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Trainerlevel: 76

Trainerpoints: 8,637/17,403


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
The Smol Gold Nugget
4,7882,608,641 / 68,789,197
Mr. Rime452,374 / 6,211

Shiny Hunt

Nymphrasis is currently hunting Fennekin.
Hunt started: 24/01/2022

Chain: 19

*•°. Chandra Shukla .°•*

I don't support "Straight, cis, white" hate, just as much as I don't support "Gay, trans, black" hate.
I much rather not want to see history repeat itself, whether it'd be the same or in reverse.
May have seen too much of Twitter of this little hate war people are having and even see it here on PH too


Game Records

Trainer ID: #65217617
Registration: 17/03/2016 (5 Years ago)
Premium member until 12/Feb/2022
Game Time: 4878:24 Hours
Total interactions: 1,016,932
Money: 1,799,557
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


I just realize
Legends of Arceus in two days o.o

Time flew by way too fast.
( And birthday coming up soon. Man... Gonna be 25. Admittedly feels like I haven't done much with my life ;w;" )
Yesterday, 16:34
As the title states, which character(s) on here would you deem to be your favorite ^3^?

Ps. Note that the reason that my dex has a large progress, it is because I've moved a large handful of characters ( That isn't too huge in the kingdoms story ) onto here qwq. I would of been around 35-45 if I hadn't moved characters, lol xD
Yesterday, 04:38
I just picked up an event Shellos from the lab O.o
3 Days ago
"Congratulations! A shiny Ducklett hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #167)!"

Last shiny c:
Not sure what else to hunt tbh. I know not something cheap xD
3 Days ago
Two shiny Duckletts up in AH nwn/
6 Days ago
Welp. I've forgotten all about the Zoroark event xo
My bad
6 Days ago
I read through old Palpad messages and I am over here like "Damn... I use to be a lot more sociable back then" >o<. Nowadays I feel like a battery that could only limit herself on chats ( If I stay for too long, I would feel drained. I hate it ) eHe
6 Days ago
Made a forum where I am looking for sprites n3n

I already made one on PFQ as well owo
6 Days ago
"Congratulations! A shiny Ducklett hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #132)!"

Heck yeah :D
6 Days ago
"Congratulations! A shiny Ducklett hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #114)!"

I was about to complain about there being no shiny pass 100 :p
8 Days ago
[[ points to previous post ]] I am looking to buy Pokefarm currency c:

Also responses will be slow because I am Binge watching Miraculous Ladybug ( On Episode 15 ) qwq
Getting to my list of "Shows I need to watch" n3n
9 Days ago
Hihi. I am looking to purchase PFQ currency with PD n3n/.
1.5k PD = 5K Credit / 5GP

Would prefer if you send over the payment first on PFQ ( Username is the same as here ). Would like to avoid getting scammed nwn".

As the previous post stated, Imma see if I can try to get sprites of my ocs on there, since I ain't getting any on here o3o
11 Days ago
What is PFQ credits / GP conversion rates to PD? Depending on how much, I might just exchange my PD for PFQ currency and just try my luck on getting sprite designs of my ocs ( I know it has to be before gen 6 due to custom sprites ) on there, since I ain't getting any on here o3o.
11 Days ago
[[ Points to previous post ]] Is there someone who does sprites for PD / 'mons owo?
11 Days ago
Hiya! Two things to ask before I head to bed pwp
1) anyone open to doing sprites of Characters here and in waiting list for PD / Extra 'mons c:?

2) If I were to do another art contest, where you basically can do any fusion / themes for Pokemon, would anyone join? This will be for the dex challenge I am doing ( Link above of profess) n3n. Hence me asking!
I've already try asking if someone on here are selling adopts or ocs, but I got no response on here o3o

Anyways nighty night!
11 Days ago
What theme do you guys see this as qwq?

Trying to make a species name on the title to put into my dex challenge folder qwq. Recently got this via trade. Me and the person I've traded with don't remember what theme this Shinx was when it was first up for adopts ( And the one who designed it doesn't seem to be on TH anymore ) pwp.
So thought I ask here qwq
13 Days ago
I've slept late ( Somewhere around 11am ), I woke up late ( 9:30pm)
I need to fix my sleep schedule at some point ><

Also don't know why but in the morning I was watching videos about twins catching and executing rats. Also fixing the situations to stop rats from invading people home o3o.
I don't know why I was watching them. Maybe out of boredom. I've saw a video of them on my recommendation and ended up watching more videos from there qwq
13 Days ago
Whenever I look at my dex challenge page, I feel happy >7 <. Just... Idk, doing a challenge of getting wonderful designs and helping artists ( Be it paying with money or trades for their stories / rps ) Just makes me feel giddy qwp.
It makes me even more happy that a couple of people were interested to partake in the dex challenge as well TTwTT. I always have more fun whenever I do something together, rather than alone ( You guys can join too, if ya like. There is no rules, as it was something I've thought up to just have fun with ) qwq.
This is hopeful thinking, but I hope to get all or most of the dex completed before the end of this year qwp. Also meant this dex pwp. Basically collecting designs for your dex >u <. But please don't steal people designs! Either draw your own or buy / trade with someone for designs pwp. While this challenge is meant to be fun, I also want peeps to be respectful to others!
13 Days ago

*•°. About .°•*


riana ✵ 24 ✵ Aquarius ( ♒︎ ) ✵ Dorky Artist


нεℓℓσ тнεяε!
ιт's qυιтε тнε ρℓεαsυяε тσ sεε үσυ cσмε αcяσss мү ρяσғιℓε (✿´꒳`)ノ°.

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✵ ηεω үσяк тιмεzσηε.
✵ ∂ιgιтαℓ αятιsт
✵ мεмε ℓσvεя.
✵ ℓσvε тσ ωнιsтℓε ғυη ℓιттℓε тυηεs.
✵ εηנσүs vι∂εσ gαмεs ( gεηяε тнαт ι ℓιкε тнε мσsт ιs α∂vεηтυяε, яρg, αη∂ нσяяσя ).
✵ ρяεғεяs ∂σgs σvεя cαтs ( ∂σgs αяε тнε вεsтεsт вεsт♥ )!
✵ ι'ℓℓ ∂σ мү vεяү вεsт ωιтн вειηg sσcιαℓ!
✵ cαη'т вε вσтнεяε∂ тσ яεsρση∂ тσ αη εησямσυs ωαℓℓ σғ тεxт. ι ∂ση'т кησω ωнү вυт ιт мαкεs мε ғεεℓ ∂яαιη (*´ェ`*)...
✵ ρℓεαsε ∂ση'т αsк ғσя αηү cυяяεηcү, ιтεмs, αη∂ ρσкεмση ғяσм мε.

*•°. Credits WIP .°•*


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