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Trainerlevel: 66

Trainerpoints: 12,337/13,133


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP

About Me

Milla, also known as KingCobalion
• Age 19
• Game Developer/Player (mostly puzzle and rhythm)
• CS/Math Major @ UMD
• Genderfluid; any pronouns OK but I like to mix it up 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

PalPad's open if you want to chat although I'm fairly bad at keeping conversations going. No unsolicited trade offers (see below for my policy), spam, or other annoying stuff please. I won't hesitate to block you if you get on my bad side.
If I want to be friends with you it'll probably be fairly obvious! Of course if you'd rather not just let me know ;-;

Requests to rent out my Mr. Bagon hunt are always welcome. The price is 585 Nuggets for one month of Daycare eggs. Any shinies or mega-ables that hatch are yours to keep. (You do not receive Shiny Megas.)

Trading Policy:
• Only Pokemon in the "Extra" boxes are for trade. Please make a reasonable offer on them if you want to buy them.
• Low ball offers will not be tolerated.

I'm more likely to accept your trade if you offer:
Dragon Gems
Flying Gems

I do not have much use for most Gems, summoning items, etc. However, if the offer is reasonable I may still accept them.

Shiny Hunt

Milla is currently hunting Mr. Bagon.
Hunt started: 24/11/2023

Chain: 845
25 23 0

Hoards/Notes to Self

Donors for the SM Lord Salamence hunt - The Diary of an Iron Will

Please contact me for buying prices as they change often!

Raylong (hunt started)
Dragon Gems: 1,176 collected
Flying Gems: 1,893 collected

Tornadus (joint hunt with PenguinPowerful)
PenguinPowerful is collecting the Cold Rocks

Royal Tunnel/Game Center Stuff

Royal Tunnel Section

Current stock: All in extra boxes

Regirock: 5k PD
Regice: 10k PD
Registeel: 15k PD
Regigigas: 60k PD
Regieleki, Regidrago: 70k PD

Shiny Regirock, Regice, Registeel: 110k PD
Shiny Regigigas: 190k PD
Shiny Regieleki, Regidrago: 200k PD

I can also get you a normal/shiny Regigigas if you temporarily provide me the normal/shiny Hoenn Regis (Regirock, Regice, Registeel) and 30k PD as the service fee.

Game Center Section (Also visit the shop forum thread!)

You can always buy these as I use an order-based system for Game Center legends; there is no "stock".

Raikou: 23750 PD
Suicune: 31350 PD
Entei: 38000 PD
Manaphy: 80750 PD

The Art Panel

Lilac, from PenguinPowerful

Milla, from PenguinPowerful

Lilac, from AlienSnowflake

Game Records

Trainer ID: #249229349
Registration: 13/07/2017 (6 Years ago)
Premium member until 01/Dec/2024
Game Time: 988:32 Hours
Total interactions: 1,573,026
Money: 5,594,593
Starter Pokémon: Venusaur


Shiny hotstreak after a drystreak, makes sense xD
Yesterday, 19:51
Didn't even realize the fair was back.
Yesterday, 01:00
Finally 200+ egg shiny drystreak over
1 Day ago
Only now remembered to check Daycare eggs; probably lost a few, oops
2 Days ago
Forgot to check Daycare last night and now its overflowing with eggs ._.

Thankfully I noticed so I shouldn't lose anything.
Help me hatch my party!
6 Days ago
The winner of 1 million PD is...

Proof is here. Thanks everyone for helping hatch my eggs!
11 Days ago
The last Mr. Bagon egg in my Daycare has been adopted! I'll draw the winner soon
11 Days ago
Well, that was an experience. If you know you know

On a lighter aside, late Happy Valentine's Day since I forgot to say that earlier
12 Days ago
Reminder to look at my last feed for a chance to win 1M PD! Still got lots of eggs in Daycare
12 Days ago
Please help me hatch every egg in my Daycare! I'm really low on Powerorbs and Egg Storages so I can't do it alone!

If I manage to get through every egg in my Daycare without losing a single one I'll giveaway 1 million PD to a random user who likes this feed! (Ends when I either lose an egg or adopt every Mr. Bagon egg in my Daycare.)
12 Days ago

25 eggs?!
12 Days ago
16 eggs in Daycare! That's a number!
13 Days ago
Shiny and MA in the same party yet again.
22 Days ago
I have zero idea what is going on right now
But I'll share #QueerAndProud because yes!
24 Days ago
500+ eggs so time for a status report
20 shinies 15 megas 0 SMs

I keep getting excited for shinies but then it's just disappointment :(
1 Month ago
Not me forgetting to refresh my flutes and cuff again ._.
1 Month ago
Another Shiny and MA same party </3
1 Month ago
Shiny and MA same party again. Oh, the horror
1 Month ago
Shiny and MA literally back to back chain (332 and 333)

You serious?
1 Month ago
Scroll of Waters from Galar!
1 Month ago


2017 - 2022

Don't worry, you can still call me King or KC or just KingCobalion if you want!



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