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Trainerlevel: 64

Trainerpoints: 10,088/12,351


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Zubat10 / 8
Zubat10 / 8
Zubat10 / 8
Zubat10 / 8

On Shiny Hunting and Shadows

Anytime I do a Shiny Hunt, you're free to request to buy Shinies from me. You can also refer to my Shiny Trade/Sell Box and see if anything catches your fancy.

As for Shadows, the overflow goes straight to the Double Shadows Box. Here you can see if you need any of the Shadows, and are free to request to buy/trade them.

Goals for Gem Shiny Hunts:


Buying and Selling

To simplify a couple things, I will keep my current GTS offers here:
15 Dragon Gems for 600k PD/400 Nuggets/Summoning Items/Fossils/Gems
2 Dragon Gems for a Lake Trio Voucher
10 Dragon Gems for 400 Fire/Ice/Electric/Flying or 250 Normal Gems

Any Summoning Items not listed below are welcome as well! Feel free to set up a PT, I'll offer appropriate amounts of Dragon Gems!

Currently buying the following Summoning Items:

Sky Pillar / Marine Cave / Terra Cave Maps for 5 Dragon Gems each.

Emeralds, Sapphires and Rubies for 6 Dragon Gems each.

Star Pieces for 1 Dragon Gem each.

Light Rocks, Cold Rocks and Hard Rocks for 2 Dragon Gems each.

Dark Stones and Light Stones for 8 Dragon Gems each.

Nebula Stones for 3 Dragon Gems each.

Ultra Saddles for 6 Dragon Gems each.

White Powder for 6 Dragon Gems each.

Lake Trio Vouchers (Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf) for 2 Dragon Gems each.

Long-Term and Ultimate Goals

Finish the Pokédex

Possess 100 different Shinies (Goal reached 7 Dec 19)

Get to 1000 ShinyDex Entries (Ultimate)

Possess all Plushies (Ultimate)

Collect Gems for second Pure Gem Hunt

Collect Gems for a total of 10 Pure Gem Hunts (Ultimate)

Kanto Shadow Dex

Johto Shadow Dex

Spend a cumulative 1 Million DP on Plushies (Ultimate)

Get all Non-Emera Shiny Megas (Ultimate)



Game Records

Trainer ID: #825199580
Registration: 26/03/2019 (9 Months ago)
Premium member until 13/Apr/2021
Game Time: 858:37 Hours
Total interactions: 11,015,051
Money: 1,720,494
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Tall Grass completely Zubat-less. Weeeeell, that was kinda unexpected. XD
Today, 16:08
YAAAASS. The Magik Rod strikes again! That takes care of SM Gyarados.
Today, 08:27
Shiny SM Altaria Plushie. GIMME GIMME GIMME.
Today, 08:09
Oh nice! I've just seen that tomorrow is a x2 Day. Sweeeet, this should give the SM hunt a niiiice push along.
Yesterday, 21:25
Adding up Swablu and Zubat Eggs hatched, they make up almost half of my total hatches. Holy moly. XD
Yesterday, 20:07
Oh nice! First Shiny Emera Magikarp - Apricot Pattern!
Yesterday, 15:56
I just re-checked and - WOAH. This is Kyurem number 8 I'm having here. O_o A bit more than I thought.
Yesterday, 14:14
Yo, 'sup, ShinyMegaHunter? Ya chillin' with yo Dex?
... Urgh, I'm sorry. There was this boy who called me old and boring. He said that I'm not cool enough to keep up with the youth *sigh*.
Whenever he talks to me, I don't even understand half of what he says. He says stuff like "The beach is so seven point eight, way too much water." and sometimes "Got any new Hipster-Pokés for me, Brofessor?". ... I never even heard of Hipster-typed Pokémon! I tried to do some research, but... I can't find any information about them.

This has been the standard message for several days now when I go to the lab. I still have the very stark impression this is supposed to be a hint? Or Rowan is just jerking my chain. I've been impatiently waiting for the next quest.
Yesterday, 10:40
Second "nothing happened" from the fountain in as many days. Oh well. With the Kyurem Event, it's not like I'm struggling to hatch.
2 Days ago
When I started the Zubat Chain, there were about 260 Eggs in Tall Grass. Now there are... 72. Oh my. I might run out of those.
3 Days ago
Looked on the Ranklist out of curiousity. My Zubat-Chain has put me at Rank 198 of the longest Pokéradar Chain list. Let's see where I end up in the end!
4 Days ago
Updated my Shop page. There is a backlog of several users interested in an SM Crobat, so please understand if you can't have the next immediate hatch.
4 Days ago
Number Four! How far can I go, I wonder?
4 Days ago
Riako did say something about a first Shadow Ho-Oh? Yeah, I'm going to need to lay down after that initial shock and then the frantic throwing of Ultra Balls to get it.
5 Days ago
And as expected, blew through about 900 hatches since the last SM and... nothing. XD Phew. I didn't break PH completely!
5 Days ago
Projected SM chance keeps hovering around 1 in 1500 hatches. This is ridiculous.
6 Days ago
To close out with a lol-worthy thing. You know what my Fountain Bonus was today? Increased Breeding Chances, and my Breeding Pair was laaaaazy.
6 Days ago
PH seems to be broken. With the many hatches today, my projected chances of getting a SM Crobat plumetted to 1:1500 hatches, roundabout. That is bonkers.
6 Days ago

Shiny Hunt

ShinyMegaHunter is currently hunting Zubat.
Hunt started: 04/01/2020

Chain: 3,182
84 84 4


Last Action
Wandering through the Royal Tunnel (Now)


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Insane Shiny Goals

Berry Garden Legendary Trio:

Shiny Raylóng:
23/30 [Eggs/Egg Storage]

Current Shiny Vivillon in Safari:

All 11 Emera Magikarp Forms:
-preparations underway-

Full Unown Alphabet:
Consider getting the missing EggDex entries for some aid from Gem Collector - it will still be slow. (Estimate half a year for getting every single Shiny Unown.)

Shiny Bird Trio:
5% of Gem Goal.

Shiny Mega Candaria:
x of y ressource

This has to become a lot smaller...
Too long!

More to follow.

Reminders for myself

If in doubt, check the "Will it break my chain?" in the Pokéradar tab.
Black Flute activates in Daycare, Blue Flute and Mega Cuff in Party screen.
Visit the Fountain for better Shiny and Mega luck.

Rowan's Click List for Daily Clicking - ask LordSamton to add to it.

Pokédex Progress
672/1358 National Dex | 344/647 Egg Dex | 129/1358 Shiny Dex | 154/278 Shadow Dex

142/151 Normal | 40/151 Shiny | 127/151 Shadow
93/127 Normal | 17/127 Shiny | 27/127 Shadow
75/155 Normal | 21/155 Shiny
60/138 Normal | 9/138 Shiny
72/175 Normal | 12/175 Shiny
57/117 Normal | 19/117 Shiny
56/135 Normal | 7/135 Shiny
11/20 Normal | 0/20 Shiny
78/227 Normal | 2/227 Shiny
11/77 Normal | 1/77 Shiny
17/36 Normal | 1/36 Shiny