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Formerly: JustAnotherHuman
Trainerlevel: 88

Trainerpoints: 724/23,319


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Yanma51 / 91
Yanma919 / 271
Yanma878 / 217

About Me

Hello! Saknar here~

This is currently a WIP.

Past user names: Yelping_Nanolife, SimpleNatureLover, Faluonra, MeditatingMonkey, Sak-, BetweenBinary, IndecisiveIntellectual, and JustAnotherHuman.


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #884686073
Registration: 31/10/2013 (7 Years ago)
Premium member until 28/Sep/2021
Game Time: 5399:04 Hours
Total interactions: 10,024,984
Money: 13,096
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


From Gorilla to lizard, to ant. What next? A drop of water?
Today, 11:18
So, how has your day been?
Yesterday, 15:27
By PokéRadar - 41 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Yanma hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #188)!

2 Days ago
According to the comments in my previous feed, majority of commenters said I'm helpful and mature. So, without confirming how much I conform to those descriptions, I'd like to raise 2 questions:

1. How far is it possible to be both mature and childish at the same time?

2. How far is it possible to be both helpful and selfish at the same time?
2 Days ago
What kind of a person do you see me as?
3 Days ago
Note from the past: Patience is a virtue.
16 Days ago
Note to self: Don't ask questions you don't wanna know the answers to.
17 Days ago
I keep my word. Even if not doing so would be better for me. Because that's the right thing to do.
Not all shadows are intended to follow a given person. I just wish I get the strength and am able to deal with the shadow of someone else, where the shadow is the only thing of theirs that I can reach.

Hope you all are having a beautiful day. Remember to drink enough water and get enough rest, both to your body and mind.
21 Days ago
I was about to shower when I noticed this calm looking mosquito on the wall. I just figured it'll fly away a while later.

5 minutes into the shower and I notice the mosquito IS. STILL. THERE. Even with water on it too!! That's the kind of focus and commitment I want in my life. I just decided to not disturb it because if THAT doesn't make it deserving of a second chance, then I don't know what does.

I never thought I'd ever say this, but if there's a spirit animal (watch: Power Rangers Jungle Fury) that I'd like to look up to when I need determination, it's THAT mosquito (even though mosquito is probably not an animal).
27 Days ago
Birds are nice. Hypocrites are not.
Like sugar and spice, they're miles apart.
Life is beautiful. Open your eyes.
Skip the evil. Reach for the skies.
Verify whom you trust, love hurts the most.
Listen to your mind first, then the body, the host.
It's okay to be sad, or to seek a helping hand.
The times life seems bad, don't decide where you stand.
28 Days ago
Any relationship requires effort from both sides. Agree/Disagree?
29 Days ago
I kinda hoped for a drizzle sometime today when I was at the terrace but took back the request because maybe it was too much to ask. But now nature is wishing me good night with a light drizzle. 💙

I swear, this isn't the first time it's happening. I've had so many special days where rain just has my back. Asdfgh!
I have this special bond with rain. It's always here when I need it. And I'm in one of the hottest places too, so rain isn't common at all. Despite all the broken trust with humans, nature is one thing that's always there, maybe not when I want it, but definitely when I need it. I'll always love you, nature, and I'll do my best to always be there for you. 💚

With that, wishing you all a good night (or any other time of the day)!
1 Month ago
JustAnotherHuman -> Saknar

1 day buffer before I change my profile picture.
1 Month ago
The No Animations Switch suggestion thread has been approved by a mod. It's open for votes!

Nobody saw that attempt, shhh

On a different note, I wrote a (short) poem last night. It's on my previous feed. If you've got the time check it out and let me know how you feel about it. I'd love to hear your thoughts.
1 Month ago

I would thank you, if only I could know that you hear.
But I confess that you'll forever be my favourite guest.
For there are things so few, as calming as what I hold dear, the potion healing me after yet another life's test.

I curse at the day's heat, but you stop me halfway,
With drops of melody putting me at ease.
Saying there's no better a beat, and no better a ballet,
as trees dancing to a midnight breeze.

Soft and slow, you revive my soul when it falls dry
With drizzle on my face delivering peace long due.
You're my glow, as I stand under a starless night sky,
Marveling at you painting the clouds a heavenly hue.

Tough and steadfast, yet a true friend in need
Your untainted relationship is a treasure to nurture.
Despite the contrast in the emotions you seed,
In all your forms & beauty, I love you, nature.

- Saknar (N)
1 Month ago
Why is it sometimes hard to take rational actions when you know that something isn't logically the best course of action, and that something else is? And even when you do eventually take a rational action after considering all the logical arguments, the ephemeral nature of a purely logical mind gives way for the human mind to roam the skies again; during times of which you just can't keep up the momentum and fall back to the ground.
Doubts, faith, despair, hope, questions, assumptions?
Contrasting pieces of an infinite-piece jigsaw puzzle, moved into position by strings of memories, that are tangled by dreams of what the finished puzzle might look like.
And then sometimes there is the missing piece, or rather there it is not...

Would we find it? Would we be gifted it? Would we carve it ourselves? Or will the missing piece perpetually fulfill its destiny... Of being the missing piece?

2 Months ago

Shiny Hunt

Saknar is currently hunting Yanma.
Hunt started: 20/07/2021

Chain: 217

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