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Trainerlevel: 65

Trainerpoints: 1,444/12,739


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
The Smol Gold Nugget
2,33316,027,099 / 16,335,667
Kitty-san #4OS
(Maneki Espurr)
18229,207 / 99,919
Chesnaught441,858 / 5,895

Shiny Hunt

Nymphrasis is currently hunting Chespin.
Hunt started: 09/03/2019

Chain: 55

About (´w`)/°

Hewwo, my name is Briana and it's a pleasure to see you come across my profile (✿´꒳`)ノ°.

I simply enjoy drawing, memes, and even playing games ( Favor adventure, RPG, and horror genre ) from time to time ᏊˊꈊˋᏊ.

I don't mind chatting with new people.
Unfortunately, I'm not as much of a chatterbug as I use to be ฅ=͟͟͞͞((꒪∆꒪;)ฅ!
So I like to quickly apologize if I ever start to respond less or ended up not replying to any upcoming messages straight away (*´ェ`*).


( Began to re-collect Normal Gems for Ditto hunt once more: 10/9/18 )
( Began to change from Articuno to Moltres and collect Fire + Flying gems: 11/12/18 )

Moltres Collection Progress


Ditto Collection Progress


All Hail the Prince!

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #65217617
Registration: 17/03/2016 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 19/Apr/2019
Game Time: 3426:56 Hours
Total interactions: 781,920
Money: 65,983
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Just died at this lil cutie I got from Fuber64 qvq

Just want to punch his cheeks >w<
Oh! I am open to name suggest qvqb

( Can't request for art at the moment, as Imma need some more nuggies first nwn )
Yesterday, 20:26
Some shinies up in GTS owo
Yesterday, 03:17
Because my new bag has straps, I've decided to put three pins on it ( It's Kalos Starters. Pins I got from ComicCon long ago qvq. If ya like, I can show picks of it~. I think it also has a DA link qvq )
Yesterday, 01:31
I'm awake now qvq.

Now I can say that there is less than an hour left before this contest ends!
1 Day ago
And I now have the shiny Maneki Espurr ( I honestly do adore its design ) qvq♥

( Money well spent, as I don't wanna hunt for one myself qvq ♥ )
1 Day ago
Was woken up because the package finally came for the other two items pwp.
Now I got the bag ( Bigger than what I've imagine ), Skyrim Elder Scrolls for the Switch, and Mario Kart Deluxe 8♥
1 Day ago
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has arrived♥
Possibly tomorrow, Skyrim and my accessory bag will arrive too owob.

( Won't play the game today. I'm actually really exhausted and was planning to sleep real soon )
2 Days ago
Before I head offline ( Because I'm grocery shopping with my grandmother ): I am extremely happy to finally get something for my scoliosis.
Back in 2015, I had an x-ray to confirm that the lower part of my spine in bent. However, all my doctor told me was to keep my back straight up. No medicine, no brace. Well now I was prescribe medicine. Maybe it can finally help reduce the pain whenever I'm sitting up for a while qvq.
However, I was also inform to get the x-ray again, just to see the current situation of my spine. We have the paper to make an appointment for it pwp

( Note that the pain on the back mostly occur on the entire left side. But mostly on thw bottom x.x )
2 Days ago
Finally out qvq. Just got three shots. One to take blood, two are vaccines pwp.

Left arm is sore because it sucks at taking shots ><"
2 Days ago
"Your PokéRadar recorded the 40th Chespin in a row! You now reached the maximum chance of finding a shiny. Good luck!"

Time to buy premium ᏊˊꈊˋᏊ
2 Days ago
Actually... I'm not sure if I should nap x.x
Debating as to whether I should just stay awake, just to continue working on my batch or sleep super early and work on it tomorrow in the morning ( As I'm just guessing that maybe I'll wake up early. I do have an appointment to the doctors tomorrow, buuuuuut it's at 3:15pm so I have some time pwp ).
3 Days ago
May or may not nap later ;w;.
I got home from my appointment ( And grandma shopping ) a few minutes ago.
I just feel really exhausted, as I haven't gotten much sleep last night and tired out from today ;w;.

