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cancel button private trades

Forum-Index Suggestions cancel button private trades
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Posted: Sun, 02/07/2017 20:27 (4 Years ago)
i think there should be a button for cancel private trades cause some ppl sent private trades asking for pd etc and sell things or buy without you want , and its kinda annoying that ppl doing that
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Posted: Sun, 02/07/2017 20:31 (4 Years ago)
support, i didn´t had that problem so far, but i think it can be annoying, if those trade-offers stack....
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Posted: Sun, 02/07/2017 20:34 (4 Years ago)
ah is ee :3 it happend to me and the user says he/she hasnt do a personal trade lol i told to remove it but said that
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Posted: Sun, 02/07/2017 20:36 (4 Years ago)
you have my support, i haven't had that happen to me, but i know how annoying things can be.
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Posted: Sun, 02/07/2017 20:38 (4 Years ago)
This Suggestion was made because someone who added you in his fl made a private trade for his FL only for someone and you saw it.

lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Posted: Sun, 02/07/2017 20:43 (4 Years ago)
bro do you have any problem ? if you no like the idea just press that you dont . it happend to other user too and it would be better if there was a button IN MY opinion ^^
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Posted: Sun, 02/07/2017 20:52 (4 Years ago)
Well, considering this is a suggestion feed where people can post why they like it and why they don't, then there isn't really a problem.

how else are others going to know why someone doesn't like your idea, it's better off knowing reasons why, than not.

You do know that just because someone posts a private trade doesn't mean only you can see it though, right? Like, you can have it specifically show "the first 30 people on your friendslist" kinda thing, so that user obviously has you on their friends list. Why should they cancel a whole trade and need to repost it just because you happen to be on their list?

Anyways, I do think there should be an option to reject private trades that are specifically done one on one, with you, however, just because someone has you on their friends list and posts a private trade to their whole friendslist shouldn't matter. if that were the case, we should be able to hide every single public trade since that'd follow the same logic
"oh this person has a private trade for someone on their FL i don't like it so i'm going to remove it"
are you going to do that for every single public trade you don't like, as well?

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Posted: Sun, 02/07/2017 20:54 (4 Years ago)
No support.
Usually private trades are only set to be visible to either a specific user ( Which is sometimes or rarely ) or those that the person added to their friendlist.

When someone checks mark the "Friendlist (100+)", their private trades can only be viewable to those they have added.

Ps. I was going to post but was told that a user has already posted. I read on and, welp... I agree with what Girafig stated.

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Posted: Sun, 02/07/2017 21:06 (4 Years ago)
girafarig and nymphrasis
i understand what you are saying , i think of that cause it might get annoting if your personal trades be full of those and y ou no want, and some add you and do those trades without you want
also if they wanted put it for one they could do it personal for one not in whole friendlist,
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Posted: Sun, 02/07/2017 21:17 (4 Years ago)
just to clear this up:

I would support the idea behind this, because I think it would be a good feature

I do NOT support the continued drama, that caused this post and IS continued in here
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Posted: Sun, 02/07/2017 21:25 (4 Years ago)
welp i made this thread cause saw some ppl as ecco saying if we can deleth cause some do that toh im and saw mine too BEFORE the drama .
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Posted: Sun, 02/07/2017 21:36 (4 Years ago)

I think this feature will be useful, and there should be an option to reject private trades. Or perhaps an option to hide them?
It can be kinda annoying to see private trades that we're not interested in every time we check our private trades.

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Posted: Sun, 02/07/2017 21:39 (4 Years ago)
yeah that exactly cx thank you maniac <3 and thanks all that supported and said their opinions even if not support
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Posted: Sun, 02/07/2017 22:38 (4 Years ago)
Support hiding/rejecting private trades, there's stupid berry trade spam happening already and you have zero control over it.

If someone spammed my pal pad asking if I wanted to buy berries I'd report them for unsolicited trade spam, but someone can freely spam my private trades area with rubbish all day long and there's nothing I can do to hide it.

Apparently even blocking people does not stop them spamming the trades - they just need to have you on their friends list.

This is going to become the new begging place if there's no controls, exactly like right now we can't report a trade with a pichu asking for a ditto as a scam, we wouldn't be able to report a trade with 1 berry for 100K PDs.
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Posted: Mon, 03/07/2017 09:41 (4 Years ago)
Support, or at least hiding ones available to multiple people. I've had a random Stantler stuck in my private trades which I don't want to see and don't know the person who sent me it

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Posted: Mon, 03/07/2017 10:59 (4 Years ago)
Not sure would this count as a seperate suggestion or not -
please tell me if so!

What about adding an option to choose whether to display private trades from everyone who has you added or only from mutuals (both people have each other on friendlist, simple as that)? That'd be pretty neat. As for now, I'll skip voting, because I wouldn't use it if it stays as only the reject suggestion.
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Posted: Mon, 03/07/2017 11:11 (4 Years ago)
I would dissagree with what you say ( sorry ) cause might want do a private trade to a friend to gift him something or a surprize pokemon etc and if couldnt do it would not be a surprize in thst case or if have pp wach other to do a trade must then press again to available orhers can personal trade etc.
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Posted: Thu, 13/07/2017 20:55 (4 Years ago)
Full support on the hide/reject option... there is a trade stuck in my private trade section for 6 days now. It seems it's a user who has me on his/her friendlist and I don't even know if it's a direct trade request to me or just the whole friendlist of this person.
I support this idea, because we don't have any controle over this trade section, we can't get rid of such trade requests and are depending on the users who sent them to either getting the things they are asking for or for them to put the trade off themselfe.

So basically I am saying the same thing as everyone else who supports this idea, but yea, that's my opinions and reasons for supporting this XD
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Posted: Sun, 30/07/2017 15:46 (3 Years ago)
At least it's only one trade for you, for me its 5 or 6 regular (non shiny/megaable) Gible. Tried blocking that person to see if they disappear, but to no success. Rather annoying.
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Posted: Wed, 02/08/2017 22:36 (3 Years ago)