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Stuff bout me

I have had a very awful life, so if you talk to me, I'll be wary, but given time, I'll warm up

^The nft/nfs big 6.
Personality: INTJ-T


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Trainer ID: #465132928
Registration: 07/10/2015 (8 Years ago)
Game Time: 4276:54 Hours
Total interactions: 881,905
Money: 406,550
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


just got reminded of my epic skibidi toilet rant.
I have never put as much effort into hating something as much as that, and I am kinda proud, even if it seemingly ruined a friendship soon after.
Today, 08:08
call me a boomer fun cop but if you're blasting music so loud it hurts one's head BEHIND WALLS AND IS 100 FEET AWAY, YOU DESERVE TO BE ARRESTED
Today, 00:11
this week has been horrible.....and it ended horribly.
Yesterday, 23:56
ngl looks sweet
Yesterday, 22:15
as if I wasn't mental enough I'm worried about the blue screen wave, I hope nobody I care about deeply was badly affected.
Yesterday, 02:35
One awful thing about my paranoia is that I'm scared someone is stalking me.
the stalkers, of course, always deny the whole thing.
1 Day ago
the more I'm told about giant cities the less I understand them.
I kinda wish I lived in a bigger city, seems better to find friends...
4 Days ago
me: *asks 8ball bot if I'm a bi threat*
8ballbot: damn right ;)
me: you are going in the hall of fame
4 Days ago
here's a fact for ya, while most countries use the enchanced fujita scale, the UK uses the TORRO scale which had double the amount of categories, ranging from T0 (where winds range from 39-54 old british units to 61-86 new british units) to T11 (any wind speeds greater than 300 OBU or 483 NBU)
its also a bit outdated, having come out decades ago and hasn't been updated since.
5 Days ago
I nearly died today.
tornadoes are not to be messed with.
5 Days ago
me when a tornado watch: *grabs binoculars*
5 Days ago
I'm tired of being bullied, I'm tired of knowing no one my age irl, and I'm tired of being called things I'm not.
6 Days ago
watching prisoner of azkaban, and its still my favorite out of the series, that monster book is adorable.
7 Days ago
what if we had a megaliser that allowed us to mega-evolve our starters if they're part of a species that has a mega but aren't mega-able.
8 Days ago
what if I was in your closet with a cup of tea and 2 bean bag chairs?
9 Days ago
9 Days ago
me: okay su subreddits whjat ya got for me today
su artists: *making pearls black-skinned*
me: ......JFC......
12 Days ago
so uhhhhh, if you see a bunch of gay people growing in a cornfield, I didn't plant them.
15 Days ago

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