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Trainerlevel: 54

Trainerpoints: 1,064/8,801


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Gay Butterfly
(Vivillon (Pride))
237112,285 / 169,219
Scatterbug10 / 8

PWYW Anthro Customs!

aixle's PWYW Anthro Customs!

Fair warning, these are going to be done on these free-to-use bases made by wooloo on Toyhouse!

These are pay-what-you-want, so how much you give is entirely up to you, but better payment will obviously mean a more detailed/intricately designed character. I will accept PDs, nuggets and items, although with items, I will be a little more picky.

If you are going to pay for one of these customs, you can give me an already existing character, offer a moodboard to have me create a character from it, or just give a simple description like a species, color palette, vibe, etc. and see what comes of it!

If you have any interest in this, either PM or PalPad me with your payment as well as the character, moodboard or description!

~Completed Customs~

Shayde, owned by tord!
Pete, owned by s1cklyc1tr1ne!
Daeva, also owned by tord

PFP Info

I will almost certainly always have my PFP be of my fursona Ny! He is my fursona, and was created by me and thus is not for use by someone else. My fursona, Ny the Fruit Bat! Feel free to ask me about him! The current version I have of him was made by the very talented GoSilverRaven over on Toyhouse!!


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #827100936
Registration: 19/02/2019 (5 Years ago)
Game Time: 1023:16 Hours
Total interactions: 608,196
Money: 473,233
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


New PFP, who dis?

Decided to finally start using some of the other PFPs I've gotten, so I'm using one I got from GoSilverRaven! Specifically from their shop on PFQ, but their shop is no longer around...
Today, 04:10
So, one of my siblings just said out of nowhere, "I realized, I know nothing about you." And I'm like, duh, I don't tell anyone anything about me really. Not most of my interests unless it's major parts of me, personal stuff or anything really, and even my best friends don't even know too, too much about me. I just never talk about myself.

I only let people know things about me that I have no problem with everyone knowing, otherwise, for the most part, I intend to remain a mysterious creature of a person. Both in person and online :P
Today, 03:03
I am actively working on my last 2 revenges I have right now, so after this, it is time to start throwing art at random people! Beware to anyone I have on artfight! Some violently average art is coming your way!
Today, 01:01
So, I kinda wish my vacation ended up not happening til end of next month. I know it ended badly, but that doesn't matter when if I had I gone at end of August, I could have possibly gone to Megaplex, since it will be right there in Orlando! And I was in Orlando! It certainly would have been a bit of a large furcon to go to as a first, but I could have possibly gone to one!
Yesterday, 22:12
Hehehe, my little goth bnuuy has been ordered! I can't wait til he comes in! Probably not coming in til mid next month though...
Yesterday, 20:13
So, I'm gonna be using some of the money I got on vacation to get me a super cute plushie I've wanted for a few years now. It's this adorable little guy! I need the little goth boy bnuuy!
Yesterday, 17:05
Did 2 attacks so far today! Did one of s1cklyc1tr1ne'sBenny and one of CelestiaCat's Trixy!

Had fun doodling these 2, and I have 2 more revenges to do before I go and just randomly attack people! Unless I get other attacks, in which case I'll then add those people to the revenge list! But after my long nap today, I had arting energy, so arting is what I did!
Yesterday, 02:33
I decided to add a second "Design an OC" thing to my Artfight, with it being a bit more specific this time!

I already had this design me an OC one, which I'm fine with as it can be for literally any kind of character designs.

But! I figured, Patch has gotten a lot more attention than I thought. And he's a Pokemon, and a stranger looking one at that. So why not have one for Pokemon! Maybe I'll get some cool Pokemon characters, maybe I won't, we'll see! Plus, I think the name was clever! Good nod to the show.
1 Day ago
Apparently I was still tired. I randomly fell back asleep and was out for 4 hours
1 Day ago
I went through and bookmarked characters for all the people I plan to attack and revenge. And uh, I have 15 attacks I need to work on. I am gonna be busy. Gonna work on revenge first, get revenges sent to the 4 people I still need to get and then I can work on just attacking others!
1 Day ago
So, I have figured out my plan of attack for today (quite literally as it's partly for Artfight)! So, I'm gonna do a bit more of the character design I'm working on. But alongside that, I'm gonna go through my Artfight list and figure out all the characters I wanna do and make sure I have them bookmarked for easy access. And maybe do a sketch up of a few of them as well?
1 Day ago
It's been so long since I traveled out of state that I forgot just how rough jet lag is. I'm so exhausted and I've not done all that much today. Like, being over in Florida, getting used to a 3 hour jump forward was quick and easy, but getting used to Cali's time again, I've been tired like, all day. To say the least, it is sleep time for me, even if I normally am up for another like, 2-3 hours. I'm not 100% back to normal me yet :/

But, I at least got some work done on a character design I started before I left, and I plan on doing some more work on it tomorrow, as well as working on maybe an attack or 2 for Artfight as well!
2 Days ago
Hey everyone! I'm looking for artists who do meme art and are willing to do meme art of Ny!

