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Trainerlevel: 81

Trainerpoints: 15,114/19,763


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
The Smol Gold Nugget
6,232111,137,298 / 116,532,169
Woobat868 / 217
Taillow773 / 78
Morelull321 / 37
Bidoof7136 / 169

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I am 100% open to buying art of Piichi!

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #65217617
Registration: 17/03/2016 (7 Years ago)
Game Time: 5422:40 Hours
Total interactions: 1,077,549
Money: 3,015,062
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Aside from the topic of me feeling not so great with my PC being unable to turn on due to a potential power supply being the issue, I wanna put my focus on something else. ( No not shiny hunting. I wanna pause a little on that. I feel that Xurkitree worn me down a little >w<"" ).

So I have a question to ask to those that play games ouo.
Which do you prefer the most? Real time battles or turn base battles?
Today, 22:47
I may need a new Power Supply
I've already try looking my Pc earlier today and am texting with my sister, as she is helping the best she can. Motherboard isn't on and I did look this up.
Yeah power supply may not be working.

I wanna see my old PC power supply and see if I could use that without having to spend money for a new one ;-;. Of course, I need to wait until mother returns from work because the screwdriver that I need for larger screws is in her room.

This blows because I've had this newer power supply for only a year. Just for it to just... No longer work u-u
Today, 21:34
Ok I think I need a lil break with Dynamax Adventures ^^". Aside from that one successful run, the rest were losses. Note that I have been solo'ing with NPCs.

All the while that I am soft resetting Ultra Moon on the side. No luck on that yet
Today, 04:12
Ok Imma try shiny hunting now qwp.
Was focus on other stuff before I did the hunt pwp. My brain also was still hyper focus onto today dreams.
Today, 02:25
I feel weird and off from waking up today.
Could be because I've slept for 16 hours or because of the dreams I've had ( Even the last one, where someone whispered to me to be careful, before I abruptly woke up ).

I dunno c.c .
Yesterday, 22:51
Ok it is sleepy time xd.
Honestly don't mind Hitmonlee being my last shiny for the night :>. Considering that it is a shiny that I don't have and would fit nicely to my shiny living dex goal! ( Just like my regular living dex, I only accept Pokemon that are either my OT or event OT. ).

I wish every Pokemon can be in the game because I would love to make my challenge even harder by leveling all my living dex Pokemon to 100 ( And make them competitive ready 'mons ) pwp
Yesterday, 04:54
Shiny angry green bean
Yesterday, 03:55
I feel very sleepy. But I'll continue playing until 12am EST ( It is 10:33pm EST currently. So an hour and a half I can be up ) qwq.

Huge thank you to truCrystalBorf because I can now grind out Xurkitree shiny on both games instead of one ( As they Dynamax Adventure with me with their Xurkitree location <3!!! ).

Hopefully my odds will become better now qwq!
I refuse to go anywhere with the alphabet until I get letter X shiny >:0! Also we need more Pokemon with the letter X in the beginning of their names >:/
Yesterday, 03:35
Shiny Nidoran male n3n

Gonna see if I can get one or two more!
Yesterday, 01:23
Popping open my other 3DS to do a third shiny hunt ( This one being on Pokemon Y xd

Ah yes
The days of me playing multiple systems at once
How it is crazy and nice to be back haha xD
I do have one more 3ds. I can do 4 hunts at once
But I don't think I can manage to do all that xd
Yesterday, 00:35
I swear Peonia is trolling me >>. Has been showing me other electric legendaries except Xurkitree >_>
2 Days ago
Just an update:
No Xurkitree adventure shown yet. And yes I did unlock Ultra Beasts this time. The one I am in now is Pheromosa ( The only available Bug 'mon that I could think of since it says Bug. I don't think Genesect shows up in this game ).

Peony daughter did show me a Celesteela raid but I rejected because it isn't the one I've wanted qcq
2 Days ago
I am a real big dumb dumb

I haven't been seeing a single ultra beast in my Dynamax adventure.
I had to look it up because I wasn't sure if I was just severely unlucky or if I need to do something.

"While Ultra Beasts have to be unlocked by completing all of the Peony's adventures"

I smash my head onto my pillow because I didn't finish that--.
That explains it all.
Me spending hours, trying to get a Xurkitree Adventure to show up, only to realize that I was suppose to complete Peony story first x0

2 Days ago
Me: Please gimme shiny
Game: Sure here you go

My mouth dropped before I laughed my guts out xD
2 Days ago
No Xurkitree adventure found yet ( Nor found a shiny yet in UM )
I did found this shiny bean after four hours of Dynamax adventure nwn! It is my favorite and I don't have to hunt it in Let's Go Eevee yay nwn
2 Days ago
Now that I got the shiny charm and found Xurkitree portal, it is time for me to soft reset for its shiny qwq

Still no luck on finding a Xurkitree adventure in shield
2 Days ago
Ok so exiting Shield and coming back doesn't restart for a new adventure. I am stuck with the chosen random qHq.

Sucks because it feels like a slog fighting through the end. Just want Xurkitree adventure to show up qJq
2 Days ago
Wow I've never been to Poni Groves in this game--
My progression must be really doodoo xD
2 Days ago

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ιт's qυιтε тнε ρℓεαsυяε тσ sεε үσυ cσмε αcяσss мү ρяσғιℓε (✿´꒳`)ノ°.

☪ Digital artist.
☪ Amused in memes.
☪ Enjoyment in games ( Likes Adventure, RPG, MMORPG, Horror, and Farming Simulators ).
☪ Will try my best to be social!
☪ Please do not contact me about wanting a Pokemon. My extras are currently not for sale, as I would like to avoid waking up and those are the messages I see first. In the future I will resume to selling extra Pokemon again!

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