamped with real life responsibilities, but I’m trying to be more active!
*My current goal is to finish my Alola dex!
*I love the plushies here so so much. You can send me any plushie and it will make my day. (I always send plushies out with the “Completely Random” option, unless it’s a return plushie or if I’m asked!)
*I don’t mind getting random PMs! Just understand that I am a busy person! (Also, I often don’t notice when my palpad is lit up for several minutes. If you message me there and I don’t respond for a while, I’m either afk or haven’t noticed it! Sorry in advance!)
*My dream is to own a shiny Polestar!

Trying to fill my canon dexes! I’m keeping track of what I need here! If you have any Pokemon that you don’t want and I need, feel free to send them my way!

(Mareeps drawn by me! They are for my own personal use only, so please don’t steal!)


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anonhero 2 Days ago
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~aLaN~ 3 Days ago
BouquetofDiamonds 9 Days ago

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #491953293
Registration: 23/12/2017 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 20/Jan/2022
Game Time: 849:26 Hours
Total interactions: 2,505,325
Money: 1,145,890
Starter Pokémon: Giga Venusaur


All I'm hatching are megables and I'm THIIIIS close to screeching. 8'D
Yesterday, 16:08
3 Days ago
I keep clicking the random clicklist instead of the newest adoption clicklist. Brain, pls, process things maybe???
18 Days ago
Every time I hatch a mega from an egg won in the bug hatching contest, the egg is always a Pinsir. 8V I've hatched 3 Megable Pinsir this time around, one of which I may not evolve.
24 Days ago
I've clicked the correct chest three times in a row in Treasure Hunt. Never have I ever been so lucky. 8'D
28 Days ago
"Congratulations! A shiny Bulbasaur hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #881)!" First shiny female of the chain, but still no mega! 8'D
29 Days ago
New poll. This hunt is likely going to take ten hundred more years, but just wondering what I should do next. 8V
1 Month ago
One of my rumble Pokemon found a shiny Galarian Corsola! ; A; They'll be back in about 20 hours and 36 minutes though, LOL.
3 Months ago
"Congratulations! A shiny Bulbasaur hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #234)!"
4 Months ago
Congratulations! A shiny Bulbasaur hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #173)!
Congratulations! A shiny Bulbasaur hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #174)!

Shiny twins! 8D
4 Months ago
I would love it if we could upgrade the seed makers further than the max amount. I have max capacity on all three seed makers, but it takes forever to convert my literal 700+ lvl 46 pecha berries. It would be so much easier if the maxes were 100 berries or something like that.
4 Months ago
"Congratulations! A shiny Bulbasaur hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #121)!" Baby #2!
4 Months ago
"By PokéRadar - 11 Hours and 35 Minutes ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Bulbasaur hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #116)!"

LATE, but finally! ; 3;
4 Months ago
"Chain: 111"

Still no shiny. 8V
4 Months ago
"Searching for: Bulbasaur.
There are currently 33 Pokémon eggs of this species in the Tall Grass.
Come back in 29 minutes and 29 seconds."

I'm just absolutely horrible at this and the waiting period makes it even worse for me. 8'D
4 Months ago
I wish I had more time to devote here, but I do love quite a few aspects of this site! <3
4 Months ago
Finally hatched something special this hunt, yeesh. This Bulbasaur hunt is kicking my butt.
4 Months ago
I've just been reading and staying quiet this whole time, but I wanted to add something to the #speakout tag. I have had really creepy/inappropriate messages sent to me on another popular Pokemon based website in the past from another adult at least twice. Even if you're an adult, don't be afraid to report or speak out against someone sending you messages that make you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Not only could it help keep them away from you, but it could help protect any minors or other adults who they may be contacting the same way but may not know how to or are too afraid to speak up. You don't need to tolerate inappropriate or uncomfortable messages over the internet just because you're 18+.
4 Months ago
It took four attempts and two different kinds of Arceus, but I finally have my hands on the last Galar map! >8'D
4 Months ago
"Congratulations! A shiny Rockruff hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #174)!" Yay, last one! Next is figuring out how to evolve them, LOL.
4 Months ago


Progress Bars


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Shiny Meloetta x2 + Shell Bell: 12,456/102,000 Festival Points

Shiny Hoopa chain: 57/100 hatched

Dex Completion

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Kanto: 151/151 (Done)

Johto: 127/127 (Done)

Hoenn: 155/155 (Done)

Sinnoh: 138/138 (Done)

Unova: 175/175 (Done)

Kalos: 117/117 (Done)

Alola: 106/140

Galar: 70/108+

Emera: 198/265

Mega & Gigantamax: 15/115

Retro: 23/39

Shiny Hunt

BouquetofDiamonds is currently hunting Bulbasaur.
Hunt started: 06/03/2021

Chain: 1,207
27 30 0


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