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Formerly: Tyrunt
Trainerlevel: 37

Trainerpoints: 1,357/4,143


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
•Calamity•[129 OS]
(Pikachu Scientist)
14233,877 / 60,919
Lotad542 / 44
Skwovet429 / 61
Murkrow428 / 39
Girafarig333 / 37
Magearna30 / 46

About Me!

"The Tyrunt was... An Illusion? You've encountered a shiny Hisuian Zorua!"

Coffee - She/He/They

• Dummy Genderfluid 'Adult'
• Unova and Monster enthusiast!
• Horror artist and training Voice Actor.
• Current fixation: PKMN, Demon Slayer.
• A Hisuian Zorua IRL. (Cryptid/Shapeshifter/Demon)
• Other Names: Snowy, Susamaru.

• Important info to know while interacting!
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- I am diagnosed with a lot of things such as ADHD, Autism, Psychosis, Depression & Anxiety so be mindful, please!

-I might not always be available! Please do not pressure/rush me to do something.

-My memory is not the best so if I forget something a little reminder is ok!

-I'm not good with talking to people but chances are if I interact with you a lot (Clicking, Sending Plushies, ETC.) I wanna be friends!

~ ♡ ~
Current Dream Pokémon

~ ♡ ~

Watch Your Step!


Pixel Headshot Commission Info

- All of my shading/blending is done by hand due to the program that I use not having a blur/smudge/spray tool. I also do not have specific prices due to people pricing my art differently! I accept payment in Nuggets/PD and if you don't have a lot I accept added items along with the payment such as gems!

(Estimated/Recommended price:
40k PD ~ 200k PD / 50 ~ 100 Nuggets)

- Please do not rush me if you had paid or are waiting for the final result, I tend to go through a lot in general and sometimes lack motivation. Nonetheless I keep my promise of finishing it just as I've done for my past customers!

- Feel free to PM me about what you want me to draw! I am currently restricting myself to Pokémon/Pokémon Fusions/Pokémon OC's or Sona's (Be sure to have a ref if you have one!).

Status: BUSY!

Current Order:

Seam (WIP)

Future Orders:

1: -_-Goomer-_- (PAID)
2: (EMPTY)






[x] Do 10 separate shiny hunts (10/10)
[x] Get 1,000,000+ PD
[x] Get Premium
[ ] Collect every starter (Shiny variants) (5/72)
[ ] Get a shiny legendary (0/1)
[ ] Shiny hunt a Legendary/Mythical Pokémon (0/1)
[ ] Obtain my dream Pokémon (2/3) (Semi-long Term Goal)

Complete the Kanto Dex (147/151)

Complete the Johto Dex (67/127)

Complete the Hoenn Dex (71/155)

Complete the Sinnoh Dex (56/138)

Complete the Unova Dex (94/175)

Complete the Kalos Dex (55/117)

Complete the Alola Dex (44/140)

Complete the Galar Dex (22/125)

Complete the Hisui Dex (11/19)

Game Records

Trainer ID: #388903062
Registration: 16/05/2018 (4 Years ago)
Game Time: 484:34 Hours
Total interactions: 246,777
Money: 166,864
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


By Kakashi_Sensei
Hello! Once again I have decided to host another BIG Giveaway!

To start off with I woulf like to give a big thank you to Stormy for helping plan and gather the items used in this giveaway and quite frankly it wouldn't have happened without her.

So how this will work is a first come first pick basis meaning the person in first place will get to CHOOSE what prize they want and second place gets to choose next and so on till the person in 5th place where they get whats left.

Here are the 5 prizes you could possibly win!

3 Million PokeDollars!

1,000 Nuggets!

10 of each mystery pair (Excluding Black Mystery Pairs)!

100 of each gem (Excluding Dragon Gems)!

SM Gyarados and SM Frosmoth!

Heres how to enter!

Simply just Share the #IHaveNoIdeaGiveaway and like the original feed to have a chance of winning these awesome prizes!

This giveaway will end on the 20th of August (One week from now)

Good luck everyone!
Yesterday, 02:33
By Amph1
My little big eevee, otherwise known as Evallyn got to lv. 500! So I decided for this moment I will do 3 things:
1. Do a giveaway
2. Change my avatar
3. Give 1 random person a Shiny Giga Orbettle (When I get it)
1. Feed Evallyn (No need to comment proof)
2. Like this post
3. Comment your favorite SM
1. 100 Nugs + 1 Super Honey
2. 50k Pd + 25 Honey
3. 1 Solar Eevee + 10 Honey
Forgot to add a hashtag so share #LilBigEevee500
1 Day ago
By MetagrossPrime

I want to share my excitement so share and heart this post for a chance to win some prizes!

1st place- 500 nuggets
2nd place- 250 nuggets
3rd place- 100 nuggets

Entries close on Aug 15th at reset
Will random number generate the winners some time the following day (Aug 16th)
1 Day ago
By DarkerNull
A New Giveaway !!!
Guys I am setting up a giveaway to gain some wishes for my exam to go well
So my exam will start on 13th of August and will end on 22nd of August
So just wish for me to get the best grades in my exam and I hope u win this contest
So the prizes are as follows~ ( again not gonna be big this time )

1)Mega Charizard x , 1 mega stone , some gems, a mystery box
2)Megaerna , 2 old vinyl, some gems , a mystery box
3)Ho-oh , 50k PD, some gems , a mystery box

These are the prizes hope u like , to participate like the post and share #examupcoming
Note for me: more Prizes can be added
3 Days ago
By stormer90000
I know I said I'd announce the result a week from my original post but it's close enough
Using this hashtag #summerluck along with a number between 1-100 will earn you 1 entry reposting this will grant you 1 more if this gets popular I will try to update prizes
The 1st place prize is a slot to either my sm emera diancie hunt or a sm hunt of your choice (barring events since I don't have time for that)
2nd place gets a shiny emera diance along with 500 nuggets
3rd-6th get a shiny from the 1st place sm hunt if winner chooses a different sm
7th gets 100 nuggets
8th gets 100k pd

I choose numbers 27 and 83!
7 Days ago
9 Days ago
11 Days ago
(In relation to a previous feed of mine.)

