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Pokémon World: 2114 (Post-Apocalypse) [Sign-Up Closed]

Forum-Index Roleplay RP Sign-up Pokémon World: 2114 (Post-Apocalypse) [Sign-Up Closed]
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Posted: Mon, 11/05/2015 20:31 (7 Years ago)
Hello, Role Players! I'm hoping to see some good-quality role playing from anyone who'd like to join. Please, remember to fill out the form below! To access the RP itself, click here.

The RP is set in a time somewhere within the Pokémon World's future (and, while not being strictly "Canon", should be kept as close to it as possible), after Pokémon the world over rose up against humans, nearly wiping them out. You, as Role Players joining in, are portraying characters who are either related to the original Survivors of the Poké-pocalypse, a hybrid from one of the laboratories, or are Pokémon who have lived through it. (That is up to you.)

The four Species Classifications are: Human, Near-Human (special classification of Hybrids), Hybrid, and Pokémon (for which your exact species should be entered in parenthesis on the same line).

(Edit: The idea for this was based loosely upon the old Pokémon Adventure manga, so there is the possibility that people or Pokémon may die during the course of events. There is also graphic Body Horror, gross mutations, and mutilation. Remember, folks: You've been warned in advance! So if you take offense to anything written, that is on you...and you are free to leave at your own discretion.)

(Secondary Edit: Updates can be made to your Character Forms as needed, so they aren't necessarily finalized unless you feel nothing new needs to be added.)

(Third edit: This thread here has all the BBCode you'll need for setting up your character sheets.)

Here's the form:
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[Species Classification]:

[Abilities]: (Only applicable to Pokémon, Hybrids, and Near-Humans. You can only have one Standard Ability at a time, and it must be for your chosen Pokémon Species. If your species has two Standard Abilities, you must pick one to start with, and you can use the Ability Capsule item during RP to swap, though you'll have to find them with the rest of the group later. On top of that: If your Pokémon species has a Hidden Ability on top of having two Standard Abilities, you'll need to roll to see if you're able to have an HA and an SA.)
[Moveset]: (Only applicable to Pokémon, Hybrids, and Near-Humans)
[Current Stamina]: (Only applicable to Near-Humans, base Stamina is set to 300, but can increase as you get used to using your moves. Base Stamina usage per move is 5, Powered-Up moves use an additional 10.)
[Current PP]: (Only applicable to Pokémon and Hybrids) This is your Power Pool! Base PP is set to 350, and will increase the more you use your Moves. Base PP usage is 3, but while in battle, it will go up by 3 for each time you use each Move (you have to use a Move at least once for this to apply to it, though the Power output is multiplied by 2 each time as well). This can only stack...up to 3 times per Move.


[Personality]: (Optional)

[Gender]: (Optional depending on Pokémon species)



[Extra Details]:

My characters (for this RP):
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Name: Edmund Fredericks

[Species Classification]: Near-Human (Gothitelle)

[Ability]: Competitive
[Moveset]: Psychic (90), Brick Break (75), Teleport, Barrier, Zen Headbutt (80), Psyshock (80)
[Current Stamina]: 300


Gender: Male

Age: 20 [True Age - TBA]

Background: Edmund was born, and (to the extent of his knowledge) abandoned, in a small cave on the outskirts of what was originally Pallet Town. The ruins are all but gone, and the scorched, tortured earth has prevented anything from growing there...a testament to the brutality, and rage, of the Pokémon that destroyed it so many years ago. He grew up never knowing his parents, raised instead by a lone Gothitelle. As such, he understands very little of human speech, and has an unusual amount of psychic power due to extensive training with his adoptive "mother". They are an inseparable pair, often seen traveling great distances together. Despite Gothitelle's best efforts, however, Edmund has been unable to learn how to speak any Human language.

Extra Details:
-Hair Color: Black
-Eye Color: Dark Brown
-Height: 6'0"
-Weight: Roughly 145 Lbs.
-Ethnicity: Caucasian
-Attire: Black clothing consisting of knee-length black boots, scavenged black pants, and a long-sleeve, collared black shirt.

Name: Gothitelle

[Species Classification]: Near-Human (classification given due to heavily altered genetics)

[Abilities]: Competitive (Hidden Ability - Shadow Tag)
[Moveset]: Psychic, Extrasensory, Zen Headbutt, Psybeam, Gravity, Psyshock
[Current Stamina]: 300


Gender: Female

Age: 38 [True Age - TBA] (Level: ???)

Background: Unknown to Edmund, Gothitelle knew his parents...and knows what he is. It had been just before Pallet Town had been destroyed that Edmund's parents had freed her from captivity within the laboratory in which she had been imprisoned, being that they themselves had been scientists there. Edward and Vanessa Frederiks had always looked after the Pokémon within the facility, especially Gothitelle, whom they had raised from the time she had hatched, and they made it their life's work to try and create a way for humans and Pokémon to live together peacefully once more. When Vanessa became pregnant...they used their developing son as the vessel for their experiment.

