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Trainerlevel: 88

Trainerpoints: 838/23,319


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Charizard4,25348,032,151 / 65,004,639
11420,746 / 49,164
Riolu10 / 9

About Me

26 - German - need help? Feel free to ask

My goals so far here are (for the next time):

- 400 Shiny-Dex-Entries (complete)
- Egg-Storage 30 (30/30) (complete)

- Shiny-Mega-Lucario
- Shiny Jirachi
- 800 Shiny-Dex-Entries
- Egg Storage 40 (31/40)
- Trainer Level 100

- Kanto-, Jotho-, Hoenn-, Sinnoh-, Unova- and Kalos-Dex
- hoarding 100 Charizard
- SM-Hunting Gyarados
- Collecting every Mega
- all Berries on lvl 100 (except the Berry-Battle-Berries)

Im not going to lend pokes/currency/items to anyone except to really close friends



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Shiny Hunt

Zarkesh is currently hunting Riolu.
Hunt started: 20/11/2018

Chain: 7,511
193 118 0

Badge Showcase

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Zarkesh hasn't collected any medals so far.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #745247854
Registration: 19/08/2016 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 04/Sep/2019
Game Time: 4828:25 Hours
Total interactions: 5,888,078
Money: 1,659,550
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


*points to last feed*

Free plushies anyone?
Today, 10:20
Free Plushies

As usual: comment 3 plushies (100dp per plushie max)

Its not neccessary to send a plushie back even though its appreciated
Today, 07:02
Looking to buy missing shinies (or slots) for my missing shinies from hoenn and sinnoh

You can find lists for both regions on my profile.

Palpad me
Yesterday, 08:38
My hunt turned 4 month old today...yaaaay.

They grow so fast o.o
6 Days ago
6 Days ago
Chain 7000 and still no shiny-mega
8 Days ago
Congratulations! A shiny Riolu hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #5664)!

My chain now has 150 shinies o.o
1 Month ago
The guessing game ended:

eggs hatched:
167 regirock
181 regice
165 registeel
total: 513

So Jacharias "outrageous guess" of 614 wins
1 Month ago
Little guessing game: how many regis did i hatch on here so far? The closest guess wins 3 shiny plushies of the winners choice

Ends at 15:00 servertime
1 Month ago
3 Months ago
sorry for close feeds but i got star piece nr 600 and can start my shiny jirachi hunt after finishing my sm-hunt x)
4 Months ago
Shiny-Mega-Hunting-Log (no comments pls)
4 Months ago
(sorry for close feeds) im super happy that this horribly expensive hunt is over x) aaaand even more happy that i have it finally
7 Months ago
7 Months ago
11 Months ago
Shiny-Mega-Hunting-Log (no comments pls)
1 Year ago



Hi guys, to make trading with me a little bit easier, here are some hints about what im selling and what im looking for

im always selling:

- pokes from my "For Sale"-Box (1 fire/ground/fighting or 2 random gems each)
- pokes from my "For Sale 2"-Box (just make an offer, as they have highly different values)
- pokes from my "Hunt-Leftovers"-Box (1 fire/ground/fighting or 2 random gems each)

pokes with fixed prices:
- regirock/regice/registeel (9k/15k/18k)
- Zygarde complete form (500k)
- Hoopa (3k)

Pokes from other boxes are NOT for sale

im in need of (prices may vary in the future):

- fire gems (paying 800pd each)
- ground gems (paying 600pd each)
- bottled messages (paying 50kpd each)
- white powder (paying 200kpd each)

If you buy something from me im also accepting missing shinys as part (or as the whole) payment and might also accept maps or their summon items (~200k each; less/more depending on the specific map)

You can of course switch pd to nuggis at a rate of 1500pd=1Nugget when buying stuff from me.


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Missing Shinies Hoenn

#283 Surskit
#284 Masquerain
#291 Ninjask
#292 Shedninja
#294 Loudred
#295 Exploud
#313 Volbeat
#314 Illumise
#316 Gulpin
#332 Cacturne
#337 Lunatone
#338 Solrock
#344 Claydol
#372 Shelgon

Missing Shinies Sinnoh

#391 Monferno
#412 Burmy (Sandy, trash)
#413 Wormadam (Sandy, trash)
#425 Drifloon
#426 Drifblim
#430 Horchcrow
#432 Purugly
#437 Bronzong
#449 Hippopotas
#455 Carnivire