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Trainerlevel: 74

Trainerpoints: 4,888/16,501


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Corsola (Retro))
420248,418 / 424,368

Shiny Hunt

CCShinx is currently hunting Mareep.
Hunt started: 21/08/2022

Chain: 3,786
102 100 0

Current Short-Term Goals

Complete Alola Dex

Missing Alola Pokemon

Work On Shiny Galar Dex

Missing Shiny Galar Pokemon

Collect Purple Feathers


Current Long-Term Goals

Collect All Shiny Mewtons

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[Mewton M. Meowth]: ✘

Collect all other Shiny Mewton brothers (0/7)

[Mewton (Coinflip)]: ✘

Play Coinflip a total of 500k times (21,000/500,000)

[Mewton (HoL)]: ✘

Guess correctly in Higher or Lower a total of 5k times (756/5,000)

[Mewton (Treasures)]: ✘

Open a Treasure Box a total of 5k times (876/5,000)

[Mewton (Lottery)]: ✘

Buy a total of 200k Lottery Tickets (2,581/200,000)

[Mewton (Golden Slot)]: ✔

Spend a total of 50,000 GGC (50,000/50,000)

[Mewton (Hangman)]: ✔

Complete a total of 1k Hangman (1,000/1,000)

[Mewton (Concentration)]: ✘

Match a total of 20k pairs (849/20,000)

✔ = Goal Completed, Not Enough GC
✘ = Goal Not Completed
[s] = Done

Collect All Shiny Harvest Sprites

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[Rainbow]: ✘

Collect All Other Shiny Harvest Sprites (0/7)

[Chef]: ✘

Cook 10,000 Dishes (612/10,000)

[Nappy]: ✘

Catch 500 Pokemon at the Honey Tree (122/500)

[Hoggy]: ✘

Make 10,000,000 Interactions (1,151,000/10,000,000)

[Timid]: ✘

Have 10 Berries at Level 100 (1/10)

[Aqua]: ✘

Adopt a Total of 50,000 Eggs from the Lab (6,673/50,000)

[Staid]: ✘

Catch 10,000 Pokemon at the Beach (2,054/10,000)

[Bold]: ✘

Adopt 7,500 eggs from the Tall Grass (1,392/7,500)

Galar Shiny Dex Entries

Grookey (x3)
Scorbunny (x3)
Sobble (x3)
Skwovet (x2)
Chewtle (x2)
Rookidie (x3)
Blipbug (x3)
Nickit (x2)
Gossifleur (x2)
Wooloo (x2)
Yamper (x2)
Rolycoly (x3)
Applin (x3)
Silicobra (x2)
Cramorant (x5)
Arrokuda (x2)
Toxel (x3)
Sizzlipede (x2)
Clobbopus (x2)
Sinistea (x2)
Hattena (x3)
Impidimp (x3)
Milcery (x10)
Snom (x2)
Morpeko (x2)
Cufant (x2)
Dreepy (x3)

Zacian (x2) - ✘✘
Zamazenta (x2) - ✘✘

Zarude - ✘

Spectrier - ✘✘
Glastier - ✘✘

Calyrex (x3)

Galarian Forms (Galarian evos):

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Zigzagoon (x3)
Meowth (x2)
Slowpoke (x3)
Farfetch'd (x2)
Corsola (x2)
Yamask (x2)
Ponyta (x2)

Mr. Mime (x2)
Darumaka (x3)

Articuno - ✘✘
Moltres - ✘✘

✔ = Ordered/Hunting Now
✘ = Not Available on PH yet
✘✘ and [b] = Not Ordered Yet
[s] = Done
(x...) = Needed for evolution/forms


2022 Goals:
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Get to 40 Egg Storage: ✘ {37/40}

Save for Another Year of Premium: ✘

My Palpad Is Always Open For Anyone That Needs Anything Or Just Wants To Talk!

(and if I blocked you, it’s because you blocked me first! If you believe it’s a mistake, contact my sister FriendlyNarwhal to see if we can sort it out!)

All credit for my avatar goes to CyndaquilLuvsVan_Halen!


Candy Corn Shinx



Waffle Lotad


Candy Corn Shinx evos/shinies Sprites (WIP)

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- Candy Corn Shinx made by Muse

- Shiny Candy Corn Shinx Recolored by Me

- Mega Candy Corn Luxray made by Me

Game Records

Trainer ID: #536486916
Registration: 28/08/2014 (9 Years ago)
Game Time: 2215:10 Hours
Total interactions: 1,185,960
Money: 3,344,613
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


8 Months ago
Wow, I’m really not making good use of this premium. Guess that’s what happens when you go from working nonstop to moving into college to getting so sick you can’t even think
9 Months ago
So, I'm going to challenge myself to learn a bunch of skills this year. So I'm looking for suggestions on what to add to my list.

My current list is to be able to do a kip-up, do a split, do a handstand, be able to shuffle a deck of cards, do a finger-whistle, solve a Rubik's cube, get better at chess, be able to hold my breath for 2 mins, learn to edit videos, juggle 3-4 balls, and learn to moonwalk.

