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Trainerlevel: 49

Trainerpoints: 1,140/7,251


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Zorua (Hisuian))
736344,437 / 1,930,761

About Me!

"You've found a shiny Hisuian Zorsbuck!"

Coffee/Noah - He/They

Engaged! <3
• Dummy Trans Adult
• Unova and Monster enthusiast!
• An Artist and Voice Actor!
• A Hisuian Zorua/Sawsbuck fusion.

Important info to know when interacting!
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- I am diagnosed with a lot of things such as ADHD, Autism, Psychosis, Depression & Anxiety so be mindful, please!

-I might not always be available! Please don't pressure/rush me to do something.

- Please do NOT send a simple 'hi' message, instead please greet and state your business in the first message! Anything begging will result in a block. ONLY Pokémon in my ‘Unwanted’ box are for sale, otherwise nothing else is.

-My memory is not the best so if I forget something a little reminder is ok!

-I'm not good with talking to people but chances are if I interact with you I wanna be friends!

-PFP made by me!
-GIF Sprites made by Yamper!
-Site Pokésona Plush made by me!
-Pokésona is owned by me!

~ ♡ ~
Send A Plushie?

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Pixelated Commission Info

Rules / Important!
- All of my shading, blending, and details are done by hand! I accept payment in Nuggets/PD and if you don't have a lot I accept added items along with the payment such as Gems, Mystery Items, and Valuables!

- Please do not rush me if you had paid or are waiting for the final result, I tend to go through a lot in general and sometimes lack motivation. Nonetheless I keep my promise of finishing it just as I've done for my past customers! It's okay to pay before or during the process, feel free to ask ANY questions if you're interested or for a progress picture if I'm currently working on your order!

(ALSO! If you want background bubbles just let me know when asking for an order! Unfortunately I can't make the BG transparent.)

- Scroll down to see more!
(Wait List, Prices, Examples, What I Do and Don't Do, ETC.)

Status: CLOSED / ASK !

Current Order:


Wait List:

1: (EMPTY)
2: (EMPTY)
3: (EMPTY)



[X] Get 1M+ PD
[ ] Hunt a SM PKMN (0/1)
[ ] Hunt a Legendary/Mythical PKMN (0/1)
[ ] Complete Unova Shiny Dex (?/175)

[X] Complete the Kanto Dex (151/151)

[X] Complete the Johto Dex (127/127)

[X] Complete the Hoenn Dex (155/155)

[ ] Complete the Sinnoh Dex (138/138)

[X] Complete the Unova Dex (175/175)

[ ] Complete the Kalos Dex (117/117)

[ ] Complete the Alola Dex (120/144)

[ ] Complete the Galar Dex (122/129)

[ ] Complete the Hisui Dex (17/27)

[ ] Complete the Paldea Dex (33/36)

[ ] Complete the Emera Dex (237/349)

[O] Complete the Retro Dex (44/44)

[ ] Complete the Mega/Giga Dex (16/126)


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #388903062
Registration: 16/05/2018 (6 Years ago)
Game Time: 1022:20 Hours
Total interactions: 724,844
Money: 369,102
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Happy Birthday! :D
Yesterday, 05:20
Spent I thing a bit over 4k DP for the shiny Lugia plush, whew… Time to start saving up again for Mew in the future, just the shiny plush mostly-

One day I would like to try completing the plushie collection 100%
4 Days ago
Thank you so much Tord for helping me get a Shiny Arrokuda for my Galar Dex! You deserve great thanks for the hard work :]
6 Days ago
By Svenja
500 Nuggets! <3

Share/Copy this post in your Profil with my Nametag & the following hashtag: #Pokesummer2024
7 Days ago
By Anniversary - 10 Minutes and 30 Seconds ago.
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I didn’t expect this but whoo! How time flies…
10 Days ago
Deciding to spread the word on some stuff!

So I've seen people complaining about how Riako is somehow a scammer and stuff about WonderCards? But these events are usually when a News feed pops up about obtaining a MON (Excluding ones like Shaymin and Kyurem). This does not include the Solar Eevee evo items because it is an ITEM.
Ones that would count are things like Kubfu, Lechonk, Fidough, ETC. coming to Emera for a certain time. People also say on how WonderCards are a scam because they "cost irl money or nuggets", buying from the event shop doesn't have you a WonderCard! It's only when the Event Distribution is active in Emera with a MON. This also counts for new Retros like recently we can Retro Entei, Raikou, and Suicune. This also counts for mons that would be in the event dex that are new like how we had Toxtroll! In the end it's ultimately depended on the Event Distribution of distributing MONS!

(Continued in comments / My opinion!)
11 Days ago
Gonna try to hunt for an Arrokuda,, Sort of nervous because I haven't shiny hunted in a while and I'm paranoid I'll continue habits of just picking up eggs. I feel like I would burden someone by asking to hunt it for me or seem lazy >:[ I would like to try doing it myself to see what happens, maybe I might get lucky who knows-
Recently I've been using the DayCare for missing event dex entries like an evo line and etc. which I've been slightly happy with myself for getting to the goals I want!