The laboratory had become a war zone the day Edmund was to be born, and Edward begged Gothitelle to help them free the other Pokémon that had been trapped inside. With Vanessa unable to help, and the other scientists gone, it would have taken a miracle to get them all out alive. Thinking quickly, Gothitelle convinced two of the captive Machamp to carry Vanessa out, and to follow Edward wherever he was to go, before going to free the other Pokémon. By the time she caught up with Edmund's parents, however, it was too late. They, as well as the Machamp helping them, had been killed by rampaging Pokémon.

Edmund had been the only survivor of the attack, born moments after his mother's death. Gothitelle buried Edward and Vanessa alongside the two Machamp, and did her best to raise their son as her own. For all intents and purposes, she is every bit his mother, though to this day, she still has not told him the truth, for fear of what he might do given the power he possesses.

Extra Details:
-Unlike others of her kind, Gothitelle has a much more human appearance due to experimentation (most noticeably, having actual fingers and thumbs as opposed to mitten-like hands, as well as her ability to speak nearly every Human language). It was a mutation caused by the chemicals within the potions tested upon her.

As of now, we have seven players, with seven confirmed characters (some of us may have more than one), of which there are three that are a Work In Progress (WIP for short). This list will be updated as needed.

Current Players - Their Characters:
(myself) - Edmund Fredericks [Near-Human - Gothitelle] & Gothitelle [Near-Human]
Eli_Vanto - Calverus [Near-Human - Torracat]
Wildstar239 - Keaton Everit [Near-Human - Pidgeot] (WIP)
Tsukoyomi - Eneko [Hybrid - Gorebyss]
Immortes - Lysander "Rook" Sigil [Hybrid - Corviknight]
-andrea- - Callista Nyx Harper [Near-Human - Milotic]
Daiko - Dahlia Vulloe [Hybrid - undetermined] (WIP)

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Posted: Sat, 04/06/2022 00:14 (2 Months ago)

Title: A Short-Winded Apology

Hello everyone. I'd like to apologize for how long it's been since either of these threads was active.

Because the majority of the original participants are no longer active (many having left the site for personal reasons), the role-play thread itself will be reset to just after the initial intro. (Hoping I can maybe get one of the mods to help with that.)

Once again: I'm sorry, folks. And please, pardon our dust while the introductory story is further developed over time.
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Posted: Sun, 05/06/2022 18:33 (2 Months ago)
Now, due to how long it has been, and the fact I'm mostly just getting ideas out where I can see and organize them, it may take a little time for the RP to actually begin, and I do apologize for that. I just want to set the scene as best I can, to inspire people to really get into character and help create something that will hopefully be incredible.

Please, bear with me while I work out the kinks with the story, but I hope you'll enjoy the process all the same.

I'm also open to input regarding the story in general (which is really the introduction leading up to the RP itself). Everyone who wants to be part of this is free to pitch ideas, and a vote will be used to either veto or approve them for use in the intro.
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Posted: Wed, 08/06/2022 13:16 (1 Month ago)

Title: A bit about the general rules/guidelines for the RP

As one of the three types of Survivor within this devastated, post-apocalyptic world, you are tasked mainly with survival. There will be times when you will be attacked by enraged, rampaging Pokémon, so it is up to you whether to try one of four options: Kill them, run from them, hide from them, or try to placate them. Placating them may not always work, and you have a limited number of attempts each story day.

You will also have opportunities to befriend other Survivors, be they human, Pokémon, or hybrid.

Try to give details regarding your character's (or characters', if you have multiples) location and what they see.

Remember to try to give your fellow role players enough time to react to what you're doing, and do try not to force them into something they may not be comfortable with.

As a general rule, your posts should be at LEAST a paragraph (consisting of four to five sentences, though you can write more if you'd like).

(Rules will be updated only as necessary. Further rules can be voted on by the group, though I'd like to keep this light and fairly simple for everyone.)
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Posted: Thu, 09/06/2022 07:06 (1 Month ago)
hey! I am Huge into post apoc roleplays and this caught my eye almost immediately, but I do have a few questions!! mostly just how pokemon-esque are the hybrids, and how would it come around to potential pokemon that are. at the least not rampaging to interact with those who are full human? since I'd guess there's probably a language barrier (unless a translation thing was made that far in the future)
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Posted: Thu, 09/06/2022 22:02 (1 Month ago)
I'm honestly glad you asked!

The Hybrids mostly consist of final evolutions (with some exceptions, like Castform), whose forms are an almost seamless blend of human and Pokémon...and Near-Humans, whose origins were human, but they have some visual Pokémon traits that appear (prime example being the ears, teeth, claws, etc.). The reasoning was to make it easier for them to translate for their fully human and fully Pokémon counterparts, though it also made some of them rather creepy-looking.

As to the wild Pokémon attacks/encounters: It's a small percentage for a Rampaging Pokémon to appear each day, mostly a large percentage for a wild encounter in grassy or heavily-wooded areas. Basically, as long as you're inside a building that's considered a Safe Zone (think of the small area in Lavender Town's Pokémon Tower, only it's a full building), you're essentially safe from encountering a Rampaging Pokémon. Their numbers have decreased over the years, so it'll be about a 5% chance one will pop up.

