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Trainerlevel: 72

Trainerpoints: 14,439/15,623


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Honedge15 / 8

About Me

Ich komme aus Indien aber lerne Deutsch!

Hello there, Saknar here.
You may also know me as Yelping_Nanolife, SimpleNatureLover, Faluonra, MeditatingMonkey, BetweenBinary, or Sak-. o/
I like reading, cycling, running and sketching.

Self Notes
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TheProfessor Ditto <=> Top Secret
Bruxish, Zombeagle, Hawaiian Cubchoo, Tendenne
Eclipsode, Plusle, Wreafki, Magikarp
DeX- Nosepass, Drifblim, Hoppowdon, DeX Rotom, Vivillon

P.S. Whatever Avatar I have, it's my own creation, please don't steal it. If you want to use it, ask me permission before you do so.

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Trainer ID: #884686073
Registration: 31/10/2013 (6 Years ago)
Game Time: 3977:10 Hours
Total interactions: 6,163,950
Money: 488,008
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


#Zeraoraffle - By Saknar

Raffling off a Zeraora to anyone who wants one and DOESN'T ALREADY OWN one or its egg. Share this post and/or like the original feed for an entry.

Ends by Monday 23:59 PH server time.
Yesterday, 09:43

Roughly 2 weeks ago, I won a Zeraora from a raffle backed by the amazing ~Sun~ & RoyalGecko. But I did obtain my own Zeraora about 2 days ago. So (with ~Sun~'s permission), I'm raffling off the Zeraora that I won.

Like the feed and/or share the hashtag for an entry. 1 entry per person.
And OH! Do not share this post. Share the first comment in this feed if you'd like to enter that way. That one's cleaner. :'D

Nobody saw the typo.
1 Day ago
In less than 5k too! Thanks for the luck and support everyone. <3
4 Days ago
2 more days until Zeraora event ends. And I still don't have it's egg dex.
Going to give it my all today. Wish me luck!
4 Days ago

Take care and have fun!
11 Days ago
I was late to college by 2 minutes today because my cycle was messing up and something was apparently wrong with the chain/gear. Consequently, I couldn't attend the first hour. I had a 100% attendance until today. R.I.P.

And it doesn't end there. Turns out I had a flat tyre and I walked all the way home (a little less than 5 Kilometres). The magnificent Sun wasn't helping either. The day has been pretty challenging so far. :')
1 Month ago
So I just noticed that I got a reset password email for my freesuggestionbox on 23rd of October. So I went to check out of I had received any messages and sure enough, I'd received a few on 24th.
To whoever sent it: You're all kinds of messed up for spewing so much hate on someone on the internet whom you don't even know.

Unfortunately for me I can't get rid of those messages without deleting the entire box, which also contains messages from friends who I can't contact anymore. .-.
2 Months ago
I wanted to say this yesterday, but I forgot because I was exhausted.

Saturday evening, I went to the supermarket with mum to buy groceries, where we met my mom's colleague & her son (6 yrs). A while into the conversation, the kid was getting restless, as kids do, when I got an idea. I got him aside and spontaneously pulled some "Magic" tricks to keep him occupied. I'm not really experienced, and he kept asking me to do them again and other stuff (lots of ice cream!) that I couldn't. Smart kid.

Later that night, I wondered if today's kids have the same joy as I did watching magic tricks (if they know what it is itfp).
Maybe ask a kid you know if they like magic tricks. o/

Also, first (complete) week of the decade starts with rain, even though it usually doesn't at this time of the year. Nice! ♥

Good night! <3
2 Months ago
I was about to water my plants when I noticed two sparrows that looked like they were glued together by one of their feet... Until they both started fighting each other. Pecks, jumps kicks, glares... Never before have I ever seen so many Pokemon moves at once. I tried throwing some water to stop them. But when one of them hopped to a distance, the other one continued attacking.
I threw more water until they flew away.

Why they were fighting, I'll never know.
2 Months ago
I've been at my cousins' place for the past few days. It's a village, far from the buzz and rush of the city. And today I took a view of the night sky. Never before have I ever seen so many stars in the sky. City dwellers don't get to experience this with; not all the air and light pollution around, and not to mention the tall buildings. It was truly breathtaking. Words don't do it justice.
I've always wished to sleep in the open with nothing but the night sky in my vision; now's too cold for that. Maybe I'll get the chance in summer time here.

There's so much beauty all around us. If only we stopped being so calculative of everything.
Wish you all a beautiful new year! <3 ♥
3 Months ago

saknar -> Saknar -> Yelping_Nanolife -> Saknar -> SimpleNatureLover -> Saknar -> Faluonra -> Saknar -> MeditatingMonkey -> Saknar -> Sak- -> Saknar -> BetweenBinary

Yeah, you can probably guess what my next one is going to be...
4 Months ago
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I feel old.
5 Months ago
*looks at 3 broken images inside "Self Notes" under "About Me" section*

I've lost one poem and 2 meaningful screenshots due to the internet having it's own issues.
And apparently TinyPic has shut down, taking down a couple of my memories with it.

I guess sometimes you have to let go of some memories, but that poem (about my closest friends back then) was so dear to me. Ouch.
5 Months ago
It's night, raining and we have no power. I'm sitting by the window and it's a tad bit windy.
Seeing the curtains rise up so high feels ominous, and the cool breeze and the rain spraying on my put me at ease.

I just hope the power comes back on soon. I've got something to work on.
7 Months ago
I hope everyone's doing well. I've been busy with life and myself. A lot on my mind. My 3-year old phone died a month ago. (I remember sharing here my then-old phone's state and how excited I was when ordering my then-new phone... The good old times.)
Anyway, I might quit PH. If anyone wishes to keep in touch when that happens, contact me.

I've made a lot of mistakes, lost several pieces of my in the process. But without the community here, I see myself in a way different (worse) place. You all helped me become who I am today, and there still a long way to go. So thank you for your love and support.
Thanks for all the lovely memories. I wish you all a great life ahead.

With love,
- Saknar
8 Months ago
I was outside. It started drizzling. It turned into a downpour in a matter of minutes.
Ah, how I've longed for this. The first drops of water from the sky in what felt like eternity.
The sight of deep clouds and the precipitation; the melody of the rain drops' clatter; the hypnotic and sweet petrichor; the cold and caressing touch of rain on my clothes and skin... My senses felt rejuvenated. It was blissful.
It continued for about 15 minutes. With the Sun peeking out, there it was. Mesmerizing and beautiful. I had what I remember to be my first and only glimpse of a Rainbow in person.
I wish to experience more of this joy in the days ahead, for both my land and my heart are dry.
It was wet while it lasted.

Oh, and I got a haircut.
9 Months ago

An old Poem: Gratitude

Do someone favours, you will get a thanks.
For life is full of flavours, and people from different ranks.
Help without expecting something back
from them is attitude.
And the urge to appreciate it with lack
of pride and ego is gratitude.
To humans or not, returning a help is humanity
Be it a single one or a lot, one should do it without vanity
What you sow is what you reap, do what is right.
Then whether awake or asleep, your mind will be light as a kite.


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