Any other suggestions on what I should add to my list?
9 Months ago
Also, found that Dark Berry. Turns out it was locked in the premium-only garden and couldn’t get it back til I reactivated premium
10 Months ago
Is there a way to get Kubfu or is it still Event-locked?
10 Months ago
Interaction exchange?
10 Months ago
10 Months ago
Thinking of becoming more active on here again. Prob only going to buy a months worth of premium to start and go from there. I was dumb enough to freeze the Mareep chain so now I can't start anything else without essentially throwing those nuggets down the drain, so I'm probably going to pick that hunt back up for a bit and hopefully also hunt Galarian Articuno at some point. Anything else you guys think I should put some effort into while I'm here?
10 Months ago
Does anyone know how to get the Necrozma Berry Garden quest done?
10 Months ago
Been a bit since I’ve been active. Has anyone hatched a perfect 6IV mon yet?
10 Months ago
Well, I got a star for everything, but not a perfect 6 Gold IV yet!

In other news, got another new party!
1 Year ago
1 Year ago
1 Year ago
Anyone know how to set a Minecraft world with my friends from another college?

I was thinking of trying but when I searched it up all people were saying was that I had to use an outside website or something. Is there any simpler way to do it that I’m just missing?
1 Year ago
Nearly 250 eggs since I put the second 5IV mon in DC and nothing really cool since :(

Tho shouldn’t expect much, there’s only like a 1/1,000 chance of hatching a perfect 6IV mon from two 5IV parents. Still surprised that I haven’t gotten any other 5IV mons yet (even though it’s like a 1.5% chance for that I think)
1 Year ago
It’s a sad day for PH :’(

By Nuggetz - 13 Hours and 36 Minutes ago.
I'll be honest guys. I think I outgrew this site a bit. I don't think I'm sticking around anymore, or at least nowhere nearly as often. Since that's the case, I'll make 1 more giveaway to end it all.

❤️, share #NuggetzIsHeadingOut, and comment whatever you like and I'll enter you in what looks to be my last giveaway.

I'll choose the winner from 3rd, to 2nd, to first

3rd wins 1,000,000 pd
2nd wins 3,000,000 pd
1st wins 5,000,000 pd
And I'll also give out tiny packs of nuggets to comments I like :)

It's been a lot of fun here, but everyone grows up eventually.
1 Year ago
I know I posted this a week or so ago, but with the recent Riako post, I want to see if people might've changed their view on this.

I was thinking of selling Mareeps with good IVs for a little bit and I wanted to see if anyone would be interested. The going rates would be something like 1k for 1 star, 5k for 2 stars, 10k for 3 stars, 25k for 4 stars, 50k for 5 stars, or 100k for a perfect IV mon (6 stars). There would also be a x10 multiplier for a shiny or mega-able with those stats (i.e. 1 mil for a perfect IV shiny Mareep).

I wouldn't be starting this yet, as I still want to see the interest of people (and I still want the first perfect mon OS :P). So, would you be interested? [Remember that IVs can be just cosmetic (like shinies), good for battling, and now, good for breeding mega-able mons as well!]
1 Year ago
By Riako - 2 Hours and 27 Minutes ago.
Did you know...

... that the odds of having a mega-ability is influenced by the Pokémon's IVs? The higher its IVs, the higher its chance of hatching with a mega bubble.

In the past, this was rather unimportant to know since it wasn't possible to influence IVs. Since November 2022, however, you can do IV breeding at the daycare and increase the odds of passing down a parent's IVs to its offspring. In theory, breeding with perfect IV parents and both holding a Destiny Knot, the mega chance is 50% higher compared to regular random breeding. Getting a breeding couple with (nearly) perfect IVs is super difficult, however, so it's a lot more effective to just go with the Mega Bracelet + Mega Cuff. ... Unless you are very dedicated and want maximum odds, of course :P

Ooh, good thing I’m SM hunting and getting close to the perfect IV then lol
1 Year ago
What do you guys think comes first in my hunt? SM or perfect IV?

Giving away 50k to a random person that comments the right answer (when one of them hatch)!

(Also, for context, I have flutes going, mega cuff on, two 5-star mons in DC [one with all but Defense IVs, other with all but Speed IVs, both holding a Destiny Knot], any and all boosts for the hunt going, etc)
1 Year ago


Live Gem Counter

: 45 Bug Gems
: 37 Electric Gems

: 35 Fighting Gems
: 7,027 Flying Gems *

: 31 Grass Gems
: 33 Ground Gems

: 32 Normal Gems
: 50 Poison Gems

: 37 Rock Gems
: 48 Water Gems

: 33 Dark Gems
: 33 Fire Gems

: 1,038 Ghost Gems *
: 3,105 Ice Gems *

: 18 Psychic Gems
: 26 Steel Gems

: 12 Dragon Gems
: 12 Fairy Gems

* NFT unless stated otherwise


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