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Trainerlevel: 39

Trainerpoints: 1,314/4,601


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
20591,479 / 126,691
15635,145 / 161,649
(MissingNo. (Kabutops))
14344,495 / 186,980
(MissingNo. (Aerodactyl))
1193,906 / 112,531

About Me!

"You've encountered a shiny Hisuian Zorua/Sawsbuck!"

Noah - He/They

• Dummy Trans 'Adult'
• Unova and Monster enthusiast!
• An Artist and Voice Actor!
• Current fixation: PKMN & MHA.
• A Hisuian Zorua/Sawsbuck fusion IRL.
(A Shapeshifter!)
• Other Names: Coffee & Snowy.

• Important info to know while interacting!
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- I am diagnosed with a lot of things such as ADHD, Autism, Psychosis, Depression & Anxiety so be mindful, please!

-I might not always be available! Please do not pressure/rush me to do something.

-My memory is not the best so if I forget something a little reminder is ok!

-I'm not good with talking to people but chances are if I interact with you a lot (Clicking, Sending Plushies, ETC.) I wanna be friends!

-PFP ordered by me, made by (X)
-GIF Sprites ordered from Yamper!

~ ♡ ~
+ Send A Plushie? +

~ ♡ ~


Shiny Hunt

HisuianZorua is currently hunting Solar Eevee.
Hunt started: 19/08/2022

Chain: 34


Pixel Headshot Commission Info

- All of my shading, blending, and details are done by hand. I also do not have super specific prices due to people pricing my art differently! I accept payment in Nuggets/PD and if you don't have a lot I accept added items along with the payment such as Gems, Mystery Items, and Valuables!

(Estimated/Recommended price:
75k PD ~ 250k PD / 55 ~ 150 Nuggets)

- Please do not rush me if you had paid or are waiting for the final result, I tend to go through a lot in general and sometimes lack motivation. Nonetheless I keep my promise of finishing it just as I've done for my past customers!

- Feel free to PM me about what you want me to draw! I am currently restricting myself to Pokémon/Pokémon Fusions/PKMN Characters as Pokémon/Pokémon OC's or Sona's (Be sure to have a ref if you have one!).


Current Order:

Wendigo (SHADING)

Future Orders:

1: NekoScrub (PAID)
2: (EMPTY)
3: (EMPTY)






[x] Do 10 separate shiny hunts (10/10)
[x] Get 1,000,000+ PD
[x] Get Premium
[ ] Hunt a Shiny-Mega PKMN (0/1) (My OT/Long Term Goal)
[ ] Hunt a Legendary/Mythical PKMN (0/1) (My OT/Long Term Goal)

Complete the Kanto Dex (147/151)

Complete the Johto Dex (94/127)

Complete the Hoenn Dex (75/155)

Complete the Sinnoh Dex (58/138)

Complete the Unova Dex (167/175)

Complete the Kalos Dex (58/117)

Complete the Alola Dex (48/140)

Complete the Galar Dex (26/125)

Complete the Hisui Dex (14/25)

Game Records

Trainer ID: #388903062
Registration: 16/05/2018 (4 Years ago)
Game Time: 585:17 Hours
Total interactions: 380,320
Money: 358,292
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Another week, another time of nOT GETTING EVENT EGGS FROM THE DAYCARE AAaa-- ;A;
23 Days ago
#Birthdaybomb Happy early birthday, man! :]
1 Month ago
YOOO GUESS WHO'S BACK at least for a moment (and hopefully more often)!

I apologize for such a long break, I didn't expect a specific time stamp but I'm getting back on to get to work on art again hopefully and to break my recent cycle.

Again I deeply apologize to anyone who has been trying to message me, order from me, and ETC. I really needed this break and with recent weather stuff I sadly got sick for a moment but I'm fine now, don't worry! I hope that everyone is doing well and I can't wait to see what's been going on because I haven't been on my computer in a hot minute... Yes, it was very dusty because I am dusty crusty blehh
1 Month ago
Hiii, your local dummy here..

I've been meaning to say that I'll probably be on a small hiatus/break until I'm motivated again not only to make art but play on PH. No, no one here has bothered me (thank god) and it's nothing specific! I just have had not much time to be on my computer and since it's not very good and very slow (me, only having chrome open with 4 tabs) it's just not my thing right now. Quite literally this things takes 10-30 minutes just to load and not be slow/doesn't freeze up.

Besides that, any orders that are in WILL be finished eventually, I'll banish myself if I do not finish them, I swear it. But seriously right now I just need a break and time to myself irl and to my current partner. Again, I'm sorry to any customers and further on to my friends.

I do not know how long I'll be gone, and no I am NOT LEAVING THE SITE!! DON'T WORRY ^^'
I just need a break from my crappy computer and some fresh air.
Thank you guys for understanding!
-From Noah.
2 Months ago
Speed Click Saturday
Sat, November 5th
02:00AM - 02:10AM
36 Seconds ago

Global interaction goal:
157,441 /
160,000 interactions ✗

Your interactions:

3 Months ago
Bweeeeehh I'm so happy with how my most recent commission came out,,(ty Zane!!)!

I put it up as one of my examples ^w^
I'm just really happy because each time I get a separate commission I slowly improve and I'm just happy with myself but also exhausted in a sense..
3 Months ago
SCS is coming up! Good luck to everyone at reset! :D
3 Months ago

Sad to see you go, man :<
Nonetheless, safe journeys...
3 Months ago
Why does my gummy brain not know how to save PD...
3 Months ago
(Sorry for close feeds!)
I'm gonna yell, all I need left is Pansear and Simisear (Separate trades are up in GTS) for my Unova dex and after that I might ask to borrow Meloetta for Genesect... That or buy two from someone with Nuggets, I'm not sure, I don't even know how much they would cost-.. ;v;
3 Months ago
My first honey tree shiny,,
3 Months ago
If I made a best friend list under my 'random things' panel would anyone wanna be added? ^w^

I mean if you do just comment confirmation and your favorite Pokémon :>
3 Months ago
what the heck how did I get a.. harvest victini egg? I think??
3 Months ago
Yes, I may have stood up for hours and clicked my hand off for the MissingNo. Aerodactyl Egg.

Worth it.
3 Months ago
I've been frolicking in the Berry Gardens a ton...

Working on Level 30 to get the Musketeer Trio (Cobalion, Terrakion, and Verizion)! All I can hope is that I'll have the Egg storage for them or hatch a shiny before I hit LV30.. ;w;
3 Months ago
3 Months ago
I hope you feel better soon!! Remember to stay hydrated :>
3 Months ago


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Random stuff :]

Best Friends!

3 Random Facts!

I love to shiny hunt!
My proudest hunt was on Pokémon Black while shiny hunting Kyurem for 2 Months of manual soft resetting, their name is Abyss. My longest chain is of 1000+ on Pokémon Shield of Galarian Slowpoke.

I study animals!
With be being an artist I study animal body structures and how most live and act, and with so I know a lot of random animal and bug facts. I could rant and go on about a few off the top of my head.

I love loud music!
Some of my favorite music artists are Creep-p, MARETU, Siouxxie, Rebzyyx, Lemon Demon, Futret and Renard (Most Lapfox stuff), and much more relating to Hyperpop, Breakcore, Otacore, Electronic, ETC.


My Trainer Card!


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