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[L] (・ω・) Ducky's Ditto hunt! (・ω・)

Forum-Index Contests User-made contests [L] (・ω・) Ducky's Ditto hunt! (・ω・)
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Posted: Sun, 11/09/2022 03:02 (6 Months ago)
My first lottery! How exciting :D

Hi there! Welcome! :D


34,268/40,000 Normal Gems

Prizes will be given out every 10k normal gems!
I didn't want to make a separate forum thread for every 10k normal gem goal, so this will be edited when the goal is reached. :3

40k goal started on 04/Feb/2023


1st place:
1x Mystery Box (Gold), 10x Nebula Stones, 100x Nuggets, 1x Submarine Volcano (Map)

2nd place:
10x Nebula Stones, 100x Grass Gems, 1x Retro Starter Egg Voucher

3rd place:
50x Water Gems, 1x Rare Candy, 1x Spray Duck

4th place:
20x Bug Gems, 1x Star Piece, 1x Spray Duck
5th place:
1x Blue Orb, 1x Spray Duck

Normal Gem = 1 ticket
1k PD = 1 ticket


First 5 people to obtain 100 tickets get an additional 20 tickets! 4/5 (Boss_Bakugo, ShatteredDiamond, KY4TR4, ZephiraZ)
First two people to obtain 400 tickets gets a free slot in my shiny Magnemite hunt! (1/2 taken by ShatteredDiamond)

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old specials:
1 free ticket to anyone who participates TODAY! Ends at reset (11/Sept/22)! (Ended)
First 5 people to obtain 100 tickets get an additional 20 tickets! (Taken by PenguinPowerful, Domodoco, Sass_Queen, SilverShinyCharizard, and Lychee1123)
First person to obtain 500 tickets gets a free slot in my shiny Carbink hunt! (Taken by Domodoco)
Next 2 people to reach 500 tickets (from last prize) gets 100 nuggets! (Taken by Domodoco and Bristlefrost)

First 2 people to obtain 200 tickets before 22/Fed/23 get a free shiny Pidgey slot! Taken by ShatteredDiamond (1/2) (Ended)

Type of tickets/amount:
Total tickets:

Rules and Additional Notes:

1. All PH rules apply
2. Please use the form!
3. If you've read the rules, put (・ω・) banana (・ω・) in the "password" section
4. It is possible to win more than one prize! (All these items combined total up to a pretty great sum...) owo
5. You can make a new post OR just edit your post and send the tickets (but make a new one for each round), whatever works for you :D
6. Put "Ditto hunt lottery", "I'd like to buy _ tickets", etc. (something of the sort that will let me know it's for this lottery) in the message of the gift, or I might accidentally treat it like a normal gift... ;-;
7. You can put whatever in the "Other" section of the form, it can be blank, it can be something totally unrelated and random, it can even be an advertisement for your own things... :v

I would recommend you to subscribe to this forum to receive updates, new special deals, etc. but it's up to you :3

(If you don't win, don't worry! You'll be able to use 50% of your old tickets on the next round! The only requirement is that you need to buy at least one ticket on the next round!)
tickets will be rounded down

Total tickets/participants:

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zenglewis839 - 10 tickets
Boss_Bakugo - 120 tickets
ShatteredDiamond - (270 + 24 + 54 + 37 + 27 + 26 + 31 + 101 + 50 + 29 + 18) 667 tickets
Bolt~ - 30 tickets
chopper_45 - 50 tickets
shark136136 - (4 + 14) 18 tickets
KY4TR4 - 140 tickets
Milotic6721 - 30 tickets
Rimi - 53 tickets
SilverShinyCharizard - 40 tickets
ZephiraZ - 120 tickets

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Recycled tickets from last round:

PenguinPowerful - 160 tickets
Lady_Sass - 215 tickets

SilverShinyCharizard - 60 tickets
Smiley_Studios - 14 tickets
SunnyDelite - 14 tickets
Catherine_Elysandre - 15 tickets
ThunderxStrike - 8 tickets
BoomBoy - 1 tickets
SkyTheSkyWingHybrid - 26 tickets
Lychee1123 - 60 tickets
Sobble45 - 2 tickets
Bristlefrost - 251 tickets
Mystery11 - 5 tickets
Pikachow - 5 tickets
Hfishgn - 20 tickets
~Pikachu~ - 135 tickets
Helaman1098 - 97 tickets
RollyPanda - 24 tickets
~Lycario - 2 tickets
Jaywire - 2 tickets
Sauvignonboy - 155 tickets
That_One_Guy_1 - 94 tickets
Error_Name_Not_Found - 55 tickets