I am able to shiny hunt either Hisuian Zorua, Voltorb, Sneasel, or Growlithe and in return I am given a Hisuian evo item.
(I can see to try and add stuff along with it if it is not seen as fair.)

I'm putting the Items in order of how common they are in relation to each other, therefore putting what would be priced higher and etc. etc. (If I am seen as wrong with the items any corrections will be greatly appreciated!)

3.) Azure Flute
2.) Peat Block
1.) Black Augurite

If you'd like for me to shiny hunt for you then please send me a PM! (No PalPad messages please, it's easier for me to keep track with Private Messages with titles.) Also if you think it isn't fair then please tell me so as well, I'm just trying what I can since I do not have much PD or Nuggets to offer.
18 Days ago

Also to anyone who has ordered from me, I am still getting them done! Do not fret :] I'm getting back on the ball of things involving my computer,,
18 Days ago
By Ash_Katchum11

Since My Account Hit 1 Year Of Registration.. Got Anniversary Pokemon Yesterday
It's Giveaway Time
Share The Hashtag
First Prize----Marine and Terra Cave Map 2 Shiny Pokemon 2 Legendary Pokemon 2 Shadow Pokemon 2 Event Pokemon
Second Prize----- 40K PD 1 Shiny Pokemon 1 Legendary Pokemon 1 Shadow Pokemon 1 Event Pokemon
Third Prize---- Gems And 10K PD
24 Days ago
By Ojilo
Giveaway Time!
Prize: 1000 nuggets 👀
To participate you just have to like this feed and share #ChickenNuggets
Ends on 23 July!
26 Days ago
By spinorex14
So I finally got to lvl 30 and got my first missing no egg!
And I finally dealt with my other giveaways and said to myself to never do more then one giveaway at a time. And I now have a goal: get 1k electric gems. So time for the main thing:

Da prizes:

1. Shiny hisuian zorua and a shiny rufflet slot
2. I will hunt a selected shiny, some gems and mystery items, maybe also nebula stones
3. 5 dynamax crystals and a perfect hisuian zorua breeding pair

How to enter:
1. Heart this feed
2. Share #Lvl30GemHunt
3. EACH 5 ELECTRIC GEMS YOU GIFT ME WILL GET YOU AN EXTRA ENTRY (only if you did step no. 1 or no. 2 though)

You can also send in your prizes with the message: "For giveaway". Note that I will NOT claim it until this ends.
Now about the end date. Remember how I said I have a new goal? Yeah, 1k electric gems is a lot. But we wont be doing that now.
So this giveaway will end when I get 500 electric gems. FEEL FREE TO GIFT ME SOME
Anyways, go
29 Days ago
By chopper_45

What's going on?



1. 20 NEBULA STONES + 5 mystery items
2. 10 Nebula stones + 1 mystery item

If I hatch my SM today more prizes will be announced.

I will release more prizes the more participants.

Payment method has heen removed. Am gifting back all payments.
Ends when I hatch my SM / when my premium ends
29 Days ago
Would it be fair if I shiny hunt something for someone in exchange for a Peat Block 👁️👁️

I have no idea but I haven't gotten ANY of the new evo items while participating in both Zorua's and Growlithe's event and will gladly give what I can for one.
1 Month ago
(Sorry for close feeds)

But for those who have ordered from me, I might be a bit slow since I'm low on motivation and trying to destress. I've been dealing with a lot over on my side, no I will not give specifics in public.
1 Month ago
:o I got a shiny Squirtle plushie yayy
1 Month ago
You push the red key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

1x Terra Cave (Map) found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.

Erm... Anyone wanna buy it for PD?
1 Month ago
1 Month ago
Kanto dex is getting super close to done <:]
Next I might work on is either Johto or Sinnoh
1 Month ago
By DragonSumedh
Hey guys it's my 25th birthday so I'm going to a giveaway.

Share #DragonSumedh25 and heart this feed and 25 lucky winners will get prizes ranging from Black keys to shinies and many more. (Prizes will be updated soon.)

Ends in 13-14 hours from now.
1 Month ago


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Random stuff :]

Random facts about me!

I normally shiny hunt!
My proudest hunt was on Pokémon Black while shiny hunting Kyurem for 2 Months of manual soft resetting, their name is Abyss. My longest chain is of 1000+ on Pokémon Shield of Galarian Slowpoke.

My favorite food is Ramen!
Specifically Beef ramen from the brand Maruchan.

I love collecting figurines!
I currently own a lot of Pokémon figurines and I'm starting a collection of MHA figurines and dragon statues.

I normally study animals!
With be being an artist I study animal body structures and how most live and act, and with so I know a lot of random animal and bug facts. I could rant and go on about a few off the top of my head.

I love loud music!
Some of my favorite music artists are Creep-p, MARETU, Siouxxie, Rebzyyx, Lemon Demon, Futret and Renard (Most Lapfox stuff), and much more relating to Hyperpop, Breakcore, Rave, Speedcore, ETC.


My Trainer Card!


Favorite Mons!

MHA Characters!

Demon Slayer Characters!