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Trainerlevel: 71

Trainerpoints: 5,604/15,193


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
The Smol Gold Nugget
3,55434,278,428 / 37,903,411

*•°. Chandra Shukla .°•*

I don't support "Straight, cis, white" hate, just as much as I don't support "Gay, trans, black" hate.
I much rather not want to see history repeat itself, whether it'd be the same or in reverse.
May have seen too much of Twitter of this little hate war people are having and even see it here on PH too


Game Records

Trainer ID: #65217617
Registration: 17/03/2016 (4 Years ago)
Game Time: 4332:02 Hours
Total interactions: 913,388
Money: 1,690,542
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Three days left on this art contest! Enter in your entries while you still can!

Also question: If I were to sell this for nuggets, how much would you offer pwp??
Yesterday, 02:36
Note to self for when I'm free from com / cus queues, challenge myself to do one of these complex fusions:
• G-Max Charizard / Mega Charizard Y / Mega Charizard X
• Alphamon / Lunala
• Giratina / Yveltal
• Mega Rayquaza / Galarian Articuno
• Zacian / Unbound Hoopa / Arceus

Or, if I chicken out, just do Cosmog fusion batch of the following ( Not do them all. Just whichever one. Can combine with a third Pokemon ):
• Jolteon
• Espeon
• Giratina
• Mega Rayquaza
• Lugia
• Falinks ( Either with Eevee, Skitty, or something small )
• Galarian Zapdos
• Galarian Articuno
• G-Max Centiskortch
• G-Max Alcremie
• Dialga ( If I REALLY want to push myself ;v )
• Yveltal
• Ninetales
• Galarian Rapidash
• Reshiram
• Primarina
• Kangaskhan
• Lucario
• Drampa
• Charizard
• Absol
• Lopunny

( Just to push myself to do more challenging / complex drawings. Am open to more suggestions to the Cosmog part ewe )
1 Day ago
It seems like, as of late, every 2:35am ( 6:35 server time ), the site would go down ( And returns after 3 minutes have pass ) ;w;
1 Day ago
The call went really well and the person was very understanding of my nervousness ;u;. Took the time to just learn about one another, just to feel more relaxed and comfortable with the call.
2 Days ago
Done and my friend's reaction was priceless xD

( Also no, I am not liking DA new layout. I still very much hate it )
2 Days ago
That satisfaction where I'm getting closer and closer to finishing another commission♥
2 Days ago
Pssst. Comment here to brag about your gem count from the plushies ewe.
Because I'm curious about what y'all got ヽ(。◁˚)ノ
2 Days ago

I do regret not trying to gather more DP though xD
3 Days ago
Me: I wonder how many gems I can get from sending this shiny Lucario plush?


Oh my lord that is a lot xD
3 Days ago
1os regular Gmax butterfree

Saw that there were six shinies one that exists xD
3 Days ago
When Giga Pikachu exists but not Eevee ono
3 Days ago
" Note that gigamaxing a shiny Pokémon requires 5-times as many crystals."

Darn xD
3 Days ago
Mind feeding this baby qwp?
3 Days ago
Thy colors is done and le customer loves it  (๑و•̀ω•́)و

Not done yet, as shading is next (´w`)/°.
( Also I've noticed that I forgot to turn the fire layer back on >:/ )
3 Days ago
I see the description of the Dynamax Crystal changed owo.
Debate on either clicking use or having a Pokemon hold it >:v. Or wait to sew any updates about it owo
3 Days ago
Check out the Eilimitura art contest as there is omly 6 days left ( I've miscounted last time. Thought there was 10-11 days. I'm sorry ) ;w;

And mind checking out my Pokefusion contest too pwp?
3 Days ago

*•°. About WIP .°•*


riana ✵ 23 ✵ Aquarius ( ♒︎ ) ✵ Dorky Artist


нεℓℓσ тнεяε!
ιт's qυιтε тнε ρℓεαsυяε тσ sεε үσυ cσмε αcяσss мү ρяσғιℓε (✿´꒳`)ノ°.

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✵ ηεω үσяк тιмεzσηε.
✵ ∂ιgιтαℓ αятιsт
✵ мεмε ℓσvεя.
✵ ℓσvε тσ ωнιsтℓε ғυη ℓιттℓε тυηεs.
✵ εηנσүs vι∂εσ gαмεs ( gεηяε тнαт ι ℓιкε тнε мσsт ιs α∂vεηтυяε, яρg, αη∂ нσяяσя ).
✵ ρяεғεяs ∂σgs σvεя cαтs ( ∂σgs αяε тнε вεsтεsт вεsт♥ )!
✵ ι'ℓℓ ∂σ мү vεяү вεsт ωιтн вειηg sσcιαℓ!
✵ cαη'т вε вσтнεяε∂ тσ яεsρση∂ тσ αη εησямσυs ωαℓℓ σғ тεxт. ι ∂ση'т кησω ωнү вυт ιт мαкεs мε ғεεℓ ∂яαιη (*´ェ`*)...
✵ ρℓεαsε ∂ση'т αsк ғσя αηү cυяяεηcү, ιтεмs, αη∂ ρσкεмση ғяσм мε.

*•°. Credits WIP .°•*


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