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Trainerlevel: 81

Trainerpoints: 9,204/19,763


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
17564,310 / 92,401
Relicanth1024 / 414
Mazenta 841 / 9OS
(Mega Alakazam)
968,909 / 30,729
Wisakedjak Kanata/2OS
1,6168,047,839 / 9,799,021
Reign ~ 2123-37 OS
(Mega Pidgeot)
366146,537 / 472,665
Miracle 14OS
(Mega Blaziken)
650292,535 / 1,503,926

About Me

Christian Canadian
24 y.o. | Bilingual (Eng/Chi) | INTJ

Warning: I am judgmental.
If you don't respect yourself
How can you expect others to respect you?
Have integrity and own your responsibilities.


* Online =/= Wishing to engage in conversation.
* I am blunt, sarcastic, and have opinions.

If I'm on your list or vice versa: I will not trade with you, for the duration of said blocklisting; and you are banned from my raffles and giveaways.

Buying/Trading/Selling Policy
* I'm not buying anything from anyone unless I make a "Looking For" feed.
* If I DO NOT make a post about selling/trading, then it is NOT for sale/trade.

Shiny Hunt

Argentis is currently hunting Relicanth.
Hunt started: 21/08/2019

Chain: 23

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #140814225
Registration: 04/01/2016 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 16/Mar/2020
Game Time: 5619:55 Hours
Total interactions: 5,701,475
Money: 2,432,388
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


Now that’s mildly disappointing. The Kyoani store near Kohata station is temporarily closed. We thought it was open, oof.
Today, 07:55

Talk is cheap, actions louder.
Yesterday, 21:06
Getting ready to watch an anime movie on a Japanese big screen.

Because why not.
Yesterday, 09:05

Transparency would be more than nice.

How does the 100,000 click cap feel, as a concept?
2 Days ago

Tall grass.

Heart for the current version.
Comment a pun for the previous version (if you remember it).
3 Days ago

Won’t lie, I expected a 2000 chain.
3 Days ago
Japan update: on my way to Kyoto, just left a ryoken with an onsen this morning.

The warnings for staying in an onsen pool are real. Don’t stay in too long or fainting will be a reality.
3 Days ago

Beta testers: Tests new features or mini-games for bugs. Also writes reports on their thoughts on the new feature.
4 Days ago

Two words: birthday banners.
4 Days ago

If PH were not a collection-heavy game at its core, what would it be?
7 Days ago

What if there were costumes available for Pokemon, as some thought would happen as a result of the Beauty Contest being present?

That over the presence of move usage and its 5 or so styles (COOL, CUTE, CLEVER, TOUGH, BEAUTIFUL). Which, I imagine, would be much more harder to implement.
8 Days ago
In semi-related news, I got to rent a summer woman’s yukata earlier today.

Low-key wished they’d let me wear a ronin costume, but I’d been advised to not rock the boat too hard as a tourist.
8 Days ago

Would PH be enhanced if it had a multi-language option, or is it better that 97% of it is in English? (With the exception of country clubs in the forums, private messages, palpad messages, the occasional non-English notification feed)
9 Days ago

Opinion poll:
* LIKE if you prefer the living dex (that is, you need a pokemon at its specific evolution in order for it to show up in your dex)
* COMMENT A PUN if you prefer the anime/games version of the pokedex (through encounters, or from previously owning a pokemon before it evolves/trading it away; your collected pokedex data does not change)

There's no right or wrong way to feel about this. I'm primarily curious as to which people "on average" prefer.
10 Days ago
For the land of the rising sun, it’s awfully dark ‘round here.

Made it to Tokyo with only a minor headache for the trouble. Yup.
10 Days ago
Heads up: headed to Japan and should arrive in 12 hours, God willing.

Stay classy PH. Or calm, rather.
10 Days ago
And finished my puzzle entry. Just as my tablet dies.

How convenient.
10 Days ago

Word choice is what matters.
10 Days ago

I've been asked why I keep posting this hashtag. My answer is that in clicking it, one can see feeds regarding thoughts and ideas brought up with it. A sort of tagging system, though not smoothed out nor with particular unification--though enough unity to show I'm not alone in these thoughts.
11 Days ago

Is it better to shout and hope that you're heard, or to hope you spontaneously acquire telepathy to make your thoughts heard out-loud?

Sometimes, I truly wonder.
13 Days ago

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I like canine plushies.




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