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Trainerlevel: 54

Trainerpoints: 6,516/8,801


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
The Soul of Meep
1,6662,921,209 / 9,948,105

About Meep

Meep | She/her | 20 |

Chronically sleepy sheepy.

Hellu, I'm Meep! I'm a Pokémon and Genshin nerd who also loves cats. My Palpad is open, but no unsolicited advertisements please! Cya around!
(Please find me on Discord or Instagram if I'm inactive!)

All art here, including my avatar, pixel dividers and flags, is made by me!

Shiny Hunt

MeepTheMareep02 is currently hunting Combee.
Hunt started: 19/11/2022

Chain: 91

Dreams of an electric sheep

Goals (in order of how lazy I am)

Shiny Mesprit: Hatch my eggs! ;)

Shiny Shaymin, Retro Celebi: Waiting for event reruns
Shiny Virizion, Cresselia, Keldeo, Latias: TBD.

Shiny Messenger Fletchling [halcyon]: Coming soon! (after combee, cynda and the 3 milcery)
Shiny Autumn Mareep [Maple]: Coming soon, but not that soon!
Shiny Coocoot [Nocturnia]: Coming...eventually....
Shiny Gloweon (0/3): Will wait for Premium, or pray to the beach
Shiny Saturneon: TBD, if I get busy and need a long hunt

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #261526904
Registration: 11/05/2015 (7 Years ago)
Premium member until 25/Nov/2023
Game Time: 1869:29 Hours
Total interactions: 1,095,027
Money: 375,854
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


Just basking in the high interactions today to get the last of my Mesprit eggs hatches
Today, 01:30
[Looking For]

LF the following events (or their pre-evos), paying 12k PD each!
- Nocnoc (Female)
- Messenger Talonflame (Female)

- Autumn Mareep (Male, not its evolutions)
Today, 00:23
Wow, there's no special offer at the itemshop today. Don't think I've ever saw that.
Yesterday, 13:48
Why is there a big spider cha-chaing across my notes???
2 Days ago
i have a terrible love hate relationship with chemistry because i am bad at math, and chemistry loves to work with minute and precise numbers

then my tiny brain mixes up 2 and 7 because of my handwriting and throws my math out of whack
2 Days ago
Riako watching me make 600k interactions over 4 years, then coming back from hiatus and making almost 300k interactions in 18 days: Who's That Pokémon???
4 Days ago
Just curious, how much do yall interact daily?
4 Days ago
my campus hostel is next to a forest, so i have gained an newfound appreciation for whatever flies into my room, of my free will or not.

pov: a beetle just crash landed into my table as i'm writing this feed.
5 Days ago
caved and got 1 year premium, guess I'm here for the ride :D
5 Days ago
Call me greedy but I don't think the premium pack or boxes from the black Friday sale are worth it.

The prizes from the box are mostly less than the nuggets they're worth (only the premium, which is very worth it but not tradeable, which is fair, or black keys which is 5% excluding the box.

A 50% chance at borderline useless items (random event points, DP, berries and coloured box) is... not good

and premium far outweighs the bonuses like the flutes and event passes, which mainly work best with premium?

Like maybe if the base pack had a discount but you could also have discounted add ons (making the bonuses optional)...
6 Days ago
As always, looking for Mesprit Egg Vouchers! I just need five more, name your price!
6 Days ago
i can be my own independent little meow meow
7 Days ago
sometime last year i learnt that bees can be blue and i think we deserve a blue bee pokemon

see: cloak and dagger bees, blue banded bees
8 Days ago
living in some kind of strange existence here where almost everyone i knew from years ago has either stopped playing, or i've forgotten them

in other news i have a paper tomorrow and im sorely reminded of the perks of the singapore education system and mental health accessibility, and also why is my adhd diagnosis 2 months away-

all these things are correlated, of course.
8 Days ago

giving away shiny pachirisu to a random person who hearts this feed, ends in one day

while you're here, let me know if you have any Mesprit Egg Vouchers, I'd love to buy them!

My Mesprit hunt lottery is a bit of a mess since 3 years ago but I promise I'll follow through on the prizes (after adjusting for the....change in pricing for all the items involved and the goals....oops. its also exam season for me ahahha)

have a good day! <3
12 Days ago
my genshin addiction has hit me with a terrible realisation: one month of welkin moon is about the same as one month of premium

i spent $100 on genshin so surely it would be fair to-

uh oh
15 Days ago
my friend just asked me if pokeheroes is crypto and i had to sit back for a moment
17 Days ago
oh no, it's been three years!? i dropped off shortly after i went into junior college, then was faced with the crippling anxiety of having Ran Away From My Responsibilities here :'D

but i definitely missed this place

if theres anything I owe you, please contact me, hope we can work something out (the mesprit hunt might be a bit difficult but i'll take a look when my vacation starts in a few weeks!)

cyall around, I hope? ((currently busy in uni being an engineer....maybe...))

22 Days ago
when you're trying to get your life straight but you aren't straight enough for this
3 Years ago
Is Lotad a duck?

woah almost mistyped
3 Years ago


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Where's Meep?

PH Links
Shiny Mesprit Hunt: (Shiny) Mesprit for Meep
Sprite Shop (CLOSED): •*~Meep's Sprite Shop~*•
Diary: Daydreams of an Electric Sheep

Contact Links
Discord: MeepTheMareep02#1222
Instagram: @meepy.starsheepy
Toyhouse: MeepTheMareep02

Previous Usernames
lura02 → Destyne → MeepTheMareep02 → MoltenSodiumChloride → MeepTheMareep02

sheep notes

- Shiny Combee hunts (2/5)
- Friend shinies: Cyndaquil, Furret, Morelull [nights rainbow], Sunkern, Wooloo [Very Dusty Cauliflower]
- 2,640/20000 gems spent at GC!
- Aesthetic shinies: Barboach, Delcatty, Shellos (West), Mienfoo, Furfrou (Star), Tympole: I mostly collect gold or pink shinies!
- OC shinies: Braixen [Pavo], Roserade [Jacharin]
- Ace shinies
- Les shinies??
- Fisherman's Hat
- Berrygarden 3
- Shiny Retro ???
- Hatch 3 Milcery


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