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Trainerlevel: 132

Trainerpoints: 5,480/52,403


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Charizard11,180433,566,847 / 449,677,574
13336 / 684

About Me

29 - German - need help? Feel free to ask :)

My goals so far here are (for the next time):

- SM-Aggron (done)
- SM-Heracross (done)
- Shiny-Darkrai and Cresselia (done)
- Shiny Virizion (Last Garden-Legendary) (done)
- 50/50 Eggstorages (done)
- 1100 Shiny-Dex-Entries
- SM-Medicham (done)

Im not going to lend pokes/currency/items to anyone except to really close friends



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Zarkesh 2 Hours ago
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Shiny Hunt

Zarkesh is currently hunting Groudon.
Hunt started: 17/10/2021

Chain: 16

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #745247854
Registration: 19/08/2016 (5 Years ago)
Premium member until 23/Oct/2021
Game Time: 10466:44 Hours
Total interactions: 37,956,306
Money: 2,296,224
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


Interaction Exchange?

Starting a new hunt :D
1 Day ago
Well, it took a few days, but guess what i just hatched xP
8 Days ago
OMG guess what happened again xD
13 Days ago
Since i´ve seen that a few times lately:

If somebody asks a gameplay/gamedesign-related question about pokeheroes, dont answer if you dont know what you are talking about. (Or at least say, that you arent sure, but assume xy because z)
Example (this is made up!):

Somebody asks if they are legendaries that can be bred in daycare.

A beginner, who does not know about dex-rewards might be like:

"Hmm i dont know any i can breed so i think there arent any" and then writes "no there arent!"

Dont do that. Dont spread wrong information please. Its nice, that you want to help, but only do it, if you know what you are talking about. :)
16 Days ago
Another early shiny-mega o.o OMG!!!!
17 Days ago
Early Shiny-Mega :O Yaaaaay :D that was a fast one x)
20 Days ago
Yaaas shiny darkrai :D
2 Months ago
Shiny-Mega :O YAAAAAAY :D
2 Months ago

( •_•)>⌐■-■


Yaaaaay :D
2 Months ago
YAAAS shiny-mega :D
3 Months ago
Why are there still so many users in the royal-tunnel-ranklist who clearly cheated their way there? :/

I know only perma-banned users will be removed completely, but in this case it would make sense to delete the records of users who got them by cheating (and some of them were temporary banned; probably because of said cheating)

PS: Im not talking about everyone on there!
4 Months ago
Finally the hunt is over :O im soooo happy right now.

Huge THX to everyone who helped me with this :)

You are amazing :D
5 Months ago
Charizard reached lvl 10k :D yaaay
5 Months ago
Huge thanks to my amazing friend CeNedra! :3
5 Months ago
Wow shiny Zeraroa :O
6 Months ago
OMG Shiny Mega :O
7 Months ago
Shiny-Mega :D yaaaaaay
7 Months ago
My Shiny-Garden-Trio is finally complete :) yaaaay :D
8 Months ago
OMGOMGOMGOMG Shiny Mega 😱Yaaaaay
8 Months ago
Yay just noticed that i reached 1,1k shiny-dex-entries today :3
10 Months ago



Hi guys, to make trading with me a little bit easier, here are some hints about what im selling and what im looking for :)

im always selling:

- pokes from my "For Sale 1"-Box (1k pd or 1 fire or 2 random gems each)
- pokes from my "For Sale 2"-Box (just make an offer, as they have highly different values)

pokes with fixed prices:
- regirock/regice/registeel (9k/15k/18k)
- Hoopa (3k)
- Cresselia (130k)
- Darkrai (200k)

Pokes from other boxes are NOT for sale

im in need of (prices may vary in the future):

- fire (paying 1000pd each)
- electric, flying gems (paying 900pd each)
- bug, dark gems (paying 600 pd each)
- marine-cave-/sky-pillar-maps (paying 230k each)

Im also looking for missing shinies and will accept them as part of payment or might buy them from you (Dont ask me to go through your boxes! Just tell me which shinies you have that im missing)

You can of course switch pd to nuggis at a rate of 1600pd=1Nugget when buying stuff from me.


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Hunt-Preparations (Legendary)


141 out of 160 Ruby collected - 88%


119 out of 160 Sapphire collected - 74%


93 out of 160 Emerald collected - 58%


53,028 out of 224000 Electric Gems collected - 23%

42,013 out of 224000 Flying Gems collected - 18%

Hunt-Preparations (Shiny Mega)


19,634 out of 50000 Fire Gems collected - 39%


7,709 out of 32000 Bug Gems collected - 24%


8,293 out of 8000 Water Gems collected - 100%

4,753 out of 8000 Dark Gems collected - 59%