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Trainerlevel: 66

Trainerpoints: 2,093/13,133


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
The Smol Gold Nugget
2,5891,013,209 / 20,116,531
Zigzagoon11 / 8

About (´w`)/°

Hewwo, my name is Briana and it's a pleasure to see you come across my profile (✿´꒳`)ノ°.

I simply enjoy drawing, memes, and even playing games ( Favor adventure, RPG, and horror genre ) from time to time ᏊˊꈊˋᏊ.

I don't mind chatting with new people.
Unfortunately, I'm not as much of a chatterbug as I use to be ฅ=͟͟͞͞((꒪∆꒪;)ฅ!
So I like to quickly apologize if I ever start to respond less or ended up not replying to any upcoming messages straight away (*´ェ`*).

Owe Art To Do List

N0T_S0AP: A Machamp pushing a boulder ~ Unpaid

Sansica: A Kanto Ninetales / Roserade fusion ~ Paid

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #65217617
Registration: 17/03/2016 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 3561:14 Hours
Total interactions: 854,292
Money: 891,952
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Coloring is done and a quarter into shading pwp
But I'll continue tomorrow pwp. Plan to get some sleep later, as I'm starting to feel tired pwp
Today, 01:47
Ye coloring time♥
Today, 00:12
So far so good on the upper body ;w;
Yesterday, 16:24
Re-doing the sketch, mostly because the Machamp looks really bad ;w;. But the second sketch is slowly starting to look nice ( Hopefully I can at least make the sketch look right and get it done today ) pwp

I also got the fan, so this time I should be able to draw without having the heat bother me pwp
Yesterday, 14:43
Actually I'm just not gonna do the other two SCS pwp. I won't be able to get enough for that shiny Victini this month anyways qvq. Plus I'd love to take a nap pwp.

So good luck to those who is participating pwp
1 Day ago
The last two SCS will probably only be done with one device, as my left arm is sore ;w;".
So that means I'll probably only reach 2k-2.5k pwp
1 Day ago
"Your interactions:

Hnng. Numbers kept dwindling as my arm keeps feelin' sore ><"
Only two SCS left. But only 1358 token ><". Really wish I didn't miss that one SCA <o<"
1 Day ago
"Your interactions:

1,302 tokens ene
Really am feelin' like that I'll be close but won't be able to get the shiny this month eoe"
1 Day ago
Still lookin' to buy digital art of him pwp

( No name yet. Have yet to find one that really clicks. Also been slowly workin' on his bio too )
1 Day ago
"Your interactions:

Also have 1246 SC tokens. I'm so close, yet so far on that shiny Victini ;A;!

( Wish I didn't miss that ine SCS. Mainly because I have a feeling that I might cut close but won't be able to get ir this month eoe" )
1 Day ago

( Gonna get a certain amount of EHP and then put it in my storage ᏊˊꈊˋᏊ )
1 Day ago
I'm really excited for the job and GED program next week /)w(\
I've already planned on what I wanna do with my money pwp.
25% to help financially.
25% on emergencies and fun stuff ( Like new laptop, being able to go to places like the movies or amusement park, Comic Con, gifts, ect ).
25%, half on art, half to save.
And the other 25% is to hopefully help friends in finacial need pwp. Often times I see posts of their struggles and I really want to do something that I can help pwp.
1 Day ago
"Your interactions:

Might of actually reached 5k if the wholw "Pick a Pokemon thing" didn't pop up twice eme
1 Day ago
"Your interactions:

Ye pwp
1 Day ago
"Your interactions:

I can affird a shiny Tapu lwl. But Imma aim fir shiny Victini first owo
2 Days ago
"Your interactions:

Yay pwp
2 Days ago

He doesn't have a name yet ( Looking to find the perfect one ) ;w;. I love it so much ( Design wise and that it's one of my favorite 'mons )♥
Looking to buy digital art of him ( Can be headshot, halfbody, fullbody, chibi ) /)w(\
Paying nuggies / PD♥
2 Days ago
Anyone selling Pokemon adopts or characters that is either fully evolved and / or missing a limb pwp? I can pay with nuggies qvq.
Just comment / PP / PM me if you're either selling adopts or have a link to the character you're selling ᏊˊꈊˋᏊ
2 Days ago
Today has been a good day so far pwp.
• Help my grandma buy groceries with the money I was saving up, because the store suddenly doesn't take food stamps.
• I treated my grandma to Dunken Donuts pwp.
• I'm back from an appointment, where next week I will be asset to a job and GED program.
• Next week I will be receiving new glasses.
• Bought myself one of those hollow gemstone cat ears hair band pwp
2 Days ago

• Note to Self •

Furret: One art ref of that Gothita adopt ~ Payment is 250 Nuggets [ Paid ]
January 12th, 2019

KidKalamity: One fullbody art of Rodion ~ Payment is 267 nuggets [ Unpaid ]
April 18th, 2019

Sparkill: One fullbody art of Kuruna evolution ~ Payment is 268 nuggets [ Paid ]
May 11th, 2019




Mini Rules & Credit

ρℓєαѕє ∂σ иσт яєqυєѕт fσя мє тσ ѕнαяє α ρσѕт σя ℓιик σf уσυя яαffℓє, нαѕтαg, fσяυм, є¢т. ι ωιℓℓ σиℓу ∂σ ѕσ σи му σωи α¢¢σя∂.
ι α∂νιѕє иσт тσ ¢σитα¢т мє αвσυт тнє тяα∂єѕ ( gєм єχ¢нαиgє σя gтѕ fσя єχαмρℓє ) ι ѕєт υρ, υиℓєѕѕ ι'νє σтнєяωιѕє ѕтαтє∂ ѕσ.
ρℓєαѕє ∂σ иσт αѕк мє тσ ωαям уσυя єggѕ σя ιитєяα¢т ωιтн уσυя ραяту. ωєℓℓ... υиℓєѕѕ ι'νє яє¢єитℓу мα∂є α ρσѕт ωιтн α нαѕнтαg ѕтαтιиg #ιитєяα¢тισиєχ¢нαиgє.
fσя тнє ℓσνє σf αя¢єυѕ, ∂σ иσт ѕραм мє ιи ρρ / ρмѕ.

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