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Mega System Overhaul: Gem Cauldron Update

Forum-Index Suggestions Emera Town Mega System Overhaul: Gem Cauldron Update
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Posted: Wed, 04/09/2019 01:04 (11 Days ago)
Hi all! Before posting, make sure you read the whole entire post!!!

The Suggestion

I would like to suggest that the current mega evolution system be scrapped. In its place, simply put in the Pokemon-specific mega stones (Gengarite, Alakazite, Lopunnite, etc.). The Pokemon-specific mega stones would remain in the gem cauldron, but would be split from the current “universal” mega stone. So, for example, a Cameruptite would require a boiling of fire and ground gems. Alakazites would require boiling psychic gems. Not only does this improve the economy from valuing mega stones so highly, it also gives less popular gems such as grass and poison gems more purpose.

I realize that this comes with some things needed to be addressed. First, the cauldron mini game is lost in this idea as it stands. It’s pretty easy to put one or two different gems into the cauldron through the timed game. Personally, I wouldn’t mind if this little mini game was eliminated completely, but I know Riako may not be willing to give it up. If not, I’m going to borrow the core concept of Tobey’s idea here. More kinds of gems can be required for boiling based on an individual Pokemon’s lore/habitat/etc. to allow the mini game to continue. For example, a Garchompite may require dragon, ground, and rock gems.

Also, dragon gems. They’re very expensive. Therefore, the amount needed for dragon megas - Flygonite, Salamencite, Garchompite, etc. - should be scaled down to be reasonable. This might be obvious, but I just wanted to address it, as it is a legitimate concern.

Why We Need a Change

The current system is excessively complex and frustrating. Mega hunts for a mere one shiny mega evolution can take months to even over an entire year. That’s a lot for one shiny! Not to mention the fact that mega Pokemon aren’t even special enough to warrant such a huge amount of time. They’re just more powerful versions of already existing Pokemon. Not legendaries or anything, just, regular Pokemon with some extra oomph in some evolution. It’s probably easier to hunt legendaries since their chains are easier, which doesn’t make sense.

Speaking of legendaries… did you know that, as of this post, there are 2,080 Arceus (not holding plates!) and only 494 Mega Gyarados? The god of all Pokemon is more common than a giant water monster! This is just one example of the wacky population numbers of megas compared to legendaries. A search through the pokedex reveals many, many more...

If you want proof that megas aren’t really that special, look towards the core Pokemon games itself, which have now completely eliminated megas. Mega evolutions came to PH when they were still a big part of Pokemon, so the current system makes sense in that time period. But since megas are now no longer important in Pokemon, it’s time for PH to downgrade the system as well. It doesn’t make sense to keep such a big system for Pokemon forms that no one is paying attention to anymore. To put it simply, the importance PH places on megas is outdated.

Also, shiny event and legendary megas are a humongous pain. It could take years and years to hunt both shiny Mega Mewtwos and a shiny Mega Diancie, which is highly unreasonable for a “collect ‘em all” game. Not to mention the breeding rates of events are also low, possibly resulting in years and years of more hunting. It’s fun to have things challenging, but when things become borderline impossible, it’s no longer fun.

This also leaves some more room for PH-made mega Pokemon! A new mega addition would not add potential months and months of hunting! I don’t know if this is something taken into consideration when Riako releases new megas, but at the very least it does provide peace to shiny completionists.

Comments that are Bound to Appear

“But megas are supposed to be rare!”
I’d like to direct you to what I wrote about megas being essentially abandoned by the core Pokemon games. But yes, they are supposed to be rarer. Keep in mind that making megas easier to obtain does not equal making them easy to obtain. You still need to put in work, mostly needing to form a collection of gems to dump into the cauldron. I’m sure you’ve noticed, but I haven’t given any specific numbers of required gems. It’s up to Riako to decide how difficult he wants it to be to boil different mega stones. To summarize: I do not anticipate mega stones to become super common; ultimately, that’s all up to Riako.

“But what about this shiny mega that I spent months and months hunting! My efforts are wasted!”
I definitely understand where you’re coming from. However, this suggestion is more for “the greater good” as opposed to the tiny, tiny group of people who have successfully shiny mega hunted. I would hope that it would make you feel better that no one would ever again need to go through so much for just one shiny mega, is the point I’m getting to, as you shiny mega hunters, of all people, know what that’s like. Plus, if you’re a shiny mega hunter who also happens to be a shiny completionist, think about how much better completing the shinydex would be with this suggestion! Overall, the positive impact of this suggestion greatly outweighs negatives.


So, that's really all I've got. Let me know what you all think!
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Posted: Wed, 11/09/2019 11:52 (3 Days ago)
This is a really fresh idea and I absolutely concur with this! I bought the gem cauldron but I don't even use it as much but if this gets implemented, this will really go a long way to improve my activities as well the pokeheroes structure. Excellent suggestion.