And to answer the last part, regarding translation technology: It does exist, but they're incredibly rare, and can only be manufactured inside one of the remaining (and still functioning) laboratories. They'd essentially require you to collect necessary materials and components to make the device, which has taken the place of the PokéDex. The data was saved by the laboratories and is incorporated into these devices, so you're able to know whether the Pokémon you encounter is aggressive or a potential friend.

(Basically, as the story progresses, I'll be switching between posting for my characters and posting the encounters/whether or not there's a Rampage happening, and how high a percentage encounter it'll get to depending on the location. I'll have to mainly work on the other factors as well, though everyone is free to pitch in and help with all of that here.)
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Posted: Thu, 09/06/2022 22:10 (1 Month ago)
hybrid corviknight?
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Posted: Thu, 09/06/2022 22:13 (1 Month ago)
Ooooh, there's a neat idea! Go ahead and type up a character sheet for me! I'd like to see what you come up with. :)
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Posted: Thu, 09/06/2022 22:50 (1 Month ago)
I've had a few good questions asked so far, so here's some further information regarding what the movesets are like, and whether Near-Humans are capable of using moves:

Pokémon and Hybrids have a moveset limit of six moves as opposed to the standard four.

Near-Humans are able to use moves, but rather than having a PP limit, they have a Stamina Limit of 300 at the start. Moves will take a chunk of Stamina instead of PP to use in regards to how the system functions for Near-Humans. If you run out of Stamina, you pass out for the day, regardless of your location.

The amount of stamina used for moves will be determined at a later time, so for now, the system will be unused until the first in-RP Event.
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Posted: Thu, 09/06/2022 23:34 (1 Month ago)

Title: The Event System

Now, on to Events. Events are a special system I'll be introducing into this RP, whose purpose is to give everyone a chance at obtaining items and materials necessary for daily survival. The materials will be used for creating Special Items that take the place of Pokémon Moves, as well as for making items that will provide food or a temporary safe zone.

The first, second, and third Events have already been decided, and there will be a total of nine Events for the first half of the RP. Further Events have not been decided upon as of yet, as this should be lasting us at least three to four months. To space things out, and give everyone a chance to relax between events, the first Event will occur after a certain post milestone has been met (TBA). Each following Event will be an increased post milestone after that point.

(EDIT!) While I'd like this to move along at a faster pace, there will be a single-post minimum per day, of at least one paragraph each post...and a maximum of fifteen posts per person during that day. The way this is going to work is that, after a certain number of posts per person, I'll work out a time to start each of the Events, and I'll be letting you all know once I've figured everything out. (This WILL take time, folks. So please...just bear with me here.)

Event 1: Characters will have the chance to obtain special materials that allow them build Portable Food-Growth Capsules, and the blueprints will be found in a nearby ruined building. These capsules, while not strictly necessary, make obtaining food much easier for you as you can grow your own berries while on the move. The growth rate is a great deal faster than simply growing them in the wild, and the capsules only require a 2-hour recharge period. The amount of berries it can provide is determined by the quality of your capsule.

The list of qualities for the capsules are as follows:
Sub-Par - This capsule is made from the bare-minimum of materials, which weren't exactly great to begin with. At most, you'll only get a single berry from this capsule, and it has a tendency to break while requiring almost constant maintenance.
Decent - This capsule is made of slightly better materials, but barely above the bare minimum required to make it. You'll get between one and two berries from this, and it will still require a lot of maintenance.
Great - This capsule, while not made with the best materials, is made with ten fewer parts than the maximum. You'll get between two and three berries from this capsule, and it won't require too much maintenance.
Perfect - This capsule is absolutely perfect, made with the best materials found during the Event. You will get four berries guaranteed, and this capsule requires the least amount of maintenance.

For Event 1, the Dice Rolls for each of the loot qualities/amounts of materials are as follows:
Sub-Par - From a 1d20 roll, 1-5. You get the bare minimum of materials, all of the lowest grade.
Decent - From a 1d20 roll, 6-10. You get just enough materials to make a slightly better model, but still of the lowest grade.
Great - From a 1d20 roll, 11-15. You get materials of near-perfect quality, enough to make the second-best model.
Perfect - From a 1d20 roll, 16-20. The materials are pristine, and you obtain the maximum required to make the best model of the Capsule.

Material amounts for each:
Sub-Par - Requires ten components, absolutely basic model.
Decent - Requires twenty components. Double the amount required for the Sub-Par.
Great - Requires thirty-five components.
Perfect - Requires no less than fifty components.

To note: Just because you have them, doesn't mean you can't accidentally drop them, since you may not have the ability to hold it all. It is suggested you find a way to transport the larger quantities of components without leaving any behind, or they will "disappear". (A Pokémon that loves shiny things will steal them if you don't take everything at the same time!)

Event 1 Notes: Sub-Event 1 will take place immediately after the last person has "found" their components. 1d6 will be rolled to determine who obtains a Mystery Item*, which appears to be a small set of (presently) unreadable pages. A feeling that these pages are important will come over your character.

