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Trainerlevel: 74

Trainerpoints: 15,577/16,501


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Surskit16305 / 817
Tentacool8164 / 271
Tentacool8245 / 271
Tentacool9226 / 339
Tentacool9244 / 339
Sentret (Retro)14616 / 631

On Shiny Hunting and Shadows

Anytime I do a Shiny Hunt, you're free to request to buy Shinies from me. You can also refer to my Shiny Trade/Sell Box and see if anything catches your fancy.

As for Shadows, the overflow goes straight to the Double Shadows Box. Here you can see if you need any of the Shadows, and are free to request to buy/trade them.

Goals for Gem Shiny Hunts:


Buying and Selling

Any Summoning Items not listed below are welcome as well! Feel free to set up a PT, I'll offer appropriate amounts of Dragon Gems!

Currently buying the following Summoning Items:

Sky Pillar / Marine Cave / Terra Cave Maps for 5 Dragon Gems each.

Emeralds, Sapphires and Rubies for 6 Dragon Gems each.

Star Pieces for 1 Dragon Gem each.

Light Rocks, Cold Rocks and Hard Rocks for 2 Dragon Gems each.

Dark Stones and Light Stones for 8 Dragon Gems each.

Nebula Stones for 3 Dragon Gems each.

Ultra Saddles for 6 Dragon Gems each.

White Powder for 6 Dragon Gems each.

Lake Trio Vouchers (Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf) for 2 Dragon Gems each.

Long-Term and Ultimate Goals

Finish the Pokédex

Get to 1000 ShinyDex Entries (Ultimate)

Possess all Plushies (Ultimate)

Collect Gems for third Pure Gem Hunt

Collect Gems for a total of 10 Pure Gem Hunts (Ultimate)

Kanto Shadow Dex

Johto Shadow Dex

Fill Money Sink (Ultimate)

Spend a cumulative 1 Million DP on Plushies (Ultimate)

Get all Non-Emera Shiny Megas (Ultimate)



Game Records

Trainer ID: #825199580
Registration: 26/03/2019 (1 Year ago)
Premium member until 13/Apr/2021
Game Time: 971:36 Hours
Total interactions: 16,064,039
Money: 1,420,210
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Anyone still want a Princess Smoochum or Queen Jynx? 120k PD each.
Today, 16:58
Have a spare Shadow Zapdos. Nice!
2 Days ago
So. So tempted. To just do a SM Hunt for Mewtwo X and Y after the four I have planned right now. Which would be quite the time investment. And potentially would take me a whole year. So I'm not sure if this is a sane idea by any margin of measurement. XD
2 Days ago
There it is! Shiny Alomomola.
2 Days ago
Alomomola surely is a slooooow one to hatch. XD
2 Days ago
The first optimistic estimate says that one week after Easter, things should relax slowly. But I honestly expect it to continue at least one more month after that. If the whole "flattening the curve" is supposed to work properly, one and a half months of stricter measures won't cut it.

An unnerving thought to be sure, but you deal with it. Because it is about everyone, not just the individual.
2 Days ago
After reconsidering my Gem Count... heck, I'll just go on a wild cross-Pokédex-whatever-tickles-my-fancy Shiny hunt thingamajig.
3 Days ago
Sometimes, I think that it would be practical to be able to send unnecessary eggs (like, say, after you hatched your desired shiny) back to Daycare or to Tall Grass. But then again... doesn't hurt having a couple additional hatches here and there.
3 Days ago
By now, HoL is not the worst part about Raylóng. It's Treasure Hunt. XD
4 Days ago
Just to announce this before it comes: I will do the SM hunts, which I have planned, from the bottom up. I have put them into the order SM Rapidash, SM Pinsir, SM Heracross, SM Lucario into my Ambitious Shiny Shop, but I will do them the exact other sequence around. This is not to mess with anyone, but due to considerations of my current Gem count.
5 Days ago
Aaaand... limit hit for today.

This makes 1.8 million interactions overall during the Zeraora Event. 27 Eggs in total, that I hatched. Quite a bit less than I expected on the egg side of the equation.
5 Days ago
And because I missed it yesterday: A whole year wasted on PH. (or rather well invested).
5 Days ago
Are you actually messing with me, game. I caught two Patterned Magikarps today. Gray (that is the THIRD I got now!) and Black (Hooray! A new one!)
5 Days ago
I will probably keep up the 100k Interactions a day for a while longer. Why? Because quarantine in my country will go at least until April 19th. It's highly likely to be expanded - which I welcome as a prudent step. Not without some exasperation, though. It's gonna be a long haul.
5 Days ago
So today is the last day to get a Zeraora to spawn. My expectations weren't met in regards to how many eggs should be possible, but eh. That's RNG.
5 Days ago
Oh yay, finally caught another of the Shiny Emera Magi- ...oh, it's Pink. Which I already got before. *sigh*
6 Days ago
Back to the Epic Rap Battles of History.
6 Days ago
And that's 7 Zygarde 10%s hatched! Nice. Back to regular hunts.
6 Days ago
I had a really weird dream... like, I could brute-force PH to hatch eggs super-fast? Faster than on SCS? And I just got 1400 Ponyta hatches in one fell swoop, got two SMs even. What the Hell, brain.
6 Days ago
New PB for HoL of 29 in a row. Wow.
6 Days ago

Shiny Hunt

ShinyMegaHunter is currently hunting Tentacool.
Hunt started: 01/04/2020

Chain: 31


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Insane Shiny Goals

Berry Garden Legendary Trio:

Shiny Raylóng:
35/46 [Eggs/Egg Storage]

Current Shiny Vivillon in Safari:

All 11 Emera Magikarp Forms:

Full Unown Alphabet:

Shiny Bird Trio:
9% of Gem Goal.

Shiny Mega Candaria:
x of y ressource

This has to become a lot smaller...
Too long!

More to follow.

Reminders for myself

If in doubt, check the "Will it break my chain?" in the Pokéradar tab.
Black Flute activates in Daycare, Blue Flute and Mega Cuff in Party screen.
Visit the Fountain for better Shiny and Mega luck.

Rowan's Click List for Daily Clicking - ask LordSamton to add to it.

Pokédex Progress
795/1382 National Dex | 356/645 Egg Dex | 204/1371 Shiny Dex | 256/278 Shadow Dex

148/151 Normal | 46/151 Shiny | 145/151 Shadow (+ Poliwag Line)
127 Normal | 22/127 Shiny | 111/127 Shadow (+ Politoed)
97/155 Normal | 41/155 Shiny (+3 Castform Formes)
62/138 Normal | 11/138 Shiny
87/175 Normal | 39/175 Shiny
62/117 Normal | 20/117 Shiny
62/135 Normal | 9/135 Shiny
23/36 Normal | 0/36 Shiny
93/230 Normal | 9/230 Shiny [Coocoot, Nocnoc, SHINY Eiscue (Love)]
12/78 Normal | 3/78 Shiny [Mega Dunsparce]
18/36 Normal | 4/36 Shiny