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Trainerlevel: 43

Trainerpoints: 2,610/5,589


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Zorua (Hisuian))
296240,283 / 307,689

About Me!

"You've found a shiny Hisuian Zorsbuck!"

Coffee/Noah - He/They

• Dummy Trans Adult
• Unova and Monster enthusiast!
• An Artist and Voice Actor!
• Current fixation: PKMN, MHA, OP.
• A Hisuian Zorua/Sawsbuck fusion.
(A Shapeshifter!)

• Important info to know when interacting!
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- I am diagnosed with a lot of things such as ADHD, Autism, Psychosis, Depression & Anxiety so be mindful, please!

-I might not always be available! Please don't pressure/rush me to do something.

- Please do NOT send a simple 'hi' message, instead please greet and state your business in the first message! Anything begging will result in a block.

-My memory is not the best so if I forget something a little reminder is ok!

-I'm not good with talking to people but chances are if I interact with you a lot I wanna be friends!

-PFP ordered from (X)
-GIF Sprites ordered from Yamper!
-Site Pokésona Plush edited/made by me!
-Pokésona is owned by me!

~ ♡ ~
+ Send A Plushie? +

~ ♡ ~


Pixel Headshot Commission Info

Rules / Important!
- All of my shading, blending, and details are done by hand! I accept payment in Nuggets/PD and if you don't have a lot I accept added items along with the payment such as Gems, Mystery Items, and Valuables!

- Please do not rush me if you had paid or are waiting for the final result, I tend to go through a lot in general and sometimes lack motivation. Nonetheless I keep my promise of finishing it just as I've done for my past customers! It's okay to pay before or during the process, feel free to ask for a progress picture if I'm currently working on your order!
(ALSO! If you want background bubbles just let me know when asking for an order! Unfortunately I can't make the BG transparent.)

- Scroll down to see more!
(Wait List, Prices, Examples, What I Do and Don't Do, ETC.)

Status: OPEN! (ASK!)

Current Order:


Wait List:

1: (EMPTY)
2: (EMPTY)
3: (EMPTY)



[X] Get 1M+ PD
[X] Get Premium
[ ] Hunt a SM PKMN (0/1)
[ ] Hunt a Legendary/Mythical PKMN (0/1)
[X] Get Garden Level 30
[X] Get Fisherman's Hat

[ ] Complete the Kanto Dex (149/151)

[X] Complete the Johto Dex (127/127)

[X] Complete the Hoenn Dex (155/155)

[ ] Complete the Sinnoh Dex (138/138)

[X] Complete the Unova Dex (175/175)

[ ] Complete the Kalos Dex (113/117)

[ ] Complete the Alola Dex (95/140)

[ ] Complete the Galar Dex (83/125)

[ ] Complete the Hisui Dex (17/27)

[ ] Complete the Paldea Dex (22/30)

[ ] Complete the Emera Dex (59/336)

[ ] Complete the Retro Dex (37/43)

[ ] Complete the Mega/Giga Dex (10/126)


Last Action
Visiting the Dream World Shop (10 Minutes ago)

Game Records

Trainer ID: #388903062
Registration: 16/05/2018 (5 Years ago)
Game Time: 809:41 Hours
Total interactions: 536,608
Money: 203,981
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


4 Days ago
Beep Boop!
The raffle for #ZoruasUnknownEggs has come to a close!
(Note: Anyone who didn't do all 3 steps I'm sorry but they didn't count as entered ;w;)

The winners are...

3RD: Aspirationfailure
2ND: Sainagurl
1ST: DorakoZoruto

Congrats to everyone who entered and thank you for the help with hatching my Unown eggs! :D
Prizes will be given out and if they aren't collected within 24 Hours I'll raffle a different winner for said placement!
4 Days ago
Beep Boop!
Doing a small giveaway! I decided to because I'm having a bit of trouble with hatching eggs...

I'm currently working on my Unown EggDex! Once I finish it I'll give out prizes! Like I said it's something small but the DayCare is taking it's time along with certain Unown letters being a hassle to get since it's kinda random.

How To Enter:
Like this feed <3 !
Put a comment !
and Share #ZoruasUnknownEggs !

The prizes will be:
1ST: Waiter Dress (Blue) + Blue Meteorite!
2ND: Star Piece + 3 Random Mystery Keys!
3RD: 50 Random Gems!

Good Luck to everyone entering! :D
7 Days ago
Sorry about not posting much! Honestly I'm not really sure what to write on the site since I mostly use Discord.
Though I hope that everyone is doing well, make sure to drink something today and eat something even if it's small! :]

I guess some other news is that I bought myself Splatoon 3 and I'm getting back into the swing of things (I previously completed 2 along with it's DLC, I haven't played in a hot minute lol) along with looking at what's new! I've always loved the Salmonid species :3c
10 Days ago
By S1ren
I need to add more ppl to my friendlist... so it's time for another giveaway!! The rules are simple--the prize will start off as 5 nuggets, and 1 nugget is added on to the prize for:

- Each person that adds me to their friendlist
- Each person that spreads #UnlimitedNuggies (only counts once, but you can do it as many times as you want!)
- Each person that hearts this feed

So if you do all these, a total of three nuggets is added to the total. 8 doesn't seem like a lot, but if 20 users join, the prize will become 65 nuggets. And if 200 users join, the prize will become 605 nuggets. The prize total will keep increasing as ppl participate :D

The nuggets will be split among three lucky winners after the giveaway closes, which will be at reset a week from now (prize will be rounded if uneven). To have a chance of winning, you have to have done at least one of the actions above! So, what are you waiting for?
13 Days ago
Beep Beep!
Big update to my commission panel on my profile!