But... Whew it's tough >.<;
15 Days ago
Just hopping in to post something bweh,,

User: HisuianZorua (But I also go by Entr0pyCoffee and SawsbucksCoffee!)

Favorite color: Green!

Favorite song: I personally like a lot but currently it’s (Give Heart Records - Count The Teeth)

Favorite pokemon: Sawsbuck, Stantler, Kyurem, Zorua, Tepig, and Totodile! (Most Unovan and Johto mons)

Favorite food: Beef Ramen and Burgers ;w;

PokeHeros Bestfriend: Anyone who’s on my profile panel, if you’re not there then the people who are on PokeHeroes and Discord that I interact with! (Hi!)

PokeHeros goal: To complete each dex and one day have a shiny living Unova dex, and to the extention to be someone people look up to :]
17 Days ago
Looking for some items and a Shiny Arrokuda for Galar Dex! Deciding to say this on a feed to hopefully spread the word and gain more attention of so! <:]

Item Trade
Arrokuda Trade

Please let me know if I need to increase the price at all on these trades! :'D
19 Days ago
At episode 314 of One Piece, we out here sobbing <3
20 Days ago
By Zacharie

Hehe, well... I suppose this marks the end?

There will be 10 "winners", while the rest get to take whatever is left in my boxes. The rewards in no particular value order, but the rewards currently...

1. shiny retro Suicune+ 750k + 7 Star Piece
2. 250k + Mega stone + Ditto
3. 11 Shinies and a few legendaries (whatever the person wants, in case they don't want 4 Hoopas)
4. Black Mystery key + Ultra Sadle + 10 Dragon Gems
5. Art of Combat + Dark stone

and a few other things, less of value of course (all my berries, form change items, evolution items, gems, boxes and keys, bait, relics... stuff like that)

this will go until... May 15? who knows.
anyways, spread this around, if you'd please
21 Days ago
Thinking about shiny hunting Solar Eevee again though I also had the thought of maybe doing hunts for people but it’s already pretty difficult to get event eggs just for dex and my previous hunt of it I was lucky to get a shiny under a chain of 100. It would probably be a good source of currency (base being 50k+ for the poke radar and payment as I don’t have premium?) but it would also take an incredibly long time since I’m not chronically online and have an egg storage of 2 xP

Oh well thoughts happen!
Though I definitely might hunt for myself again since I haven’t had luck with Lab Hunting. I think I’m just missing the Saturn and Jupiter Sphere currently.
23 Days ago
Hi! It's just me again ( I really don't know how to start feeds.) and I need a bit of help involving my drawing thing!

So I got votes tallied in BUT I had some complications and so instead I have slimmed down the options, instead I'll need as many people to pick a number between 1 and 6! (Though it isn't super important just I would like outsider votes-)

I will not be saying what number means what since it's just random votes to try and spread out the voting (and Kanto was really popular but I didn't want to copy people who already are doing that region..) and because it's just for fun/to help me figure out what to pick.
In the end thank you so much, these random numbers will help me out :D
26 Days ago
If I wanted someone to shiny hunt me a Pichu and Arrokuda how much would it be? I need those two for Cramorant Dex Entries,, ;w;
1 Month ago
Hey! So I was wanting to do an art related challenge with myself dealing with Pokémon!

Basically what I need help with first is I need to know which region to draw and I want you guys to tell me which one! After the region is chosen I will draw each Pokémon in the highest voted region!

The reason I’m not doing a poll on my profile is because 1. People might want to change their vote and 2. I want to be interactive :]

So to start just comment down below ONE region you guys would like to see drawn, also only canon regions (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola, Galar, Paldea)!
1 Month ago

Give Heart Records - Leave Me Behind
1 Month ago
1 Month ago
I’m really hoping that after this event we have a main way to gain Gimmighoul Coins, I don’t know if the coin page/idea will be permanent on site and just the way to obtain the mon Gimmighoul will change.
1 Month ago
Random shiny karp?? Was just hatching eggs for Gimmighoul Coins, no chain at all- e.e
1 Month ago
I finally found my first Gimmighoul by myself aughghbh ;w;
1 Month ago


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Random stuff!

Good Buds!

Random Facts!

I love to shiny hunt!
My proudest hunt was on Pokémon Black while shiny hunting Kyurem for 2 Months of manual soft resetting, their name is Abyss! My longest chain is of 1000+ on Pokémon Shield of Galarian Slowpoke.

I love loud music!
Some of my favorite music artists are Creep-p, MARETU, NWTB (NateWantsToBattle), LapFox, and much more relating to Hyperpop, Breakcore, Electronic, Rock, and ETC.


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