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Trainerlevel: 76

Trainerpoints: 8,154/17,403


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
15250,026 / 79,248

On Shiny Hunting and Shadows

Shiny Hunting and Shadow Hunting happens primarily to fill my own dex. But especially when I hunt SMs, you are very much free to request a slot. Shadows, well, they show up when they show up.

Goals for Gem Shiny Hunts:


Buying and Selling

Any Summoning Items not listed below are welcome as well! Feel free to set up a PT, I'll offer appropriate amounts of Dragon Gems!

Currently buying the following Summoning Items:

Sky Pillar / Marine Cave / Terra Cave Maps for 5 Dragon Gems each.

Emeralds, Sapphires and Rubies for 6 Dragon Gems each.

Star Pieces for 1 Dragon Gem each.

Light Rocks, Cold Rocks and Hard Rocks for 2 Dragon Gems each.

Dark Stones and Light Stones for 8 Dragon Gems each.

Nebula Stones for 3 Dragon Gems each.

Ultra Saddles for 6 Dragon Gems each.

White Powder for 6 Dragon Gems each.

Lake Trio Vouchers (Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf) for 2 Dragon Gems each.

Long-Term and Ultimate Goals

Finish the Pokédex

Get to 1000 ShinyDex Entries (Ultimate)

Possess all Plushies (Ultimate)

Collect Gems for third Pure Gem Hunt

Collect Gems for a total of 10 Pure Gem Hunts (Ultimate)

Kanto Shadow Dex

Johto Shadow Dex

Fill Money Sink (Ultimate)

Spend a cumulative 1 Million DP on Plushies (Ultimate)

Get all Non-Emera Shiny Megas (Ultimate)



Game Records

Trainer ID: #825199580
Registration: 26/03/2019 (5 Years ago)
Game Time: 985:21 Hours
Total interactions: 17,413,498
Money: 520,182
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Hey, if any of you want to add me on Switch for Pokémon Sword and Shield trading (I know I said in the past I don't care much for the games, but... it's Pokémon. I became weak!), then here's my friend code:

4 Years ago
Heya everyone. I'm still quite inactive, as you probably noticed. Will be for a while longer, life is being tumultuous. I will get back to hunting... maybe in August. I will see.
4 Years ago
ACK. Well, this was unpleasant. But I'm back. Somewhat. Gimme two, three days to be fully back.
4 Years ago
Looking to sell Dragon Gems, 40k PD / 25 Nuggets a piece. Need more Egg Storage and everything.
4 Years ago
I've watched a good chunk of the FF VII Remake and... wow. Just... They made a whole different game with familiar elements out of it. I'm seriously impressed.
4 Years ago
Still waiting to get the next Rowan Quest. I seem to be too lax with checking the Laboratory.
4 Years ago
Over 100 MB pairs waiting for me. Hmmm...
4 Years ago
If anyone would be willing to sell me missing Shinies for Dragon Gems, would very much appreciate it. c:
4 Years ago
4 Years ago
And... no egg at the Wormhole. So... other than finecombing the entire site map again to no avail, I got nothing.
4 Years ago
One very last attempt. Anyone able to borrow me a Lunala/Solgaleo real quick? That is literally the last page I could possibly check.
4 Years ago
I'm giving this hunt up... I've searched the entire site several times over, I've tried to find it by looking up the code while inspecting the site elements, and I simply cannot find it. I don't know if it is supremely bugged, if it is on a site I somehow don't have access to, I'm just supremely frustrated.
4 Years ago
And a fifth Mega-able. One in 11 were mega-able today. What?!
4 Years ago
Hoooow did I get 4 Mega-ables in one day...?!
4 Years ago
Still haven't found the last egg. I'm close to yeeting my phone onto the bed. (I would never purposefully break otherwise faithful electronic devices.) Any tips other than screenshotting every page found via site map to solving this conundrum?
4 Years ago
Still no last egg. I will recheck every page on mobile tomorrow.
4 Years ago
Selling up to five Mega Stones. PD prefered, Nuggets AA.
4 Years ago
Still somewhat tempted that, should I get insanely lucky and finish up my 2020 goals before, say, July, that I start SM hunting Mewtwo. It's just... that would be pure insanity I subject myself to.
4 Years ago
I have several Shadow Starters on offer, as well as Shadow Mew. Still looking for the following Shadows: Chikorita, Unowns A, J, and M, Raikou, Suicune and Celebi.
4 Years ago
I... I'm just annoyed by this stage. And have another reason to avoid social media like the plague.

I cannot stand the whole "there is a cover-up / Corona is being portrayed worse than it is / there is a whole other thing going on here, wake up sheeple!". Quit it. Quit the conspiracy theories. They are not helpful at all.
You want to prove that your theory on this worldwide pandemic is the correct version? Then you've got to prove it. With more than some half-baked assumptions and some singular person who wants to make a quick dime in this dark time and try to convince you they have THE CURE. Or THE ANSWER. Or whatever.

This has been a general rant inspired by yours truly, the Facebook Feed. Because it will always show you some VERY interesting insights into peoples' minds.

Now I need some chocolate or something...
4 Years ago

Shiny Hunt

ShinyMegaHunter is currently hunting Riolu.
Hunt started: 03/04/2020

Chain: 782
19 18 0


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Joining a SCS (1 Year ago)


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Insane Shiny Goals

Berry Garden Legendary Trio:

Shiny Raylóng:
35/46 [Eggs/Egg Storage]

Current Shiny Vivillon in Safari:

All 11 Emera Magikarp Forms:

Full Unown Alphabet:

Shiny Bird Trio:
9% of Gem Goal.

Shiny Mega Candaria:
x of y ressource

This has to become a lot smaller...
Too long!

More to follow.

Reminders for myself

If in doubt, check the "Will it break my chain?" in the Pokéradar tab.
Black Flute activates in Daycare, Blue Flute and Mega Cuff in Party screen.
Visit the Fountain for better Shiny and Mega luck.

Rowan's Click List for Daily Clicking - ask LordSamton to add to it.

Pokédex Progress
795/1382 National Dex | 356/645 Egg Dex | 204/1371 Shiny Dex | 256/278 Shadow Dex

148/151 Normal | 46/151 Shiny | 145/151 Shadow (+ Poliwag Line)
127 Normal | 22/127 Shiny | 111/127 Shadow (+ Politoed)
97/155 Normal | 41/155 Shiny (+3 Castform Formes)
62/138 Normal | 11/138 Shiny
87/175 Normal | 39/175 Shiny
62/117 Normal | 20/117 Shiny
62/135 Normal | 9/135 Shiny
23/36 Normal | 0/36 Shiny
93/230 Normal | 9/230 Shiny [Coocoot, Nocnoc, SHINY Eiscue (Love)]
12/78 Normal | 3/78 Shiny [Mega Dunsparce]
18/36 Normal | 4/36 Shiny