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Trainerlevel: 60

Trainerpoints: 3,178/10,859


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Shiny Hunt

CCShinx is currently hunting Abra.
Hunt started: 23/10/2020

Chain: 1
0 0 0


Currently Collecting:




Palpad me if you have any Up For Sale!

2020 Goals:
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Get to 45 Egg Storage: ✘ {37/45}

Complete Shiny Galar Dex (not including all forms): ✘ {62/81}

Including Forms: ✘ {62/81 + 11/16 Galarian Forms + 0/A Lot of Other Forms}

Save for Another Year of Premium: ✘

My Palpad Is Always Open For Anyone That Needs Anything Or Just Wants To Talk!

All credit for my avatar goes to CyndaquilLuvsVan_Halen!

Galar Shiny Dex Entries

Grookey (x3)
Scorbunny (x3)
Sobble (x3)
Skwovet (x2)
Chewtle (x2)
Rookidie (x3)
Blipbug (x3)
Nickit (x2)
Gossifleur (x2)
Wooloo (x2)
Yamper (x2)
Rolycoly (x3)
Applin (x3)
Silicobra (x2)
Cramorant {x5}
Arrokuda (x2)
Toxel (x3)
Sizzlipede (x2)
Clobbopus (x2)

-Sinistea (x2) - ✘
Hattena (x3)
Impidimp (x3)

-Micery {(x2)x a lot} - ✘
-Pincurchin - ✘
Snom (x2)
-Stonjourner - ✘
-Indeedee {x2} - ✘
-Morpeko {x2} - ✘
-Cufant (x2) - ✘
-Arctozolt - ✘
-Arctovish - ✘
-Dracozolt - ✘
-Dracovish - ✘
-Duraludon - ✘
-Dreepy (x3) - ✘
-Zacian {x2} - ✘
-Zamazenta {x2} - ✘
-Eternatus {x2} - ✘

Galarian Forms (Galarian evos):

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Zigzagoon (x3)
Meowth (x2)
Slowpoke (x3)
Farfetch'd (x2)
Corsola (x2)

Weezing - ✘✘
Yamask (x2)
Ponyta (x2)

Mr. Mime (x2) - ✘✘
Darumaka (x3)
Articuno - ✘✘
Zapdos - ✘✘
Moltres - ✘✘

✔ = Ordered
✘ = Not Ordered Yet (Not on PH yet)
✘✘ and [b] = Not ordered Yet (On PH)
- = Not Huntable/On PH Yet
--- = Done
(x...) = Needed for evolution
{x...} = Needed for Extra Forms
{(x...)x...} = Needed for evolution (x...) and for Extra Forms )x...}


Candy Corn Shinx



Waffle Lotad


Candy Corn Shinx evos/shinies (WIP)

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- Candy Corn Shinx made by Muse

- Shiny Candy Corn Shinx Recolored by Me

- Mega Candy Corn Luxray made by Me

Badge Showcase

Set #1
Set #2
Set #3
Set #4

Game Records

Trainer ID: #536486916
Registration: 28/08/2014 (6 Years ago)
Premium member until 13/Jun/2021
Game Time: 1472:59 Hours
Total interactions: 567,028
Money: 88,574
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


Jeez, I have absolutely no idea where to go with Riddle 3...
Today, 17:22
Who is my 100% match?
Today, 04:13
I think I may have gotten this second word! It's way more complicated, but I may have gotten it...
Yesterday, 15:45
I am 99% sure I got the first word!
2 Days ago
Well, I just got rick rolled in Japanese on my Secret Whisper...

Also, two people apologized to me on there. To those people, I don't personally remember what you did, but no matter what, it's okay! The past is in the past, and whatever it was, it's fine now!

And someone admitted to having a crush on me. Honestly, I have no idea why you have a crush on me lol, but if you ever want to talk to me, my Palpad's always open (or just keep posting on the Secret Whisper if you want to stay anonymous)!

And to that one person who hates Shinx... honestly, I'm not mad lol. You're entitled to your own opinions (even if they are wrong :P). I mean, I hate a lot of really popular mons.
11 Days ago
interaction exchange?
12 Days ago

This is not a dating app, stop trying to make it one.
Beauty is not a thing to be judged, stop judging it.
True beauty is on the inside, look past the surface.

I speak on behalf of anyone here who has been hurt or offended by this and/or is too afraid to stand up for themselves. Stop. This is gross and creepy and we don't want you or anyone else like you around here if you are going to keep doing stuff like this. Stop or leave, it's as simple as that.
21 Days ago
Does anyone have the amount of gems needed for discounts?
2 Months ago
Riako: Let me check if Beautifly plushies are available...
Also Riako: It's from Alola, right?
4 Months ago
Heart this post please. Just wanna see how many likes I can get on one post. Thanks!
6 Months ago
Officially changed my username! Was best92...

You guys can call me whatever you'd like, CC, CCShinx, Shinx, best92, best, whatever you want lol
7 Months ago
ummm... I just got a gift from Riako... is everyone getting one or just me?!
1 Year ago


About Me

Hey guys, I'm CCShinx, but you can call me CC if you'd like!

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Name: CCShinx
Formerly Known As: best92
Gender: Male
Owner Of: 3 Cats, 1 Dog, and 1 Goldfish

Common Abbreviations I Use:

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MA - Mega-able
PT - Private Trades
DG - Dragon Gems
k - Thousand
mil - Million
Np - No problem
OS - On Site
OT - Original Trainer
UFT - Up For Trade
UFS - Up For Sale
IRL - In Real Life

Fun Facts About Me:

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- The CC in my username stands for Candy Corn, making me CandyCornShinx, to match my avatar.
- FriendlyNarwhal is my sister. She's not too active, but she's on from time to time.
- If I put lol, XD, or :P at the end of something I say, it most likely is a joke or something I found funny
- I have never spent money on this game (sorry Riako)

My PalPad is always open if you need something or just want to talk, so don’t be afraid to stop by and say hi! :D


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