Event 2: Characters have the chance to obtain special materials for creating Temporary Safe Zones, which last for 6 hours and require two hours to recharge. These items can only be built by scientists in one of the still-functional laboratories around the world. As such, they will not require much maintenance at all, though instructions will be given to your character on how to properly maintain the device.

Materials will consist of a variety of machine parts that your characters will find around the area, though you will need to roll to see if the machines being searched actually have useable parts or not. You will also need a single power source for the device, and this will not be an easy thing to obtain. It will require 4d20 rolls, and they will each need to be higher than twelve. If you fail to get a power source from the machine being searched, you must move on and find a new machine to pull apart.

There will be a total of fifty-six machines to scrap for parts, including power sources, as you will be inside of one of the few abandoned laboratories that actually have functioning machinery in them. This will give each of you eight machines in total to attempt to get power sources from.

Your characters will also find a list has suddenly appeared in front of them, detailing what parts of these machines they’re trying to collect. (Sorry, no detailed list.) You will need to roll 2d20 per machine in order to search for the parts on the list (power source not included, as that is a separate roll count), and if you don’t get all the parts right away, don’t worry: You’ll still have seven more attempts to get them all. You need a total of ten parts.

To clarify:
Power Source – 4d20, each needs to be above twelve. A Nat 20 on ANY of those four guarantees the part.
Other parts – 2d20 per machine, your roll needs to be above eight for each die. Fifteen or better guarantees most of the parts, two fifteens is a guarantee you get all the parts from a single machine.

[j]Event 3:[/i] Characters have a chance to find Pokémon that are willing to provide wool and other materials for making special clothing and backpacks. This event will also be the first time you will have an unavoidable encounter with a small group of Rampaging Pokémon, so what you choose to do matters. Will you attempt to sacrifice the friendly Pokémon so you can escape, or will you stay and fight so that these Pokémon can later be found around one of the nearby Laboratories?

Note that these backpacks and clothes are a significant upgrade to what you currently have available, and can only be obtained by bringing the acquired materials to the Laboratory you will later find these Pokémon outside of.

These Pokémon are varied, and provide silk as well as wool, among other very necessary materials. Materials that will go a long way towards upgrading your current gear.

There will be no rolling for material collection during this Event, as you will instead be rolling to successfully protect these Pokémon. Some of you may have an easier time, others may find it a bit difficult. The end-goal for all of you is the same, however: Protect these Pokémon as best you can.

[/u]The Pokémon you’ll be protecting are as follows:[/u]
Dubwool and three Wooloo – main providers of wool.
Two Ariados (one injured), a Wurmple and a Silcoon – Provides Silk Threads.
Two Jangmo-o and a Kommo-o – Provides Scales.
Five Duraludon – Provides sturdier metals.

If the group is successfully able to protect all of the Pokémon on this list (as well as helping the injured Ariados), the Pokémon will show their gratitude by freely supplying the materials needed for making better clothing and bags, and possibly other protective gear as well.

*The Mystery Item will be found near the player whose number appears once I have rolled the 1d6.

(This list will be updated as more Events are decided upon.)
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Posted: Thu, 09/06/2022 23:38 (1 Month ago)

"Loneliness is often the byproduct of a gifted mind." - Singed (Arcane)

Name Lysander "Rook" Sigil
Age 25, Jan 20th, aquarius
Gender Male, he/him, amab

Status Hybrid
hurricane | steel wing | roost | assurance | brave bird | reversal
[ ability - pressure ]

Appearance: Lysander, by all accounts, is far from being considered physically robust, his figure built with lean angles and elongated limbs. Due to the experiments, he is pretty tall, coming in at a little under two meters. His bearing is erect and wary, his eyes darting about as if he expects something to go wrong at any moment. Lysander's status as a hybrid is downright obvious, the experiments he was subjected to having changed in every physical way possible. His skin is fair but crisscrossed with scars usually hidden underneath his clothing. Instead of normal human eyes, Lysander's eyes have black sclerae, red pupils, and white irises. Extending just below his shoulder blades is a massive pair of wings that stand out as the most overt indicator of his corviknight genetics. His wingspan is colossal, easily three times his height, and extends nearly twenty feet from wing tip to wing tip. His feathers are jet black and covered in armored plumage that turns away most projectiles and attacks before reaching him.

Similarly, armored plumes curl up like smoky tattoos around his eyes, wrists, and neck. Going downwards, one will often be surprised that his legs resemble and feet form talons instead of standard human feet. His skin turns black around the knee area, brightening to a deep slate gray with his talons. A similar pattern can be seen on his forearms, stretching slightly below his elbows. Due to their curved shape, Lysander's claws are more than capable of tearing flesh and dealing dreadful wounds. Thankfully, Lysander only really uses his talons as landing gear, built for gripping walls and branches. His face is considered somewhat angular, similar to a pear. His ears are pointed like an elf's, and a tuft of feathers sprouts behind his ears. He has no problem communicating his decisive nature, eyes conveying truth at a glance.

Forced to hide his hybrid traits, the hybrid has reluctantly adopted human fashions and wears a long beige trench coat with a hood to hide his unusual features. Whenever possible, he flies high in the sky out of human sight, taking advantage of cloud cover. He's even gotten a pair of earrings; he claims it's to help him blend in, but in reality, it's because he cannot help hoarding all kinds of shiny objects.