The nap is a maybe, as I don't know if anyone will need my help watching over great grandmother later and whether one of the packages will arrive today ( At least, that's what my grandma brother told me. One coming today, two coming on the 20th ) :0c
3 Days ago
Actually Imma head to bed now ^ ^".
Nearly 7am and I'm just super daze out.

Chose to stay up longer to lineart ( The Lunala one is halfway done. Meaning that, after it's done, I'll only have three left before I can finally color♥ ) ;u;".

Peace out!
I'll smell your 'mons hair / head later ;p
4 Days ago
Six done with lineart, six more to go ~w~.

Also snag myself a blue cow ( shiny Miltank )♥
5 Days ago
You've been a member on PokéHeroes for more than 3 Years now!

I am threes year old now <3
5 Days ago
I really wish my great uncle would tell me when the package is coming ( Before he left to California, I've gave him my money to help buy 3 things off of Amazon. Skyrim Elder scrolls for Switch, Mario Kart Deluxe 8, and this [ Because I honestly kept feeling like that someone could easily dig inside my purse whenever I have my switch in there. Feels unsafe really ] ) ;o.
He did had Amazon Prime ( Plus a credit card ), so it's why I ask ;u;".
I do trust him, as he did let me order a few times before in the past.

What I do worry is not knowing when exactly when the package is coming. Mainly because the person who brings over the item always leaves it in the downstairs mailbox ( On the floor. Note that I live in the 3rd floor ) or outside ( Something I worried the most, because leaving it outside of the building means anyone can steal it )
I'll probably bug him about it again tomorrow
6 Days ago
And now I can rest my back because the sketches are done and later I can finally lineart♥

Loved the way they've turned out pwp.
I may charge the Lunala and Solgaleo one a bit more, since they've, uh... Did became my favorites ( I have an idea for their colors, but I'm not 100% sure if it'll look good or not. So I'll have to do the lineart first and see if it'll blend well ) /)w(\
These are gonna be DA adopts, because obviously I still wanna collect some more points ( Because poor again ;p )~.
6 Days ago
Shindai is selling a cute creature adopt~. Y'all should check it out eue
6 Days ago


Mini Rules & Credit

ρℓєαѕє ∂σ иσт яєqυєѕт fσя мє тσ ѕнαяє α ρσѕт σя ℓιик σf уσυя яαffℓє, нαѕтαg, fσяυм, є¢т. ι ωιℓℓ σиℓу ∂σ ѕσ σи му σωи α¢¢σя∂.
ι α∂νιѕє иσт тσ ¢σитα¢т мє αвσυт тнє тяα∂єѕ ( gєм єχ¢нαиgє σя gтѕ fσя єχαмρℓє ) ι ѕєт υρ, υиℓєѕѕ ι'νє σтнєяωιѕє ѕтαтє∂ ѕσ.
ρℓєαѕє ∂σ иσт αѕк мє тσ ωαям уσυя єggѕ σя ιитєяα¢т ωιтн уσυя ραяту. ωєℓℓ... υиℓєѕѕ ι'νє яє¢єитℓу мα∂є α ρσѕт ωιтн α нαѕнтαg ѕтαтιиg #ιитєяα¢тισиєχ¢нαиgє.
fσя тнє ℓσνє σf αя¢єυѕ, ∂σ иσт ѕραм мє ιи ρρ / ρмѕ.

Avatar by Cony
About Art by Eijirou
Hail Prince Art by Sabishi
Space Column by AbandonedCamera
Moon by Adorelee
Divider by Witchb0y
Asexual Flag by AvaKados

• Note to Self •



Furret: One art ref of that Gothita adopt ~ Payment is 250 Nuggets [ Paid ]
January 12th, 2019