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Trainerlevel: 45

Trainerpoints: 870/6,119


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Wingull16 / 8
Pineco15 / 8
Pawniard16 / 8

About Me!

"You've found a shiny Hisuian Zorsbuck!"

Coffee/Noah - He/They

• Dummy Trans Adult
• Unova and Monster enthusiast!
• An Artist and Voice Actor!
• Current fixation: PKMN, MHA, OP.
• A Hisuian Zorua/Sawsbuck fusion.
(A Shapeshifter!)

• Important info to know when interacting!
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- I am diagnosed with a lot of things such as ADHD, Autism, Psychosis, Depression & Anxiety so be mindful, please!

-I might not always be available! Please don't pressure/rush me to do something.

- Please do NOT send a simple 'hi' message, instead please greet and state your business in the first message! Anything begging will result in a block.

-My memory is not the best so if I forget something a little reminder is ok!

-I'm not good with talking to people but chances are if I interact with you a lot I wanna be friends!

-PFP made by me!
-GIF Sprites ordered from Yamper!
-Site Pokésona Plush edited/made by me!
-Pokésona is owned by me!

~ ♡ ~
+ Send A Plushie? +

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Pixel Headshot Commission Info

Rules / Important!
- All of my shading, blending, and details are done by hand! I accept payment in Nuggets/PD and if you don't have a lot I accept added items along with the payment such as Gems, Mystery Items, and Valuables!

- Please do not rush me if you had paid or are waiting for the final result, I tend to go through a lot in general and sometimes lack motivation. Nonetheless I keep my promise of finishing it just as I've done for my past customers! It's okay to pay before or during the process, feel free to ask ANY questions if you're interested or for a progress picture if I'm currently working on your order!

(ALSO! If you want background bubbles just let me know when asking for an order! Unfortunately I can't make the BG transparent.)

- Scroll down to see more!
(Wait List, Prices, Examples, What I Do and Don't Do, ETC.)

Status: OPEN! (ASK!)

Current Order:

Tord (Shaded Full Body!)

Wait List:

1: (EMPTY)
2: (EMPTY)
3: (EMPTY)



[X] Get 1M+ PD
[ ] Hunt a SM PKMN (0/1)
[ ] Hunt a Legendary/Mythical PKMN (0/1)
[ ] Complete Unova Shiny Dex (?/175)

[X] Complete the Kanto Dex (151/151)

[X] Complete the Johto Dex (127/127)

[X] Complete the Hoenn Dex (155/155)

[ ] Complete the Sinnoh Dex (138/138)

[X] Complete the Unova Dex (175/175)

[ ] Complete the Kalos Dex (114/117)

[ ] Complete the Alola Dex (108/140)

[ ] Complete the Galar Dex (109/125)

[ ] Complete the Hisui Dex (17/27)

[ ] Complete the Paldea Dex (27/30)

[ ] Complete the Emera Dex (67/336)

[O] Complete the Retro Dex (44/44)

[ ] Complete the Mega/Giga Dex (10/126)


Last Action
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Game Records

Trainer ID: #388903062
Registration: 16/05/2018 (5 Years ago)
Game Time: 867:48 Hours
Total interactions: 569,498
Money: 637,554
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Ok guys GIVEAWAYY ALEERRRTT #Orbeetle'sComingToTown
heres the rules, use the hashtag, get put in a raffle and names will be pulled
#1- Mega Pokemon and Mystery Items worth 850k
#2- Shiny Pokemon and 45k PD
#3- Mega-Able Pokemon plus some PD
Yesterday, 23:13
Please don't mind me, just bumping up my suggestion qwq.. (Nervous because it's my first)

Also I spent a bunch of Gems on Galar eggs, slowly making my way to complete more dex entries! I think the biggest issue will not just be expensive mons but some evo/forme-change items, hm...
2 Days ago
You fed Jacob a Oran Berry!

The Pokémon raised by 9,762 Exp. Points.

You have been rewarded with 6 Pokédollar!
4 Days ago
Hihi, H.Zorua here!

I just want to say that I apologize for my slight inactivity and to my customers I’m sorry for being slow with my orders, I’ve been going through a lot of health stuff irl and art block has been hitting me hard though I do have the sketch down for my current customers so hopefully once I get the ball rolling it shouldn’t take too long!

On a side note I hope that everyone has a good holiday season this year! I’ve been working with my storage boxes as well and I might be headed to maybe work on the Emera dex in the future, currently it’s not my top priority and the canon dexes are going first :]
5 Days ago
By ShinxThunderFangCrunch
Share from the hashtag down, and like the original feed to enter! Ends when my birthday (December 6) does OS. Winner will be chosen via random.org, you WILL NOT be shown proof as if you think you're entitled to seeing the results then you don't have to enter.
1st place: 1 Shiny Skarigami with golden star(s), 1 MA Skarigami with golden star(s), 300k PD, 4k Nuggets
2nd place: 1 Shiny Skarigami with golden star(s), 1 MA Skarigami with golden star(s), 150k PD
3rd place: 1 Shiny Skarigami with golden star(s), 1 MA Skarigami with golden star(s)
7 Days ago
I apologize for my slight inactivity, I’ve mostly been caught up in doing commission work and also personal health stuff. Don’t be afraid to check out my commission panel, if it means I can make things for people I’m happy enough :]

Besides so, I’ve had to have a meter put on to record my sugar levels, I’m not diabetic but have been having on and off low sugar levels and had to head to the ER twice last month. I’m trying what I can to slowly fix my diet or eat more so that’s a thing. Just an update on things happening currently but I promise to hang in there!

