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Trainerlevel: 74

Trainerpoints: 343/16,501


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
The Smol Gold Nugget
4,02243,492,108 / 48,541,519
Yungoos19710 / 1,141
Butterfree191,127 / 1,141
Tentacool1162 / 496
Wimpod12419 / 469
Gothita16246 / 585

*•°. Chandra Shukla .°•*

I don't support "Straight, cis, white" hate, just as much as I don't support "Gay, trans, black" hate.
I much rather not want to see history repeat itself, whether it'd be the same or in reverse.
May have seen too much of Twitter of this little hate war people are having and even see it here on PH too


Game Records

Trainer ID: #65217617
Registration: 17/03/2016 (4 Years ago)
Game Time: 4569:31 Hours
Total interactions: 959,085
Money: 3,165,911
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


The fact that my "sister" can easily press my buttons and mother isn't doing crap to discipline her bratty golden child is getting really fustrating.

Honestly, almost daily I find myself going to sleep in a foul mood ( I'm about to go to sleep now, while feeling great annoyance ).
Confronting mother for the billionth time isn't gonna help. And I don't want to move back to my grandmother's place, due to hating being around my jerk of an uncle -.-

Really am struggling on what to do. My "sister" is the only one causing me to feel unwelcomed over here.

Ps. Don't tell me to go and talk with my "sister". She never listens and always prefer things her way, like the little brat she is -.- .
Pss. Yes, I hate her. Golden child always make things feel like hell, from past to present. Things never changed with her. Note that she is 18 -.-
1 Day ago
There is only several people that I dislike and rather avoid speaking to. With good reasons, mind you :v
But it's already hard enough for one to know who, as I refuse to tell and I dislike communicating on PH ( Moreso on mobile. Only because on PH, typing in words is so slow :/. Really my only reason why I communicate a lot less on here, unless I am on PC [ Like now ]. Just... It's horrendous to type on my phone on here :s. And before anyone says anything: The issue is only on PH. I can type at a normal pace, without it taking time to input words, on any other site ). So ye :v.

I still would love a private blocklist tho. It's easier to know who I have blocked, as I would either forget or the person I have block had changed their username :s. I know there is a feature where a person can show the previously used username on their profile. HOWEVER... The person also has the option to turn that off.
Esp since I would comment on their post, without first realizing that this person
1 Day ago
I am done and super proud of the design <3

I did censor the no-no bit qwq. i did tag it as mature content on both TH and DeviantArt, so people can't be able to see unless they're 18+ pwp

My back is killing me, tbh. Would of slept, but was so close to finishing ad wanted to focus on that first ;;w;;.
Maybe I'll do more humanoid adopts in the future. Idk. This one def took me long ( All day and night for... 2 weeks? I did became a little slow due to me having focus on Stardew Valley ;w; )

Anyways, imma try to post this up on Instagram ( Need to read their rules first and see if there is anyways regards to 18+. If nay, then I am willing to post a censored version of this one too )
dhjdf fhdfgdgf yay ;w;
2 Days ago
When I checked Ebay and got super excited because I saw that there is now 1 Wooloo plush in stock, instead of two. Meaning that my brother has already bought it ( He asked what I've wanted for my Birthday as a gift. I did pick an Appletun lifesize plush at first. But got worried at the cost ( Even tho my brother said not to worry, since he said he'll buy anything below $1k. As he calls it, "Crackhead price" ) and saw that it is hard to receive from Japan to here, so I went to look up different plushies qwq. Soon found out that a Large Wooloo plush exists and I've asked for that one nwn
I am really, really excited for when my Birthday comes, because I already know that I'll have a plush to cuddle and a drawing tablet ( i didn't pick which one. Mother said that she wants to be the one to surprise me ;;w;;. I didn't say anything. Just hoping that the screen display, t'is all. If not, then, uh... Hope I don't seem ungrateful ; ;. I just struggle hard with tablets with no screen
2 Days ago
I hate mornings but have to bear it because appiontment ;v.
3 Days ago
One month in Stardew Valley = My entire day xD

Also I've had to hop on FFXIV real quick, because I just remembered to water my minions. I would of gotten angry to lose them all, because I've spent a lot of gil buying the seeds ; ;
5 Days ago
After a year, I am playing Stardew Valley again <3
6 Days ago
Nowhere near done shading and my hand is already hurting ;w;. So gotta stop for now.