ShatteredDiamond - 55 tickets

Anyways, thanks for reading! :D

Last updated: 3/21/23
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Posted: Sun, 11/09/2022 18:16 (6 Months ago)
Raffle approved - good luck!
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Posted: Sun, 11/09/2022 18:26 (6 Months ago)
Username: PenguinPowerful
Type of tickets/amount: 269 Normal Gems, 31k PD
Total tickets: 300
Password: (・ω・) banana (・ω・)
Other: please please please tell me if my math is wrong cuz it probably is
Trainerlevel: 52

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Posted: Sun, 11/09/2022 18:28 (6 Months ago)
Username: Domodoco
Type of tickets/amount: x350 normal gems and 150k PD (additional 250k PD) (additional x649 normal gems) (additional x580 normal gems)
Total tickets: 2000
Password: (・ω・) banana (・ω・)
Other: so close to first
Trainerlevel: 61

Forum Posts: 248
Posted: Sun, 11/09/2022 18:31 (6 Months ago)
Thanks! :>
(You both get extra 21 tickets for the 100 ticket bonus + opening day extra)

Shiny Carbink hunt slot taken by Domodoco! :D
Trainerlevel: 41

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Posted: Sun, 11/09/2022 18:38 (6 Months ago)
Username: Sass_Queen
Type of tickets/amount: 100 normal gems + 100k pd
Total tickets: 200
Password:(・ω・) banana (・ω・)
Other: :D
I can sometimes come off as rude or inconsiderate, I don't mean to be. :D
Always looking for a good laugh. xD

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Posted: Sun, 11/09/2022 18:43 (6 Months ago)
Thanks! :D

(3/5 of the 100 tickets bonus taken!)
Trainerlevel: 55

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Posted: Sun, 11/09/2022 18:47 (6 Months ago)
Username: SilverShinyCharizard
Type of tickets/amount: 100 normal gems
Total tickets: 100
Password: (・ω・) banana (・ω・)
Other: good luck ducky :D
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train my friends?
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my couple:


some battle mates:
note to self: put your battle team here
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Posted: Sun, 11/09/2022 18:50 (6 Months ago)
Thanks! :D

(4/5 of the 100 tickets bonus taken!)
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Posted: Sun, 11/09/2022 19:03 (6 Months ago)
Username: Smiley_Studios
Type of tickets/amount: 28 normal gems
Total tickets: 28
Password: (・ω・) banana (・ω・)
Other: Good Luck Everyone!
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Posted: Sun, 11/09/2022 19:12 (6 Months ago)
Thanks! :D
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Posted: Sun, 11/09/2022 20:11 (6 Months ago)
Username: SunnyDelite
Type of tickets/amount: 95 gems and 18k pd
Total tickets: 123
Password: (・ω・) banana (・ω・)
Other: fart is a funny word
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Posted: Sun, 11/09/2022 20:23 (6 Months ago)
Thanks! :D
(btw could you edit your post (type of tickets and amount) to say 22 normal gems and 18k pd (the amount you sent)?) :>
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Posted: Sun, 11/09/2022 20:27 (6 Months ago)
Username: Catherine_Elysandre
Type of tickets/amount: 10 normal gems
Total tickets: 10
Password: (・ω・) banana (・ω・)
Other: I am on a budget rn, or I'd give more :)
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Posted: Sun, 11/09/2022 20:35 (6 Months ago)
Thanks! :D
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Posted: Sun, 11/09/2022 20:37 (6 Months ago)
Username: thunderxstrike
Type of tickets/amount: 12 (11 normal gems and one free ticket?)
Total tickets: 12
Password: (・ω・) banana (・ω・)
Other: sorry I can’t give more, I’m a noob and don’t really have many gems
Trainerlevel: 74

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Posted: Sun, 11/09/2022 21:24 (6 Months ago)
Username: BoomBoy
Type of tickets/amount: 1 normal gem
Total tickets: 1
Password: (・ω・) banana (・ω・)
Other: do i get a free second ticket? :P
Trainerlevel: 61

Forum Posts: 248
Posted: Sun, 11/09/2022 22:22 (6 Months ago)
Thanks! :D

(yeah, for today (until reset), anyone who participates gets an extra ticket :P)

(@ThunderxStrike, I didn't receive the normal gems- xD)
(EDIT: Thanks! Also there was an extra 4k pd so I'll add that as well)
Trainerlevel: 40

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Posted: Sun, 11/09/2022 23:08 (6 Months ago)
Username: Senbonzakura
Type of tickets/amount: 30 normal gems
Total tickets: 31 (30 plus free)
Password: (・ω・) banana (・ω・)
Other: I spent so much money on these normal gems xD
Trainerlevel: 37

Forum Posts: 172
Posted: Sun, 11/09/2022 23:10 (6 Months ago)
Username: SkyTheSkyWingHybrid
Type of tickets/amount: 50K+1 normal gem
Total tickets: 52
Password: (・ω・) banana (・ω・)
Other: GL! i want a ditto sob
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