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About Me

Hey there! My name is Starflight! You can call me Star, Starry, or whatever you can come up with lol

My top ten favorite Pokemon are: Cyndaqul, Luxio, Fletchinder, Salandit, Ampharos, Roserade, Manectric, Bisharp, Lanturn, and Breloom! Cyndaquil's my #1 though!

I'm not super active on here but I still have lots of fun on the site! I love to draw and animate AND I'M A HUGE SHIPPER and I collect the plushies on here so if you're feeling generous send me one I don't have..? :3

Feel free to chat or add me anytime!!

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Ralsei is currently hunting Wurmple.
Hunt started: 25/12/2018

Chain: 285

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Trainer ID: #189417397
Registration: 19/07/2015 (4 Years ago)
Game Time: 569:37 Hours
Total interactions: 217,164
Money: 496,271
Starter Pokémon: Meganium


Hi my sister has begged me to ask and I don’t really know so: are ditto worth any special amount on PFQ like they are here or are they just like a normal Pokémon?
1 Day ago
Me: I should break my wurmple chain.
Logi you have all the shinies you were looking for! Nice job now u can lab hunt for a while
Emotions: stupid. worms. srsly 166 for the first and then. 3 in one day. including twins. no. no more worms.

Me: but what if I somehow regret this
2 Days ago
hi I don't like getting into drama usually so I'm just gonna put this here

it would be really great to maybe not call anyone involved in the drama trash, because let's be real, we have all been trash at some point, and it's not making things any better to hurl insults back and forth, it just makes stuff not fun. I appreciate and understand that posting feeds to share a giveaway maybe is spam, but I also appreciate that it isn't easy to quickly change over to forums (especially for quick stuff that you want to gain awareness for quickly). so please;; don't insult others;; just maybe say 'hey for next time this might be good!' and if they don't take your advice, just please don't start trashing them;; and also please appreciate everyone who is generous to give stuff away in the first place because wow, that's really nice and maybe thank them instead of calling them trash/defending them by calling others trash cause that would be very polite and kind of you thats all thanks
2 Days ago
“The issue with the current mass-spamming is currently being taken care of! Don't worry, I'm here.

Important to be fully safe: Until further notice, do NOT click on any links that you see in feeds, receive via PM/Palpad or anywhere else. Be even suspicious when they are from a person that you know. This is a precaution.”

Dude Riako this was so comforting I’m not even joking?? The whole thing honestly kind of freaked me out and just seeing this just completely relaxed me...it was partly the “don’t worry, I’m here” all might anyone but also just the normal tone and reassurance of the post was awesome. Thanks for being so cool, Riako!!
4 Days ago
- I decided to call bunbun Hestia!
- I want one of those kebabs that we had earlier
- love hops battle music, also it’s cool that he had 2 Pokémon!
- wait what was that
- oh no the sheep!
- AAA no I wanna name bunbun! Ugh I guess I have to go to forest first
- ooooo I love the music here
- !! DOGGO
- w
- ???
- woah illusion dog?! This is so cooooool aaaa
- dude hop and I really just passed out
9 Days ago
Also yes I did have to go to Pokémon center to nickname scorbunny I accidentally said no when it asked xD still don’t have a name tho ummm
9 Days ago
-oh wow hop and Leon are brothers! That’s really cool
-WOAH ok so I just noticed that when I walk near hop he looks over at me and if I approach he grins and faces me that’s SO CUTE do all the people do that?!
-I’m gonna get tired of that pose real fast aren’t I
-aww Leon and hop are so sweet wait you’ve heard about me enough from hop to recognize me despite never having seen me before awwwwww does he talk about the player that much aWW
-ok I’m picking scorbunny I can’t resist those cute lil ears aa
-uhhhhhhh what do i name bunbun
-I’m gonna call him flash
-!! Female bunbun!!
-uhhhhhhhhhhh what to name
9 Days ago
Woah seeing the map on the loading screen is really cool, also I already love Hop. He’s like a mix of Hau and Barry, and Barry is my favorite rival, so honestly hop might become my favorite if they actually do anything with him
9 Days ago
9 Days ago
So I am watching the opening of shield now and really so far all I can say is that 1, I don’t trust mr announcer, and 2, the champion is very dramatic and I kind of love it
9 Days ago
So I just got Pokémon shield and will start playing it this afternoon does anyone want to hear my reactions/commentary on here (will probably post anyways but I’ll post more of them if y’all heart this post lol)
9 Days ago

This masterpiece was made by the wonderful Accio-Alexxx!! Please go check out the store where you can get your own!!
10 Days ago
By Accio-Alexxx - 2 Days and 2 Hours ago.
My Mega Skarmory - The First OS - Just hit level 400! To celebrate, I'm starting a giveaway!

First place wins... A Hollow Space Map!
Second Place wins... 50 Nuggets!

Like this feed, interact with 1st OS (comment proof) and share the hashtag #BabyGrowingUp to have a chance to win!

Ends 7th of January, PH time <3
12 Days ago
*listening to the broadway of Charlie and the chocolate factory*
Wow veruca is very dead and they all just sang about technology killing mike sooo this should be an interesting finish

*”The View From Here*
Hmmm that sounds...emotional.
*soft music*
oh no
*choked up voice* “I love my factory, Charlie.”

uh-oh, feelings
uh-oh, feelings
12 Days ago
By Nickit_Off_The_Top - 1 Day and 16 Hours ago.
Im going to be giving away my ENTIRE Pokefarm Q account to one lucky winner of the giveaway. Just like, share (not just the hashtag), and comment on the original post and i will pick winners when i feel like it. Good luck.
12 Days ago
*impatiently waits to be home alone so she can see if her tenor range matches wonka’s*
13 Days ago
hi my school is doing Willy Wonka as the musical for my senior year and I’ve been listening to the music and I’ve decided I need to be wonka because I understand him waaaaaaaayyyyy too much to NOT play him but also I have stage fright so

there might be a tiny internal conflict here

(Yeah I’ve acted before just never a lead haha my self confidence is much too low for that)
13 Days ago
Congratulations! A shiny Wurmple hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #278)!
18 Days ago



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