Personality: [6w5 : The Defender || SN: 3 || ISTJ : The Logistician || Aquarius]
A highly clever but introverted character, Lysander is often locked up in his own private rumination, and prefers to keep others at a distance. His methodical working style, which dictates logic and routine, is not necessarily for everyone. He tends to approach problems systematically, breaking bigger problems into smaller pieces that he can deal with easily. As a nod to his corvid race, Lysander is highly in tune with his mind, to his benefit. He is quick to identify and analyze patterns and trends, and he isn't above out-of-the-box solutions. In essence, he is the very definition of all brain and no brawn. In tandem with his mental acuity, Lysander is in possession of a wit whose purpose is entirely determined by context alone. In general, his wit is dry, and in times of strife, his humor can take a dark turn. Most people misinterpret his sardonic words as mocking or irreverent, but that is far from the truth. In reality, he takes every situation seriously, but he comes off as blunt in a way that is misinterpreted as callousness and insensitivity.

The corvid is slow to befriend and trust, his bitter demeanor creating an outer shell around him that is hard to breach. He sees the worst in people, and braces against betrayal by keeping up a constant vigilance. The kindest of his acquaintances call him reserved, those who dislike him call him paranoid. It's hard for him to lower his guard, and once he does, it seems that most of his discomfort stems from being vulnerable. Once his trust is earned, Lysander honors his friendships deeply. In truth, Lysander is fairly perceptive of his partner's emotions, and tends to see more than he likes to let on. He prefers to keep his reticence, thinking that actions speak louder than words. A stoic observer, Lysander is willing to sit down and listen to others peoples problems, pondering in respectful silence before offering a solution. When relaxed, his humor is not as biting, taking on a sly, teasing quality. Still, it's hard to describe him as warm.

His aloof behavior comes with a certain level of fear, of secret mistrust. Even though he keeps a calm and coldly charming demeanor, his thought impulses quickly spiral into worse-case scenarios and worry. Lysander is pretty defensive by habit, never truly relaxed, and always investigating. The slightest coalition prompts his interest; the whisperings of rumors always reach his ears one way or another. He is hyper-vigilant. Most of the time, his fears are unfounded. He knows how to make surface-level conversation to deflect suspicion, but his penchant for honesty and bluntness means he is more than capable of laying down hard criticism. Don't mistake his anxiety for submissiveness; Lysander knows how to keep a cool head while tearing into someone's psyche at the same time. Unfortunately, this tends to bring about the exact situation that he goes to avoid.

It's hard to earn his trust, but it's even harder, if not impossible, to regain it. Once betrayed, Lysander quickly becomes an enemy for life. The corvid is unrelenting to the point of ruthlessness, more than willing to hunt down and exact vengeance upon the poor unfortunate who crossed him. A betrayed Lysander is fiery and snide at best, openly vicious and murderous at worst. This penchant for brutality when he is crossed is often unexpected, as most people readily assume he does not have a temper readily on display. His words begin to snarl and bite, sinking into his opponents' weaknesses and tearing them into shreds. In the aftermath however, guilt haunts him incessantly as he inevitably mourns those lost relationships. He often times catches himself thinking about what they could have been if things had gone differently, a cycle of melancholy and somber thinking.

History: There is little way to summarize Lysander's history, other than a pattern of broken trust and lost security. It's bred into the patterns of conditional care and respect, the belief that others are always there to get them.

He was born as the only child to a relatively modest, cookie-cutter family in Unova on the date of the Winter Solstice. Or so the scientists tell him. Soon after he was born, the hospital was attacked, and he was abducted in his sleep. His distraught parents were informed that their son had passed. The young infant was brought to a laboratory for experimentation.

Extra information:
- Able to speak both pokemon and human, but is naturally most skilled at the human part.
- Sees HD 20x20 vision at all times.
- Loves any and all shiny things.
- Can't stand the taste of croconade due to his laboratory experiences. Also has "white coat syndrome."

art by ammmore on twitter

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Posted: Fri, 10/06/2022 03:25 (1 Month ago)




Gorebyss Hybrid

Shell Smash | Hydro Pump | Ice Beam | Hidden Power Grass | Dive | Substitute

Much like the pokemon it was hybrisized with, Eneko is the epitome of grace and elegance, a lithe and almost waifish scale speckled body almost gliding on land. It's pale pinkish skin its unblemished save for a seashell shaped birthmark under its right eye, patches of scales littered around its body, and a matching pair of white bands wrapping around its thighs. Between its fingers and toes is a thin purple webbing and gills which almost look like scars when not underwater line its ribs. The biggest tell of its inhuman nature is its stylishly styled natural bright pink hair that has almost become its signature. Much like the pokemon, its hair grows more vibrant as spring comes and after it feeds, growing dull during the winter and fall months. Perhaps a little annoyingly, its hair is in a permanent wolf cut due to the long purple-tipped fin extending from its lower skull, blending in almost seamlessly with its hair. Its sharp bluish grey eyes have a piercing quality to it, as if it is simply looking through you and judging your deepest being, leaving the impression of haughty arrogance. Perhaps it is the sharp Asian features, or imposing aura despite relatively average in height. A lessor indicator of its hybrid status is an unusually sharp tongue, more literal than one would expect. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but one would have to be blind or lovesick to deny Eneko's natural beauty even without the soft makeup it frequently dons. It generally appreciates fluffy almost alt style clothes and accessories