I have a lot of lovely art from so many different artists from across the internet, but somehow no meme art of him! I must remedy it.

If you, or anyone you know, happens to be an individual who is willing to do meme art, specifically meme art of an anthro character, PalPad me to let me know! I will likely end up asking to see some of your work, unless you're someone who I've already gotten art from, just so I know what I'm roughly expecting for art!
2 Days ago
So, a solution has been figured out for the problem I talked about the other day. So, I wasn't actually signed up for any of those things by them like I thought, but they wanted me to do so right away. But the solution! Just don't. They can't make me from across the country, and if they try and contact me to make me do it, just don't respond.

And if they try and sign me up for these things themselves, well, then it's fraud and we can take legal action! And given my aunt is a lawyer, I'm almost certain she knows that isn't an option and their hands on the situation are tied and I've got nothing to worry about :P
2 Days ago
I am finally home. Working on figuring things out, but right now I'm resting after all day of flying. Not gonna sleep so I can try and fix my sleep schedule, but I haven't slept in almost 36 hours, so I'm exhausted...
3 Days ago
Landed in Denver a little bit ago. Very busy, but it's nice here. Got a layover at 10:30, so I have a 2 and a half hour wait, and there's no open seats to be seen...
3 Days ago
Apologies everyone about my last feed. I know that was a bit, intense, you could say, especially since I never share super personal stuff like that here.

It is just a lot, got a ton I need to figure out, but all that has to wait til I get home. And that wasn't something I could just let sit and bottle up, since it's a massive effect on my life.

Anywho, leaving to head to the airport in less than 2 hours, 1 hours drive to the airport, flight isn't for another 5 and a half, but I won't be sleeping til some time on the plane possibly. Kinda ready to just get home and pet my cats and sleep
4 Days ago
Well. I regret this trip now. I officially don't have my own life to run any more.

My family I'm visiting literally signed me up for a bunch of college stuff, not even asking if I wanted to go and are going to keep me on track and in line with everything til I graduate. From across the country...

Like, I just wanted to live my life, doing my own thing and doing what I want to do. And now I can't, at least not til I get a degree in 3-4 years. Just so they'll leave me alone. Just why? Why did they have to go and take over MY life!?

This is apparently what I get for being related to a bunch of fairly successful people. My personal life is their plaything...
4 Days ago
Patch was done up in another mass attack on Artfight! I'm glad that people are liking my silly little Mew! Made them on a whim, and clearly that was a good idea :P
4 Days ago
Really early for me, as it's not even 6 am in Florida yet, but I had to get seat reservations done for my flight home. And since I got them, less that 24 hours til I catch a plane back home and about 36 til I actually get home!

A little weird to think my vacation is already on its last day, but I also miss my cats and wanna see them again, so I'm alright with it.
4 Days ago

About Me


Just a gay bat furry trying to peacefully exist on the internet! And an aspiring content creator on Youtube!

Certified fluffy bat moment.

Things about me: I am a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, specifically I am gay, and I'm a furry as well (what a shock. A gay furry!) I'm also an adult, constantly stuck in his own mental world surrounded by music and cursed memes from the internet. Personality is INTJ-A, whatever that exactly means.

Things I like: Pokemon (duh), dragons (on both Flight Rising and Dragon Cave), Cult of the Lamb, Animal Crossing, writing, drawing, baking and (badly) singing to songs I love.

I'm always open to random messages, but I can be very bad at replying to messages as a fair warning. Can also often come across as very dry in convo, because I am incapable of being a normal person.

Feel free to ask me anything about my fursona! I love him and am more than happy to talk your ear off about him!

~PH Friends~

Arts Stuffs

This is a home for various arts from the super talented people here on PH! Most, if not all, will likely be of my fursona, Ny. Also, here's his Toyhouse page, for all of the art I've gotten from across the internet!

Ny's ref sheet and outfits! For easy access for art stuff.

Fullbody of Ny made by berrypass.

Halfbody of Ny made by Komodoragon

A version of Ny that I made.

A couple of pieces of Ny made by ChirotheKitBat!

Fullbody of Ny made by HisuianZorua!

Fullbody of Ny made by Rice!

Some pixels of Ny made by SternenNacht!


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