I am trying to make this adopt seem as nice as possible, since it'll be the first non-Pokemon adopt, slash humanoid adopt to first sell qwq
I am stopping for now, since it's late and my hand really needs a break qnq
7 Days ago
Idk what to do with shoes yet ( not the greatest at planning for shoes. Am looking through Google for men's shoes, for an idea ), so the piece isn't really completed yet ( In terms of sketch ).
This is what I got so far.

Also censored parts on the drawing with red scribbles.
Friend gave me the outfit idea for him.
9 Days ago
When I didn't have a loss because I'm observant xD

Also I thought being single imposter against 5 other people would be hard ( Because a few people left ). But nope! I eliminated 3 people in specific spots where you don't often look xD. And I didn't get rid of two specific people, since they're newcomers of the map ( Well.. They've done it but not much and still trying to learn it nwn/ ). Aka, I can do rector for the win ewe

Also pays to be observant because, uh... I think a certain person doesn't want me there anymore because I keep correctly calling out his sus ( The few rounds that he was imposter ) xD.
11 Days ago
Intense Among Us gameplay xD
11 Days ago
Ah. So the dex rewards are meaningless now :v?
I've just now read the Minor Update forum. Guess there is no sense of accomplishment on completing a dex o3o.

This is assuming I've read that correctly
13 Days ago
[[ Points to previous post ]] I do have a shiny retro Venusaur up for trade ouo. I do have four offers and saw one of them having 2k nuggets. Hmm. Big thonks ( Since I am kind of tent on this particular shiny ) qwp.
14 Days ago
Shiny retro Venusaur nwn/
15 Days ago
If I were to get enough currency again, would you guys be open to yet another Eilimitura art contest x3? This assuming I still need designs qwp.

I'm still eh at myself for not being anywhere near done with the design goal. Already mark year two and 2-3 months. Then again, I've removed a few creatures that were once Eilimitura as their own character, because I was doing more thinking and picturing if this or that would work ;;w;;. That and me being picky on creature designs ; ;
15 Days ago
Me: let's play Among Us hide and Seek :D
One of my friends: I don't have the game :[
Me: [[ Slaps down Paypal ]] b word, I got your back >:]
15 Days ago

*•°. About WIP .°•*


riana ✵ 23 ✵ Aquarius ( ♒︎ ) ✵ Dorky Artist


нεℓℓσ тнεяε!
ιт's qυιтε тнε ρℓεαsυяε тσ sεε үσυ cσмε αcяσss мү ρяσғιℓε (✿´꒳`)ノ°.

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✵ ηεω үσяк тιмεzσηε.
✵ ∂ιgιтαℓ αятιsт
✵ мεмε ℓσvεя.
✵ ℓσvε тσ ωнιsтℓε ғυη ℓιттℓε тυηεs.
✵ εηנσүs vι∂εσ gαмεs ( gεηяε тнαт ι ℓιкε тнε мσsт ιs α∂vεηтυяε, яρg, αη∂ нσяяσя ).
✵ ρяεғεяs ∂σgs σvεя cαтs ( ∂σgs αяε тнε вεsтεsт вεsт♥ )!
✵ ι'ℓℓ ∂σ мү vεяү вεsт ωιтн вειηg sσcιαℓ!
✵ cαη'т вε вσтнεяε∂ тσ яεsρση∂ тσ αη εησямσυs ωαℓℓ σғ тεxт. ι ∂ση'т кησω ωнү вυт ιт мαкεs мε ғεεℓ ∂яαιη (*´ェ`*)...
✵ ρℓεαsε ∂ση'т αsк ғσя αηү cυяяεηcү, ιтεмs, αη∂ ρσкεмση ғяσм мε.

*•°. Credits WIP .°•*


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