Eneko is an almost painfully obvious case of the "Cold Beauty", silent and standoffish. Its resting face of haughty superiority puts many off from even approaching them if they even pick up the nerve to talk to the almost terrifyingly beautiful creature. If they still have the courage to strike conversation, then it's blunt attitude and silver tongue certainly will drive them away. It is not only in appearance that Eneko takes after the gorebyss, but also in demeanour, viciously attacking its quarries with a sharp tongue.

Perhaps that is why in the end, Eneko is a deeply lonely person who finds solace in the water and sports. Of course it's only allowed to play "pretty" sports such as diving or gymnastics but what he revels in is punching the lights out of someone else. Violent, yes, but cathartic nonetheless. It despises being called beautiful or even handsome, the mere whisper of "pretty" enough to piss it off. With its looks always being put foremost before any skill and its personality being considered a far third, it despises such shallow conclusions, instead preferring to be judged based on its own merit other than having a pretty face. While it doesn't long for the company of others, more than happy to be by itself, it does keep other's feelings in mind and does its best to act accordingly. Though at times, even without its knowledge, its life of constant attention and advertisement has led it to develop more attention seeking tendencies, placing the spotlight on it and it only.

Still at the end of the day it is simply another player attempting to survive. If distancing itself from others is the key to its success, then who is to judge?

In an almost post-apocalyptic environment, one might think that major social conventions would have broken down, shattered and utterly destroyed like the rest of civilization. Apparently Helicopter Parents didn't apply as Eneko grew up with a team of very very paranoid "parents". As the very first successful Hybrid to be grown from the tube, its parents were always obsessed with keeping their research alive quite literally. It was never allowed to do anything other than eat and breathe, even walking was highly discouraged. Everything it learned was highly curated by its parents, down to the last calorie and the simplest words. Everything was carefully monitored to ensure that their greatest creation would survive and show off to the world the greatest scientific advancement of their time. Diving and acrobatic classes were added to show off its unnatural elegance and inhuman qualities in the best light possible.

Soon it became the poster child for lab grown hybrids, acting as a living advertisement for the wonders of genetic testing. It spend most of its time showing off for the sake of its creators, nothing more than a slide in a powerpoint presentation for why the facility should earn more funding. Just a pretty face to slap onto ads and rake in the funds. Or new test subjects, they weren't particularly picky.

But even with its immense fame and beauty, the research lab still went under and Eneko was placed into the care of its original creators, the closest to parents it ever had, and sent out to the world. There its pretty face came in handy for conning and persuading others to give them a place to stay or for other... favours. It was after one of these appointments that it finally grew tired of being overly sheltered to the point where it knew nothing outside of the scientists and the laboratory that Eneko silently slit the throats of its "retinue" before disappearing into the night. If it was going to do unsavory things to survive, then it rather do them for only its benefit, not to the benefit of others. It wasn't going to wreak itself just for the sake of others, it had done enough of that

Extra Details:
It only speaks human. While it would love to try and learn pokemon, its was never given that opportunity
Eneko is by nature, despite appearances, a very tanky creature and is capable of freediving into depths that even other water type hybrids may not be able to reach

ιт'ѕ ℓιкє ι'м ∂яєαмιиg
ρℓєαѕє ∂σи'т ωαкє мє υρ
σиє ∂αу, тωσ ∂αуѕ, тняєє ∂αуѕ
ι ∂σи'т киσω ωнαт ∂αу ιт ιѕ тσ∂αу
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Title: We have a Discord Server!

Hey there, folks! Do you use Discord at all? If you do, well, we have a server up and running for a very specific (and special!) part of the RP that'll be coming up! So, if you have Discord, Palpad either myself or Immortes for an invite to the server!
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Keaton Everit

Male, He/Him


Standing roughly around 5'4", Keaton has decently long blonde hair that has a red streak going through it on either side of his head. His eyes are a sharp and constantly watching yellow coloration, black markings bringing out the color a bit more. It's obvious that he has had his genes mixed with a Pidgeot, from the claws on his fingers, to the pointed ears, to the decently sized wings that sprout from his back. His wingspan is about 9' when his wings are fully open, and a feathered tail sprouts from his lower back to aid in balance while in flight.

His usual wear consists of what seems to be an aviator jacket that has seen better days, most notably are the large holes in the back to allow Keaton's wings to be used. It does seem a little too small, or at the least not long enough for the man. Underneath is a basic blue-grey long sleeve shirt. His pants are a pair of simple jeans, somewhat torn in some places from constant use, and his shoes are a pair of worm out tennis shoes.