I've opened up a lot more options for anyone who's curious along with lowering some prices (mainly on Headshots!) Feel free to take a glance or ask about anything if you're curious about ordering from me! :D
17 Days ago
Does anyone know how much Vivillon Fancy and Pokéball cost?
I'm having trouble looking them up on Stonks because I'm not sure how to do the brackets for different types of Vivillon on the URL ^^;

I'm looking to complete that Dex next! (Also Any Furfrou are welcome ><)
1 Month ago
Sorry for being a bit inactive though I'm slowly trying my best! Another reminder that my commissions are open! I am trying to make them more public <:]
1 Month ago
I just wanna take a moment and again thank anyone and everyone who has helped me out with Dex completion!
I've been thinking about doing a giveaway but I'm not sure since I don't have many items and am trying to save up PD for potential Shiny Hunts and Box Storage ;w;

I'll see what I can do for the future and maybe I'll get stuff along the way but besides so I mean it when I say thank you to you all! <:D
2 Months ago
I'm thinking about starting a quick shiny hunt.. Hmm
Then again I'm not sure since I still need the Bird Trio for Kanto Dex- ;w;
2 Months ago
Happy Birthday, HisuianZorua!
I wish you health and much happiness for the future!
Are you having a party with your friends today? Or are you spending your day at the Emera beach?
Whatever it is, I hope you have a very nice birthday!

Aaaaugh today has been so nice and I'm really happy today ended so well, I've had a troubling month previously and seeing things turn around for the better feels so nice...
Thank you to anyone and everyone who sent good wishes and helping me out! You all are absolutely amazing ^U^
2 Months ago
Sooo... It's officially my birthday on PokéHeroes <:]
That's something.
2 Months ago
By PokéRadar
Congratulations! A shiny Solar Eevee hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #56)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.

3 Months ago
By Anniversary
You've been a member on PokéHeroes for more than 5 Years now!

→ Claim your gift

A day early but woo! I'm really glad to be a part of this site and make friends here ;w;
4 Months ago
Hihi, I've got a personal health update!!!
TW for those sensitive(?) but I won't go into too much detail, I'll try to keep it brief and comfortable ;w;

Beep Beep!

So after having another bad pain this morning on my left side due to my kidney I was finally suggested surgery from the doctors, I was already pretty loopy because lack of sleep and medicine to help my insomnia but besides that it was all nice! The bed and area was comfy while I was awake and everything went fine :]!
From what I can see (they gave my mother the cup of stones for some reason) it might've been 3 or 5 which honestly scared me... I'm just hoping that it's all over now and that I can have a steady recovery rather than a rollercoaster of on and off pain every week.

I'm just really happy to see what happens, I'm not gonna let all of this stop me from seeing my best buds! I'm just hoping the physical recovery goes well along the way, I'm making sure to drink a good few water bottles a day! ^^
4 Months ago
Caught my first shiny at Emera Beach!
It just so happens to be a nice golden fish, Magikarp! :D

I kinda unironically wanted a shiny Gyarados because of my HeartGold playthrough and getting the one from the Lake of Rage.
4 Months ago
Hi! I'm finally back home after a short break!

I didn't expect this to happen but because of people in my home going out of town I had to be kept an eye on due to kidney stuff. Honestly I'm just really glad to be back and I'm sure I missed some stuff but I'm just really happy to see my friends again, when in the ER I kept thinking about my friends and did cry a bit and all I could really do was hope for a good recovery, it's been just over a week now since it all started.

In conclusion I'm just really happy to see everyone again and do the little hobbies I would do daily again! I really missed being active and was scared but now I'm trying to work on myself physically. I don't have words besides that I'm super happy to be active again! ;w;
4 Months ago
(Sorry about close feeds)

Gaah after a few years it's so good to see one of my childhood lets play youtubers play B2W2!! In care your curious it's Chuggaaconroy :]
I've been watching him since his Ōkami and Luigi's Mansion let's plays and it excites me so much to see him go over almost all of the details in B2W2!!

Honestly in some stance it makes me want to replay the Unova games on my emulator, I'm in such a big Unova mood and aaagh I just had to let out a positive rant ^w^
4 Months ago


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Random stuff!

Good Buds!

3 Random Facts!

I love to shiny hunt!
My proudest hunt was on Pokémon Black while shiny hunting Kyurem for 2 Months of manual soft resetting, their name is Abyss! My longest chain is of 1000+ on Pokémon Shield of Galarian Slowpoke.

I study animals!
With be being an artist I study animal body structures and how most live and act, and with so I know a lot of random animal and bug facts. I could rant and go on about a few off the top of my head.

I love loud music!
Some of my favorite music artists are Creep-p, MARETU, NWTB (NateWantsToBattle), LapFox, and much more relating to Hyperpop, Breakcore, Electronic, Rock, and ETC.


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