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Hello, my name is Ralsei! It's nice to meet you! I am 21 and attending college in the U.S. as a Mathematics major. Thanks for stopping by! Send a palpad anytime <3

Please, if you have the time, visit this page and this page; I promise it is worth your time :D


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Ralsei 5 Days ago
Ralsei 5 Days ago
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RainRipple 5 Days ago

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Ralsei is currently hunting Fomantis.
Hunt started: 17/02/2024

Chain: 140


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Trainer ID: #189417397
Registration: 19/07/2015 (8 Years ago)
Premium member until 30/Mar/2024
Game Time: 1375:26 Hours
Total interactions: 633,038
Money: 4,054,667
Starter Pokémon: Meganium


24k interactions later, got the 5 cards sent out! Ahh, procrastination…
5 Days ago
You can tell it’s going to be an…interesting day when the smell of food makes you both completely ravenous and on the verge of hurling. Running on about an hour of sleep, probably too many painkillers, Tums, and overhydration from the pills…well, at least it’s a snow day!
10 Days ago
Suggestions for a quick Valentine's Day hunt? I've already done Luvdisc and don't want to do any event hunts, fyi.
13 Days ago
13 Days ago
13 Days ago
(Psst. Hey guys, quick, while she's distracted. Go wish my best friend RainRipple a very happy birthday with a plush or two. Click her party maybe. Send her 100 pokedollars as a little treat and say "the florist sends his regards". Either way send her some love and birthday wishes, she deserves all of them!)
19 Days ago
Happy February!!! My favorite month!!! <3
23 Days ago
25 eggs hel p
1 Month ago
We’ll miss you, Jellie. ♥️
1 Month ago
Happiest of new years!!! Let’s do our best! 🎉
1 Month ago
Happy Christmas!!

I’m a little mad at myself for missing a door completely on accident but it’s okay!!! Hope your holiday is brilliant!!
2 Months ago
hello poke heroes i just want to say that guessing very silly things on hangman on CatLady's stream is very fun and you should do it if another one happens :3

(also sorry i disappeared randomly we lost our wifi for a while lol)
2 Months ago

- graduate uni!
- learn Catan
2 Months ago
*glances at notification wall*

hmmm…perhaps today isn’t such a bad day after all.
2 Months ago
Ok as much as some of the in-between stuff is....lackluster, I do really like the theme of redistributing some of the older Christmas events to newer users!!
2 Months ago
Wow, thank you all for the trades, tips, and support! I now have a LOT of electric gems HAHA!
2 Months ago
Is your item bag full of junk that you don't know what to do with? Well, you know what they say - one man's trash is another man's treasure! Why don't you head on down to Ralsei's Junkyard - I heard they let you keep anything nice you manage to find out in the yard if you hand over some junk, first.
3 Months ago
the day a certain user learns that it's "Sky Pillar" in the GTS is the day the world is finally at peace

(this is very /lh and silly i promise!! to this user thank you for offering fair trades unlike many people)
3 Months ago

we love a good non-spam giveaway!!

There's a glitch in the original Red/Blue/Yellow games coloquially called "Gen 1 miss" in which moves with 100% accuracy can actually miss!! The miss has a 1/256 chance to occur and is due to a programming quirk when calculating whether a move misses or not. Even crazier is the amount of times people have witnessed two Gen 1 misses in a row, which has a probability of 1/65,536 (about 0.000015%) to happen!!
3 Months ago
listen all im saying is that witches are terrifying in minecraft ok. #1 worst jumpscare of my life the first time i encountered one
4 Months ago

We don't know if Pokemon dream.

But let's hope that tomorrow,

the day after,

and even beyond that,

when they wake up, they will be with the one they love most.


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