[Species Classification]:
Pidgeot Near-Human

Mud-Slap, Air Slash, Feather Dance, Tailwind, Whirlwind, Heat Wave

[Current Stamina]:

[Personality]: TBD

[Background]: Being born between two scientists in a lab below Snowpoint City, notably far beneath the temple, Keaton was offered up by his mother to be tested on when they found out that they would have a child. Of course, when he was born, he had little nubs for wings, no feathers anywhere on his body, which was a disappointment to his parents. While growing up, Keaton didn't get much emotional care from his parents, more so being used as a test subject for them, like a science project.

Growing older did allow for feathers to grow, which then the tests changed from overall physicality to now testing out flight with a humanoid body. It was stressful, especially when the tests called for stamina flights. If he landed, he would be electrocuted. This did help him develop his flight muscles a lot quicker than expected, but at the same time always made Keaton exhausted. Sooner or later, when he was in his teen years, Keaton would be a little more stubborn when it came to tests, even sometimes just not obeying. That did get him into trouble, which made the half-human get put in his place one too many times.

After an escape attempt, he was finally free. Of course, that also meant that the lab below was thrown into disarray due to multiple errors, but Keaton was finally able to breathe fresh air and see the sun for the first time. Even if it was absolutely freezing on the surface.

[Extra Details]: TBD

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[Species Classification]:
Near-Human (Torracat)

Flamethrower | Fire Fang | Bite | Scary Face | Double Kick | Fury Swipes

[Current Stamina]:

For the most part, Calverus appears very humanlike especially from a distance. Closer up it becomes more clear what he is. His ears being replace with dark furred ears, often tucked behind his fluffy red hair the slowly fades to a similar darker shade lower down. His eyes are those of a Torracats, similar in shape and color. His top two canines are much sharper, accenting a number of his nasty expressions. He's got a tail, though he usually tries to keep it hidden, wrapped around his body under his clothing. He typically wears a high collared, long sleeved shirt under a graphic tee. The high collar usually ends up framing the fire bell around his neck. He stands at around 4' 8".

Childish and volatile, Calverus isn't an easy one to be around. Simple conversations can quickly dissolve into violent arguments from just a few poor word choices. His nasty exterior unknowingly covers up his more sensitive nature. Perhaps a paragon of the nature vs nurture arguments Calverus is caught in a massive conflict between who he is by nature, and who those around him have forged him to be.For all his efforts to try and push people away he still finds himself clinging to those few constant figures in his life. If their actions don't match up with his personal image of them he jumps to rash and antagonistic conclusions, always painting his companions in a power-hungry and selfish light. Even with this all in mind he is very possessive of his allies, and if he feels like he's been abandoned in any sense he begins to slip into his victimizing mindset.Calverus never stops to think before he acts, lives his life simply reacting to the different obstacles thrown his way. His impulsive behavior tends to make his problems worse, but by the time he's able to calm down and look at his situation it's grown out of control.

He insists on taking care of these problems by himself, and he won't accept help from others even when he's worked himself into another frenzy.Like his brother, Calverus can be very blunt with his words and opinions. He won't hesitate to voice out his insulting comments when he thinks of them, though his affronting vocabulary is about as expansive as a child's. Cal doesn't care much for those he's hurt across his destructive path until he's caught in one of his more vulnerable moments. When his emotions are running too high and keep conflicting with eachother Calverus scurries into solitude where he feels safe to work out his guilts.The more calm Calverus is at any given moment the more likely it is that small details of his former self pop-up. He'll act more childish, but in a sort of curious or harmless teasing kind of manner. He'll fawn over just about any creature (cats especially, they're his personal favorite animal!) and sticks extra close to Lysander, finding comfort in his brother (though Calverus might not ever admit that the two are related, or that he even cares at all). Cal still doesn't paint a picture of any sort of happiness while lie this, still frowning and acting a bit like a grump, but it's probably the best his mood will ever get.



Calverus found it hard to recieve the attention he craved as he grew up, struggling to meet the seemingly unspoken expectations placed upon him. When he was nine he caught sight of Lysander and was immediately intrigued by the older boy. He looked up to Lysander in everything and stuck close to his side. He wasn't oblivious to the boy's annoyance towards him at first, but still he stuck by Lysander's side. However as he grew up seeing Lysander being treated more differently he struggled to comprehend why the scientists did this. He kept striving to gain their affection, growing more frustrated and upset by his failures. Calverus would get angry each time Lysander succeeded where he failed, and their relationship began to deteriorated.

[Extra Details]:
Speaks human far more fluently than he does Pokemon, he really just knows the basics there.


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For those wondering about reserving spots: You don't need to worry too much, just let me know you'd like to participate.
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need 8 preferably to start
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Title: Update

As of now, three of the five Events that are currently planned have the basic framework. I still need to figure out the amounts of materials for each Event, as well as what the dice roll will need to be to get what you need.

For now, because I still have a good deal of work to do, I'm planning to wait at least 3 days before I get this RP started.

