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Trainerlevel: 51

Trainerpoints: 5,082/7,853


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Drowzee13 / 8

Shiny Hunt

NaxRelu is currently hunting Drowzee.
Hunt started: 24/10/2023

Chain: 279

A little about NaxRelu

Hello, I am a 33 year old Mother of 2.
Happily in a relationship ♡.
Just call me Nax, I am female. Uh she/her.
DOB: July 15th, 1990

My Brother, An Amazing Person, Always Extremely Helpful

Favorite Pokemon : Umbreon & Houndoom
Favorite Region: Johto
Favorite colors: Black, Blue & HotPink
Favorite Drink: Mt. Dew
Favorite Pokemon Game: Crystal
Favorite Game: Final Fantasy XII & Tactics Advances 2
Favorite TV shows: Supernatural, Criminal Minds

Slowly adding more as it comes to me

Nintendo Switch FC: SW-8100-5066-4638

Pokemon Go FC: 1987 4662 1292
PSN: NaxRelu


~Normal Gems~

Goal = 10,000

~Nuggets for Egg Radar+ ~

Goal = 200

Premium & Flute - 500/1100
Rare Candies

Goal = 100


Collecting These Two Adorable Puppers

<3 Any & All Help is Greatly Appreciated <3
Updated: November - 28th - 2023

~Current Quests~

~Harvest Sprites Shiny~
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Chef: Cook 10,000 dishes.
Current : 3,069

Nappy: Catch 500 Pokémon at the Honey tree.
Current : 307

Hoggy: Make 10,000,000 interactions in total.
Current : 1,637,573

Timid: Have at least 10 different berries at Level 100.
Current : 0

Aqua: Adopt 50,000 eggs from the lab.
Current : 2,095

Staid: Catch 10,000 Pokémon at the beach.
Current : 931

Bold: Adopt 7,500 eggs from the Tall Grass.
Current : 405

40/50 Hatched

Updated : November 28th, 2023


Help Me Level These Mons?

Game Records

Trainer ID: #757403617
Registration: 27/12/2017 (5 Years ago)
Game Time: 806:19 Hours
Total interactions: 1,643,687
Money: 162,963
Starter Pokémon: Samurott (Hisuian)


Daycare gibs me da eggies!!!!
5 Days ago
I am confused.... My diance is missing. It shows the egg icon in the dex but it doesn't show and it's not in my boxes... Help?!
8 Days ago
So I finally stopped being lazy and updated my info on my profile lol. Some hadn't been updated since July, whoops lol
9 Days ago
I think I'll shiny hunt Pikachu next. So I'll need what 5shinies for everything? Including the gorging cramprant right? Or is my math not mathing lol
20 Days ago
Ough, I keep spending all my PD lately lol 😂
21 Days ago
I did not think that this Drowzee hunt would last this long. 138 hatched and still going :/
25 Days ago
So I got the marrowak and the areodactyl missingno. So only missing the kabutops one. Welp always next year lol
1 Month ago
... Wt... I just had a pic of drifloon and a kid pop up and I clicked it and it just went to the homepage.... What in the world was that!?
1 Month ago
Does the missingno marrowak break your chain?
1 Month ago
Finally got the shiny Squirtle plushie!!!!
1 Month ago
Does interactions with berries get you more candy or no?
1 Month ago
Not too big on horror because it's mostly gore. I prefer monster movies or sci-fi.
1 Month ago
Feed Dragonite in my party please!
1 Month ago
1 Month ago
2 Months ago
Today is the first day of school for my kids! Yay! lol only parents will understand this
3 Months ago
Trying to get on at least once a day. Pregnancy is kicking my butt. Palpad is always open if you are trying to reach me. I'll reply once I get on.
3 Months ago
Venting: on let's go Eevee, I've been hunting lickitung for a couple days. Had the chain over 80 again. And caught over 200. Was just running around waiting for shiny to spawn and guess who decides to be shiny.... Freaking Golbat! Ough!!!!
4 Months ago
I've finally reached Trainer level 50!!!
4 Months ago
Egg Radar+ for 200 nuggets is that permanent once you buy it?
4 Months ago

My Pokedex

National Dex: 1625/1701
Kanto Dex: 150/151

Kalos Dex: Diance?
Alola Dex: 140/144
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*Magearna (Poke, Great, Ultra, & Master)

Galar Dex: 120/129
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*Cramorant - Shiny Gulping
*Urshifu Single Strike
*Urshifu Rapid Strike
*Calyrex ShadowRider
*Calyrex IceRider

Hisui Dex: 26/27
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*Enamorus(Therian Forme)

Paldea Dex: 27/30
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° Miraidon

Emera Dex: 316/337
Too Many To List
Mega & Giga Dex: 87/126
Too Many To List
Retro Dex: 43/43 COMPLETED
Egg Dex: 457/782

**Pokemon Listed below Dex in spoiler are the Pokemon I am still missing for that Region.**
Updated: 11-28-2023

Name: Jewel
Adoptiere auch eins! @Pokémon Waisenhaus



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