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Trainerlevel: 61

Trainerpoints: 1,209/11,223


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
The Soul of Meep
2,9799,062,336 / 31,869,429
skamiori (1OS)
6041,202,643 / 1,370,326
24969,646 / 186,751
20592,613 / 126,691

Meep | She/Her | Hiatus | ...?

Shiny Hunt

MeepTheMareep02 is currently hunting Skarigami.
Hunt started: 06/03/2023

Chain: 288
3 8 0

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #261526904
Registration: 11/05/2015 (9 Years ago)
Game Time: 2877:25 Hours
Total interactions: 1,856,645
Money: 40,504
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


huge thanks to Neko for taking on my custom comm!

i asked her for a star-themed sheep character, and she was really patient with my requests and changes and ideas, plus I love all the ideas she came from up with (the hair-wings, the feathered ears, the chains on the dress, and the boots!?!? just to name a few)

Merope is meant to be a non-copyright infringing form for Meep (Maybe I should redesign her to match slightly :v), or somewhat of a non Pokemon AU version of her. I'll be designing a sheep form for her based on Neko's design too
2 Months ago
Hi, just dropping by to mention that I started a poetry account on instagram! I'm much more active there, and I'd appreciate if you took a look
8 Months ago
I was on hiatus but hopped back to settle something.

This is my last notice that I'm going to be on hiatus after this; i.e. uncontactable on Pokeheroes. Please try my contact links on my profile if you need to contact me. Thanks.
10 Months ago
well, that's the end of the road.

i'm going to be on semi-hiatus (unfortunately got invested in ran caves), but don't be surprised if I just never hop back on one day. whew, it feels a lot better to not be leaving all those loose ends like i did 3 years ago

i think i've said my piece, or enough pieces about what i feel about the site, so take care! my contact links are on my profile if you need to find me

if i've forgotten to finish up anything before i go please drop me a palpad/PM!
1 Year ago
[Free PD! Kind of-]

Hey, wait, are you mega evolving your mons?

If you mega evolve your mons, and send me two screenshot of its stats, one before and one after mega evolving, I'll give you 20k PD!

- Your Pokémon be at least level 100
- "Before" screenshot should be one level before it mega evolves. The closer to levelling up, the better

Why? I'm trying to figure out how PH calculates mega evolution stats! Feel free to comment here/PM/Palpad with your links!
1 Year ago
Its the glorious day of Mareeps!

Huh? Anniversary? What's that?
1 Year ago
Great, the blocklist = no stalking list fiasco is back

Can we get a rules update? People don't sound like they have faith in whether the rules are being enforced equally and that's the cause of the arguments recently.
1 Year ago
when someone brags about picking up a cheap item from IM and within the hour has a GTS trade LF offers on it

I'm not asking yall not to be resellers I'm asking yall to be less shameless about it (with respect to my older "why do you resell shinies when the person you bought the shiny from is also still selling them" feed as well)
1 Year ago
When I told an IRL friend that I started playing PH again, they commented that I wouldn't shut up about it

I don't remember this.

I checked my Instagram archive and found that I made many posts about PH since I was 14, including one that went "Reasons why Pokéheroes is awesome"

1 Year ago
Oh no, put my SWT shinies in normal wonder trade. Whoops.
1 Year ago
good luck to everyone going on a SM Shiny Maushold (Three) hunt!
1 Year ago
In other news, a Tandemaus egg that was accidentally imported with one of Professor Rowan's shipments has started an outbreak in Emera Town. Establishments are overrun with the tiny white mice, which have a tendency to reproduce at alarming rates.

Experts say that we may be looking at a new invasive species that threatens to displace the population of local Rattata.

Observers have also noted that the Gem Collector has already stocked Tandemaus eggs, despite the recentness of this species. He has declined to comment on this observation.
1 Year ago
flight rising is undergoing maintenance, so against my best wishes, i am back here
1 Year ago
here's my flight rising profile, let me know if you're going to send a request!!

any help or advice would be appreciated too, it's been a while
1 Year ago

I'm giving away three Mega Able Skarigami!

If you don't have any MA/Mega Skarigami, heart (♥️) this feed for a chance to get one (I will check!)

Ends on Sunday!
1 Year ago
unpopular opinion:

as much as a certain user is disliked for clogging trending, I don't think visiting profiles often is a cause for concern? I feel like people are jumping on them extra often because of the spammy feeds, but visiting profiles is harmless (and unsurprisingly you're going to get more visits if you keep commenting thst they're visiting)

I'm honestly feeling self conscious about visiting profiles that I'm starting to open them in incognito

Like.... Just don't look st your last visitors so much. Stop stalking yourself /j
1 Year ago
since this is a topic going around on dramablog

what exactly does it mean when a warning is "expired"?
1 Year ago
did some math

expected time taken to get a shiny ho-oh: 18 years
(assuming 4 SWTs, 350 pokemon in the trade pool, 5% shiny chance)
expected time to get a shiny retro ho-oh: 2.76 years
(assuming 3 retro legend eggs a month)

1 Year ago
if anyone was curious, this was my second entry for the spriting contest

Fomactias and Lunoctis

excited for the next contest and to see what the new event is!
1 Year ago

Where's Meep?

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All art here, including my avatar, pixel dividers and about me art, is made by me!


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