Don't worry: Just because the RP will have started by then, it doesn't mean you can't join us. You'll just have to fill out a character sheet and wait a single RP day to officially join.
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[Name]: Callista Nyx Harper

[Species Classification]: Near-Human (Milotic)
[Abilities]: Marvel Scale | Cute Charm (hidden)
[Moveset]: Dragon Tail | Waterfall | Surf | Hyper Beam | Blizzard | Disarming Voice
[Current Stamina]: 300

[Appearance]: pink-and-blue hair like cotton candy tied in plaits, a muscular body, constantly wearing grey sleeveless sweats. her eyes are a sunshine yellow, and just like Milotic, she has relatively serpentine features, coming in at 5”6’. she has two antennas on top of her head, and her hair is ribbon like. Apart from that, she also possesses an actual tail, which she doesn’t really mind showing.

[Personality]: INTJ The Intellectual | 5w4 The Philosopher

She is confident, analytical, and ambitious in terms of behavior. Callista loves to pursue knowledge and tends to be very logically minded. She tends to listen to her strong intuition and loves to see how everything connects together. She is focused on the bigger picture and may overlook small details.
Intellectuals are very logical and rational. She bases her decisions on what makes sense and might have a harder time connecting emotionally. Callista is organized and prefer following a plan, loving to set and achieve goals (more tbc in rp)

[Gender]: Female (Optional depending on Pokémon species)

[Age]: 20

[Background]: Born to a pair of scientists, Callista was raised in a lab. She had a special tank made for her, thanks to her frequent dives deep into the water chamber she was in, despite hitting the bottom several times and injuring herself. Her tank is many meters deep, and wide enough. She has her own room when she goes on land as well. She loves collecting seashells, and like Milotic, she is like the beauty of the sea. However, she is also rather deceptive and manipulative, often using her beauty to bargain for little Knick knacks from the scientists, charming her way through the coldest of hearts. She possesses a lovely voice, hence she is given the nickname “Siren of the Sea” Once she turned 15, she hatched a plan to escape. She drowned the scientist holding her captive, filling the lab almost to its brim. Somewhat obsessed with beauty, she turned the lab into a safe haven, a beach with glass shards as the shimmering sand, and encouraged the growth of trees, weaving them into her room to form a sort of hideout. Callista adores anything pretty, going to great lengths to keep her things safe. Callista’s past is riddled with many blank spots amongst a tangled web of memories, presumably having been wiped by the scientist. She frequently wanders along the remaining hallways, trying to trigger her memories. Her moral compass is somewhat broken, having lost the ability to empathise with others, but she is also lonely, and will be fiercely loyal should she make a friend. Callista faintly remembers having a friend, a Primarina Hybrid. She remembers times where they swam and played together, frolicking in the water and conversing in Pokemon. However, she can’t remember the death of the hybrid, assuming the hybrid suddenly disappeared. She wears a necklace around her neck, with two small charms. One is that of a Milotic, and the other a Primarina. Callista never takes the necklace of, keeping it as a memory of the only friend she ever had. Callista remembers the hazy pain, suddenly being able to speak Pokemon, hearing the cries of the Milotic and the urge to comfort the said creature. She remembers waking up, the Milotic gone, and she somehow feeling like she became part Milotic.

[Extra Details]: Speaks mostly fluent English and Pokémon

sweet as sugar, deadly nightshade
If you want me to be insulted, I first have to value your opinion <3

Moondust in your lungs
Stars in your eyes
You are a child of the cosmos
Ruler of the Skies
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Dahlia Vulloe - The Wicked Mage of the Night

Show hidden content
[Name]: Dahlia Vulloe

[Species Classification]: Hybrid - Mismagius

[Abilities]: Levitate

[Moveset]: Perish Song | Dark Pulse | Mystical Fire | Shadow Ball | Dazzling Gleam | Psychic

[Current PP]:

[Appearance]: Something like this, but Dahlia has longer hair with large red beads every few inches starting at her shoulder. She loves to collect flashy, dark-colored jewelry to adorn herself with, always making sure she looks stunning and mysterious.

[Personality]: As a hybrid, with a ghost type no less, her reputation among the few who have interacted with her hasn't been the greatest. Her dark, morbid sense of 'humor' is enough to drive others away, and her temper doesn't make it any better. Dahlia has never been the social type, and spends her time hidden in the shadows and observes from beyond. She quite enjoys eavesdropping as it betters her understanding about beings other than her self. The mage usually tends to get distracted, though, and can easily fall victim to her own reckless habits. She occasionally casts spells and other incantations on those she spies on, and always somehow gets away with it. This has led to a childish behavior she has, where her mind only focuses on herself and herself only. She believes the world revolves around her, and due to the lack of discipline and punishments she should've had, thinks she can get away without a slap on the wrist. Even though she has a bratty attitude, the seemingly heartless hybrid does have a soft spot for children, pokemon or human. She loves to perform tricks to the few she manages to meet and can't help but to kidnap borrow those she sees.
Since I'm really bad at this stuff, the rest of her personality is TBRPD

[Gender]: female

[Age]: 24

[Background]: As most hybrids usually are, Dahlia comes from a particularly dark past. She hates mentioning it, so much so that she has a deep hatred for her own existence. All one can say about her past is that it's a lot to take in, but so far, there's not a single person alive who knows her history...
Laziness is one hell of a motivation killer, so her backstory is TBRPD

[Extra Details]: She fluently speaks both human and pokemon