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Posted: Sun, 03/07/2022 09:49 (2 Days ago)
Box#: 22
Pokemon: Gligar

Anything else?: Can you give it a Razor Fang? I will add a Razor Fang of my own to the offer, I just want to evolve it!

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Posted: Sat, 19/03/2022 04:09 (3 Months ago)
Box#: 1
Pokemon: Nosepass, Carvanha, Spoink, Barboach, Shuppet, Dusclops, Wynaut, and Snorunt

Payment: PD
Anything else?: Nope, thanks a lot! :D

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Posted: Thu, 26/08/2021 06:11 (10 Months ago)
Full support here! I've been on the site for 7 years now, and I'm honestly struggling to find things to do besides just the usual shiny hunts and trading. I think a 5th Badge Set is needed for the more experienced users to work towards. It would be completely optional like every other badge set, so if there was some badges people didn't feel like completing, they don't have to.

Also, I did think of some potential badges here, but I'll quote them to make it easier

Quote(with badges such as "Complete a Full Pokedex", "Obtain a Medal from Medal Rally", "Obtain 40 Unique Wondercards", "Throw a Coin in the Fountain 300 times", "Sell Items for a Total of 500,000 PD or more at the Item Shop", "Obtain 600 Unique Plushies", "Catch a Shiny Pokemon at the Honey Tree", "Catch a Shiny Pokemon at Emera Beach", "Reach Level 500 in Endless Mode at Royal Tunnel", "Complete a Shadow Pokedex", "Obtain all Shadow Unown", etc.)

Some others that I've thought of since are "Win 100 Battles", "Fill a Storage Box with the maximum amount of Pokemon (1000)", "Collect 250 Unique Event Pokemon", "Complete 20 Different Puzzles", "Get a Shadow Radar Chain of 250", Participate in 4 Different SCS Time Slots in the Same Day", "Adopt 5,000 Eggs from the Daycare", "Collect 5,000 Honeys from Route 53", "Collect 5,000 Moomoo Milks from Route 53", "Keep the Same Honey Applied to the Honeytree for 1 Day" (might have to shorten that if it's too hard), "Rank in the Top 20 for the Bug Hatching Contest at Emera Square", "Rank in the Top 20 for Beauty Contest at Emera Square", "Fish up one of every colored Magikarp at Emera Beach", "Get Outbid and Re-Outbid someone at the Auction House in the Last 10 Seconds of an Auction", "Obtain all Mewtons from the Game Center" (or shiny, but I think that would be too hard), "Complete the Unown Quest in Ancient Cave", "Find a Hidden Ducklett" (sort of like an easter egg but it's in random spots and will always randomly change every couple minutes or something. Don't know how easy/hard that would be)*

Obviously these are extremely hard challenges, although not impossible, but a good reward would be worth it! I'd recommend an item to permanently increase your chance of getting an event egg at Daycare when possible (such as the suggestion I linked before) or an item to never get the "nothing happened" message at Emera Fountain.

Thanks so much for reading this all the way through and I hope this gets implemented on Pokeheroes!

*note that these are all just suggestions and I know that there could be potential flaws with some of them, hence why I gave a lot of them

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Posted: Mon, 16/08/2021 19:44 (10 Months ago)
100% support! I've been hunting Fishleon and maybe getting 1 or 2 eggs a day, at most, with a perfect breeding pair and the best possible odds of getting eggs at the daycare (excluding fountain cuz I can't get that every day lol). Maybe instead of having it be nugget based, maybe have a very hard 5th Badge Set (with badges such as "Complete a Full Pokedex", "Obtain a Medal from Medal Rally", "Obtain 40 Unique Wondercards", "Throw a Coin in the Fountain 300 times", "Sell Items for a Total of 500,000 PD or more at the Item Shop", "Obtain 600 Unique Plushies", "Catch a Shiny Pokemon at the Honey Tree", "Catch a Shiny Pokemon at Emera Beach", "Reach Level 500 in Endless Mode at Royal Tunnel", "Complete a Shadow Pokedex", "Obtain all Shadow Unown", etc.) where obtaining all badges gets you this item. (side note, I didn't find a 5th badge set suggestion anywhere, so I'll prob make a suggestion about it later and link it here if I remember)


Edit: Found the suggestion, here it is

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Posted: Mon, 16/08/2021 18:15 (10 Months ago)

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Posted: Fri, 02/07/2021 20:36 (1 Year ago)
Fully agree! I usually use the guide to help, but that's impossible for these questions. Even if the heights and weights were added for every mon, you'd still have to look up all three of them (or two if you're certain you can rule one out, which is tough with stuff like 84 lb Yanma and 1 foot, .2 lb Kartana) whereas usually you can just search one if you're confident and just want to check to be sure or two if uncertain or the first one's just wrong.

But either way, with the other questions, it's easier and require way less time if they aren't easy. Plus on other paths, you get ~30 secs to answer a question rather than the ~18 on the Split-Decision Path. Honestly, I don't think the questions would be too bad given a longer time.