On a side note, *pokes at previous feed* if you want please do check out my very first suggestion, please!
19 Days ago
Hihi! So I am a bit nervous but I made my first ever suggestion post on PokéHeroes! I’ve had the thought for a while and yyeah qwq

Check it out here!
22 Days ago
Happy early birthday! :D
27 Days ago
Not sure what to exactly say so I suppose I'll give a few random Pokémon Facts that aren't commonly known.

The diet of Galarian Slowpoke are different from regular Kantonian Slowpoke, known to migrate over to the islands and feast on Galarica Seeds becoming a new variant. Therefore it's tail flavor becoming spicier while the Kantonian variant is more sweet. And yes, they can be harvested safely without damage to the Pokémon but Team Rocket was known to take them illegally.

Back in Hisuian times Zorua were banished and exiled for their trickery and thus the Hisuian variant are Zorua souls who linger in a new form, originally they were not built to withstand the cold climates and stronger Pokémon.

Alolan Sandslash are almost never seen to curl up into a ball unlike it's Kantonian variant, it's hide is too thick and the quills on it's back are pure steel and not actual icicles. It's body is naturally cold and produces a cold air around to keep itself sharp.
27 Days ago
By RatQueen - 22 Hours and 43 Minutes ago.
Do you like angel foodcake giveaways???

Then you're in luck.

I'm giving a mystery item to everyone that enters (unless, like, a thousand people enter) and about twelve, specially hunted shinies.

Whilst it ends on the 25th, December 1-12 (12 days of Christmas) I'll give away a shiny ice type. The grand prize will be a shiny Glaceon and whatever mystery items/PD I have...

Just share #FreeStuffChristmasEdition and like the original feed to enter.

See you soon!
1 Month ago
(Sorry For The Repost!)

Just a reminder that my commissions are completely open to orders currently!

I have updated my example picture that way there's one of each selection example! Feel free to look at my panel on my profile containing the info or ask me about anything via PMs!
1 Month ago
By TuxedoMon
When my Shiny Lunala (it will never leave my party) reaches level 1000, I will do a giveaway! prizes are:

1st place : 300 nuggets
2nd place : Magma stone + Frozen Lava (heatran and volcanion summon items)
3rd Place : 200k PD

To Enter:
1. Share hashtag (once a day for more entries)
2. Feed lunala berry daily (comment proof)
1 Month ago
By ShinxThunderFangCrunch

So, I'm looking for art to be made of my newest soul OC, Envoke (see previous feed for more details). To promote this I'm creating the giveaway #EnvokeTheEnby which will have the prize of 1k nuggets to a single winner. To enter, share the hashtag and this WHOLE feed. I will not accept simply putting the hashtag, as this is to try to get art of Envoke. I plan to pay whatever artist(s) I get for this character, but most art shops are currently closed, inactive, or don't deal in humanoid OC at this time of year. The giveaway ends when I get all the art I want of Envoke. This giveaway could last a week, it could last a month. It depends on how satisfied I am of whatever art I get commissioned!
1 Month ago
(Just listing my favorite horror games)
I gotta say I absolutely love Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion and FNaF 1!
1 Month ago
So I've been thinking about this for a while and I've been thinking (of course as a long-term goal) that eventually I'd like to complete the shiny dex for Unova :]

Any thoughts?
1 Month ago
Bweh, Finally almost done with the Kanto Dex!
I only need Articuno last.. Though it's a bit unfortunate that I haven't gotten any of the Bird Trio from the lab myself, though I'll keep trying to see if I get lucky! :D
1 Month ago
Beep Beep Reminder!
About my commissions they are still open so be sure to check my profile!

I have a lot more options now for anyone who's curious along with lowering some prices (mainly on Headshots)! Feel free to take a glance or ask about anything if you're curious about ordering from me! :D
1 Month ago
You fed Ditto a Oran Berry!

The Pokémon raised by 29,390 x 2 = 58,780 Exp. Points.
1 Month ago
You fed Ditto a Oran Berry!

The Pokémon raised by 37,962 Exp. Points.
2 Months ago
You fed Ditto a Oran Berry!

The Pokémon raised by 24,216 Exp. Points.
2 Months ago


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Random Facts!

I love to shiny hunt!
My proudest hunt was on Pokémon Black while shiny hunting Kyurem for 2 Months of manual soft resetting, their name is Abyss! My longest chain is of 1000+ on Pokémon Shield of Galarian Slowpoke.

I love loud music!
Some of my favorite music artists are Creep-p, MARETU, NWTB (NateWantsToBattle), LapFox, and much more relating to Hyperpop, Breakcore, Electronic, Rock, and ETC.


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