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Posted: Sun, 24/10/2021 02:27 (2 Years ago)
Noticed an inconsistency in the plushie name between the DW shop and DW collection.

DW shop says current event distribution is a Dark Ponyta Plushie.
On the other hand, my DW_collection page says the plushie is a Cursed Rapidash.

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Posted: Sat, 23/10/2021 04:05 (2 Years ago)

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Posted: Mon, 02/08/2021 19:06 (2 Years ago)
@The_Amazing_Devil: I'm afraid that wouldn't make much if a difference. Given the sheer number of Pokemon, searching by images would be near to impossible before the timer runs out for the current question. Memorising the names is the only way, unfortunately. ^^"

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Posted: Fri, 23/07/2021 06:44 (2 Years ago)
I've subscribed to the FAQ forum thread. But info that was given inside a spoiler in one of the posts was visible on my notifications page. Having text from inside spoilers show up openly to anyone subscribed to a thread kinda beats the purpose of spoiler tags. ^^"

Actual Post:


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Posted: Fri, 02/07/2021 17:07 (2 Years ago)

Title: Height Weight Update

Added the height and weight data for all the available Pokémon. Also verified it with a few rounds. It's workable.
The layout might seem cramped, but you'll get used to it. Enjoy!

Oh, and let me know if anything is broken or incorrect.

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Posted: Thu, 01/07/2021 17:39 (2 Years ago)
@istoodonyouyesterday: That's fair.

@ShadowDragon87: It is, but not without hiding data. I've set the column width as small as possible while also ensuring that so data is hidden by going out of bounds.

Depending on your resolution, zooming out 1 step (CTRL -) could be an alternative solution. That's the way I keep it and I have plenty of extra spare too.
Another notable step could be allocating as minimum width for the RT tab as possible while giving maximum possible width for the guide (in the split screen mode).

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Posted: Thu, 01/07/2021 16:17 (2 Years ago)
@Everyone using the guide: I'm gonna add heights and weights to the guide. But it'll probably take a lot of time. If you guys could tell me which region pokemon appeared the most in the height/weight questions (from your tunnelling experience), I'll start from that region. It's to maximise helpfullness, in case the RNG has shown higher preference to certain regions compared to others. If not I'll just start with Kanto.

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Posted: Thu, 01/07/2021 02:08 (2 Years ago)
Gotcha! It's as I figured then.

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Posted: Thu, 01/07/2021 00:44 (2 Years ago)
Oh my. This is going to be a major undertaking. I'll start working on it whenever I get the time to.

If someone could manage to take a screenshot of such a weight question, it's help a lot in deciding which format I should save the data in. So if you're able to take a screenshot of a new type of question, please post it here (in spoiler tags, preferably).

I think it's safe for me to assume that if we've got weight questions, we've probably also got height questions. Can someone confirm that if they get such a question?

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Posted: Tue, 15/06/2021 02:57 (2 Years ago)
Count me in!

I'm also willing to be a backup.

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Posted: Tue, 01/06/2021 14:47 (2 Years ago)
Mobile users usually have the option to turn off animations on their phone OS through developer settings.
And the game center Golden Slot also has a [Disable animations] option.

Taking inspiration from those, I was thinking it'd be nice to have the option to completely disable animations (and hence reduce the delay), probably a checkbox placed in the Misc Settings. A "Hurry Mode" or "Snappy Mode".

Note: Despite the example with which I began, this wouldn't be exclusively for mobile users. Laptops and desktops would be able to turn off animations too.

What it would affect:
-> Golden Slots (as a default option perhaps, given that we currently have to 'Disable animations' everytime we close the tab)
-> Resending Pokemon on Rumble Missions
-> Concentration Game (the cards flipping over)
-> Berry Garden stars collection
-> Battling *
-> Puzzle Pieces **

There are probably a couple more features that could be includes, but it'd only apply to features where the delay doesn't actually serve a gameplay purpose.

* This probably requires a bit of thought, as we currently don't have a way to know what actually happened during a move except for the health bar & the animations (critical hits, super/not very effective, etc).
** This is especially annoying for mobile users as they can't skip it due to the lack of a space bar. Related suggestion: Skip [puzzle] animation on mobile

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Posted: Fri, 07/05/2021 06:28 (2 Years ago)

Title: Latest News [Fixed]

"Attention local fisherman and fisherwomen: This year's fishing season has just begun in Emera Town! Our town's favourite mermaid Lead ..."

Leah probably got auto-corrected to Lead.

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Posted: Fri, 05/02/2021 14:25 (2 Years ago)

Title: Galars Updated

Updated the Guide to show the Fossils, and the rest of the latest Galar Pokemon available on PH.

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Posted: Sun, 01/11/2020 11:46 (3 Years ago)
@Sparks: I'm not sure it's possible to efficiently both use the guide AND explore the Royal Tunnel simultaneously on phone alone, unless it's pretty responsive (with a possibly large display).

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Posted: Sun, 25/10/2020 11:10 (3 Years ago)
~Doubt clarified~

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Posted: Thu, 22/10/2020 06:54 (3 Years ago)
Asking out of curiosity, will the winning entries be posted? I've love to read what others have composed.

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Posted: Wed, 21/10/2020 01:54 (3 Years ago)
I can imagine that it can be quite though to judge a creative competition with a lot of quality entries. So the delay is well justified. ^^

And thank you so much for hosting this! It was quite fun coming up with my entry. Congrats to the other winners! o/

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Posted: Thu, 01/10/2020 20:27 (3 Years ago)
Got it, thanks! Just wanted to be certain. ^^

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Posted: Thu, 01/10/2020 20:19 (3 Years ago)
Hope I can still submit by tomorrow, since the deadline is listed as October 2nd.

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Posted: Thu, 01/10/2020 10:43 (3 Years ago)
I've searched around a bit and didn't see this suggestion before. Hope this isn't a duplicate!

The title is self-explanatory. It would be nice to have the different sections* of the Notification Wall customizable just like the different sections of our profile page.
-> 1. Moving the sections around.
Moving the sections around would be nice for those who want to revert back to the previous layout, or have certain sections more accessible than others, due to priority of interest. I'd personally like to have the Country feeds at the top right. Other people might give higher priority to other sections.

-> 2. Hiding specific sections.
Hiding sections that users rarely use would make the Wall more cleaner. It would also make it faster to navigate since you don't have to skip through things you don't ever want to see (and reduced scrolling time, especially on mobile users). I personally don't ever use the "Trending Hashtags" section, so it would be pretty neat to be able to hide it entirely.

A couple of people have already stated how thrown off they are by the revamp in the wall layout. I understand that things take time to get used to, but having it editable according to personal preference would make it more elegant (individually) and faster to use.

* -> ["Newest Feeds", "Commented by me", "Trending feeds", "Hearted by me", "Trending Hashtags", "Feeds from <country>"]

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