I mean, if I have the tabs open, I can look up two Pokemon's height and weight in the about 15 secs between when I read the question and when I have to answer it. And that's with good internet and a laptop that can have multiple tabs open. I feel bad for the mobile-only users and users without good internet.

There's a reason that in the almost two days it's been a thing, only 21 of the legendaries have been hatched (and most of them by the same users). Although possible, this is extremely hard to do and it just feels like you're wasting PD and time. My personal solution would be bringing the time up, maybe not to 30 as that might make it too easy, but maybe just up to 25 or so? What do you guys think?

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Posted: Mon, 28/06/2021 16:41 (1 Year ago)
Username: CCShinx
Breeder: AnimeEmber
Pokemon Requested: Solastra
Payment Type: 50 Normal Gems
Customer Notes: Thanks a lot! :D

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Posted: Mon, 10/05/2021 14:15 (1 Year ago)
I like the idea, but I personally don’t like the fact that you would need so many shinies. For the shiny dex, like Cramorant, you would need 5 shiny Calyrex (2 for Ice Rider, 2 for Shadow Rider, 1 for base), 3 shiny Glastrier (1 for Shiny Steed, 1 for Shiny Rider, 1 for base), and 3 shiny Spectrier (1 for Shiny Steed, 1 for Shiny Rider, 1 for base). So you would need 11 shiny legendaries just to fill out these slots. This was a nightmare doing for Cramorant, and none of the mons needed were legendaries...

Not to mention that if it’s like Cramorant, you would need a shiny Glastrier as well as a shiny Spectrier just for the normal dex (like how the Shiny Gulping and Shiny Gorging forms are needed for the normal dex for Cramorant)

I feel that to solve this, either the summons would have to become pretty common so the shinies aren’t worth the ~8k Nuggets that a lot of legendary shinies are worth OR there would have to be another way to do the Dex for it...

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Posted: Sun, 09/05/2021 04:40 (1 Year ago)
Pretty much it lol. The log out button doesn't work and the Castform button that usually leads you to the Weather Station prompts the "Do you want to log out?" text box, but doesn't work if you try to log out using it

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Posted: Mon, 19/04/2021 20:56 (1 Year ago)
You’re so talented! These are so cute! May I request adding Shinx to your list? 😊

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Posted: Fri, 01/01/2021 02:03 (1 Year ago)

Happy New Year everyone!! Here’s to hoping 2021 will be a truly amazing year!!

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Posted: Wed, 09/12/2020 04:52 (1 Year ago)
5, I see you here and there

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Posted: Wed, 09/12/2020 04:51 (1 Year ago)
3/10, I’ve seen you a couple times before...

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Posted: Fri, 18/09/2020 18:55 (1 Year ago)
I'll join!

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Posted: Sun, 16/08/2020 16:16 (1 Year ago)
You know that feeling when you have two or more of the exact same trade up in the GTS, but two people offer on the same trade and the other one goes untouched?

For example, let's say you needed 50 Water Gems, so you put up two trades asking for 25 Water Gems each, because it will be more likely that people will have (and be willing to trade) 25 Water Gems than 50. You wait a couple minutes, and then you get the notification that there have been offers made on your trades. You go to the GTS, eager to get your Water Gems, but then when you check the trades, one of the trades has two offers and the other has none. Now you have to go through the full process of accepting one offer, contacting the other user to tell them that someone else offered on the trade, ask them if they want to still do the trade, wait for their response, send them the link to the other trade, wait for them to offer, accept their offer, and finally be done. This process could take a couple minutes or a couple hours, depending when both you and the other user are active, if there was more than two offers, etc. Either way, it is still an annoying process to go through. Currently, that is the only way to resolve that situation.

What I am proposing is the option for other users to see how many offers have been made on a trade. It would work something like this: a user is going to put up a trade, and under the comment box (above the "Continue" button), there is a checkbox that says "Enable other users to see the number of offers on this trade", and if it is clicked, other users would be able to see how many offers are on a trade (but not what they are).

I feel that this would be a nice improvement to the GTS, especially for those who mass-trade things.

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Posted: Thu, 16/07/2020 01:23 (1 Year ago)
Username: CCShinx
Shiny (and quantity): 1 Galarian Stunfisk
Breeder: TKBeta
Payment: 100k
Everstone?: Nope
Other: Ice Cream's pretty tasty!

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Posted: Mon, 13/07/2020 04:17 (1 Year ago)
Ravenclaw 100%

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Posted: Wed, 01/07/2020 20:05 (2 Years ago)
Username: CCShinx
Shiny (and quantity): 3 Shiny Hattena
Breeder: Lupine
Payment: 750k PD
Everstone?: On all please!
Other: I also like Sour Patch Kids (yes I love sour things lol)

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Posted: Wed, 01/07/2020 20:02 (2 Years ago)

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Posted: Wed, 01/07/2020 20:01 (2 Years ago)

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